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Chapter 46: finally

<< ALEX >>

We charged inside of the warehouse and chaos erupted instantly. Alpha Nick's wolf were all ready transformed, a few of them lay unconscious on the ground, others had injuries and some seemed to be just fine. We didn't wait any longer and pressed deeper in the dark room.

The smell of dead hit me like a brick and for a second I just stood there, scanning the room. Where is Maddy?!

Why can't I see my mate, but do I smell the dead of someone and it seemed to be mingled with the smell of ... MADDY. Before I could get a better look, the other wolves charged and attacked.


I lunged towards the smell of my mate. It was different, but I couldn't think about that. Maddy couldn't be ... NO!

Alpha Nick's warriors attacked, but hesitated. Like they weren't sure what they were supposed to do. But I didn't care. Everyone that tried to get between me and Maddy signed their own death

My wolf ripped his way through the crowd, my Beta and Gamma flanked me on each side. They were almost as determined as I was to find Maddy and bring her home.

That traitor, Luca, told us everything ... after some persuasion. It was hard to control my own wolf while also monitoring my Gamma's and Beta's behavior. But who could blame them.

I eventually reached the source of the dead smell. Close to the podium in the middle of the room, on the ground. Will became very still as he looked at the body. He was so shocked that he didn't seem to notice the warrior that was about to jump him. Luckily Olli did. He blocked the attack and snapped the wolf's neck.

*it's James, Maddy's brother* Will mindlinked.

I felt my eyes grow with the realization. Maddy's scent was very strong here, meaning she was here when ...

*We need to find her*

I can't even imagine what she is going through. If this happened to Olli ... I needed to find her, hold her, let her know she is not alone.

Plus it gave me another reason to rip that Alpha his head off.

*she is not here* mindlinked my brother as his wolf threw some wolf out of the way.

Then where the hell was she!

Suddenly some guy jumped up the podium and howled. All the wolves from the other pack stopped advancing and turned to the man on the stage.

"Stop this madness! Don't you see this is pointless?" The man said and I recognized him as the beta, Tobias. That asshole who rejected Maddy.

"But the alpha ..." one of their warriors spoke but Tobias cut him off. "Our Alpha is sick in his head. He needs help, but fighting is not the answer. As your Beta I command you all to go to the packhouse and wait for further instructions"

All the warriors lowered their heads and left the warehouse. But that didn't fix my situation. That didn't bring my mate back.

I advanced towards the stage. I had some words with this poor excuse for a Beta.

"Before you rip my head off," Tobias spoke as he put up his hands up in surrender. "I saw Maddy and Nick leave the warehouse. She probably needs your help"

He pointed towards a double door at the other end of the warehouse. Well it was more an opening now. The door was ripped from his hinges.

I snarled at him, but he was probably right. Maddy was my priority.

*keep an eye on him* I mindlinked Olli. He would do anything to keep that piece of shit here, to make sure he wouldn't escape his punishment.

When I knew that Olli was ready, I sprinted to the hole in the wall. It reeked of Maddy, but again there was something about her smell.


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