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Chapter 47: hell to pay


I stormed out of the warehouse, Will was just behind me. Through our mindlink I could feel his own anger and worry. We had to Maddy!

Tracking her was easy by her scent. But everyone with eyes could see the path of destruction that was left behind. She seemed to put up a good fight by the looks of it, but for how long?

I pushed my muscles, commanded my body to move faster, be stronger, to find my mate and save her from this awful nightmare.

We followed the path of destruction into the woods. Will was getting impatient and growled lowly in frustration. How did they get this far?

And then, there we were and I couldn't believe my eyes.


I stared into the eyes of my brother's murder. That was all this man would be from now on, a murderer.

My brother didn't deserve this. My brother was a good man, a decent one. He was my brother, my best friend, my biggest support ... and now he was gone. All because of this ... I didn't even have a word that could describe something as disgusting as Nick.

I don't exactly know how I got into the woods. It was like I had a black out and woke up in middle of nowhere. But when I saw those red eyes staring at me, I knew exactly what I had to do.
There was no trace of fear in my body as I stared in those red eyes. No, this feeling, it was pure determination. Like someone had lit something inside me.

Nick growled at me. I wanted to call him out, curse, but the only noise that left me was my own growl.
Only then I noticed I wasn't walking on two legs, but four. I had fur covering my body, and my canines felt sharp in my mouth.

My wolf was back and ready to fight.

But my realization delayed my reaction and it cost me, because Nick moved. He had several noticeable injuries, but still moved with great speed and I didn't see it coming.

He threw me off my balance and before I could gain it again, he charged again and pinned me to the ground.

I tried to struggle against his wolf, but he was to strong and heavy to just throw him off. But not impossible.

A plan quickly formed in my head and I stopped struggling. His wolf seemed surprised as I slightly whimpered, pretending to admit defeat.

He was getting cocky now and grinned as his muscles around me loosened and he leaned forward. But I didn't wait to find out was he was up to.
I kicked my hind legs up and send Nick flying over me. He landed hard on his back just a few feet away.

I took my chance and jumped up, he was not getting the upperhand again.

My wolf registered movements in the woods. Someone was coming towards us, fast. So it was time to wrap this up before anyone stopped me. I would end Nick, here and now even if it was the last damn thing I did.

I charged at Nick and dodged his front paw that lunged for me. Our bodies collided and we fell to the ground. I bit bit and clawedas much as I could. Nick managed to hit me a few times as well, but I didn't stop, I didn't care.
Blood tricked down my body from different cuts and the bruises started to trob.
My vision was getting blurry but I had to stop this, I had to finish this.

With my hindlegs, I scratched Nick's abdoment open. He howled in pain and that was when I took my chance. I punched up with my last strength and bit him in his neck. My canines pierced his flesh and I could taste his blood in my mouth. His body trashed underneath me, desperate to get lose. But I would not let go. No matter how much physical pain I was in, the pain I felt for the loss of my brother was worse.
Reminding myself of that memory, I found a new strength. I held Nick's neck and violently whipped my head back. And then I stood there... Over Nick's lifeless body with his bloody throat in my mouth.

I felt eyes on me, but I could only smell Nick's blood that now covered most of my head and neck.

The rush off adreneline was leaving my body and black spots danced in front of me. I felt how my own blood was leaving my body ... fast.

And then everything was black.

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