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Chapter 5



I know I fncked up royally. I thought I had another week to dump Dana. Apparently not. I told Nick we had worked it out so he would stay off my case. But secretly I kept seeing Dana. Her cooking course stopped, so she was free to travel with us.

But when I got out the car and I saw her, I knew I was in big trouble. She was indeed my mate. The thing we wanted for almost 3 years.

Seeing her was the best and worst thing all at once. I wanted to be with her, mark her, claim her mine. And when I saw her sad face, it just broke my hart. I wanted to comfort her. But her brother was already there. I was glad she had a brother like that, but it was my job! After that he said I couldn't see her. Like I needed permission to see my own mate!

It is almost noon so I mindlinked James, making sure that he was out of the house. When I see him leave, I sneak out of the forest where I was hiding. I climb up to her bedroom window, like I did two years ago when I was desperate to see her.

I silently open her window and sneak in. Her smell was all around me. It was so delicious. She always had the smell of chocolate and roses, but it was more intense now.

Maddy was still sleeping, she looked so peaceful rolled up in her blanket and hugging her pillow. For some reason I was jealous of the pillow. She should be hugging me!
I just stood there, just enjoying the view and her smell. For now that was enough.

I don't know how long I was standing there. My wolf was howling for her, so I decided to get closer. I sat on the edge of her bed, next to her. My fingers brushed against her cheek. I felt spraks where I touched her, my body craved more.


I was sleeping when I felt something warm on my cheek. I liked, what ever it was, it made my body tingle.

I wanted to know what it was and opened my eyes. Next to me was Tobias. He was stroking my cheek, his eyes full of love. I felt my chest filling with a warm and nice feeling.

But then flashes of yesterday appeared in front of me, Tobias with Dana! Her hand in his. The warm feeling inside me was gone and replaced by anger and disgust.

I pulled away from him and jumped out of my bed on the otherside. His eyes were on me. I looked down to see I was only wearing a robe. But my robe was loose and ... well not covering anything. I immediately turned and fastened my robe. My cheeks were burning and I could smell his arrousel. I panicked
When I turned I saw his eyes were dark and he was walking up to me.

"Mate" he growled.

This was not Tobias, this was his wolf. He pushed me against the wall, pinning my arms above my head.

"Let me go!" I screamed, no answer.


His eyes were flickering, a sign that he was struggling with his wolf. My own wolf was also struggling. She wanted to be with him, but was also angry that he betrayed us.

Tobias pushed me deeper in the wall, letting his body crush mine. His head moved to my neck. He is going to mark me!
I struggled and panicked, I didn't want his mark, not now, not like this!

My knee hit his member, making him double down and letting me go. I pushed him and ran to the door before I was there, I felt something grabbing my ankle and pulling me back.

I hit the floor and screamed. I tried kicking him away from me while I screamed for my life.

My bedroom door opened and I felt someone taking me in his arms. Meanwhile I saw Nick jumping on Tobias. I was taken out of the room and to my brothers room. He was holding me, trying to sooth me while I was still shivering. James was talking to me, but I couldn't hear him. The words weren't reaching my ears for some reason.
And than everything went black, like I was driving throught a tunnel.


by the looks of it, we were just in time. Tobias was trying to force my sister into something she didn't want. Her screams were piercing through my ears. I got her away from him as quickly as I could. Her robe was loose, tears were running over her cheeks and her breathing was all over the place.

I am sitting on my bed with my sister on my lap like a small bundle. I try to sooth her, telling that everything was okay. But it didn't help, her body went limp in my arm. Her breathing steadied, telling me she fainted. Probably from a panic attack.

*Vicky, call a doctor and get to my room* I ordered my mate through the mindlink.

*is everything okay?* she asks me

*it's Maddy, she needs help*


*I am on my way with the doctor*

It's times like these, I am so grateful that my mate works as a nurse in the pack hospital. She always was so caring for everyone, especially me and Maddy.

I was wondering why she wasn't home when I asked her to watch over Maddy. Why was Maddy alone? What would have happened if I wasn't there in time.

I am brought out of my thoughts when the door opened, revealing my mate and doctor Brad. They look at me with compassion. I put my sister on my bed so doctor Brad can examine her.

"What happened?" The doctor asks quick.

"Tobias attacked her, I think he wanted to force his claim on her. I got there just in time" the memory angers me more.

"Poor girl, looks like she put on a good fight. I think she had a panic attack because of the traumatic experience. It's important that she rests for now" the doctors say while he kept examining her.

He looked at her ankles, there was blood on one of them. I didn't notice it before but now that I see it ...

I leave the room and to find the b*st*rd that did this to my sister. He might be the future beta, my best friend and her mate, BUT NOBODY HURTS MY SISTER

I open Maddy's room, but is empty. There are still signs of a struggle, even more than when I left.

I follow Nick's scent downstairs, it leads me to the forest. When I find Nick and Tobias, I can see that Tobias is restraint against a tree. Nick is standing next to him, leaning against a tree, his head hanging low.

"What the hell Tobias!" I growl as I get closer.

Nick looks up at me and pushes himself from the tree. He is standing between me and Tobias.

"He is unconscious James. It was the only way to get hem out of your house. His wolf was in control" Nick explains

"I don't care who was in control. He hurt her! She is bleeding because of HIM. She fainted because of HIM"

"I..I..I didn't... it was my wolf" Tobias said weak.

But it only angered me more to hear his voice and blaming his wolf.

"Oh so it was your wolf who slept with Dana and took her to my sisters birthday. BE REAL FOR A SECOND" I bark at him.

Tobias looks at me with teary eyes. I have never seen him like this. He never cried, we as high ranked werewolves were not supposed to cry. The guilt was written all over his face, but I couldn't feel sorry for him.

"When she is ready, I will notify you so you guys can talk. For now the doctor told her to rest"

Tobias sighs but agrees by nodding his head. We release him from the tree. Tobias excuses himself and walks away

"The guy is his own worst enemy" Nick sighs
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