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Chapter 48: white noise

>> ALEX <<

I couldn't hear anything but this strange ringing in my ear as I rushed over to the silver colored she-wolf who was about to collapse.


That was why her smell was off, I had been smelling her wolf. Why didn't I think of that possibility!

I caught her in my arms and immediatly felt how cold and wet she was. She transformed back in her human state and now I could clearly see why she felt like this. Maddy was covered in bruises and cuts. She was bleeding ... she was dying.

My mate was dying ... I failed ... again.


I refused to accept that this was it. Maddy would not die. Not here, not now!

Will stood beside me, still in wolf form, and looked in horror at Maddy.

"She is still alive", I told him, "we need to get her to a hospital"

Will shook his big head to clear it up and then took off. I immediatly followed him and held Maddy close to my body so I wouldn't rock her too hard and give her some off my strength.

A million thoughts and questions were racing through my head, but I couldn't focus on them. I only focused on keeping Maddy safe and alive.

- a few hours later -

"Alpha Alexander" a female voice asked carefully.

I growled in response before opening my eyes and scanning the room. A woman stood in the dooropening of Maddy's hospital room.
She was smart enough not to enter the room. My wolf and I were on edge from all the insecurity about our mate. Maddy was still unconcious and it was hard to say when she would wake up. So I had decided I would stay here, to protect her. All other wolves were forbidden to enter without my permission.
"I... I am Dana, Tobias's mate" she spoke.
I growled in response. So this was the bitch that had hurt my Maddy in the first place.
Dana cowered away into the hallway, but eventually spoke up again: "I just wanted to ask when you would release my ... my mate. He has to pick up his alpha duties ..."
I didn't let her finish as I roared at her and jumped up: "How dare you! Your mate did despicable things and was a coward! You both hurt Maddy in the worst ways possible and you dare to stand here in front of her while she is fighting for her life, and ask about your stupid mate?"
My eyes changed colors and it was hard not to rip her head off. The only thing that held me back was my unconcious mate. She was the one who would decide their fate, not me. But I would make sure they would pay.

Tears were filling Dana's eyes: "We didn't ... that is not ... "
She took a deep breath and tried to gain her composure again, but she couldn't meet my eyes.
"Tobias is the Beta, Nick is gone, so Tobias naturally takes over because Nick had no heir ..." Again I interupted her with a loud growl.
Will and Olli appeared from behind Dana. They probably had heard everything, because they also seemed pissed off.
"Maddy killed Nick, so by werewolf law, she gets to decide who becomes the next alpha. But as she is still unconcious, you will have to wait. If you have a problem with that, you can take it up with us, or the werewolf King himself" I snapped at her.
Dana trembled, but finally kept her mouth shut.
"My Gamma will escort you to your mate" I said.
Olli gave me a questioning look.
*just lock them up together, I don't feel like dealing with this now*
A wicked grin appeared on Olli's face as he escorted Dana away from me.

I collapsed with a sigh in the seat next to Maddy's bed.
"Maybe you should rest, I can take over ..."
"NO" I interupted him before he could finish. I was not gonna leave my mate behind. My place was here, next to her.

Will took a small step back from where he stood next to her bed. I know he didn't want to piss me off. He only wanted to help, but the thought of leaving Maddy alone was ...

"My place is here" I said firm
"Okay, I'll be right outside"

When the door closed behind Will, I let my body collapse next to Maddy. I craved her physical contact, her scent, her smile. My head filled with our memories as I held her hand. The contact sent spranks through my whole body.
"please wake up" I mumbled
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