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Chapter 49: hi little mate

>> MADDY <<

My body hurt, like really truly hurt.

everything around me was dark and cold, everywhere.

Well not everywhere,

There was one spot in particular that wasn't hurting, nor cold. Instead it felt warm, and ... tingly? Is that even a word?

Anyway, I wish my whole body could feel like that, but for now the feeling seemed only to linger in my right hand.

So I tried my best to focus on that, my right hand and the nice feeling and not the pain I felt in the rest of my body.

I don't know for how long I was lying there. It was like floating on a dark lake. One minute you are floating, and the next I felt something pulls me down.

Going down feels easy, but cold and heavy

Staying afloat is harder, like staying awake after an all nighter, but when I floated, there was this tingly feeling. I didn't want to leave that feeling. I wanted to wrap it around me, or bottle it up so I could have it with me all the time. That feeling is what kept me floating no matter how much someone tried to pull me down.

Voices, there were voices around me. A female and a male, no wait, two males. The voices were familiar, but I couldn't place them in my mind. The harder I tried, the more my head hurt. I eventually gave up.

That is when I realized that the tingly feeling was gone. Where was it? What had happened? I wanted it back!

But before I could panick or do anything really, the feeling returned.

The voice I had heard a minute ago was now very close as he mumbled close to my ear "please, wake up"

It was like a switch flipped in my mind. I wanted, no scratch that, I NEEDED to wake up. For some reason that seemed the most important task that I had ever gotten.

But waking up wasn't as easy as I had thought. It was like my mind was wide awake, but my body refused to coöperate. But I had to get up. I had to help my family, to help Vicky .. I couldn't just lay here like some ... some ... I don't know ... some lazy person. I had things to do.

I reminded myself of James and what he had sacrifised for me and finally my eyes coöperated. I had to blink a few times to adjust myself against the white light. I winced and turned my head away from the bright light.

Something stirred next to me, first slowly and then shot up very quickly.

"You're awake" a deep sleepy voice gasped.

And then I was tackled in the bed. I panicked as I saw how the large figure came flying towards me. I braced myself for the pain that was coming ... but there was no pain, no hurting.

Instead the large figure seemed to gently pick me up and held me close to him. For a moment I didn't know what to do, too in shock to do anything at all.

And then I felt it, the tingly feeling. But this time not only on my right arm, but everywhere through my whole body.

Everywhere I touched this person, was the feeling

Wait, did that mean..

I finally looked up to see who was holding me. And there he was. The most beautiful man I had ever seen. His forest green eyes were wide and teary, his dark hair was tossed. But it was him, it was Alex.

"You?" I croaked out

"Yeah, me. Hi little mate" Alex said in his deep voice. The words gave me another tingly feeling

"Not little" I mumbled as fatigue took over again. My body felt heavy and I knew I would fall asleep soon.

I felt how Alex moved beneath me.

"Don't leave" I said with the last of my strength.


And then the darkness took over

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