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chapter 50: feelings

>> Alex <<

She was awake,

my little mate,

She would be okay.

I was still holding her in my arms. Eventhought she fell asleep half an hour ago. When I tried to move, she lightly stirred and I didn't dare to wake her. She needed her rest. So I just lay there with her in my arms.

Not that I was complaining. There was no place I'd rather be than right here, with her.

"We're gonna be okay" I mumbled to myself.

I would have thought that my thoughts and wolf would calm down now that I knew my mate was fine and accepted me. But boy was I wrong. My wolf kept pushing me to claim her, right now, so no one could claim her.

My thoughts were racing, trying to decide what my or better our, next move would be. I wanted to just take my mate home with me, but that had to wait.

Maddy had overthrown and killed the Alpha of this pack. Which ment that she now had the autority over this pack. She could become it's alpha or appoint someone else. And I had no clue what she would do. But that could wait. First my little mate needed some rest.

I calmed my own thoughts and enjoyed the comfort of my mate in my arms as I drifted away.

>> MADDY <<

I woke up by the sound of people yelling.

And damn, I knew that voice all to well


Suddenly my blood boiled and I wanted to rip something apart. I jumped up from the comfortable bed and followed the annoying sound of Dana's whiny voice.

When I opened the door of the room I stayed in, I found an irritated Will and dramatic Dana. They seemed to be arguing about something, but stopped and turned when I opened the door.

"Maddykins," Dana hollored out as she charged for me. "You are all right"

Maddykins? She never called me that ... except when she needed something.

I sidestepped her and put up my hand to make it clear she was not to come any closer.

Will seemed to be frozen for a second, shocked to see me even.

"What do you want" I hissed towards Dana.

All the mean things she had ever done to me, seemed to come back. How she manipulated me when we were kids to do stupid stuff, how she took Tobias from me, how she didn't even care about any of it ...

"Maddy please, we were friends ..."

"Correct, we WERE friends, untill you decided to sleep with MY mate. We are NOT friends, so I ask it one more time: what do you want?"

Dana's eyes grew for a second, she looked like Bambi and then her head cocked to the side and her eyebrows dropped. There she was, the serious side of Dana. The side she almost never showed because she got more done from people if she played a meek little girl.

"Fine, no friends. We both know you are no Luna or Alpa material. So what you killed that bastard of an Alpha. Tobias is the rightfull Alpha now. SO FIX IT!"

Before I could react, Will had Dana pinned against the wall. He kept her up by her throat, just high enough that only her toes reached the floor.

"Watch how you speak about my Luna" he growled

Wait, Luna? How ....

Another male showed up and Will threw Dana towards him. She fell on the floor just in front of the man.

"Lock her up, and this time make sure one of our guards keeps her in" He barked to the man who only gave a short nod before he threw Dana over his shoulder and marched away.

For a minute there was just silence

The tension grew thicker in the hallway. I could feel Will's eyes on me, but I had to think.

I had a feeling like there was something I didn't know

"How did you know that Alex and I ..." the lump in my throat made it impossible to finish the sentence.

"He told me", Will simply stated. He stepped towards me, but I stepped away.

"When?" I croaked out and looked my cousin in the eye.

He swallowed: "In the courtroom"

There was this ringing in my ears. Like waves crashing my brain and drowning out all the other thoughts and voices.

Alex had known we were mates, for weeks!

Will had known,

GODDESS who else knew?

What kind of idiot do they think I am!

My thoughts were racing, heart was pounding, my blood was still boiling, but not because of Dana

Oh hell this was ...

This couldn't ...

"Maddy" A deep voice said carefully. Damn that voice. I knew that voice, was angry at that voice.

I felt his warm hand reaching for my shoulder, but stepped away

"Maddy?" he asked again, almost pleading.

I could image the sad look on his face, but I couldn't look at him to confirm my thoughts.

"No" I said and took a few steps back.

"Please, Maddy ..."

"You knew" I said, warm tears burning my eyes. Now I did look up to see him, confront him

"You knew and you decided not to tell me?" my voice sounded almost foreign, weird, not my own

"Maddy I can ..."

"Don't" another male voice spoke. "I told you this would happen" It was Olli. He looked pissed off. Almost as much as I felt

"Olli stay away from this, it is not ..."

But I didn't let Alex finish his sentence

"Olli, take me to my family please" I asked and stepped towards Olli.

"No, Maddy, stay, we need to talk about this" Alex pleaded, the hurt in his voice almost broke me

"I need time to think, time with people I love and trust" I said without looking at Alex

"Please give me that"

And with that, I left

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