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chapter 51: blood is thicker


A million thoughts were racing through my head as I watched how we passed the trees on our way to my family.

I felt numb, even a little sick.

"Why?" that was the one word, the one question that kept playing in my head.

Olli didn't dare to speak. I felt him staring at me a few times, but just ignored him. He clearly also knew what was going on. He trained me, and never said a word.

Finally the car stopped in front of the packhouse. A place where I had spend so much time when I was a kid, when everything was just plain and simple.

"You're parents and Vicky are staying at the top level," Olli eventually said to pull me out of my thoughts.

"Thank you for driving" was all I could manage to say as I opened the door and stepped out.

"Maddy", Olli's voice pleaded. I wanted to ignore him. I just wanted to walk to my family, lay down and shut out the world around me, but Olli stopped me.

"Why!" The word came out like dagger and hit it's mark. Because Olli visibly flinched when he heard it.

He lowered his head, not in submission, but shame. "I told him it was a bad idea. I wanted to tell you ..."

"But you didn't" I snapped as I puched Olli away from me. He stumbled back a bit and gave me a hurt look. My blood boiled. Why was the only thing I got excuses? Why doesn't anyone take any responsibilities?

"Maddy!", it was the voice of my parents that calmed me down enough to leave Olli alone and make my way towards them.

"Just give him a chance" was all Olli said before I closed the packhouse door behind me, leaving Olli outside.

My mom was the first to reach me, she was always the first. Well except for ... James.

Her arms wrapped around me in a familiar hug.

home, this hug felt like home.

A few seconds later, my dad joined in. He squeezed us tighter together. And that did it. My emotion took the upperhand and tears flowed freely. My legs collapsed, but my dad was there to pick me up before I touched the floor.

------- a few hours later ----------

"... and that is how I got here", I sniffed as I wiped away the last of my tears.

They had moved my parents to their Gamma suit in the packhouse. Apparently there had been a "mysterious" fire in their house. Just one more thing to pile on the mountain of shit that had happened the last few weeks.

My mom and dad sat beside me on the couch. Vicky had joined us in the living area. Her eyes were puffy and the dark circles underneath them were evidence of a lack of sleep.

They all wanted to know what had happened the last few days. So I had told them everything. It felt so easy. The words just flowed out, just like the tears.

And they had heard every word, had given hugs and tissues when needed. But now everything got silent. My dad had a distant look in his eyes, like he wasn't even here. My mom held me tight, as if she was afraid that I would vanish any second. And Vicky ... sweet, poor Vicky ... drew soft circles on her pregnant belly as a small smile crept in the corner of her mouth.

"I have to do something", My dad mumbled as he got up and left the room without another word.

My mom sighed and kissed me on the forehead before following him outside. Which left me and Vicky alone.

"How, euhm how are you dealing with ..." I tried to form a sentece but only word garbage came out.

"What I don't get ..." Vicky suddenly said without looking up. A chill went down my spine. "... is why you are here, and not with your mate"

I was stunned, like physically stunned. How did she not get what I just told her? "Vicky, he lied, he hid the truth! He ..."

"He is your mate, Maddy. And he tried to protect you in a way your brother wanted to. Remember him? Your brother?" Vicky snapped at me. "James asked Tobias to leave you alone so YOU could experience the matebond"

I had no response, nothing to say. I could only sit there and remember how James reacted when he heard that Tobias had told me. How he said I wasn't ready, how angry he was.

"They just wanted you to be safe" Vicky eventually sat as she got up. The warmth had returned to her voice and new tears welled up in her eyes. "Just give him a chance, that is what James would want"

And with that she left.

When the door closed behind Vicky, I let myself collapse in the soft couch. Tired, broken, numb ... what the hell was I supposed to do?

I just lay there thinking about the hundred of possibilities and choices I had to make, when a knock sounded. Immediately I shot up and went on high alert. My family wouldn't knock on the door of the living room.

Slowly, the door opened to reveal my dad. His face was serious as he walked in a few steps. "You need to talk", he simply said.

Before I could ask him with he meant, the smell hit me.

Alex was here

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