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chapter 52: Let's talk about


She looked tired. Her eyes all puffy and red. Damn it!

It was a surprise when her dad showed up. Really a surprise. I had ordered everyone away. Only my mate could calm me and all the others ... it was safer if they left me alone.

But Maddy's dad was smart, he had sprayed himself so I couldn't smell him before he had reached my door.

And then there he was. I only knew who he was because of the faint smell of Maddy that was clinging to him. He just stood there for a few seconds, staring at me before he asked one single question: "Was it to protect her?"

"Off course, only to protect her and keep her safe", I told him, because that was the truth.

He just nodded once and then asked me to follow him.

And now here I was, standing in front of my mate, who had clearing been crying her eyes out. Shit

"I don't ..." Maddy started, but her dad interupted her before she could form a sentence.
"You can't run from this one, Honey. He is your mate, he wanted to protect you and made a mistake. Just listen ... and if you don't like what he has to say, Will and I will gladly take him away. But now you need to listen."

Her father waited all but 3 seconds before turning away and walking out the door.

Maddy just sat there. Staring at her lap and fidgetting with her fingers. My wolf urged me to go to her and pick her up and never let go. But as soon as I took a step towards her, she flinched. Just a little, but enough to stop me. And like a complete fool, I just stood there.

"Why?" a small voice eventually croaked out. I knew it was Maddy, but I barely recognized her voice. She looked so fragile. It was hard to keep my protective instinct as an Alpha and mate at bay.

I swallowed and then started: "When I saw you in court, the pain and panick in your eyes ... When I heard all you had been through I just wanted to protect you. But I knew you didn't feel safe. Will asked me to wait so you could settle, work out the trauma and feel safe. We were afraid that if I told you I was your mate, you'd panick. We wanted to lure your wolf out so you could find out for yourself. So we kept it quiet. I kept you close and would tell you the truth during the full moon. But then ..."

I couldn't look at her. I had been so stupid. Maybe my wolf was right, maybe I just should have told her and claimed that first minute we were alone. Damn, I should have ...

"You need to calm down" a soft voice spoke, pulling me out of my thoughts. I looked up and Maddy was staring at me with her big eyes.


His voice shook while he had spoken and I could feel his emotions through the bond. He was almost radiating his emotions in waves. The sadness, regret, fear ... it was too much, too overwhelming. He needed to calm down.

As soon as I said the words, his eyes locked with mine and I felt him calm down. I guess that was the matebond. The real one. The bond that connects you, calms you, triggers you.

His presence had calmed me. Sure there was still a lot of tension, but somehow I knew we would be okay.

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