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Chapter 6


I wake up by the sound of birds in the garden. When I open my eyes, everything is a little ... foggy. I am not in my own room, but in my brother's. When I sit up, I see that I am wearing my pj's. The rooms looks ... normal. Well except that it isn't my room. I am trying to think back, how did I end up here?

Nothing comes to mind, but my stomach is growling like an angry bear. Time to get some food! I jump up out of the bed. When my feet land on the ground I wince in pain. I look down, one of my ankles is wrapped in bandages. Why ....

Then it all comes flashing back. Images dance in front of my eyes about yesterday. How Tobias tried to mark me, grab me, claim me ...

My heart is racing, my breathing shallow. It feels like I can't breathe. Why can't I breathe! I fall on my knees, hugging my chest, trying to fight the pain in my chest when I see the image of dark eyes trying to force himself on me.


Someone yells. I look up and see my mother. She runs to me and sits next to me. Her arms wrap around me and pull me on her lap. She hums a lullaby, the same one she would sing when I was afraid when I was little.

Her touch and song calm me down. I finally can breath again and gasp for air, like I have been under water for 5 minutes.

"It's okay Honey, I am here for you" she whispers in my ear.

"I am okay mom, thank you" I give her a small smile, ensuring her that I am fine.

"You had us worried there, you have been sleeping for 24 hours" she tells me in a soft voice.

"24 hours?! What happend?"

My mother sighs before giving me a recap from yesterday. What happend between me Tobias. How she and Vicky were called away to the hospital. How James and dad wanted to murder Tobias ...

While she was catching me up, she never let go of me. Like she was afraid that I would run away.

"I am sorry you guys were so worried" I whispered to her.

"Honey, we love you. We are always going to be worried. Sometimes a little bit more and sometimes a little bit less. It's what family does"

After a few minutes in my mom's arms, my stomach growls again. Letting everybody in the house know that I am awake and hungry. My mom laughs and we decide to make lunch together. I wanted to change first, but the thought of my room made me feel ... insecure. So I stayed in my pj's for now and took a quick shower to clear my head.

My mom is an amazing cook, she makes THE best lasagna! When I was a little kid and I was upset she would give me hot chocolate and then when I felt better, we would cook together. I knew she enjoyed my help, but she really did it so I would open up. My mom is always the heart in our family.

So when I get downstairs my mom made me some sandwiches and hot chocolate. When I was done I helped her in the kitchen. We made her famous lasagna. As usual we had a good time, but I made a mess. So when the lasagna was in the oven, we started to clean the kitchen.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. My mom went to the door while I kept cleaning some dishes. My hands were covered in soapbubbles. But I like the smell of lavender. While my mom opened the door, I tried to listen who it was. But I can only here my mother's voice.

"Hi, it's been awhile"


"Yeah, but I don't know if that such a good idea"


"Okay, if you insist"

I was curious to whom the visitor could be. I try to pick up a scent, but the soapy lavender prevents me from picking up anything else. Maybe I did use too much, like my mom said.

"Hi, Maddy" a shy voice says.

But I know that voice! I don't like that voice ... anymore. When I realise who it is, I stiffen. The plate I was holding slips out of my fingers and hit the sink, breaking in big pieces and drowning in my soapy water.
I try to control my wolf, who wants to tear her head of.

I slowly turn, while wiping my hands on a towel nearby. It feels like there is a big lump in my throat.

We are sitting in the living room. To call it awkward, is an understatement. Dana is sitting in one of the chairs with a cup of tea. She is looking beautifull like always. I am sitting on the opposit of the room with my hot chocolat, wearing my pj's. You can cut the tension in here with a knife.
"Maddy" she starts, but I give a sigh.
I am not ready for this, I don't want to hear this. I don't want to hear her, her voice ...
"You know he only wanted you. You were the only thing he could talk about when we met" She explains.
In a way, her words were soothing me, maybe my mate did care for me. Maybe the distance was as hard for him as it was for him.
But then I remind myself that after he talked about me, he fncked with her.
"But it didn't stop him, did it" I bark back in defence.
"Maddy please .."
"NO!" I yell as I jump up "No you don't get to come here and play the victim because YOU slept with him. YOU were my best friend. YOU knew exactly how I felt about him, how I missed him and still YOU decided to have sex with him!"
I am beyond mad and I'm unable to control the emotions inside me. The anger, sadness, betrayal ... it flows out of me in waves and I am sure that everyone in the house can feel the waves of emotions.
In the corner of my eye I can see my mom appearing from the kitchen. She wants to come my way, but I hold up a hand to stop her. I need to do this myself. I am an adult and I need to fight my own battles.
Suddenly I hear sobbing and smell salty tears. I look back at Dana at see her crying, ugly crying might I add.
"Maddy, I need my best friend .... I ... I ... "
"You what" I yell at her out of frustration"

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