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Chapter 7: secret is out


I know I was gonna sound like a bitch and I knew the consequenses of telling Maddy. She could rip my head off in the blink of an eye. Others may see her as just a regular she-wolf, but they didn't see her train. They only saw her pretty face. In reality, she was as strong as her brother, but she just didn't show. Her strength was inside her, in her mind and in her wolf.

I know it sounded selfish, but I had to tell someone. I needed my best friend and for me that was still Maddy.

Of course I knew how she felt about Tobias. I was the first one to comfort her and the last one to leave. I heard all their love stories and yes, I was a bit jealous. But it was never my intension to steal her boyfriend. I was in a different city, feeling lonely and he was there. Our two lonely souls found each other and one thing let to another and then another ...

I was feeling sick since we got back. First I thought it was the stress of this whole situation. So I googled my symptoms and an hour later I was staring at five positive pregnancy tests.

I had to tell someone and the only one I could think of was Maddy. But now that I have said the words out loud, I regret them. Maddy looks ... torn. I feel the waves of emotions, her gamma presence was glowing and making me submit. Normally her presence isn't this strong, especially because she is a second born, which can only mean that her wolf is taking over and is beyond pissed.

"GET OUT" a female voice shouts. It's not Maddy, but Vicky.

She and Jake are standing in the doorway and giving me a deadly glare. Jake comes closer and I am scared he will throw me out physically. But he passes me and heads to Maddy. Just when I want to sigh in relieve, I feel a strong hand on my shoulder, pulling me from my seat and guiding me outside. It's Vicky and I have never seen her like this. She is always kind and sweet, but now she looks like she could murder me.

When we are outside she lets go and stands in front of the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest. Her eyes are giving me the same deadly glare.

"Leave and never come back"

"No, please! I need my best ..."

"Too bad, you lost her the minute you slept with her boyfriend. Now get out before I'll do something I regret" She yells but doesn't move.


My emotions are all over the place and it takes all my energy to keep my wolf inside, but she is too angry.
"WOLFSBANE" I grunt out.
Wolfsbane is like poison to werewolf. But a small amount can help you control your shift.
I can hear my mom running to the kitchen, but she isn't fast enough. My eyes lock with Jake and he immediatly understands what I need. He pulls me out of the backdoor. I can already feel fur pushing it's way through my skin and my teeth sharpening.
My wolf is out of control and ready to kill Dana for carrying my mate's pup. No matter how angry I am, I will not kill her!

*She slept with mate* my wolf growls
*I know, but the pup doesn't deserve it*
It's no use, my wolf takes over the moment we step outside and she runs into the forest ... blocking me out in the process.
When I wake up I know one thing: I have to reject my mate.
Not because I want to, not because I want to give up. Yes, he betrayed me and hurt me more than anything in my life. But it is not about the two of us anymore. Dana is carrying his pup and no matter how I toss or turn it, I can't hurt a child. Not even an unborn. I can't take one of it's parents away. So there is only one option ... to keep the
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