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Chapter 9: To go or not to go


Will was right. A break was just what I need. I am sick and tired of always watching my back and hoping not to see them. Because let's be real, Tobias is the Beta. It is his job to walk around the pack, I can't keep avoiding him. It did however help me to work on my senses ... a lot.

But I don't want to leave my family. I love them and they are my everything. James is like my best friend and mom and dad are always there for me. How could I leave them...

We are currently in the Alpha office: Will, James, Vicky, mom, dad, me and of course Alpha Nick. Will just told them that he wants me to come to his pack, the Moonlight Pack.

"Why?" The Alpha asks

"I believe she is not happy here. I believe she needs a break to focus on herself and her own happiness" Will tells Alpha Nick.

Will is standing tall, letting his Beta aura radiating through the room. It means he is very serious and won't back down.

"I second that" a voice spoke.
It was my brother James, he turns to me.
"Maddy, you have been there to make sure everyone is happy. But I don't think you are happy here. I don't want you to go, but Will is right. You need a break, time for yourself"

I am surprised that James is saying this. He is like my best friend. But it also means that I really should do this.

Alpha Nick sighs: "I don't like this, but I can see all of you are here to defend her case. Which can only mean you care about her and she deserves a break.
There is just the thing... she has Gamma blood. I can't just let her leave. She knows all our strategies and battle plans ..."

"I am not telling anyone. Yes, I am going to another pack, but not to spy. Please Alpha Nick, I just need break, I just can't heal properly if I have to see him everyday" a tear escaped my eye.

"You can go, BUT only because they are our allies.
AND you have to promise me NOT to participate in their warrior training"

"What? Why ..." I couldn't form a question before Will spoke.

"It's a deal" he gave the Alpha a nod. "We will leave as soon as possible"

The Alpha looked at me with a small smile: "Keep strong okay?"

I lower my head out of respect before leaving with my parents.

"Mom, I am going for a few weeks, not the rest of my life" I tell her.

She is packing my whole closet, my photo albums, EVERYTHING.

"I know, Honey. I just want you to have everything you'll need" she says.

Tears were forming in her eyes. I walk up to her and pull her in a hug, making her stop packing my bathing suits. I've never been away from the pack, not without my parents. We've always been close and this is the first time I will be gone for more than 2 days without seeing them. It'll be hard, for all of us.

"I'll be fine. I am staying with Will and his mate. They'll take care of me" I whisper in her ears.

She pulls me closer. I know this is hard, most wolves move out when they found their mate. But my brother stayed in our house, because he was still in training and we have a big house. And I never lived with my mate. But I am not leaving forever, just a few weeks.

"Be good!" She whispers in my ears.

Eventually I take one suitcase and a small duffelbag. I have most of my regular and training clothes with me, even though I am not alowed to join the training. A few pictures, some snacks and other random things like my curling iron and some comic books.

I say goodbye to my family, my parents tell me to write them and my brother expects a text everytime I eat. James pulls me in a tight hug, telling me he will always be there. Vicky tells me that if they mess with me, she'll personally will come over to kick their ass. Damn I love my family

After our goodbyes I get in the passengers seat and Will drives to his pack. When we are about to leave the border I get a mindlink.


I look through the window to see Tobias running in the woods. It's already dark, but I can recognize his wolf anyway. My heart starts panicking. I don't know what to do, or say. But Will gets the hint. He drives faster, leaving Tobias in the dust.
I can hear him howling behind us. The sound breaks my heart

The rest of the drive I am silent, thinking if this really is the best...
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