Solomon Academy

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Im Della, short, blue hair and if you believe my mother a monster. After I get attacked I find out I'm not a monster. I'm a demon, my parents weren't my parents and I am whisked away to Solomon Academy where I can learn to control my hunger and my powers. But it turns out I'm not just some run of the mill demon. No one knows what I am. I meet some wonderful people who help me figure it out and... some less than wonderful people who may want to kill me. Reverse harem Academy romance 18+ sex scenes. Lots of sex scenes. Death, abuse, loose basis on Christian religion, violence, gore and language.

Fantasy / Erotica
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1 - happy fuck with Della day!

Im almost done my shift. I pass the drinks to the men in front of me with my fake customer service smile. I get rewarded for it with a five dollar tip. Yay!

A woman walks up in a tight red number shes stunning but I can tell thats where the beauty ends. Her red and pink aura is covered in delicious black whisps.

"Vodka cranberry." She demands. Yes ma'am I live to make vodka cranberries. Its my specialty.

I pass the glass to her and let my fingers trail along hers making all those little black whisps sink into my skin. She tastes good. Like lies and venom.

She smirks at me with hooded eyes. Oops I played it a little too hard on the physical contact. I smile my best customer service smile and turn away like it was nothing. I hear her huff and walk away. Thank God!

A few more customers and I am on my way home walking in the cool night air. I pick at the black whisps from the people I brush against as I pass. I walk past a drug store and stop.

I deserve a treat. I walk out with a box of hair dye and finally head home.

I am once again so thankful the city has not turned off the water as I rinse the dye from my hair. I watch as the cookie monster blue slides down the drain of the tub.

I straighten and towel it out. I admire my tight bright blue curls in the dingy spotted mirror. Looking good, Della!

My phone goes off and I check my messages. Lily wants to go out for Halloween tonight. That means booze. No thanks.

I've seen too much of what alcohol can do to someone. Hell, I still have the marks.

Besides, my inhibitions are good right where they are. In tact. Also, I just got home, I dont want to go out again.

I type out a "no thanks" as I walk past the row of neglected bath tubs. I make my way up to the room I keep my stuff in.

It used to be a solitary cell. Its easily the most comfortable room in the building. The padded walls and floors are much easier to sleep on than the thin slabs of torn up mattresses. I had to take the lock off of course but after that it was home sweet asylum.

The asylum I am currently squatting in was abandoned in the seventies. What was once an awful place for many people was a haven for me.

It has a certain poetry that i just have to appreciate. The crazy chick living in an old asylum. You can't argue with the harmony of it all.

I cuddle up with my blanket and my beautiful new blue hair and slip into blissful unconsciousness.

I am lost in fog again. I seem to be having this dream more and more often so I know whats next.

Three silhouettes walk toward me. They dont say anything. They just walk towards me never getting closer.

This dream is different though. There is something else in the fog. A castle towering behind them.

I take a step forward.

"Whooo!!" I jolt out of sleep. I hear voices and the smashing of bottles. Maybe I should have gone out with Lily after all. I grab my knife out of my jacket and stay in the corner next to the door praying no one finds me.

"This is fucking crazy!" A guy shouts i hear his footsteps out in the hall outside the door. There is no way a drunk guy and his buddies will pass up jumping around in a padded cell. Shit.

I start packing up my bags hoping I can just slip out unnoticed. I doubt it but a girl can dream. I stuff my blanket in my backpack and slip on my leather jacket.

I hear the voices out by the bathtubs. Good. I can go the other way to the stairs and leave until they're gone.

I sneak out of the cell and walk right into the scariest mother fucker I have ever seen. His aura is a tar black. Its so thick it should be choking the soul right out of him.

I look up and meet cold dead blue eyes and a twisted grin. I take a step back into another chest. His aura is the same. What does a person have to do to become like this?

"Well, what do we have here?" The first guy asks adjusting his skeleton hoodie.

"I wonder what she'll give us if we say trick or treat?" The other says looking down my shirt from behind me. Oh hell no. The guy behind me slides his hands over my hips pinning me to him. I feel his erection pressing into my back.

This isnt happening. I've been through too much to just take this shit.

"Let go of me." I fume.

"Ooh... fiesty. I love it when they put up a fight." Skeleton man sneers. He grabs a hold of my wrists painfully tight.

I struggle against their hold. Fear getting the better of me then I feel it. That familiar pit in my stomach. The one I used to fear. The one I didn't give into and almost starved to death. I've learned since then. The pit opens up and I sink into it letting it take over and protect me.

These boys are going to be good eating. I usually just take the little black whisps from people but these guys are all black whisps and dark sludge.

They smell so good. Like putting a steak in front of a starving animal. I lean in towards him.

Bone boy seems to see the change in me but doesn't realize my eagerness isn't for sex. He steps closer and leans down right into my trap.

His lips meet mine and I moan at his taste as I feast on his aura. I take it all. I even feel the aura of his friend still holding onto me as I taste him too. Its so delicious I cant stop. I dont want to stop.

I hold onto both of them and feed. I lose myself to the pit until its all gone. I take a deep breath and lick my lips at the delicious memory.

I open my eyes and see what I did. I drained them dry. They are lying on the ground empty husks. Like I mummified them. Just bones covered in peeling grey skin.

"Oh my god." I whisper taking a step away from the bodies. "No. No, no, no, no, no. Not again." I chant my denial.

My mind floods with another body. Another time. My mom screaming. Monster.

My phone rings making me scream. I take a few deep breaths and calm my heartbeat before I answer.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Hey hun! Are you sure you don't want to go out tonight?" Lily asks.

"Actually ya. That sounds like a good plan." I say taking another look at the bodies at my feet.

"Perfect! Meet me at The King!" She says excitedly.

"Ok. See you soon." I say before hanging up. I turn and run. I run far and fast.

I make it to an old diner and slip into the bathroom to change. I need to blend in. I need to hide and now I have blue fucking hair! Perfect!

I strip out of my leggings and tshirt and slip into the tight royal blue dress that Lily bought me for my birthday. I pull my ankle boots back on and slip on my jacket. Slamming my clothes into my bag I toss my curls over to one side and smudge my eyeliner a bit. There. A Halloween look.

I take in my appearance. Small and curvy now wrapped in a blue dress matching my blue hair. I look okay for someone who just killed two people until I reach my eyes. My golden eyes even framed in dark makeup look empty and scared. I'll just have to fake it til I make it.

I make sure to have my knife up my sleeve just in case. Im a tad bit wound up right now. Can you tell?

I make my way out and order an ice tea so I don't get yelled at for not being a customer.

I make my way down the packed streets to The King. Im almost there when a hand reaches out and drags me into an alley. I have my knife out and to the man's throat before he can think.

"Let go of me." I hiss. He immediately does putting his hands up like im a cop or something. His aura is the cleanest God damn thing I've ever seen. Just a jumble of greens and oranges. What is he doing dragging women off into alleys?

"What do you want?" I ask knife still against his throat. Hes taller than me by at least a foot. Maybe more. He has clear crystal blue eyes and beautiful copper hair. His black tshirt is straining against his chest. Its frigging annoying.

"Delaney? Delaney Hearst?" He asks. He doesn't look scared. In fact he looks a little excited. Weirdo.

"Nope sorry." I lie releasing him. I slide my knife back up my sleeve. "I dont know what kind of girl you got. But dragging her into a dark alley might not be the message you want to be sending." I advise. I hear a deep chuckle from behind me. I take a step back so I can see both of them.

"Shes right you know." The man chuckles. This guy is a bit older than me and very attractive. Wearing a navy blue three piece suit. He kind of looks like the tenth doctor. A suave string bean in a suit with messy brown hair.

"Well how was i supposed to do it?" Hottie blue eyes asks. I take a slow step back.

"Chat her up. Introduce yourself." String bean suggests with a shrug.

"Well thats just crazy." Hottie grins. I take another step.

"It sends a less threatening tone." String bean laughs. Im glad they're having a good time trying to kidnap me but im gonna go. I take another step back and slip into the crowd and flip up my hood.

I make it to The King miraculously in one piece. Lily squeals when she sees me and bounces up and down making several men in line enjoy the bouncy castles of fun that are her breasts.

"Della! Ooh I love your hair!" I walk over and give her a hug. She drags me over to the bouncer who I assume saw her bouncy castles too because he lets us in with a wink.

Lily pulls me along behind her all the way to the bar. She orders some wierd drink that may or may not sound like a lip gloss flavor. I order a bottle of water.

"God! Youre such a buzz kill!" She whines.

"You know me. Invite someone else if you want to go drinking with someone." I shrug. I slip my knife into my bra and take off my jacket. The music is a bouncing mess of electronic sounds but Lily seems happy.

She leaves me to go chat up some guy on the dance floor whose pants look one shimmy away from dropping to the floor.

"Hey beautiful." A guy slides up beside me.

"Not interested today." I say honestly. Its a pity because he is hot. Hes big and broad with a flirty smirk and a sweet aura of pinks and oranges. He has a few problems but he doesn't stew in them. I may be starting to regret not being interested.

"Thats fair. May I sit here anyway?" He asks. Wow. A man who listens to me. Hes getting more and more attractive with every word.

"Sure." I shrug.

"Im Oz. What's your name?"


"Its lovely meeting you Della. Is that short for something?" He presses. I turn to look at him face on and instantly regret it. I see both Hottie and String Bean watching us with the air of watching a hockey game.

"Ya. Adelaide." I lie.

"Thats really pretty it suits you." He smiles. I dont miss the deflation of his broad shoulders. I turn back to the bar and watch him in the mirror. He shakes his head at string bean. I am livid. Hes about to get up but I slip my knife out of my bra and in between his legs. He stiffens as I lean into him like im coming on to him.

"I dont know what you boys are up to but if you don't leave me the hell alone then your other boys will go missing. Got it?" I whisper in his ear. He nods quickly and I pull back. God damn he looks excited too but not the way Hottie was. Oz looks like he won something. What is it with these guys? I slip my knife back into my bra and shrug back into my jacket. I grab my bag and brave the dance floor to find Lily.

I cant find her. I check my phone and see her text.

Found me a man. Later.

Well isn't that nice. I shake my head and make my way to the door. I take a deep breath of the cool night air and walk to the pizza place down the road.
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