Florida-The Crown less Princess

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"Catch hold of her!" cried a soldier who was guarding the Royal emerald ring, given to the next generation of Royal family but was now stolen by a girl who's face is not yet seen by anyone, till now her face is a mystery! The only way to identify her is her long and curly golden hairs and a green hat and a green outfit. Like her face, her name is also a mystery to all and one thing that she is unknown about is that she has a magical power. So, let us be a part of her adventure. PS- plz write your comments down if you like it or want to give some sleek advice 😊

Fantasy / Drama
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"Wow lorida well done!,you did it,you are so talented, and so .....wait a second ,why am I talking to myself ?" I was very happy cause this time I had stealed the most exotic treasures of all. When I reached my home, the cave which is behind a waterfall. I tried the ring,it smoothly went in the finger as if meant for me. When I turned back there was a note hanging on the tree which said ' Who ever catches that golden hair girl will be rewarded". I took that paper,cursed it and threw it in the waterfall,that's when I noticed him. A figure lying on a stone near the waterfall,he was motionless and wounded. I felt a bit concerned and worried for him. I took him to my cave. "Is he still alive ? " I murmured to myself." He difinitely is not a normal person as his attire is traditional". That's when I noticed him opening his eyes.

I was the first one to see her face till then,her eyes were more beautiful than sky, her lips were as delicate as rose petal,she was more beautiful than any fairy. She was .......wait a second. Who is she?,where am I ?, Without thinking I jumped off the leaf bed but all my try was in vain. I could not even stand properly cause I had wounded my right leg badly. "Ouch" I cried. The pain and the blood flowing lasted for a long time but she took care of each and everything she can. "So,what brings you to the jungle and why were you wounded?" She asked while applying medicianal herbs on my arm and shoulder. I lied to her and said " Nothing much,I was just hunting the wild javelina before I slipped down the waterfall and passed out". She looked at me as if she knew I was lying and said " You are quite lucky to be alive". I let out a fake smile cause I knew I wasn't really lucky right now. Changing the topic I asked" Do you live here?". She replied with a nod . I tried to interrogate further," So, do you live alone here or is there anyone else accompanying you?". "No" she said with a straight and loud voice as if she is annoyed with me. I was getting getting more comfortable with the atmosphere and I wanted to tell her the truth about me but she went out wearing my hood. I think she was pissed off me. I didn't even got the chance to say that my own half brother,James pushed me of the waterfall and wanted that I should die and the throne of Pelenia should be his. When she went out wearing my hood,my brother who wanted to be sure whether I am dead or not. He saw her near the river. He talked to himself " How did he survived!". He thought it's me cause she was wearing my hood, he soon aim an arrow in her direction. Meanwhile, the pain in my leg was less so somehow I dragged myself where she was just to have a look that is she still in the same temper but I found James aimig a arrow towards her. A silent terror ran through my nerves before I could even warn her. He shoot the arrow.
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