Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Jada, Roebarg and Nostros were having a meeting, when the two angels flew in and landed before all three of them. Roebarg cocked his head slightly and looked at them with three of his eyes and said, “Report!” the two angels looked at Jada. Jada nodded his head at them and one of them said, “We think that we have a better idea where the Shurod lair is located now.”

“Where are the rest of you?” Jada asked the two of them.

“Not sure Jada, but I think something has happened to them we haven’t seen them in a few hours now.”

“Oh, why is that?”

“After he came back to give us the news about seeing the two Shurod’s, he said that he was going back to capture them. I told him not too but he insisted that he could do it and he wanted to teach the Shurod a lesson.”

“Fool, he is a fool.” Jada slammed his fist down on the table.

“Let’s not make any hasty conclusions just yet.” Roebarg spoke up. He didn’t want to believe that another angel had been disposed of by the Shurod already, “The plan to kill John has failed and Jerom has rescued John.”

“What about the flute?” Nostros asked, “Where is it, and why aren’t we tracking it?”

“Not sure, the flute is missing and we can’t seem to trace its whereabouts at this time.” Jada replied, “We will find it.”

“You better.” Roebarg scowled at Jada.

Omar was shooting a high-powered pistol in Joe’s private shooting range beneath the house. BANG! BANG! blasted the gun. The recoil caused his arms to raise up slightly with each shot fired. He pushed a button and the target came towards him. He looked at his grouping on the target and made a few adjustments to the sight of the gun. Then he ripped off the target and replaced it with another one. He pushed the button again and the target moved away from him and stopped about fifty feet. He flipped the safety off and pressed a little red button on the side of the gun, which made it fully automatic, and he pulled the trigger. The gun blasted out forty rounds at the target shredding it to pieces. He pressed the button again and the target came back to him. He grabbed what was left of the target and held it in his hand and thought. “I’m gonna shoot John like this.” Then he ripped up the rest of the target up with his hands.

BONG! Omar turned around at the sound of the elevator and Joe walked through the doors, “Omar, we will get John and his winged friends, you can count on that.”

“He was right in my hands, and I didn’t kill him.” He slammed another clip into his gun and cocked it.

“I know, I know, mark my words you will get your revenge if you stick with me. I will do everything in my power to get John, not only for you, but for me.”

“What is our next move?”

“I am waiting to hear from Roebarg.”

“Roebarg, you mean that demon creature I met a couple of weeks ago.”

“Yes, he is trying to think of another angle for us.”

“So what of this rock you asked me to find? Do you still want it?”

“Ah yes the rock, of course. I need you to go and meet with a man at a local museum. He is an expert on ancient artifacts. He is the only man that I know of that might have a clue of the Blood Rock.”

“Blood rock? Is that what it is called?”

“Yes, and when you ask this man for information about it, he may tell you that he knows nothing of it. Nevertheless, don’t let him fool you. Beat it out of him if you have to, or use any means necessary to pry the information out of him.”

Omar pointed the gun down range and shot another clip and the automatic action opened up showing that the gun was empty. Joe placed his hands over his ears.

“Oh I will if it gets me closer to killing John, I’ll do whatever you ask.” He smiled largely.

“Good boy, I knew that I could count on you.” He smiled back at him, “Here is the address for the museum.” He handed him a piece of paper, “Make sure that you show up about the time the museum closes, the less people that see you the better.”

Omar scratched his chin and looked at Joe smugly, “I got an idea.”

“I can see the wheels in your head turning already.”

Omar transformed into a beautiful woman wearing a tight black mini skirt in high hills. Joe looked at him and laughed, “Yes, I think that will suffice. Very nice.”

“You like?”

“Yes that will get his attention for sure, but you need to change your voice.”

“Oh yeah!” he cleared his throat and said in a seductive tone, “You like?”

“Much better, now go get em.”

Omar picked up his gear, put it on his shoulders, and walked towards the elevator. He pushed the button and the door opened. He stepped in and turned around and transformed back into himself as the doors closed in front of him.”

Jerom flew in through one of the eyes of Golgotha, Jamie and John were sitting on the ground. John was poking at a small fire with a stick when Jerom landed.

“So, what’s the news father?”

“Anar is dead.”

John stood up on his feet quickly, “What! How! What happened?”

“We were attacked by one of the angels and he killed Anar.”

Jamie saw the blood on Jerom’s arm and walked to him, “Are you alright, you look like you got hurt too.”

“Yes he got me with his shards, but I disposed of him. He will no longer be a threat to us. Now there are only three of the angels left.”

“Jerom I need to get back to my motorcycle back at the village. I have some items that I need in.”

“Father I will take him there.”

“Very well Jamie, take John back to the village, but be careful. If you sense anything out of the ordinary leave at once, and come and get me.”

“Yes father, C’mon John.”

John and Jamie leave the cave and fly back to the village where they were attacked not too long ago.

Roebarg had placed many Jaricks in strategic locations in Jerusalem. He had an idea that the Shurod would most likely hang around sights that were considered holy. A pair of Jaricks was patrolling the Golgotha area when one of them looked back and saw John and Jamie leaving out through the eye of the skull. He hissed at the other one and he pointed at them. They both reversed their flight pattern and landed in the eye of the skull. Both of them stretched out their scaly necks and sniffed the air and one of them pointed into the small opening. They approached the opening to the cave. Jerom was inside and could feel an evil presence nearby. The opening to the cave was transparent to Jerom and he could see through the opening like normal. Unaware of this, the Jaricks walked deeper into the small cave. Jerom saw the two Jaricks looking around and touching the sides of the cave wall searching for clues. They moved cautiously slow to avoid detection. Jerom raised his arms and his shards appeared in his hand. He took careful aim at them and released his shards hitting both of them simultaneously. They screamed for a split second and were gone. Jerom sighed and he thought. Lord help us defeat our enemies. Jerom knew that it would only be a matter of time before the Jaricks came up missing. The Jaricks were very precise about checking in with the evil chain of command. If they didn’t check in when they were supposed to, then a search party was sent out to find out what was going on. Usually it was a very considerable force of warrior demons and assassins. This was a very clever way to know something had happened in a specific area if the Jaricks didn’t report in.

A black Mercedes pulled up to the front of the Tower of David Museum. A beautiful young woman got out of the back of the car and walked to the front doors. She looked back at the driver and motioned for him to leave. She opened the door and walked in. It was an amazing sight, all kinds of historical information displayed, statues of ancient peoples and artifacts. The woman walked slowly admiring all the displays. She peered into a glass case full of ancient writings. Her hand glided across the front of the glass case as she moved.

A man that worked in the museum saw the woman and was intrigued by her beauty. He smoothed out his suit jacket and approached her. The woman turned around and smiled at the man. He walked up next to her and looked into the glass case, “This is one of the writings from a Hebrew scholar back in the days of Jesus.”

“Wow that is very interesting.”

“We have lots of ancient writings here at this museum.”

“Really? That’s good, I am a foreign exchange student from the states and I was trying to find out some information on something called the Blood Rock.”

“The man looked at her in a puzzling manner, “Hmm, I am not familiar with that.”

She reached into her small purse and pulled out a piece of paper, “I was given this name of one of the men that works here.” She handed him the piece of paper.

“Oh yes, he does work here.”

“Is he here now?”

“Yes ma’am but his only sees people by appointment only. I can set up one for you if you would like.”

“Yes I would like that very much.” She grabbed his hand softly, “Is there no way that I can see him right now?”

“Well, let me see if I can make something happen for you.”

“Could you please? I would appreciate it.”

The man went back to his desk, picked up the phone, and dialed the extension of the professor. After a few rings, he asked the professor in Hebrew if he could see someone for a few moments. The professor said no and was about to hang up the phone. Then the man asked him if he had ever heard of something called the blood rock. The professor became silent, and the man said hello sir are you still there? The woman stepped closer to the man and listened carefully. The man said hello again and then hung up the phone. Behind them, a door opened and a man walked towards the front desk where he saw a beautiful woman standing there. He held out his hand and said, “I am Professor Chaza’el.”

“The one who sees God.”

“Ah, you know your Hebrew very impressive.”

“Also, the name of a King of Syria in ancient times.”

The professor was impressed with the woman’s knowledge, “What is it that I can help you with?”

“As I was telling this fine gentleman here.” She pointed at the man that had helped her, “I am doing a study on something called the blood rock.”

“Blood rock you say? Where have you heard of such a thing?”

“My professor back in the states said that he wanted to know about the old secret sect of some people called the Kinsmen. Have you heard of such a group of people?”

“This is nothing but fairytales and myths, these stories are considered folk lore in the Hebrew culture.”

“He has sent me to investigate these people and the blood rock.”

The professor snickered, “Well we do have some information on the Kinsmen folk lore, but as for, the blood rock you say, I haven’t heard of anything like that.”

“I was told by my professor that you were an expert on these two subjects.”

“What is the name of your professor?”

“Professor Miller, from DBU, Dallas Baptist University.”

“I don’t recall a professor by that name at that university.”

“Well he knows you and that’s why he sent me here to speak with you.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t help you with any information regarding a blood rock. If you will give me your e-mail address I can send you some links on the Kinsmen, but like I said, it’s all just fairytales.”

“Yes, thank you professor, I would like that.”

The woman asked for a piece of paper and a pen, wrote her email address down, and handed it to him. The professor took it from her and said that he would be in contact with her shortly. The woman thanked him and walked towards the door. She looked back at the two men and smiled. They both watched her as she opened the door and walked out. The professor adjusted his glasses on his nose and stared. The man at the desk asked him if he was ok, in which he replied yes. He told the professor that he was about to lock up the museum and go home for the night. The professor turned around, walked back to his office, and closed the door. He picked up his cell phone and dialed a number, “Hello, yes, this is Professor Chaza’el someone has been inquiring about the blood rock. Ok I will meet you in half an hour.”

Outside of the museum, Omar was monitoring all the calls that came in and out of the museum with a hand held wireless device. He listened to the professor’s conversation through an earpiece. He closed the device and walked to his car parked on the side of the museum.

The professor walked out the back entrance of the museum and got into his car. He appeared to be in a hurry, and Omar knew that he was on the right track. The professor drove off and Omar followed him to a restaurant called the Eucalyptus. He got out of his car and walked hastily inside. Omar also got out of his car and walked into the restaurant. The hostess looked up at Omar and was a little intimidated by his size, “A table for one?”

“Yes, thank you.” He said in a deep voice

She led him to a table that was across from the professor and he sat down. She handed him a menu then pulled it back, “I’m sorry do you need one in English?”

“No, this will be fine.”

Omar thumbed through the menu, glancing at the professor every so often. The professor looked at the front door many times anticipating his company. Omar looked at the front door to see if anyone else coming in. Omar stopped one of the waiters and asked for a glass of water, his deep monotone voice grabbed the attention of the professor and they made eye contact. Chaza’el immediately felt uncomfortable, got up from his table, and went into the bathroom. A few moments later, a man showed up in a suit. He had a brief conversation with the hostess and she pointed at the professor’s table. The man walked calmly towards the table and his suit coat moved away from his body as he walked and the familiar red scarf of the Kinsmen could be seen. Omar stood up from the table and approached the man.

“Excuse me sir.” Omar said politely.

“Yes, may I help you?” the man looked up at him.

“Are you here to see the professor?”

The man not sure what to think said, “What professor are you speaking of?”

“Professor Chaza’el.”

“In that case, yes I am who are you?”

“I am his new assistant and he wanted me to tell you that he wanted to meet you out back of restaurant.”

The man became suspicious and pulled out his cell phone, “Let me call him and find out where he is.”

“There is no need for that, if you will just follow me.”

Omar reached into his pocket and pushed a button on a cell phone jammer that blocked outgoing cell signals. The man dialed the number and got a busy signal, “Great no signal in here.”

“Sir I will take you too him, this way.”

The man finally agreed and both of them walked out of the restaurant. Chaza’el was walking out of the bathroom when he saw the back of Omar, but he was so big that he couldn’t see the Kinsmen that were in front of him. He sat down back at his table and waited impatiently.

Omar and the man walked to the back of the restaurant, when the man’s phone rang. He answered it and said hello. Omar said, “Just right around the corner he is waiting for us.”

The professor was on the phone, “Where are you?”

“Your assistant said to meet you.” Omar grabbed the man around his neck and shoved a knife in his back. The man gurgled for a moment and fell to the ground. Chaza’el heard what had happened and got up from the table and swiftly walked out of the restaurant looking around. Omar transformed into the man and walked to the front of the restaurant. He saw the professor walking out the front door and shouted, “Chaza’el.” He turned around and saw what he thought was his friend and asked if he was ok. Omar relied yes of course.

“I called your cell phone and heard something strange, it scared me.”

“What did you hear?”

“I, I don’t know but it sounded like you were dying.”

“No, I am still alive; my phone has been acting crazy lately. You know all this new technology we have now days.” He chuckled, “What is it that you wanted to see me about?”

“Come, let’s go back inside and talk.”

“No lets go to your car so we can talk, this must be important, I don’t want anyone to over here us.”


They walked to Chaza’el’s car, he unlocked it with his remote and they both got in. Chaza’el was very afraid, “What is wrong with you?” Omar asked.

“I had an interesting visitor this evening.” He shifted his weight on to his right hip.

“Oh, who was it?”

“A young lady, she was asking about the blood rock.”

“The blood rock, what about it.”

“She wanted to know if it was real and also wanted some information about our people, the Kinsmen.”

“This is strange, let’s go to your house and discuss this in further detail.”

“Yes, yes of course.”

Chaza’el started his car and looked out his window to see if there was any oncoming traffic. Omar saw the dead body of the man as they pulled out into the street sped off to Chaza’el’s home. Omar was feeling confident about finding out more about this blood rock and its location. He wanted Joe to know that he was capable of finding out just about anything that he wanted. To Omar, this was just another step closer to his goal of killing John. He had no idea what could occur if the location of the blood rock was ever uncovered. He was blinded by his hate for John, and Joe used that hate against Omar so that he would do whatever was asked of him.

Dan was preparing for his return back to earth. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to go back, but he knew that he was needed by Jerom and Jamie and him and he and Joe had some unfinished business to take care of. Gapa walked into the tent where Dan was, “Shurod are you ready?”

“Ready as I will ever be.”

“Excellent! We leave in five minutes.”

Dan walked out of the tent, looked around, and took a deep breath. He saw a handful of angels flying above him in diamond formation and one at a time, they peeled off from each other, flew down at a target, and shot their shards at it. It was an amazing sight to see how graceful the angels flew even when they were training. Smooth and fast they glided through the air with ease striking the target below.

“Shurod!” Sephri announced

Dan looked over to his left at the voice, “Yes.”

“There is one last thing that I must give you.”

“What is it?”

Sephri held out both his hands but there was nothing in them.

“Sephri, I see nothing.”

“Look closer.”

Tiny sparkles filled Sephri’s hand and a necklace appeared. It was a pair of diamond angel wings attached to a pure gold chain. Dan reached out his hand and took it, “Thank you Sephri.”

“You have earned Shurod.”

“This is like my father’s isn’t it.”

“Yes, wear it with honor; this is a very special gift that only God’s elite forces possess. This signifies that you are committed to God’s will and he will forever be with you until your passing into the his kingdom forever.”

Dan placed the necklace around his neck but it had no clasp, “How does it attach?”

“Touch the two separate ends together.”

Dan did and when the two ends of the necklace were close to each other, they mended together into one single piece.

“The necklace has no beginning or end, like our creator.”

“I’m ready to go Sephri.”

“Follow me then, Gapa is going back with us.”

They both took off up into the air. Gapa flew up from behind them and positioned himself on Dan’s right side. Sephri was on his left and they flew to the gate that led into the natural realm of earth. They landed just in front of the gate, Gapa looked at Dan and said, “You must engage the shadow before flying through the gate.”

“Why is that Gapa?”

“Because, just on the other sides of the gates are hundreds of demons guarding it. They always try to keep us from entering the natural realm of earth. Since Satan has dominion over the earth.”

“Ok, shadow on.”

All three of them vanish and flew through the gate. As they passed through Dan saw many demons with weapons all over the place. They streaked off undetected by any demonic forces.

“One day Dan when we have some time I will tell you about your first trip through that gate.” Sephri said.

Gapa looked at Sephri and smiled, “I don’t think he wants to know that.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

They both smiled and sped up flying faster pulling away from Dan. Dan increased his speed, “Is there something I should know?”

“Come Shurod its time for your grand entrance, your father is anxious for your return.”

“I got an idea.” Gapa said.

“What!” Dan replied.

“A game of follow the leader of course.”

“I’m in.” Sephri raised his arm.

“We can’t have all work and no play, now can we. Try and keep up you two.” Gapa laughed loudly.

Gapa blasted out in front of Sephri with the boom of angel thunder and with every second he grew smaller. “Pretty fast for a general!” Sephri yelled.

“Sure is, now try and keep up.”

Dan blasted after Gapa and Sephri was right behind him. Gapa was coming into to view and he looked back every now and then to see how close Dan and Sephri were. Gapa was leaving behind his a thick vapor trail due to the speed he was traveling. Sephri eased up next to Dan, flipped over underneath him, smiled, and put his arms behind his head, “You got to move faster than that Shurod.” and left Dan in a vapor trail of his own. Dan was determined to catch up with the two angels and he increased his speed once again. He could see Sephri coming into view but Gapa was still pretty far ahead of both of them. Dan managed to catch up with Sephri and Sephri looked back and saw Dan coming up fast, “Very good Shurod even your ability to fly has increased, but I still got something for you.” Sephri made his angelic armor disappear and once again left Dan behind him. Dan thought. Two can play that game. Dan made his armor disappear and he streaked right past Sephri causing him to lose control for a moment. “Wow, he’s really fast.” Sephri said aloud.

Dan was closing in on Gapa when something whizzed by his head. Dan almost stopped instantaneously. He looked all around to see what it was. He started to fell a slight tingle in his back. His armor appeared on his body and hovered with sword in hand. Sephri saw Dan stop ahead of him and thought. What is he doing? Sephri looked up and saw a multitude of demons flying down at Dan, but Dan hadn’t seen them yet. Sephri drew his armor and kicked it into second gear racing towards Dan.

Dan moved his neck forward a bit and squinted his eyes to get a better look. A small red light was coming at him. He watched it not knowing what it was and manifested his chest armor. It hit him in the chest pushing him slightly backwards. The red light was a demonic arrow that had been shot by a demon racing at him. Dan shook his head and recovered from the hit. He looked down at his armor and it had a scorch mark on it. He wiped at it, then hit it with his fist, “This is pretty good armor.” The demon was almost on top of Dan when Sephri swooped in a hit the demon in the side and wrapped his hands around him like a football player making a tackle. The demon struggled to get away from Sephri and yelled out, “LET GO OF ME YOU HEAVENLY DOG!” the demon tried to bite and claw at Sephri, when he let the demon go, “Time to die sulfur breath.”

“Not today!”

The demon threw some fiery darts at Sephri and he blocked them with his sword. Sephri looked behind the demon and said, “Say good night!”

The demon said, “Good night” and started to attack Sephri when Gapa flew up from behind the demon and with one strike of his sword he cut the demon in half, starting from his head. “Where is Shurod?” Gapa barked.

“Over there!”

“Oh no!” Gapa looked up and saw many demons converging on Dan’s location, “We gotta move now!”

Dan was surrounded by demons, slicing, and blocking demons attacks. He shot his red feather up into the air and it popped killing a few of the demons that were in the direct vicinity of the small explosion of the feather. Gapa and Sephri bust through the hordes of demons killing many of them so they could get to Dan. Dan was fighting well; he took many hits from demons that would have hurt him, had he not been through the special angelic training. His new armor was proving to be a great advantage.

Gapa and Sephri made it through the demons and saw Dan killing many of the demons that were attacking him so furiously. Sephri yelled out to Dan, “Hold you shield up above your head.”

Dan did and Gapa and Sephri did the same thing. This created a small bubble like barrier that surrounded all three of them.

“These things always have to interfere with everything.” Dan said.

“Yeah, that’s what they do. I guess we were detected when we passed through the gate after all.”

“Indeed Sephri.” Gapa replied.

“What do we do now?” Dan asked.

Demons tried to penetrate the barrier by shooting at it with their arrows and striking it with their swords. The swords bounced off as well as the arrows.

“We can’t hold them off forever Gapa.” Sephri announced.

Hundreds of demons surrounded them. They were above, below and on every side of them.

“I got it!” Dan said, “Light rod.”

“I have never used the light rod within a protective barrier; if we don’t drop our shields at the exact time then it may ricochet off the barrier and hit us instead of those foul beings.”

“We got to try.” Dan exclaimed, “There are too many of them, to fight one on one.”

“Gapa let’s do it.” Sephri said with a hesitation in his voice.

“Ok, we have to start the technique at the same time so that all of our combined power with act as one. Then we drop our shields and release the light rod.”

Demons continued to attack the barrier and bounce off it. They were hissing and screaming trying to instill fear into the angels, because they knew that they were outnumbered.

“Ready? 1,2,3 swing.
The three of them start to swing their swords on either side of their bodies. The demons start to hear a low hum and stop attacking the barrier. They cocked their heads and watched the three of them swing their swords. Small slivers of light began to shoot off each of their swords. Gapa watched Dan to make sure he was doing it right, “Shurod, bend you wrist more as you swing.”

“Ok!” Dan yelled out.

The swords glowed brighter and brighter with each rotation. All three of them swung their swords in unison. Dan could feel the power surging in his body, “I can’t take much more than this.” He said looking over his shoulder at Gapa.

“Don’t stop until I say.”

“Arrrg” Dan grunted.

“Concentrate Dan; focus on nothing but your sword.” Sephri said in a calming voice.

“I’m trying, but the power within me wants to explode out of me.” Dan said through his teeth not fully opening his mouth.

“Get ready!” Gapa yelled out, “Remember we have to put our shields down at the same time in order for this to work.”

Light begin to fill the small area where the three of them were. A few of the demons flew off because they didn’t want to stay around to see what was going to happen next. They were the smart ones in the bunch. A few other ones still tried to enter through the barrier but bounced off it. Some of them still tried shooting arrows at them and they just burned up when they made contact with the barrier.

Dan gazed upon the two angels beside him. Everything seemed to go into slow motion. Dan could see their swords as they were spinning, although they were twirling faster than the normal eye could follow. He eyes widened and Gapa saw his the expression on Dan’s face, “Now!” Gapa yelled out. All three of them dropped their shields at the same time and the barrier vanished. The demons glared at the three of them and were about to attack when all three of the stretched out their arms and a massive bolt of light exploded around them consuming all the demons in the vicinity. Screams and yelps filled the area for a split second and then all was quiet. Some of the demons that were flying off got caught up in the blast and were consumed and destroyed as they flew away.

Dan’s body went limp and started to fall, he let go of his sword and it fell down out of sight; Sephri grabbed him by his armor by his neck and held him up. Sephri slapped Dan on both sides of his face, “Shurod, Shurod are you ok?” Dan came too and shook his head, his vision was a little blurry and he licked his lips, “Yes, I think so.”

“Wow that was intense.” Sephri blurted and placed his sword back into his crimson belt.

Gapa continued to look around for stragglers that may want to come back for another round.

Dan patted his body, “Where is my sword.”

“I don’t see it.” Sephri looked around.

“You lost your sword?”

“Hold out your hand and call for it.” Gapa said.

Dan held out hand and said, “Come!”

All three of them looked down and Gapa smiled, “Here it comes.”

The sword came racing up back to Dan’s hand, and he clutched it tightly twirled it around and put it back in his sheath with impressive speed, “Now that’s a sword you can depend on.” Dan smiled.

“Well since we have been so rudely interrupted by our demon friends; let’s practice some of your throwing techniques with your shield.” Gapa said.

Dan held his shield out in front of him and threw it like a Frisbee he pointed his hand at it as it flew and controlled its movements.

“Very good Shurod” Sephri said, “Now you need to do it with your mind, concentrate on the shield and make it move wherever you want.”

Dan dropped his arm and the shield began to wobble and not glide as smoothly.

“Concentrate harder Shurod.”

The shield came back towards them and Dan’s eyes got a wild look in them as the shield flew right by Gapa and Sephri almost hitting the both of them. They ducted and got out of the way of the shield.

“Easy there.” Gapa blurted out.

“Sorry” Dan said as he watched the shield whiz by them, “I’ll get in a second; my mind seems to be clouded with thoughts of my father.”

“Clear your mind and feel the shields power connect with you.”

It continued to spin and expand getting larger. A serrated edge emerged out from the edges and sliced through the air making a high pitch noise as it rotated. Dan was starting to get the hang of his new shield throwing technique, “I think I got it.” The shield came barreling back at the two angels once again but this time it was more lethal because of the serrated edge.

“Shurod here it comes, make it stop.” Sephri said with concern in his tone, “Shurod!” The shield was about to strike Sephri when he held up his shield and Dan’s bounced off it spinning out of control. Sparks flew in front of Sephri’s face when the two shields collided.

Dan’s concentration was interrupted by a vision of Jerom fighting at the prison gates against numerous demons. He was slaying many of them but they kept attacking and finally overpowered him. He saw Jada standing over him with his sword breathing heavily and muttering some words, but he couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying. Jerom was on his back and managed to push himself upon his elbows and say something back. Jada laughed at Jerom’s comment and kicked him in the side, which made his fly through the air slamming into the prison gates. Jada walked toward Jerom, pointed his sword at him, and said that his days were over. Then out of nowhere, Roebarg flew in and Jada and Roebarg had an exchange of words. Jerom sat up against the prison gates in agonizing pain and yelled at the two of them. They both looked at Jerom and blinding light showed round about him. Then the vision vanished. Dan came back to his senses, shook his head side to side, and heard Sephri speaking.

“Ok, ok hold out your arm again, you need to practice more.” Sephri noticed Dan’s facial expression, “You alright?”

“Yes, I’m good.”

Dan did and the shield stabilized and returned to his hand, “Sorry Sephri my bad.”

Sephri looked at his shield and it had a small gash in it. He licked his fingers and rubbed it to see if he could make it go away, “Ah, well that what we have shields for.”

Gapa laughed out loud and said, “To the lair then?”

“Indeed” Sephri said.

“Yes” Dan agreed.

Multiple portals opened up and Jaricks were reporting in on any information of the Shurod lair. All of them that had checked in had nothing to report. The head Jarick was reviewing his tracking status when he noticed two of the Jaricks hadn’t reported in. He flipped through his log tablet and looked up where the two Jaricks were patrolling. His finger followed the tablet until it showed Golgotha. He slammed the tablet closed and opened a portal and rushed through it to inform Roebarg about the situation.

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