Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Omar was with the Chaza’el at his home sitting down in a chair with his legs crossed waiting patiently for him to come back into the room. He was still posing as the Kinsmen that he murdered just an hour ago.

“How would a young woman from the states know anything of the blood rock?”

“This is very troublesome Chaza’el”

“Yes, yes it is, I trust that the location of the blood rock is safely in your people’s hands.”

Omar sighed and looked off to the left, “Well there is some bad news that I must share with you.”

“Oh? What is that?”

“We had a breach in our sect and the location of the blood rock has been compromised.”

Chaza’el’s face turned into fear, “What do we do? This is terrible, what did Anar do?”

“We find it of course. Anar has been killed and he was the only one besides the Shurod that knew where it was located. This is very strange timing for us to be talking about the same thing, and the woman asking questions about the blood rock.” He sighed, “Evil forces are at work here.”

Chaza’el was very distressed of the news about the blood rock being out in the open. He knew all about what things could happen if it ended up in the wrong hands.

“Does the Shurod know of this?”

“Yes, but the rock has already been stolen from them.”

“What!” Chaza’el was beside himself, “We are all going to die.”

Omar didn’t know how to react to Chaza’el’s ranting. He sat in the chair silent and motionless until he was through.

“How can you be so calm?”

“I was hoping that you knew of a way to track the blood rock.”

Chaza’el thought for a moment and rushed out of the room talking, “There might be something here.” He rustled through some of papers in a desk. In the desk was a secret compartment he pushed on it and a small door opened up. He pulled out something that was wrapped in some old cloth and blew the dust off of it. He walked back into the room with Omar and Omar sat up, “What is that?”

“Ohhh, something that Anar gave me many years ago. God rest his soul.”


Chaza’el cleared his throat, “This that I hold in my hand is the only key to locating the blood rock.”

“Oh how is that?”

“When Christ was crucified it was told that the blood rock had a brother. The roman soldier that realized Jesus was in fact the Son of God had a fight with another soldier for the precious rock that was covered in Christ’s blood. During the fight a piece of the rock was broken and it has been kept secret for many centuries. Anar gave it to me so that I could study it and do some DNA samples on it. I have only had it for a few months and he was about to come and get it back.” He bowed his head, “And now he is dead.”

“Why would us Kinsmen trust you, you are not part of us.”

Chaza’el pointed in the air, “Oh but I am, sort of I choose a different path than what my family expected of me. I wanted to be a scientist and explore history on my own. So technically I am part of the Kinsmen but I don’t wear their colors.” He walked over to a table, opened a small wooden box, and pulled out a crimson colored scarf. “You see, I am one of you.”

“How can this rock find the other one?”

“If the rock is in close vicinity of the actual blood rock it will sing a beautiful song.”

“Sing a song?”

“Yes, even the rocks worship the Lord of heaven. So I have been told anyway.”

Omar began to get an idea. He knew that they had a general location of the Shurod lair and he needed the small rock to find its location.

“This should help us out Chaza’el thank you for your willingness to help.” Omar extended his hand and Chaza’el looked at him curiously, “You should know this already if you are indeed a Kinsmen.”

“I’m a little rusty on my history lately with all that has been going on.”

Chaza’el became uneasy about the Kinsmen, because only his family knew about the second rock and Omar acted like he knew about it all along. Chaza’el asked, “Who is leading the Kinsmen now.”

Omar scrambled for the right words, “Umm, I was just on my way to find that out when you called me.”

“Hold on for a moment please.” Chaza’el walked out of the room, pulled his cell phone out, and called Habib, “Habib?”


“Where is Anar?”

Habib sniffed a few times and said, “Chaza’el I am sorry but he has been killed.”

“So it is true?”

“Yes I was just about to call you.”

Omar walked closer to Chaza’el so that he could hear his conversation clearer. Chaza’el heard Omar walking in the room and he moved further away from the area so he could speak in private. He walked up behind Chaza’el as he closed his cell phone and Habib was yelling into the phone as he closed it, “You are right he is dead, Anar was my older brother.” He hung his head down.

“I am sorry old friend.” Omar placed his hand on his Chaza’el shoulder.

“Here take the rock and give it to the new leader.”

He handed the rock to Omar. He stuck out his hand and Omar made a fist around the rock and smiled, “We will put this to good use, I can assure you.”

Chaza’el had a blank expression on his face and said, “Praise be to Allah.”

Omar replied, “Yes, praise be to Allah.” After he said that Chaza’el looked at him with a wild look in his eye, “Allah!” who are you?” He backed up and picked up a sword that was by the entryway to the kitchen and pointed it at him. Omar was shocked; Chaza’el had fooled him with such a common phrase. Omar looked at Chaza’el and transformed into the woman that was at the museum. Chaza’el couldn’t believe his eyes and backed up further.

“Excuse me professor.” Omar said in a female voice. Then he changed into himself. Chaza’el became frightened when he saw Omar for who he really was due to his size and the scaring on his face, “I saw you at the restaurant. What did you do with my friend?”

Omar laughed and put the rock in his pocket and patted it, “Your friend is taking a nap.”

Chaza’el charged Omar swinging his sword. Omar grabbed a metal candlestick off a table and blocked the attack. Omar kicked Chaza’el in the stomach and he bent over holding side.

“Thank you for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Chaza’el coughed, “You will not leave here with that rock.”

“Oh yes I will Chaza’el and you and your friend can have a good talk when I’m done with you.”

Chaza’el charged again, Omar clothed lined him, and he flipped over backwards landing face down. Chaza’el let go of the sword and it bounced on the floor. He shook his head, stood up, and motioned for Omar to come at him. Omar smiled and swung at him. Chaza’el dipped down and punched both of his knees many times. Omar yelled out in pain and stumbled back. Chaza’el stood up and bounced around like a boxer.

“Who do you think you are Muhammad Ali?”

“Come on big boy.” Chaza’el taunted.

Omar was so big that his size was disadvantage sometimes, but he was still quick. Chaza’el popped Omar in the jaw and Omar’s head moved backwards. He glared at Chaza’el, “You’re gonna pay for that.”

“Come on.” Chaza’el taunted.

Omar and Chaza’el hit and punched each other many times, but Chaza’el was getting the best of him and Omar was getting winded. Omar held out his hand and bent over, “Hold on a second.” Chaza’el circled Omar and was behind him. Omar turned around and threw a knife at him. It whizzed by his neck barley nicking him and stuck in a door behind him. Chaza’el felt his neck and there was a small amount of blood on his hand, “Going to take a lot more than a pig sticker to kill me.”

“How about this then.” Omar pulled out a fully automatic handgun and Chaza’el saw it and jumped through a doorway. Omar unleashed an explosion of bullets at him. Books went flying all over the place along with piece of sheetrock and wood. Chaza’el peeked around the corner and Omar was reloading his gun. He looked toward the front door and thought. I need to get out of here. He saw a silver platter that was used to serve guest when they stopped by. Quietly he took off the cups and sugar bowl. Omar was yelling at him you can run but you can’t hide. Again he looked at the door and he heard the clip slam into the gun. Just as Omar was about to cock it, Chaza’el burst toward the door throwing the platter at Omar. Omar was surprised, cocked the gun, and shot at the platter spark bounced off of it, but it hit him in the chest and knocked him down. Chaza’el raced through the door and ran down the street as fast as he could. Omar got up off the floor, ran outside, and looked in all directions for Chaza’el but he was nowhere to be found. Omar scanned the area looking for any sign of Chaza’el. Next-door and old woman pulled back the curtains, looked out into the street, and saw Omar. Omar waved at the woman with his gun and grunted. She quickly pulled the curtains back and backed away from the window. Omar was furious that Chaza’el had gotten away but he had the rock and now Joe would be pleased with his progress and maybe give him another crack at killing John.

Omar was walking down the street when he heard cops cars off in the distance with sirens blaring coming towards him. The woman he had seen in the window had called the police. Omar transformed back into a woman and two of the cop cars passed him. The third car stopped and a police officer asked Omar if he had seen a black man walking or running down the street. Omar approached the police officer, leaned down, and said no. The police officer was about to take off when he changed back into himself and said wait. The police officer was shocked when Omar pulled him out of the car through the window by his neck. He squeezed the man throat while the man was kicking his feet frantically. He tried to hit Omar but his arms were not long enough. Omar pulled out his pistol and shot him many times in the chest. The man’s body fell limp and Omar tossed him on the ground like a rag doll. He wiped his hands together, adjusted his suit coat and huffed at the dead body. He placed his gun back inside his coat and walked off down the street whistling as if nothing had happened.

SWOOSH! A portal opened up in front of Nostros and the head Jarick stepped through. He bowed and Nostros said, “What is it?”

“Master two of our Jaricks are missing.”

“WHAT! Where were they stationed?”

“They were patrolling at Golgotha.”

“That’s got to be it, I need to find Roebarg and let him know that we have found the Shurod lair.”

“The Shurod lair master?”

“Yes we have been searching for it for a long time now.”

“I will inform Roebarg of this.”

“NO! I will do it, continue you efforts and let me know if anything else happens and send another two out to replace them.”

The Jarick turned to leave, “Wait.” The Jarick turned back around, “Yes.”

“If anything changes you will let me know.”

“Yes, you will be the first to know.”

“I like the way you operate.” He smiled at the Jarick.

Nostros walked into Roebarg chambers and he was going through some old scrolls. His personal Jarick was perched on his right shoulder looking on with him. The Jarick heard Nostros enter into the room, turned, and looked at him. Then he whispered into Roebarg’s ear, “Nostros is here.”

“Leave us.” The Jarick scampered off and vanished through the wall. Nostros walked up to the side of Roebarg and he looked at him with two of his eyes, “Can I help you?”

“No but I can help you.”

Roebarg closed the book, laid it on the table in front of him, and looked at Nostros, “You sound like you have some information for me.”

“You would be correct.” He smiled.


“It seems that two of our Jaricks haven’t reported in at their scheduled time. I suspect they have been compromised.”

“Where were they stationed?”


Roebarg stood up from his chair, “I knew it. The Shurod lair must be there.”

“There’s a good possibility.”

“No that’s it, it only makes sense that they would reside where the son of God was crucified. It is probably one of the holiest places in human puppet history.”

“Should I tell Jada to go and check it out?”

“Yes, let the angels fight for once. We will hold back and observe. Make sure there are plenty of Jaricks on this. I want to know everything.”

“Consider it done.”

“Go now and explain to Jada what the plan is.”

Nostros bowed and flew out of Roebarg’s chambers. Roebarg was closer than he had ever been to the Shurod and he wanted to make sure that nothing went wrong. If it did, he wanted to know why and who was responsible so that he could punish the ones responsible for the Shurod getting away.

John and Jamie returned to the opening of the cave at Golgotha. Jamie sniffed the air and said, “It smells like demons around here.” John looked at her and then looked around, “Don’t see anything.”

They passed through the doorway, Jerom was sharpening his sword, and Jamie asked, “What’s up father?”

“We had some visitor’s earlier.”

“Oh, who was it?”

“A pair of Jaricks, but I took care of them.”

“I knew I smelled something foul when we entered.”

“They were right outside of the door there.” He pointed, “I killed both of them. I’m afraid that it might have been a bad mistake.”

“Why?” John asked.

“Because those Jaricks will be missed and I fear that we will be attacked soon.”

“Well I’m glad I brought plenty of supplies with me.” John threw two big black bags on the ground full of D.R. and many different weapons. Jerom looked at the two bags, “Well that should help a little bit.” He smiled at John.

“I need to go and change.” John pulled out the special suit that he made. Jerom looked at the suit and said, “Is that?”

“Yes it is.”

“Is what?” Jamie spoke up because she was left out of the conversation. She noticed Jerom’s sadness “Is something wrong?”

“Still thinking about my old friend.”

“Anar huh.” Jamie frowned.

“Yes he was the only real friend I had.”

Jamie sat down beside Jerom, put her arm around him, and gave his a kiss on the cheek, “Well, you still have Dan and I.”

“Yes I do, don’t I.” He grinned proudly.

Omar had met with Joe and Joe had sent many of his bodyguards with him to seek out the blood rock. All of them outfitted with the latest guns and technology that Joe’s people had. They combed the many areas in which Joe had instructed. Omar looked on a map, took out a compass, and did some calculating. He pointed towards the Mount of Olives. All of the men were on foot with weapons ready to fire. These men were trained killers, most of them with prior military service in reconnaissance, ordnance disposal and many other areas of modern warfare.

Above the men on a ledge was a Kinsmen scout. He was looking through some binoculars when he spotted Omar and his men. He crawled backwards on the ground to avoid detection and ran about fifty yards where Chaza’el, Habib, and a significant force of Kinsmen awaited. They also were heavily armed and ready to die at any given notice if it meant keeping the blood rock secure. Habib threw his hand up in the air and the Kinsmen took off in many directions on horseback. Chaza’el had gotten the information to Habib in time about Omar having the other piece of the blood rock. They knew that they would eventually come to this location because it was close to the Shurod lair.

Omar was walking when he felt something move in his pocket. He stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out the small rock. It jumped in his hand and he watched it curiously. He un-wrapped it and it stopped moving. Then he heard a small little noise. He told the men around him to stop. He held up his hand and said listen. The men crouched around him and looked up in the foothills for any sign of movement. Omar said can your hear it. One of the men answered and said what? Then another man from behind said he could hear something and it was very serene. Omar gazed at the rock, it formed a lip like shape, and it began to sing out. Omar was ecstatic; because Chaza’el had told him this would happen, if they were close to the blood rock. He held the rock up higher and it became louder. Omar pointed and said over there. The men started to move faster and Omar got butterflies in his stomach.

The closer they got the louder the rock sang out. Then up ahead of them a ray of pure white light shot out from the ground and up into the heavens. All the men looked at it and Omar said that’s where we need to be.

Chaza’el and Habib also saw the light as well as the Kinsmen. Chaza’el said told Habib that they needed to get the rock now, because it was showing Omar and his men where the blood rock was located. Habib spoke through a radio device and told the Kinsmen to attack. They acknowledge it and they aimed their assault rifles outfitted with suppressors at Omar and his men. Habib told the men to fire and bullets flew through the air hitting many of Omar’s men and killing them instantly. It was so quiet that many of the other men didn’t even notice what was going on. One of the bullets ricochet off a rock and one Omar’s men looked back and saw many his friends on ground dead he yelled which got everyone’s attention and they looked all around but it was quiet. Only the faint sound of crickets chirping could be heard. Omar and his men were in a very bad spot for an ambush. The Kinsmen had taken the high ground and were looking down at them in a ravine. Everyone took cover behind a rock or piece of earth.

Night was creeping in and the glow from the blood rock was growing brighter. Omar keyed his mic and whispered, “It’s getting dark everyone switch to night vision. All the men put on their night vision goggles and looked up. Omar made some hand signals for three of the men to go up ahead. They all three stood up and ran up the ravine they were in. Omar watched them fall one at a time. They were all hit in the back by the Kinsmen snipers. Omar was frustrated and grabbed one of the men and pulled him close, “We need to get out of here and get up there.” He pointed at the light.

One of the men that was shot earlier wasn’t dead he crawled up to the base of the small cliff and grunted in pain. He saw the rest of his party crouched down looking upwards. He managed to get on his feet and circle back around and climbed up on top of a smaller hill. It enabled him to see what was around them. “Omar.” He said.

“Who is this?”

“It’s Mac I am in position.”

“Where are you?”

“About a hundred and fifty yards south of your position on a hill.”

Omar turned around and looked through his night vision and Mac waved at him.

“Excellent, can you see anything?”

Mac made a few painful groaning, “Yes I can see all of you, I’m looking for them now.”

Mac looked through his scope and was astounded at all the Kinsmen that were around them in the hills, “I don’t think I have enough ammo for all of them.” He said in his mic.

“How many do you see?”

“Man at least seventy five or more give or take.”

Omar wiped the sweat off his brow, “Ok make sure you use you silencer and your muzzle flash suppressor so they can’t find you.”

“Roger that, I’m going to take out as many as I can for ya.”

“Are you hurt?”

“Yeah I’m bleeding pretty badly but I still got some fight left in me.”

“Thanks buddy do what you can.”

Mac screwed on his silencer, muzzle flash suppressor, and took aim at a Kinsmen. He fired and killed him instantly, “Got one.”

“Good take out as many as you can see. Where are you shooting?”

“To your right side up high.”

“Ok we will hug the left side of the ravine here and we will move on your word.”

“Ok boss.”

Mac started picking the Kinsmen off one by one. He had shot about twelve of them when the Kinsmen noticed that some of their men were not checking in. Habib told one of his men to go, check, and see what was going on. The man ran down the hill, was hit by one of Mac’s bullets in the left shoulder, and fell to the ground. He didn’t move because he knew that he was still being watched by the sniper. After a few moments, Mac looked away and was looking for more targets that were in range. The Kinsmen called Habib on his radio, “Habib I’m hit there is a sniper somewhere south I believe.”

“Ok I will send someone over to you.”

“No! He will get shot to, protect the Shurod.” Then the man died.

Habib was fuming that some of his men were dead. He turned to Chaza’el, “What should I do uncle.”

“I will take out the sniper for you.” Chaza’el replied.

“Thank you.”

“You just make sure that they don’t get to the blood rock.”

“I will.”

Chaza’el galloped down the backside of the hill prayed silently. “Lord help me find this sniper. Reveal him to me.”

Mac fired again killing another Kinsmen and Chaza’el was getting closer to Mac. He was off to Mac’s right when the muzzle flash suppressor malfunctioned and sparked. Chaza’el saw the small flash dismounted his horse and laid down and took careful aim at him. He adjusted some settings on his night vision scope. He could see Mac in his scope scanning the hillside for his next victim.

“Ok Omar you should be good. Just stay to the left. “MOVE!” Mac said.

Omar told all the men to follow him and they moved quietly up the ravine. Mac saw another Kinsmen aim at one of his people and he squeezed off another round hitting him. Chaza’el exhaled and pulled the trigger on his sniper rifle and blew Mac’s Right shoulder off. He screamed out in pain and it echoed in the quiet ravine. Omar and his men looked back. Then Omar pulled up his scope and saw Mac was missing his arm, “Move out!” Omar yelled.

The Kinsmen above them stood up and opened fire on the men below. Dirt was flying in all directions causing the men’s vision to be hindered to some extent. Omar peeled off from the rest of them and went in his own direction leaving the rest of the men to fight for themselves.

After a few moments, the dust cleared and Omar ran up further into the ravine. He heard running footsteps coming in his direction and he quickly changed into one of the Kinsmen. They ran up on him, pointed their guns at him, and then quickly put their guns and one of them asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Helping, one went up that way.” Omar pointed.

“Ok thanks.”

They turned to run up the hill and Omar shot all seven of them in the back. All of them were dead except one and as he ran by the Kinsmen’s dead bodies, he shot two more rounds in the back of the one that was still alive and disappeared into the shadows.

Dan and the angels landed at the entrance of the Shurod lair. They all walked in and no one was there.

“Where are they?” Dan asked.

“I don’t know.” Gapa replied, “We need to find them. Sephri, take a look around Jerusalem and see if you can locate Jerom.”

Sephri snapped and angelic salute and darted off.

“So much for a grand entrance.” Dan smirked.

“I’m sure they will return shortly.”

Dan walked into Jerom’s room and looked around. He saw a piece of paper on Jerom’s bed and it read. Dan if you are reading this then we are at the backup location. The location of the lair I fear has been revealed. Dan crumbled the paper in his hand and flew out to Gapa, “They are at Golgotha.”

“The backup site?” Gapa asked.

“Yes Jerom said that he thought that the lair’s location may have been detected.”

“We must make haste to them and find out what is going on.”

Just then, Sephri flew back in, “They are at Golgotha.”

“So it seems.”


“But what Sephri.”

He tried to catch his breath, “Satan’s army is building up in the area.”

“This is not good news; you must warn Goleg of this and tell him to bring reinforcements.”

“I will.” He flew off once again but straight up in the air.

“What do we do Gapa?”

“We need to get to Jerom he will need us.”

“Let’s go.”

They bolted out of the lair and headed for Golgotha.

Below them Omar saw Dan flying away. He knew he was close. He pulled out the rock again, it sang out, and the light showed once again. He quickly put it back in his pocket and the light disappeared. He needed to get a general location on where it was, but the rock made such a loud noise that he didn’t want to reveal his location to the Kinsmen.

Omar crawled up the rocky terrain pulling and scratching at the mountainside he made it all the way to the blood rock’s location. He looked down and around for any signs of the Kinsmen and he saw no one. He reached back into his pocket and uncovered the rock and it sang out loudly. He dropped the rock and held his ears. The tombstone where the Shurod got their wings began to tremble. Omar looked at it in awesome wonder. The tombstone began to soften and eventually turned into molten rock. Omar stepped closer to see the supernatural event. The smaller piece of rock tumbled toward the center of the tombstone and sank into it and the singing stopped. Then like before many centuries ago, wind started to blow and light emitted out from the tombstone.

Down in the center of the tombstone the littler piece of the blood rock fused together with the main piece and became one. The rock began to rise out of the swirling pool of molten rock and levitate about four feet in the air. Omar walked slowly toward the rock. He put his hand in front of his eyes because the rock was giving off an intense light. He reached out for it and grabbed it and the light went away. Omar clutched it in his hand tightly and turned to see if anyone was close.

Sephri was on his way back to heaven when he saw the light from the blood rock vanish off in the distance. He knew exactly what it was because he saw that light many years ago with Jadeem. He increased his speed to warn Goleg about what he saw. He thought. “Great now they have the blood rock.”

Around the corner from Omar was Chaza’el he watched Omar as he ran down the mountain and followed behind him closely. Omar made a call to Joe to let him know that he had the rock and that he was bringing it back to him. Joe was so excited about the news that when he told Omar to bring it back to his house, he sounded like a little school girl. Omar pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it strangely. He agreed and ran off into the night with the blood rock with Chaza’el on his tail.

Jerom and Jamie were discussing Dan, when John walked into the area where they were. He was wearing the special suit that he had made. It covered his body like a ninja warrior; his eyes were the only thing that you could see.

Jerom looked at John from head to toe, “Well it looks like you are ready to fight John.”

John chuckled half-heartedly, “Well it’s not Halloween.”

Jerom smiled, and then he felt the familiar pain in his back and made a grunting noise.

“What is it father?” Jamie asked.

“Demons, they are close many of them.”

Just then Jamie felt the same pain, “When your right your right.”

“Jamie, go and take a look outside and let me know what you see.”

“Yes, father.”

“I’ll go with you Jamie.” John announced.

“No, you will be seen if there are demons around.”

Jamie looked back at John, “I got it John, don’t worry.” she winked at him. John rolled his eyes, “Alright then, but be careful.”

Jamie went into her shadow mode and flew out the opening. She soared into the air and saw many demons all around Golgotha she thought to herself. “Oh no, we have been found.” She climbed higher to get a better view of the area, when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She stopped and hovered then focused on it with her keen eyesight and saw what looked like two angels coming toward her. She flapped her wings one time and headed for them. Up ahead of her were Dan and Gapa. “Your sister approaches.” Gapa said.


“Right there.” He pointed.

Jamie reappeared and stopped flapping her wings, “DAN!” Jamie screeched, “You made it back and you’re alive.”

“Did you have any doubts about that?”

She flew closer toward him and wrapped him up in her arms, “I was so worried about you.”

Gapa watched their reunion and smiled, “It wasn’t an easy task for him Jamie.”

“Thank you Gapa for bringing him back to us.” She looked back over her shoulder.

“No thank you is required young Shurod, it is I that should thank you for your loyal service.” He closed his eyes slowly and reopened them.

“Looks like I got here just in time.” Dan looked at the ground and saw many demon ranks forming. Jamie also looked down, “What do we do Dan?”

Dan took a deep breath and made his armor appear. Jamie flew back a bit when she saw Dan’s armor appear, “We fight!”

“Whoa where did you get that?” Jamie’s mouth drooped opened.

“Complements of God and Gapa of course.” He pulled out his sword. Jamie was awe struck at what her eyes were beholding, “Umm ok we need to get back to father, and I need to tell him what is going on. He will be so happy to see you Dan.”

“As will I.”

All three of them went into the shadow mode and flew down towards Golgotha. As they flew, all of them were looking at the multitudes of demons still gathering about.

“Something is wrong here?” Gapa said.

“What is it Gapa?” Dan replied.

“Not sure but I feel something dreadful has taken place.”

“Hurry up you two Father and John are waiting for us.”

“John is with you?” Dan asked.

“Yes many things have happened since you were gone.” Jamie’s face turned sad, “Anar was killed by one of Jada’s angels.”

Both Dan and Gapa said, “What!” at the same time.

“Gapa, maybe that is what you are feeling.”

“No Shurod this feeling is more treacherous, like evil is laughing at me.”

“We will figure it out when we get to Golgotha.”

Gapa nodded his head and they all sped off to together flying as silent as they could.

Joe was waiting at his home for Omar to show up with the precious stone. He had waited many years for this to happen and he didn’t want any mistakes now. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Omar. It rang a few times then went to voice mail. Joe grunted in disgust and closed his phone tightly and it made a loud popping noise. He walked over to a window and peered out of it looking for any sign of Omar. Joe turned around slowly and listened carefully. Off in the distance he could hear a car coming up the driveway. He quickly snapped the curtains closed and walked towards the front door. Joe opened the door and walked outside looking down the driveway. His face turned from excitement to disappointment. He looked around when he heard some of the keepers yelling that the pizza man was there. They came running from the back of the house to eat lunch. All the grounds crew stopped and looked at Joe for a moment. Joe turned and went back inside the house.

He dialed Omar’s number again. “Where are you Omar?” Ring, ring, voice mail once again. Joe was growing impatient by the second. He called for one of his assistants and told him to wait outside and watch for Omar and to let his know when he arrived. The assistant nodded his head, walked outside, and waited as he was told.

Omar made it back to his car and flopped on the hood exhausted from the hike he had just endured. He was breathing heavily, and wiped the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand then spit on the ground to get the dirt out of his mouth. He rested for a moment, then got up and went to the drivers’ side door and opened it. Inside was a bottle of water and he drank it down like a camel. “Ahh!” he said as some of the water trickled down his chin and down his neck.

Omar felt something in his pocket vibrating when he realized that it was his phone and he pulled it out and looked at it. It showed five miss calls from Joe. “Man, this guy can’t leave me alone.” He called Joe and he answered on the first ring, “Where are you?” he demanded.

“I just made it back to the car.”

“Just you?”

“Yes, all the other were killed by the Kinsmen.”

“Are you hurt?”

“No, just tired of running.”

“Then get your butt back here now, you still have the rock I assume.”

“Yes, I still have it.”

“Excellent, bring it to me.”

“I will sir, should be there in about an hour.”

“Hurry up.” Joe hung up the phone.

Chaza’el was watching and listening to Omar trying to figure out how he could get the Blood Rock back without being killed. He called Habib and told him what he had overheard and Habib said that he knew where Joe Miller was, because he was being watched by some of the Kinsmen. Chaza’el smiled when he heard Habib answer, “You are going to make a good head Kinsmen Habib.”

“Thank you, I hope so.”

“I am going to hitch a ride with this guy, I gotta go, I will call you back later.” He hung up and put his phone back in his pocket.

Omar started to drive off and Chaza’el ran up behind the car, jumped onto the spare tire rack on the back and hung on. Omar heard something and looked in his rear view mirror but saw nothing. Chaza’el had ducted just in time and avoided being seen by Omar.

Omar slammed on the gas and streaked down the dirt road leaving a trail of dirt behind him. Off in the distance Habib watched Omar’s SUV speed off through a pair of binoculars equipped with night vision. He focused in on the SUV and saw that Chaza’el was hanging on to the back. Habib lowered his binoculars and the horse that he was on shifted its weight. Habib said, “God be with you uncle.” Then he placed a small pipe in his mouth and blew on it loudly. All the Kinsmen in the area heard the familiar sound and made one last pass to make sure all of Omar’s people were dead. They gathered around Habib and he told them that Chaza’el was tracking Omar and that all of them needed to get back to headquarters and re-arm.

A few Kinsmen came galloping upon horses pulling others horses behind them. Some the Kinsmen mounted their horses with impressive ease. A few of the men stayed behind, picked up the dead, and cared for the wounded that were there. Chaza’el again blew on the pipe and all the Kinsmen that were on horses followed Habib as he took off.

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