Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Sephri had delivered his message to Goleg and was making his way back to Gapa. He was very troubled about the blood rock being in the hands of Joe. He knew what it meant to the very existence of the Shurod and it worried him deeply. As Sephri descended down from the heavens towards Golgotha the smell of sulfur was very strong, he knew what it meant. A battle was brewing once again for the angelic army to face.

Golgotha was coming into view and so was the reason for the awful smell. Legions of demons were surrounding the area and setting up strategic attack and defense positions. He went into the shadow mode, flew through the midst of the demons undetected, and in through the entrance of the Shurod backup site. Gapa heard something coming and turned around to see Sephri appear in through the entrance. Jerom, Jamie Dan and John also looked to see what had just entered into the room. John hopped up on his feet, took a defense posture, and then quickly relaxed when he saw that it was Sephri, “Don’t do that.” John said.

“Gapa I have some bad news.” Sephri said with a concerned look on his face.

“What is it?”

“Joe has the blood rock.”

“How do you know this?”

“When I was going to deliver the message, I saw the light from the blood rock on the mountain shoot into sky.”

Jerom sighed, “This is what I was afraid of.”

“All is not lost yet.” Gapa said in a serious tone.

“If Joe destroys the blood rock it will remove all our powers and leave us helpless to defend the prison gates.”

“Yes, I know old friend.”

“What are you thinking Gapa?”


“Strategy is good, now what about it?”

Gapa looked outside and saw the massive amount of demonic forces assembling outside. “We need to get a message through to Goleg.”

“I can do it.” Sephri said.

“No it is too risky right now there are way too many demons out there for you to go undetected.”

“But Gapa I just flew in through all of them.”

“Look for yourself.”

Sephri poked his head out and saw that the amount of demons had doubled if not tripled since he flew in, “Umm ok then, wow that was fast.” He scratched his head.

Gapa smirked at Sephri’s comment, “I need you here with me anyway.”

“WAIT!” Dan yelled out, “I got an idea.” He took off into a small cave where John had his bags and some equipment. Dan was tearing through John bags taking out all the contents in it. John walked in from behind him, “What are you doing Dan?” Dan stopped rummaging through his bag when he felt what he was looking for. He pulled it out and John smiled at him, “Of course, why didn’t I think of that?” Dan pushed pass John and John followed close behind him back out to where the others were waiting.

“We can get a message through without anyone leaving.”

Sephri and Gapa looked at each other perplexed not understanding what Dan was talking about. Dan opened up his hand and a speecher manifested in the palm of his hand. Everyone smiled. Gapa extended his arm out and the speecher leaped out of Dan’s hand and flew into his, as it flew it squeaked many times until it landed in Gapa’s hand. The speecher looked up at Gapa and bowed down onto one knee. Their eyes locked together and the speecher’s face became visibly distraught. Dan and Jerom both noticed the speecher’s demeanor and then looked at each other puzzled. After a few seconds the speecher stood up and gave and angelic salute to Gapa. Gapa touched the speecher on top of its head and tiny golden armor appeared on the speecher. The speecher looked at his body and the armor on it then flew out of the cave.

“What did you tell it?” Dan asked

“Some things are better left unsaid Shurod.”

“Come son let’s have a look at your new armor.” Jerom placed his hand on Dan’s shoulder and led him off. He turned his head around and looked at Gapa as they walked away. Jerom knew something wasn’t right but the angels have their reasons for not telling all the details.

“Shurod I need your assistance please.”

All three of them turned around and looked at Gapa, “What is it?” Jerom asked.

“Covering fire for our little friend, I want to make sure he gets through.”

“Roger that.” Dan said.

“Gather around me.”

“What about me?” John asked.

“You wait here; we will be back in a moment.”

Gapa raised his arms above his head and a supernatural barrier surrounded them and they moved through the midst of Golgotha until they were on top of the mountain. All of them looked around and saw many demons off in the distance.

The speecher was bolting through the demonic ranks as fast he it could when a few soldier demons heard the noise of the speecher. He lifted his nose in the air, snapped his head around in the direction of the speecher, and chased after him. A few demons saw what was going on and filed in behind him. The first demon was huge, with long arms, and very fast. He was right behind the speecher and was about to grab it when he was hit from behind with and arrow and sent crashing to the ground.

“Ha!” Jamie said as she lowered her bow, “Got one.”

“Good shot Jamie.” Dan said.

The other demons ignored what happened to the first demon and continued to chase after the speecher. Again as they got closer to it they were hit with shards and arrows from the Shurod killing them. The speecher turned and looked behind him to see that his attackers were being picked off one by one. He continued to fly away when he was grabbed from beneath. A demon had caught the speecher and was squeezing it tightly. Gapa yelled out, “SHOOT IT!” Jamie took aim and shot an arrow at it. The demon heard the arrow coming at him, ducted out of the way, and looked around.

“Oh no I missed.” Jamie exclaimed.

The demon pulled the speecher up to its mouth and was about to bite it when he was met with a shard in the side of his head. Gapa and Sephri looked at Dan and he was glowing. Dan had shot his shard over a mile away with pinpoint accuracy. Jamie’s mouth drooped open and Jerom looked at Dan and smiled, “Very nice son, they did teach you a few things while you were gone.” He laughed.

“Thanks Father.”

“Very nice indeed Shurod.” Sephri said and patted Dan on the back.

The speecher flew up and away to deliver the message to Goleg.

Omar was about to pull in through the gates of Joe’s home when Chaza’el jumped off the back of the SUV and rolled into the grass. He peeked through the grass and watched Omar get out and run into the house. Then Chaza’el heard someone say, “Brother?” He was surprised to see some of the Kinsmen behind him. Chaza’el looked back and four men in camouflage crawled up on either side of him. One of the Kinsmen said, “Here you will need this.” They handed him some extra camouflage and they belly crawled backwards to a small hill where they couldn’t be seen by infrared scanners.

Inside the house Joe met Omar with great enthusiasm, “Let me see it.” He could barely contain himself. Omar pulled the rock out of a small pouch that was tied to his side. It was still covered with a piece of cloth when he handed it to Joe. Joe opened his hand and Omar placed it in Joe’s hand and backed away slowly. Joe’s eyes turned black as night when he removed the cloth from around the rock. Joe gazed at the rock for many seconds while Omar stood there wondering what was going to happen next.

He cleared his throat, “Um sir?” Omar said trying to break the uncomfortable silence, “Sir?” still nothing Joe was fixed on the rock, but Omar was wanting to know what the next step was, “JOE!” he yelled out. Joe looked at Omar with a crazed look.

“You ok?” he raised his eyebrows.

Joe’s eyes began to change back to normal and he shook his head side to side. “I know what to do.”

“What now?”

“I must summon Roebarg.” He left the room quickly leaving Omar standing alone. Omar shrugged his shoulders and said, “Good enough for me.” He walked into the living room, turned on the T.V., and flipped through channels looking for something to watch. He propped his feet up on a coffee table and dirt from his boots fell onto the table. He leaned over to the right slightly and saw the dirt from his boots had fell onto the table. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Eh, now this is what I’m talking about, reeelaxing.”

He looked around to see if one was around then continued to surf through the channels on the T.V.

Joe had gone into his bedroom and called for Roebarg. Joe waited for a few moments and Roebarg hadn’t shown up. He closed his eyes tightly and began to chant louder for Roebarg when a portal opened up and Roebarg stepped through, “Why do you summon me now? I am preparing to eliminate the Shurod.”

“I have something that might help.”

Roebarg cocked his head to one side like a dog, “I’m listening.”

Joe walked over to his dresser and picked up the blood rock but it was still covered with the cloth so Roebarg couldn’t see it, “What is it you got there?”

Joe slowly uncovered the rock and Roebarg backed away slowly, “Could this be?” Roebarg whispered.

“Yes it could.” Joe whispered back.

Roebarg’s eyes lit up with awe and he looked a Joe then the rock several times not believing what he was seeing. “This means we win.” Joe said.

“This is the blood of GOD.”

“The ancient stories were true and the proof is right here in my hands.” Joe extended his arms toward Roebarg. Roebarg held out his hands and Joe was about to put the rock into his hands when Roebarg felt a strange power and quickly moved away, “I cannot touch this object.”

“What do you mean?”

“There is power in that rock unlike I have never experienced.”

“You have to take it; this is what will free the angels.”

“I cannot handle this, I will call for Jada to come and take this rock. Only an angel can handle this piece of earth.”

“Very well make it quick, you know someone is looking for this.”

Roebarg cracked a smile, “I’m sure the Shurod is not pleased.” He laughed.

“Nothing makes me happier when the Shurod is fooled.”

Roebarg smiled and his teeth showed. Joe looked at Roebarg with a disgusted look, “What?” Roebarg said.

“Nothing really, but please don’t smile anymore, I don’t think you have the face for it.”

“Aww you mean like this?” Roebarg smiled as big as he could and Joe turned his head away, “Stop it, it’s true.”

“What is true Joe?”

“You have a face only a mother could love, but wait you don’t have a mother. Hmm oh well.”

Roebarg scowled at Joe’s comments but nothing was going to get him upset now, he had the upper hand. Roebarg told Joe that he would be back shortly with Jada. Joe acknowledged and told him to hurry up.

Chaza’el and the four Kinsmen were sneaking around the perimeter of Joe’s house looking for a way inside. They split up in different direction looking for an unlocked door or window. One of the men was about to cross in front of a window when he heard Omar laugh loudly. He stopped and eased his head up slowly to have a look inside. He saw Omar from his right side and he was smiling and laughing at the T.V. The Kinsmen ducted down under the window and crawled to the other side but wanted to take another look at Omar so he decided to take another peek. When he looked inside the room, Omar wasn’t in sight. He scanned the room thoroughly to spot any sign of him. When he felt something behind him. He turned around and was met with Omar’s fist, which knocked the man out cold.

Another Kinsmen was coming around the corner when he witnessed his friend getting knocked out and carried into the house. He backed up slowly and went to go and find the other men.

Omar drug the man in by the seat of his pants mumbling, “Can’t a man take a few minutes off to relax, is it too much to ask.” He took the man, threw him into a small closet, wiped his hands together, and flipped a lock on the door. “That ought to keep him for a while until he wakes up. “He walked back over to the couch and sat back down.

Chaza’el saw the other Kinsmen and motioned for them to come to him. The Kinsmen that saw Omar take out their comrade kneeled down in front of Chaza’el and told them what he had witnessed. Chaza’el knew that he had to free the man, because he would surely be tortured and killed when he came too.

Chaza’el and the other three men snuck around the backside of the house and climbed upon a small part of the roof that was accessible from the ground. They spilt up in different directions to find and entry point into the house. One of the men made a noise with his mouth and got the attention of the other men. He waved at them to come to his location. One window on the second floor was cracked open slightly and they crawled into the house quietly. Chaza’el told the men to find the man that had been captured and he would take care of the big man down stairs.

Moving in a stealthy manner, they walked down the hallway checking corners for any sign of movement or guards. The man that was in front stopped and raised his fist and the others stopped. He pulled out a gun as well as the others and they were ready to do whatever it took to get their comrade back. Chaza’el poked his head around a corner, saw the three men with the guns out, and ready. He made his way to him crossing by a doorway where Omar was watching T.V.

“I will create a diversion and you get him out.” Chaza’el said quietly.

They all nodded their heads. THUMP! The men all heard a noise from behind them and they turned to see what it was. Chaza’el told the men to stay where they were at and he would check out what was going on. He walked toward an open area of the house where the noise was coming from when he saw Joe talking to Roebarg. Chaza’el was disturbed at the sight of Roebarg and quickly backed away. His breathing pattern turned shallow and fear began to creep inside his mortal soul. He took a deep breath and leaned over to take another look. He saw Joe holding the blood rock in his hand. He focused on it and knew that he had to try to retrieve it.

“The Shurod’s time is short.” Roebarg said.

“I know, you know what you must do with the rock I assume Roebarg.”

“Yes, it is the key to the gates.” Roebarg smiled.

Chaza’el was just about to make his move and go for the rock when an angel flew through the wall and landed in front of Joe and Roebarg. Chaza’el again backed off and observed the three. Jada quickly felt something different was going on and looked perplexed.

“Just in time.” Roebarg growled. “I was just about to send for you.” He noticed that Jada was distracted and not acting himself, “What is wrong with you Jada?”

“Angels!” Huffed Joe.

Jada began to stare and remembered what it was like to be in the presence of God for just a moment. He recalled himself, Gapa and Goleg training many centuries ago.

“JADA!” Shouted Roebarg.

Jada snapped out of his trance like state and looked at the two of them, “What is going on here? I feel the presence of God in this place.”

Joe raised his hand and Jada looked at him cautiously, “What is this?”

“This, my fair feathered friend is the key to releasing your brethren.”

“I can’t touch this object, for I fear it will cast me to hell.” Roebarg said.

Joe un-wrapped the rock and Jada saw that it was the entire blood rock,

“How, how did you get this.”

“Never mind that, take it and free your friends.”

Jada held out his hand and Joe handed him the rock. When the rock touched Jada’s angelic flesh, it began to glow. Joe and Roebarg backed away when they saw the glow. Jada looked at his hands and arms and was instantly filled with power. He clutched the rock with his fist, “I have never felt better in my entire existence. We need to move now on the gates.”

“So move!” Joe blurted out with excitement.

Roebarg smiled at Joe, and Joe wrenched his face at Roebarg. Roebarg snorted at Joe remembering the conversation they had earlier about him smiling. Roebarg waved his hand, a portal opened up, and he stepped through it with his long black cloak disappearing into it.

Chaza’el backed away from the doorway more and knew that he had to get this information to Habib so that he could inform the Shurod about what he had heard and seen.

“Joe I will leave you now also.” Jada said in a deep voice.

“Go then and do what needs to be done.”

“I will, you can count of that.” and flew out through the wall with a swooshing sound.

Chaza’el worked his way back to the three men and told them to get ready. Chaza’el candidly walked into the room where Omar was and opened the front door. Omar heard someone walking behind him and said, “Joe?” Omar was not sure what he was seeing. He stood up and yelled “Hey”. Chaza’el turned the knob on the door and opened it slowly.


Chaza’el stopped and turned around slowly and locked eyes with Omar. He ran at him and Chaza’el bolted out of the door. Omar chased after him and quickly lost him in the darkness. Chaza’el leaped over the wall that surrounded Joe’s house with ease.

The other Kinsmen in the house rushed in and freed the man that had been captured.

“I’ll get you Chaza’el.” Omar yelled and spit on the ground.

Omar turned and walked back into the house and saw that the closet door had been opened and his hostage was gone. He was furious and yelled out in disgust.

Joe was coming down the hallway and saw Omar having a fit about something.

“Omar, what are you doing?”

“I caught one of those Kinsmen sneaking around here and now he is gone.”

“What! A Kinsmen in my home.”

“Yes, but he got away.”

“How did this happen? How did he get away from you?”

“I don’t know sir.”

“Well it doesn’t matter anyway; we are close to being victorious in our mission.”

“That’s sounds like good news.”

“Yes it is.” Joe rubbed his hands together and smiled smugly, pulled out a cigar and lit it and took a few puffs on it.

Back at Golgotha, the demonic army was preparing for a serious confrontation with the Shurod. Nostros was walking in front of legions of demons inspecting them with another demon officer. The officer said, “I believe we are ready Nostros.”

“Almost, I am waiting on orders from Roebarg.”

Nostros pointed up at Golgotha, “I want some scout demons up their checking out things.”

The officer roared loudly and scout demons flew towards him. About twenty of them hovered in the air above Nostros and the officer, “All you patrol over on the north side, you, you and you and all of you are roamers. Find the Shurod and report to me as soon as you find something. The scout demons were clawing at each other as the orders were being given. Some of them didn’t even here the orders because they were distracted by other scout demons. Each of the scout demons feel that they are the best fighters and have big egos when they were all clumped together in a group.

“Go!” yelled the officer.

They all took of flying over Nostros’s head, “Those are some crazy demons.”

“Yes they are master, yes they are, but good at what they do.”

“Indeed you are correct, let’s hope they find something quickly.”

The demons scattered quickly in all different directions looking for something to fight with besides each other. They hissed and scratched at each while they flew off.

Jerom was standing in the doorway of Golgotha when he saw the group of scout demons leaving the ground. John walked up from behind Jerom and asked what was going on. Jerom told him that the demonic army was getting ready to strike. John replied and said that he was ready. Jerom sighed, and look at John, John knew that something was troubling Jerom and asked what was wrong. Jerom turned to John and said, “Please take care of Jamie for me.”

“What do you mean?”

“My time is short here John, but you must not say anything.”

John moved closer to Jerom, “I will do what you ask.”

“Thank you John, it means a lot to me. I have a lot to think about right now.”

One of the scout demons flew by the opening and Jerom without even thinking launched his shards out at the scout demon and sliced him into demon sushi. John stood there for a moment not knowing how to react, “Umm, good shot Jerom?”

“Thanks, now is the suit fully functional now? I know you had some issues with making some of the modifications on it awhile back.”

“I finally worked out the bugs and it works great.”

“This is good news since we are on the eve of a battle.”

“I should have no problem taking out some sulfur breathers with this suit.” He patted his shoulders.


“I had some issues with holding a lot of ammo but since I cut D.R. down to half and have a reserve on my back here.” He pointed to a hard case looking backpack, “I can do some serious damage in close range.”

“Excellent job John, I’m proud of what you have done and have become. You have come a long ways since your conversion.”

“Yes, I have, and I have you to thank for that.”

“I can’t take any credit; God is the one that changed your heart.”

“You helped with your mentoring and willingness to guide.”

“Well thank you again and remember what I said about Jamie, Dan can take care of himself. I fear and uneasiness about her.”

“I can handle her Jerom.”

Jerom smiled, “You have your work cut out for ya.”

“That I know.”

Both of them cracked a smile at each other and Jamie walked up from behind them, “What are you guys smiling at?”

“Nothing.” John smiled.

“I doubt that, were you guys talking about me or something?”

“Why is it that you always assume someone is talking about you?”

“Cause they usually are, at least when I’m in the room.” She flipped her hair with her hand. John shook his head side to side, “Please spare me Jamie.” He looked up at Jerom and smiled once again.

“See there you go again.” Jamie blurted.

“Enough keep a look out for Goleg and re-enforcements.” Jerom said.

Jamie grunted at Jerom and turned around and walked off from the two of them, “She is very inquisitive isn’t she?” Jerom said.

“Sometimes it’s just a little scary when she’s around.” John looked at Jerom and winked.

Roebarg appeared at the bottom of Golgotha in front of Nostros, “Report!”

“We are ready to strike when you are master.”

“Have you seen any sign of the Shurod?”

“No, but we have had a few more demons come up missing.”

Roebarg smiled at Nostros, and Nostros felt very odd and asked, “Why are you so happy Roebarg?”

“Because, I can smell victory coming our way. There has been a change of plans.

We need to move our forces back down to the prison gates.”

“But what of the Shurod, we are so close to crushing them.”

“Nostros, we have the blood rock.”

Nostros stuttered to find the words, “How? Who? When did this happen?”

“Joe’s new assassin got it and gave it to Jada, he is preparing to breach the prison gates and we need to be there to assist him. Leave a few legions of warriors here, but for the rest of my army I want them at the gates. There is no need for us to waste too many of our resources since we have the upper hand.”

Nostros was overcome with excitement and started barking orders at other officers telling some to stay and others to make their way to the gates. Nostros glared up at one of the eye sockets in the rock of Golgotha and saw Jerom standing in the entrance. Jerom also saw Nostros and frowned at him. Nostros turned around swiftly and vanished through a portal.

“Look! Down there.” Sephri said.

The rest of the group came to look outside.

“Why are they leaving?” John asked.

Gapa rubbed the bottom of his chin, “This is strange, why are they leaving, they just got here. Something has changed their plans.”

“Well not all of them are leaving.” Jamie chimed in.

“I say we go and have ourselves a little fight with what is left of them.” John said with an angry tone in his voice.

“The blood rock!” Jerom announced.

“That’s got to be it. They must be headed for the prison gates. We must get to the gates now.” Gapa said.

“How do we do that with all those demons just waiting for us to show ourselves?” Jamie appeared to be worried.

“We take the fight to them.” Dan said calmly and turned his head toward Jamie.

“I like the way you think Dan.” John said.

Without notice, John ran through the doorway and leaped through the air until he landed at the base of the mountain. Gapa tried to stop him by yelling at him to wait but it was too late. The demons had already seen John and were fixed upon his position.

“LET’S GO!” Dan cried out.

All of them flew down and landed beside John.

“You should have waited John.” Gapa scolded him.

John looked at him, “You need to get to the prison gates don’t you?”

“Yes of course.”

“Then we need to get you there not talk about it.”

John took off running at the ranks of demons kicking up dirt behind him with every step he took. As he ran, he pulled out two special grenades. He pulled the pins with his teeth and spit them out and threw them in front of him. He then pulled out two swords and swung them with great speed yelling at the top of his voice. John had his special suit on that gave him a great advantage that only Jerom knew about.

“Armor on then?” Dan said to Sephri and Gapa.

“Yes it is time for you to prove your new armor Shurod.”

Both angels and Dan dawned their armor one piece at a time.

Jamie and Jerom looked at them in awe, because they looked so impressive and a little scary at that. Jerom turned to Jamie, “I think we are in good hands here, but be careful and remember your training.”

“I will father.”

Both of the angels took off behind John and Dan was about to as well when Jerom grabbed Dan’s shoulder, “I am very proud of you son, your mother would be too.”

Dan was saddened for a split moment, then he put on his battle face and gripped his sword tightly, “Thank you father for your words, I love you dad.” Then he flipped down his face shield.

Jerom’s eyes welled up with tears, since that was the first time Dan had ever called him dad, “I love you to son; now let’s show these demons a thing or two about fighting.”

“Yeah, let’s go give them a good ole Shurod butt kickin.” Jamie shouted. Then they all joined in the battle.

Back at Joe’s house, Joe was visited by a demon that told him that the Shurod was at Golgotha and John was with them fighting. Joe was irritated at the news and hoped that they were already disposed of. Joe called for Omar and Omar quickly came to Joe, “It seems that the Shurod and your friend John are fighting in a battle over at Golgotha.”

“What are we waiting for then, I got a score to settle.”

“Get our troops ready and meet me out front in five minutes.”

“I’m on it.”

Omar pushed a button on his watch that sent out an emergency signal to all of Joe’s men that were loyal to him and were told to meet at a specific location.

KA BOOM! Went the two grenades that John threw into the ranks of demons. Pieces of demonic flesh flew in all directions landing on the ground with a gushy splat. Some of the demons we launched into the air falling on top of their comrades. John rushed in and swung his sword slicing at many demons killing them as he moved deeper into their ranks. The howls of their pain were very loud and got the attention of other demons that were further back in the ranks. They tried to peek over each other to see what was going on up ahead. John twisted and flipped in the air causing major carnage to the immediate demons that were in his vicinity. Some of them didn’t even know what had hit them.

A thunderous horn was blown by the demon officer in charge and all the whole army knew that they were about to fight. Some of the demons took to the air for an air assault but most of them stayed on the ground.

Gapa and Sephri held out both their arms in front of them and launched an massive amount of energy at the demons ranks. Blasting through them like they were not even there. Their energy gave off an intense light and all the demons that were around it were consumed and reduced to ashes. John turned around because he heard what sounded like sizzling electricity behind him when he realized that it was the two angels. He quickly re-focused he attention on his task. Demons were attacking him non-stop. He blocked and counterattacked his adversaries with extreme violence. A soldier demon hit John from behind and caused him to lose both of his swords. John turned around to see the demon standing before when the demon said, “You are nothing to me human puppet.” The demons raised his sword and swung at John. John jumped over the sword and kicked the demon in the head decapitating it. As he was in the air, he pushed a button on his wrist and his suit lit up. It looked like he was wearing a suit made out of stars. Individual LED lights lit up a glowed brightly. All that you could see was a bright white silhouette of a man.

Gapa and Sephri saw John up ahead and were puzzled with what was going on. They rushed to him to make sure that he was all right while beating off demons trying to attack them. Sephri grabbed a demon by his throat and threw him into other demons attacking them. Gapa also joined in the fight snatching up two demons and smashing their head together. Many demonic arrows bounced off their angelic armor deflecting loudly and were sent flying in all directions. Gapa took his shield and launched it like a Frisbee mowing down a multitude of demons clearing a path to John. They were trying to get to John and help him as much as they could. They were outnumbered at least ten thousand to one and hadn’t even made a dent in their numbers even though they had killed many of them.

John soon realized that he was way too deep within the demonic ranks and started to fight his way back toward the two angels.

Jerom, Jamie and Dan soon engaged in the fight and were doing their share. Dan yelled, “Watch out!” Jerom turned around and Dan blocked a sword that would surely killed Jerom. He quickly turned around and saw the demon and thrusted one of his shards into its belly, it screamed for split second and burned up. A few moments later Gapa realized that they were totally surrounded. The demons were pushing them closer together where they were all back-to-back with about ten feet in between them and the demons.

“What do we do?” Jamie cried out.

“We hold them off as long as we can.” Gapa said as he looked up and saw hundreds of demon circling above them like vultures waiting to have a feast.

The presence of demon essence was so profound that it caused a green like haze to surround them. Jerom waved his hand in front of his face, “We have our work cut out for us here.”

“Indeed, hey where is our back up?” Sephri said, “Where is Goleg?”

“Do your best and fight them off until you can’t fight no more.” Gapa said as he turned to the rest of the group.”

“Well let’s do this.” John said breathing heavily.

“John you must use the suit at the last minute it might be just the thing we need to get us out of this mess.” Jerom whispered.

“Ok, I understand.”

Gapa turned to Sephri and Dan, “Are you ready for the light rod?”

“Yes, I thought you would never ask.” Dan said.

“The rest of you fall in behind us.” they formed a triangle and John, Jamie and Jerom got behind the two angels and Dan.


All three of them started twirling their swords and light began to appear. Faster and faster they twirled them and the demons backed up a few steps looking at the three spinning their swords.

John’s body was still glowing and Jerom and Jamie looked between the two angels legs at the demons watching them.

“READY?” Gapa yelled.

Dan looked at Sephri and nodded his head.


All three of them unleashed their built up power in three different directions. It mowed the demons down as a massive shockwave engulfed the general area. Huge amounts of demons were caught up in it and consumed. As the shockwave lost its power the further out it went, it still caused demons to be knocked off their feet, but there were still demons flying around in the air. Gapa and Sephri manifested a barrier around them to protect them for a little while longer. Thousands of demons start getting back up shaking their heads wondering what just happened to them. Slowly they get up and start moving toward them once again.

“Whoa! Did you see that?” Jamie yelled, “I gotta learn how to do that.”

“I have heard of the light rod but have never seen it in use.” Jerom said.

“That was to buy us a little more time.” Gapa replied.

“Look! They are coming back.” Dan yelled out.

Gapa turned to Sephri and looked at him with a very worried expression. Sephri had never seen Gapa like this and knew that they were in a serious situation. Jerom noticed Gapa face too and said they needed to get out of there. Gapa lunged into the air to see how well the demons were protecting above them. He got about thirty feet off the ground and was peppered with arrows that forced him to come back down.

“Well that didn’t go well, they are holding their positions right above us.” As he pulled, some arrows out of his armor and threw them on the ground.

Dan and Jamie took their bows and started shooting arrows into the crowd of demons trying to keep them back. It was as if they were shooting and automatic machine guns but with arrows. Demons fell with each strike of their arrows but when one fell, there was another to take its place.

Then something got the attention of the demonic army and they all stopped and looked at each other wondering what the noise was off in the distance. Gapa and Sephri also heard the noise and told everyone to be quiet. The demons looked all around perplexed about the strange noise. It sounded like armor clanging together but off in the distance.

Starting at the outer edges of the demonic ranks demons were disappearing into the ground. Row by row they were disappearing feet first. Sephri looked off in the distance and saw the demons vanishing like dominos beneath the earth surface. Gapa yelled out, “GOLEG!” all three Shurods shot their signal feathers and they popped with a bright red.

Angels emerged from the ground within the demon ranks surprising their enemy and the slaughter began. Demon screams with deafening, shrieking and howling in immortal pain. Arrows began to fall from the sky like rain. But were blocked by the barrier that Gapa had manifested. He yelled out, “I can’t hold this up to much longer.”

Demons were flying around so thick they blotted out almost every sliver of light.

KA BOOM! a massive explosion sounded above them which got everyone’s attention. There were no more demons flying directly above them, they had all been blown away. Then through the haze Mogort showed up with a smile on his face, “I couldn’t let you have all the fun.”


“Good to see you my old friend.” Gapa looked at Mogort.”

“You too, now some demonic extermination is in order I believe.”

“Indeed!” Gapa agreed. “Form square formation.”

Gapa, Sephri, Dan and Mogort formed a square formation with the rest of them still in the middle and began to start the light rod sequence again and at the same time they were shooting demons with their shards keeping them back until they generated enough power to shoot.

Jerom, Jamie and were still shooting arrows between the angels being careful not to hit them. John had pulled out two pistols fully loaded with D.R. rounds and killing his share too. In the meantime the demons were gathering above them again. Jerom called to Jamie to come to him. She did and he yelled at John, “IT’S TIME!” Jerom grabbed Jaime’s hand and said, “We are going to throw John into the air as high as we can.”

“What he will not survive the fall.”


John ran at them and jumped into the air landing on their hands. Jerom and Jamie both bent their knees, squatted toward the ground and pushed up with all their strength sending John soaring into the air like a comet leaving a trail of light behind him. The bright light that engulfed John drew the demons to him like a moth to a flame. He flipped once as he raced upward with his arms to his side and straightened out.

The angels looked up, saw John, and were confused about what he was going on. They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

John was the bait for all the demons flying; they followed him like a tablecloth being pulled off from the center of a table. John’s suit activated and all the mini like buttons on his suit turned red and started to shoot D.R. rounds in all directions. The casings shot out from his back. John twisted and tumbled as his shot upward into the air. Demons were being massacred by the hundreds. After the onslaught of infinite carnage there were just a few demons left in the air. John began to fall back towards the ground and pulled out his two swords. The demons were relentless in their pursuit and wanted to kill John. Arrows were flung at him and he swung his swords blocking them. He sliced at them as he fell. A handful of them followed him down as he fell. John looked up above him, turned around in midair, bent his legs at the knee, and then back out. The bottom of his feet were also armed. He shot out more D.R. rounds from the bottom of his feet which took out the rest of the demons that were chasing him. Just as the last few demons were killed John was hit a few times with a couple of arrows but was not seriously injured. He took one in the shoulder and quickly pulled it out. The other just grazed him slicing his suit open around his abdominal section. The demonic arrows carried within them a special kind of poison and mind altering concoction. His skin began to turn black in the injured area.

Jerom and Jamie watched in total amazement at John, “I knew it would work.” Jerom said.

“When did ya’ll come up with that?”

“A few months ago” Jerom smiled at her.

“Here he comes.” Jamie yelled out.

John was about to hit the ground where Jerom created a supernatural force that caught John and set him back down on the ground.

“Excellent work” Gapa said to John.

John nodded at him and pointed hand at him like a gun and moved his thumb down like he was shooting at him and made a clicking noise with his mouth. Gapa smiled back at him.

“NOW!” Gapa ordered.

Dan and the angels released their power from the light rod and cleared out another massive amount of demons once again. After that, the demons tuned away from them and looked behind them to see a host of angelic soldiers behind them. The tables hand been turned on the demonic army and now they were surrounded by Goleg and his division. Off in the distance Goleg was giving orders for all the soldiers to initiate the light rod sequence. All the angels came to attention in unison and waited for the order. The demons held their ground and taunting the angels to attack, but they stood motionless staring at them. The demons became quiet and very scared wondering what was about to happen. A few of the demons tried to fly up and away and were cut in half by angelic shields that were thrown.

Goleg grabbed a small whistle that was around his neck and placed it in his mouth. He looked around for a moment and he blew it. The entire division yelled out, “CHA KA!” The demons went back to back waiting for and attack. There were 50,000 plus demons left in the fight and Goleg and his army numbered 20,000. Goleg again blew on the whistle and the angels that were directly in front of the demons began to walk forward initiating the light rod technique. Slowly they walked toward what was left of the demonic army swinging their swords. Light began to glow on each of the angel’s swords. The demons were in shear panic, because they knew what was about to happen to them and there was no escaped. Some of them tried to escape by sinking back into the earth, but the angels had that covered too. Directly below the demons the angels formed a barrier that was projected by many angels keeping them from escaping. The ones that tried to escape through the grounds came back up after receiving a jolt of electricity.

The whistle blew again and the angels further back in the ranks pulled there bow back. A bright glow of green lit up the immediate area. Each angel was equipped with the green arrows of destiny. Another whistle blew and the angels stopped swinging their swords. It was very quiet and the except for the seldom sound of armor shifting and heavy breathing. The angels stood motionless with the swords a glow. A stale mate it seemed when one of the demon raised his sword in the air and yelled, to the death. All the demons scattered picking out a target, ran, and flew at the angels. Just as the demons were about to make contact with the angels they released their light rod power and the archers shot their arrows. The demons had no chance at survival. After a brilliant flash and a loud explosion, the demons were gone.

On a small hill, overlooking the battlefield a Jarick snorted in disgust and disappeared into a black cloud of smoke.

Goleg flew towards Gapa and the rest of the group and landed.

“Better later than never.” Sephri said.

Goleg looked at Sephri with a frown, “We had a pretty good battle just trying to get here.”

“Just in time once again Goleg.” Gapa said, “Your timing is always perfect.” Then he sighed.

“What is wrong?” Goleg asked Gapa.

“We have to get to the prison gates; Jada and Roebarg have the blood rock.”

“How much of a head start do they have on us?”

“At least six or seven hours.”

“Well they haven’t done anything yet with it.” He turned and pulled Gapa along with him as he walked away from the group, “The Shurod is still here.”

“Yes, so we must still have time to defend the prison gates.”

Goleg turned around and said, “Shurod you must go to the gates and find out how the prison gates are holding up.”

“We will leave now.” Jerom answered.

“What about me?” John chimed in.

“Oh you have another battle coming to you.”

Coming up over a hill was a string of headlights and armored vehicles.

“You have a human fight to tend too now John.”

“Joe?” John asked.


“Good, I hope his friend Omar is with him.”

“You can count on it, be careful.”

“Oh I will.” John flipped a switch on his gun so that it would shoot regular rounds instead of the D.R. rounds.

“John can’t fight all of them by himself?” Jamie interjected.

“No, that is why you are staying here to help.” Goleg said sternly.

“What about the gates?”

“Your father and Dan will take care of that along with some angelic assistance.”

“John, take care of her while I am gone.” Jerom said.

“I will you go and kick some demon butt.”

Jerom smiled, “Count on it.” He leaned into Johns ear and whispered, “Don’t tell anyone what I am about to tell you.” John pulled his head back and looked at Jerom in the eyes, then leaned forward again. “If I don’t make it back, thank you for all that you have done. Take care of my daughter she is a handful.”

“Don’t talk like that Jerom, you will make it back.” He whispered back.

“God be with you John, you have been through a lot in the past year.”

Jamie looked on curiously and tried to listen to the conversation but Jerom had blocked her from listening to them.

Jerom gave John a hug and then Jamie, “I love you both, stay close to Jesus.”

Dan walked over to John, “Thanks brother for all your help you did well today.”

“Shut up and go kill something why don’t ya.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

Dan also gave John a hug, “Be careful and don’t get all shot up, I want to see you back in one piece when I return. Oh yeah that goes for you too sis.”

She kissed Dan on the cheek, “Watch your back big bro. Now go get em.”

They all shot up into the sky leaving John and Jamie behind them. Jerom turned around and took one last look at Jamie as her face faded in the distance. A tear fell from his eye as he flew off back to the lair.

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