Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Demons were crowded around the outside of the prison gates eagerly waiting for Lucifer to make his move and bust them wide open. Jada and two other angels were off in the distance observing the mass multitude of demonic activity. Suddenly a wall of light began to form just in front of the prison gates making the demons back away slowly. If the light touched the demons, it instantly killed them, so they began to retreat backwards for fear of their lives. The light began to move outwards and demons quickly moved to get out of its way.

Lucifer heard the commotion and turned around to see what was going on. Jada flew down and landed beside him,” What is that?”

“It is beginning; call your angels over here.”

“On me.” the two angels flew down and landed behind them.

“What is this light?” Jada asked.

“A defense mechanism.” Lucifer answered, “It’s a sign that the gates are weakening.”

“How do you know this?”

“Because I made it.” And walked closer to the light.”


“Jada I was the one that built this prison. “He” then pointed up, “Told me to build this prison before life inhabited the earth.”

“You built this place?”

“Yes, and I did too good of a job.”

“That’s an understatement.”

Lucifer frowned at Jada’s comment, but he knew it to be true, “I didn’t fully understand why he told me to build such a place, but I did and it is a constant reminder to me that I will never be allowed back into heaven without taking it over.”

He turned around and pointed at a demon, “Come here.”

The demon did without question, “You see Jada the light acts as a defense to any demonic presence.” Lucifer placed his arm around the demon and squeezed him tightly, “These demons are my army, but I want those angels inside.”

He picked up the demon and threw him at the wall of light. The moment the demon’s flesh touched the light, it exploded into a pile of ashes. Lucifer moved closer to the light and reached out his arm.

“No don’t do that.” Jada said.

Lucifer pushed his arm through the light, stepped through it, and turned around, “But as you can see, it doesn’t have the same effect on our kind.” Then walked back through it and stood next to Jada.

“I thought you were dead for sure.”

“I have a divine destiny Jada, to rule heaven and earth as I see fit. We will not be able to use my army in this fight for the prison. It will be angel against angel.”

Jada swallowed the lump in his throat, “But there are only four of us, we are outnumbered tremendously.”

Lucifer laughed, “Have you forgotten who you are talking to?”

Jada sighed, “No, I have not.”

“Good then there should be no doubt in your mine that very soon all your fellow angels will be freed this day. I will have my army once again, and crush anything that gets in my way of total dominion over everything created.” His arms turned a flame and hurled a ball at the prison gates.

“Well we need to get through those gates first.”

The wall of light began to push outwards more and more putting distance between the demons and the prison gates. The gulf between the wall of light and the gates was the area in which the angels could gather forces in great numbers to fight off an attack.

Lucifer once again walked through the wall of light and held out his hand with the blood rock. The other three angels joined him at his side and looked up at the massive gates.

Nostros and Roebarg flew in too and landed just outside the wall of light, “This is new.” Roebarg snorted.

“Yes, quite curious.” Nostros replied cocking his head to the side like a dog.

Jada turned around and saw the two demon generals standing just outside the wall of light. He motioned for them to come in. Lucifer turned around and saw his two generals and looked at Jada, “I’m not amused Jada.”

“I thought it was fitting.” He shrugged his shoulders, “Brimstone suckers.” He said quietly.


Roebarg and Nostros began to move toward the light when Lucifer told them to stop. Both of them did and Roebarg pulled out his sword and stuck it through the light. The molecular makeup of the sword began to heat up and melt right before his eyes, all six of them. He pulled it out and glared at Jada. The other two angels smiled at each other then smiled at Jada and chuckled.

“Do not touch the light, for it will cast you into hell.” Lucifer said.

Roebarg opened his arms out to his side and pushed Nostros back.

“Very funny Jada.” Roebarg snarled with extreme hatred.

“I thought so.” Jada answered back.”

Jada was hit in his face with the back of Lucifer’s hand, which knocked him down.

Roebarg smiled at Jada, “Now that, is fitting.”

Nostros and Roebarg laughed and pointed at Jada. Jada got up slowly and said nothing, but looked out of the corners of his eyes at the two generals.

“Are we done yet?” Lucifer said to Jada right in his face.

“Yes, master.”

“Good, now let’s proceed.”

Lucifer flew up about twenty feet in the air and closed his eyes and stretched out his arms, “Yes, I can feel them, they are calling to me for freedom.”

Inside the prison, the angels were becoming excited, because they knew something was about to happen. Not much happens when you are chained in eternal darkness not being able to move much. One angel screamed out and soon others joined in.

Jerom and the others were at the bottom of the prison walking past the statue that God had put there as a constant reminder to the angels of their disobedience. All of them looked upwards when they heard the cries of the imprisoned angels.

“Lucifer is close; he is the only one that could cause such a stir.” Mogort said.

“Indeed, stay alert.” Gapa said as he opened the gate that led out to the front of the prison, where Dan had released the blue eyed demon general months earlier.

Jerom, Dan, Mogort, Sephri and Gapa all stepped through the gate.

Dan took a deep breath, “I don’t smell like demons here like before.”

Jerom looked out and saw the wall of light in front of them, “It’s beginning Gapa.”

“Let’s get to the front of the gates.”

They all flew toward the gates when they saw Lucifer and three angels standing in front of them. Gapa and Sephri launched to massive bolts of white fire at the four of them. The un expecting recipients were hit dead on with the fire causing all of them to be blown up and in different directions. Jada and the two angels were tumbling out of control in midair. Lucifer on the other hand was only blown back a little ways.

Laughing got the attention of the five heavenly defenders. Then a loud rushing wind blew strongly and cleared away the smoke, and Lucifer was standing on the ground.

Mogort was standing behind the rest of the group and couldn’t be seen by Lucifer.

Lucifer clapped his hands together, “Well done old friends. I wasn’t expecting you so soon.”

“You are not going to open these gates Satan.” Sephri barked.

“Who is this? Is that you Sephri?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Looks like you have moved up in your ranking since we saw each other last.”

“I remember you when you were just a messenger; I gave you many missions to carry out.”

“I am no messenger now.”

“Little feisty are we.”

Jada and the two angels recovered and landed by Lucifer. He looked at Gapa, “Four on four this isn’t quite fair for you.” Lucifer pointed at Gapa.

“Not quite.” A voice came out from behind Gapa.

Lucifer looked over Gapa’s shoulder and Mogort stepped out. He was visibly disturbed at the sight of Mogort. He cleared his throat, “No matter then, I have the blood rock that the ancient prophecy spoke about.” He showed it to them.

“That does not belong to you.” Dan spoke up.

“Ah the young Shurod speaks what a pathetic use of power. Think of it, God gives mortal men the power of angels. How twisted is that?” He shook his finger at Dan, “Then expects them to protect and fight in a supernatural realm. In which they have no knowledge about. Talk about not thinking things through.”

“I believe that you have some of my prisoners.” Jerom said.

Lucifer turned to Jada and the two angels, “Oh, you mean these fine immortal beings.”

“That’s the ones.” He frowned.

“Well they belong to me now, Jerom.”

“No they don’t.”

“You actually think that you stand a chance against me?”

“Not alone.”

“For minute there, I thought you were crazy, but now I just see that you are stupid. Now as I recall, GAPA! It took more than four angels to kick me out of heaven. There are only three angels here and two half-breeds. Surely you thought this thing through better.” Lucifer laughed.

“Well let’s find out shall we.” Gapa said sternly.

All four of them engaged their angelic armor at once. Jerom stepped behind Dan.

“How is this possible, Shurod’s don’t have angelic armor capabilities?

“This one does.” Dan charged Lucifer.

“DAN WAIT!” Sephri yelled.

Lucifer waved his hand at Dan and he was sent slamming into the prison gates.”

Dan did not even get close to him before he was blown off his feet.

Jada made a squeamish face, “Ooh that had to hurt.”

Lucifer also chuckled at the sight of Dan being stunned.

Dan was stunned and Jerom went to his side to check on him, “Dan, are you ok?”

“I feel like I was hit by a MAC truck.”

“Can you get to your feet?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Jerom helped Dan up to his feet, “Get up son we are going to need all of us to take out these evil beings.

Lucifer reached into one of his pockets and pulled out the blood rock, “Aye, look what I have hear. Could it be the blood rock was just a mere ledged? All the angels and the Shurod new that something was about to happen.

Gapa looked at all of them, “Whatever happens hold your ground as long as you can, as long as the barrier keeps the demonic army back we will have a chance”

Everyone went into a defense posture and waited for Lucifer to make his next move.

“Are you ready? Lucifer asked.

Jada and the two angels were ready to attack whenever they got the command. Each of the angels began to size up each other.

“Be careful.” Jada said, “They are very seasoned warriors.”

Both of them shook their heads in acknowledgement.

Lucifer held the rock in the palm of his hands, and glared at it intensely. The rock started to glow bright red and his eyes turned red as blood. The gates began glow and from the middle of the gate, something started to protrude out from it. The gate was beginning to unlock. The sound of the gate made all the Shurod and the angels turn around to see what was going on. Gapa noticed that the light barrier was shrinking and moving back towards them. Roebarg ordered Nostros to have the army move up. Nostros yelled out and the army began to advanced, but very cautiously for fear that, they might be vanquished.

Dan whispered to Sephri, “What is going on?”

“The unlocking process has begun.”

“What can we do?”

Sephri slowly looked at Gapa. Gapa looked back at him then Jerom. Jerom took a deep breath and nodded his head. He pushed by of all of them.

“What are you doing?” Dan asked.

Jerom turned around, “I’m sorry my son, but I must do this to fulfill my destiny.”

“What do you mean?”

Jerom turned back around and walked closer to Lucifer.

“FATHER WAIT!” Dan shouted.

Jerom continued walking forward, when Lucifer saw that Jerom was coming at him.

“Jerom, what are you doing.” In a sarcastic tone. “You can’t stop this from happening.”

“Well I’m going to try; you’re a traitor to your creator. Jerom took his sword and held it over his head and white light shown in front of him. Lucifer stepped back a couple of steps and ordered Jada and the two angels to protect him so that he could open the gates. All three of them stood in front of Lucifer and manifested a barrier to protect themselves.

The light emitted from Jerom was so intense that it blinded the angels. The Blood Rock was trying to escape the grasp of Lucifer. He held on tightly to the rock with both hands.

Lucifer’s fingers began to loosen slowly and his grasp on the rock was slipping. Jerom closed his eyes tightly and concentrated his power on the blood rock. Lucifer grunted and tried to hold onto the rock. The rock shot out of Lucifer’s right past Jada’s head. The rock hit the light that Jerom was manifesting and a huge explosion took place. Which knocked Lucifer and the angels down onto the ground. Then a loud swooshing noise was heard and Jerom was gone.

“NOOOOOO!” Dan yelled out, “Gapa you knew this was going to happen didn’t you?”

Gapa shook his head yes.

“My father gave his life to protect these gates.”

Just then the supernatural barrier that was keeping the demonic army back vanished into thin air.

“No time to morn right now Shurod, focus on the task at hand.”

Lucifer got up on his feet as well as the other angels.

“There is nothing that can stop us now.” Lucifer said.

“Prepare yourselves.” Mogort announced.

He made his way in front of the rest of the angels, “I’ve been waiting for another go at Lucifer, the bright and morning star, huh!, more like a dull black light.”

Lucifer raised his arm and pulled out one of his shards and held it in his hand behind his back. Mogort flew at him. Gapa yelled at Mogort to stop but he was already on top of Lucifer, when Lucifer threw his shard at Mogort. Mogort stopped when he saw the shard coming at him and swung his sword, slicing it in half. Then Jada and the other two angels were attacking Mogort and he was kicking some angel butt. Lucifer flew back to Roebarg, “ATTACK THE GATES NOW!.”

Nostros blew into a big horn and the demon frenzy started. The sound of demons beating on the shields, and howling noisily. The ground shook and the thundering commotion of the demon army preparing to attack.

“Alright, here we go, if we don’t make it, it was a pleasure serving with you.” Gapa said to all of them.

“I’m ready, they have killed my mother and father,” he clinched his sword in his hands and his nosed flared. “These sulfur breathers are not ready for what I’m about to do to them.”

Sephri glanced at Dan, “Easy Shurod, don’t lose your head, that’s when you make mistakes.”

“I am more focused than ever before. I need to get to Nostros.”

“He will be guarded heavily by the other demons.”

Dan went into his shadow mode and flew up high into the air. “Well here goes nothing.” Sephri said under his breath and chased after Dan. They were almost undetectable until they got close and Roebarg saw them coming toward them. Since only the most powerful demons could see through the shadow mode.

Roebarg nudged Nostros and pointed up. Nostros smiled, “The young one wants to play I see.”

“He might be a little upset with you for killing his mother.” They both laughed.

“I will take care of him also, but this time I will not hold back my fury.”

“Go then and meet him in the air, but watch out he has an angel with him.”

Nostros focused in on the angel that was with Dan and he snorted. “That angel with him is the one that stopped me from killing the Shurod about a year ago. We have some unfinished business also.”

“Go get em them.” He snarled, “Rip them limb from limb.”

Nostros spread his wings out and launched into the air leaving a trail of fire and smoke behind him.

Roebarg watched him take off then made his way to Lucifer and awaited orders.

Mogort was joined by Gapa in the fight against Jada and the two angels. Mogort yelled, “You take care of Jada, I’ll take care of the other two.” They were standing side by side. They touched their swords one time and started to fight the other angels.

“You can’t win now Gapa.” Jada said in a stern voice.

“We’ll see about that.”

Both of the angels lunged at each other and swung their swords. The swords sparked as they clanged together. Jada, gave a punch into Gapa’s mid-section. Jada backed up, “One for me.” Gapa held his stomach, then took a deep breath, and threw his shards at Jada, but twisted his wrist that sent one of the shards off in a different direction. Jada ducted behind his shield and the shards bounced off his shield. Jada looked up from behind his shield, “You missed.”

“Did I?”

Jada heard a whizzing noise, turned around and was hit in the chest with Gapa’s shard. The power of the hit knocked Jada down to the ground making Jada lose grip of his sword. Gapa jumped on top of Jada and placed the edge of his shield at Jada’s throat. He made the serrated edge of the shield appear and press lightly against his throat. “I’ll take that.” Gapa pulled out the shard out of Jada’s chest. Jada screamed. His scream raised the attention of one the angels that was fighting with Mogort. Gapa lifted up his shield, “Time to go back where you belong.” He raised his shield and swung his sword down, when he was hit with five shards in the side. He stood straight up and looked to see where they came from. He stumbled backwards and fell to the ground with his sword in hand. Mogort paused for a moment and saw Gapa was wounded very badly. The other angel he was fighting also looked in the same direction. Mogort said, “Psst” the other angel looked back at Mogort and screamed. Mogort thrusted his sword into the angel’s neck and pulled it out. Then he swung around and sliced the angel in half. The angel disappeared into a gray puff of dust.

The angel that hit Gapa with the shards looked at Mogort and flew off into the midst of all the demons. Mogort was smart enough not to follow.

Jada saw his angel fly off in the distance. He managed to get on his feet and stumbled towards Gapa with his sword dragging in the dirt. He was standing over Gapa holding his chest. “Well old friend, this is your end.”

“The Lord is with me always.” Gapa gurgled.

Jada lifted his sword up over his head and swung down at Gapa. Gapa was ready to be absorbed by the holy light of God. This is where the angel go when they are killed in battle.

Jada’s sword was blocked by Mogort’s sword. Jada looked up to see Mogort eye to eye, “Not today traitor.” He flipped his sword up and got Jada’s sword. He pointed both of them at him, “It’s time for you to go where you belong. Mogort spun the swords around a few times and sliced Jada from opposite directions. He stood there for a moment and stared at his wounds, then at Mogort and Gapa, “I was supposed to win.” He said.

Mogort waved at him, and he vanished. Mogort picked Gapa up and flew him back toward the gates and placed him inside the prison. After he placed Gapa down he looked up and smiled from ear to ear.

Since the barrier was down the demons were attacking the gates fiercely with nothing stopping them. They were relentless in their efforts. Pieces of the gate were falling off with each blow from the demonic army.

Dan and Sephri were slaying demons left and right that were flying through the air. The demons didn’t know what hit them. Sephri looked back at the gates and didn’t see Gapa or Mogort. He reached out and grabbed Dan by the arm, “SHUROD! WE MUST TURN BACK! THE GATES ARE WEAKING.” Dan looked down and saw Nostros coming up at him.


“No! The gates are our priority.”
Dan thought about what was more important and realized Sephri was right. He turned around and headed for the gates.

Nostros saw them turn around, “Cowards.” He continued to chase after them.

Dan and Sephri began shooting massive fireballs toward the gates. Demons were consumed by the hundreds, but there were millions upon millions of them. They cleared an area for them to land in. Demon body parts were all of the ground in front of the gates. Sephri kicked at a demons arm and knocked it out of the way.

“What do we do?” Dan asked excitedly.

“Form a barrier and fight as long as we can.”

Dan and Sephri fought as hard as they could but there were too many of them. Their barriers of protection were showing signs of weakness, with each blow of demonic swords and arrows. They were slowly backing up and Dan hit the front of the gate with his foot. He turned around and saw that there was nowhere else to go. He continued to fight as well as Sephri did. The demons were closing in on them. Finally the barriers failed and they were engaged immortal combat. Dan threw his shards while swinging his sword.

“Shurod it was my pleasure to serve you.”

“You too Sephri.”

Both of them were knocked to the ground leaning on their elbows looking up at their would be killers. The smell of demon essence was overwhelming and Dan covered up his nose. “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON DEMON DOGS?” Sephri shouted out. The demons looked upon the two of them in wonder. They had never seen angels or the Shurod up close. They were in a trance like state of mind.

Nostros landed and pushed his way to the front of the pack and saw Sephri and Dan on their backs.

“Well what do we have here?”

“You killed my mother you, you filthy demon.”

All the demons that heard Dan say that laughed and made jokes about it.

“And here you lay before me, ready to die at my hand also.”

“Well get it over with then, sulfur breather.”

Nostros hated that saying and kicked Dan in the side. Dan doubled up and held his side. Nostros turned his attention to Sephri, “Stand up angel.”

Sephri did and looked at him sternly, “What do you want.”

“You mean, you don’t remember?” Nostros scratched his head.

“What are you talking about demon?”

He licked his eye with his lizard like tongue. Then turned to the side and showed him the scar that he had left on his right side when Dan was being attacked for the very first time.

Sephri flipped up his helmet and looked at the scar on Nostros’s side. He pointed, “Umm did I do that? I bet that really hurt huh.”

Nostros whipped his tail around and took Sephri’s legs out from under him.

Sephri landed on his back with a thud, he looked up and said, “A little touchy are we?”

Nostros stomped him in the chest and laughed.

The angel that got away from Mogort earlier landed next to Nostros. “What do you want?” He snarled at the angel.

“I want to kill the Shurod.”

“Make sure you do it right.”

Dan looked up at the angel, the angel glared at him with intense hatred. Dan had one of his shards in his had ready to strike the angel when he got close.

Nostros put his hands on his side and told the demons to back up and give them some room to fight. The angel said there was no need for that, and the Shurod was going to die where he laid. The angel walked to Dan’s right side looking at him up and down, “Huh, the famous Shurod bloodline is about to be cut short.” He adjusted his armor on his shoulders and popped his neck. He walked up closer to Dan raised his sword to strike when Dan rolled over quickly stood up and punched the angel in the armpit. The angel froze with his sword over his head. Dan remembered what he was taught about the angels being vulnerable in that area. Nostros yelled, “KILL HIM YOU FOOL!” He dropped his sword and stumbled backwards. Dan shoved one of his shards into the foot of the angel piercing his armor. The angel’s skin began to turn black and gray. He looked down at his foot and the shard disappeared. His body started to crumble and he yelled out in pain.

When Dan was lying on his back, he had taken one of his shards and had rubbed it in his own blood.

Nostros went wild, “Enough of this play time, time to die.”

Then one demon said, “What is that noise?” The noise became louder and louder and the prison gates were illuminated with a bluish light. The demons and Nostros all backed away. Then from above the gates, Mogort and Goleg appeared with a whole army of heavenly hosts. The demons in the direct vicinity of Dan and Sephri suddenly exploded. Nostros heard something and was able to dodge the attack. Nostros shouted fall back and the demons did without hesitation.

Mogort landed in between Sephri and Dan and helped them up to their feet.

“Impeccable timing Goleg.” Sephri said.

Angels kept pouring in from behind the gates by the thousands like a waterfall, forcing the demons move further and further back away from the gates.

Nostros flew off immediately to warn Lucifer and Roebarg about what was happening. After Lucifer got the word, he flew back to the gates to see what was going on. As he approached, he could see a glimmer of gold glowing high up into the air. He frowned at the sight because it meant there were many angels in the vicinity. Roebarg and Nostros followed close behind.

Lucifer landed with powerful thud making dust fly up into the air. After the dust settled he was standing before a host of heavenly beings. He looked around, remembered many of their faces, and looked them straight in the eyes. He walked to his right looking at the angels in disgust. He knew that he was out numbered but he wasn’t going to show it because of his pride.

The angels ranks started to open up in the middle and Goleg flew through it and landed in front of Lucifer.



“You know I can’t allow you to open these gates.”

Lucifer turned around with his back towards Goleg, “It is written that, I HAVE DOMINION OVER THE EARTH.” He turned around swiftly. His words rocked the area and echoed many times.

“I can’t deny that at all, but where does it say that you can have these angels? IT DOESN’T.” He emphasized.

“A technicality that I am soon going to remedy. You have no power over me, the barrier is down and I can breach the gates.”

“Well, it seems that we have a dilemma here SATAN, because there is no way that you are getting through those gates.” Goleg pointed.

Mogort walked up and stood beside Goleg, leaned down and whispered something to him. Goleg nodded its okay.

Lucifer jumped into the air surveying the amount of angels. Goleg followed him up.

“You have many warriors Goleg. I’m impressed that you brought all of this for me.”

“Our creator knows much.”

Lucifer laughed and clinched his fist, “Our creator is weak.”

“Surely you’re not referring to Jesus.”

Lucifer cringed slightly as he heard the name of Jesus, “That name is useless to me.”

Goleg waved his hand at the ground, “Shall we proceed?”

“Indeed, we shall.”

They both flew back down to the ground and Goleg raised his sword and the angelic army shouted, CHA-KA, CHA-KA.

“We are ready now SATAN.”

“As we, little general.” He was referring to Goleg’s height.

Lucifer shouted loudly and the demons started to screech and howl at the impending battle.

“Your move Goleg.”

“Thank you Satan you are so gracious.”

“I try.”

Goleg engaged his armor and a protective barrier around himself and darted off the right slinging his shards a Lucifer. He blocked most of them and caught one of them. He looked at it, smiled and through it back at Goleg. Goleg twisted in the air and caught it. Lucifer shot a fireball at him and it bounced off his barrier. Lucifer was not happy that his attack did no damage. “ATTACK!” he shouted to his army and both sides ran and flew at each other ready for battle. All the sudden Lucifer was struck with a shard in his back. He grunted and pushed it out by expanding his back. He turned to see that Dan was the one that hit him. “Half-breed, you will pay for that.”

“Come on then, queen of the darkness.” Dan smirked.

Lucifer yelled out and headed for Dan when he was blindsided by Mogort. Lucifer stumbled just a bit and looked at Mogort. “Just like ole times there Satan.”

Lucifer manifested his armor and sword, “If its sword play you want you can have it.”

Mogort lunged at Lucifer and with all his might and their swords crashed together. Mogort was the best in heaven with a sword and Lucifer knew it, but he was trained by Mogort eons ago. They battled fiercely striking at each other, when Goleg came back around and hit him full force with his shield and slapped him with his wing. Lucifer tumbled out of control, and came to a sliding stop. Both Mogort and Goleg were breathing heavily, “You ok?” asked Goleg.

“Yes, he is stronger than I remember.”

All around them, the battle for the gates was in full swing. Demons and angels alike were howling in pain and vanishing. Arrows from both sides filled the air, and the sound of sword clanging together was deafening.

Sephri was doing his part taking out as many sulfur breathers as he could. Many demons fell at the end of his sword. Dan joined Sephri and they battled all sorts of demons big and small. Dan yelled duck and decapitated a demon that was about to hit Sephri. Sephri nodded in appreciation, and continued to fight. Dan was hitting demons left and right with his wings and shooting his feathers into the great multitude of demons. There were so many of them that he didn’t even have to aim. Dan felt a pain on his leg and looked down to see a little demon chewing on his calf. He grabbed him by his neck, threw it into the air and shot it with one of his feathers.

Out of the corner of Sephri’s eye he saw something coming from behind very quickly. He grabbed Dan by the neck and pulled him to the ground. Dan hit hard and asked what he was doing. Demons again were all around them when they were hit with hundreds of angelic shields slicing the demons into demonic sushi. The shields cut a path of carnage that Dan had never witnessed before. He thought the battle at the Sintenna was brutal, but this was unbelievable. Dan and Sephri laid on the ground looking up at the shields as flew above their heads, one after the other. Each of shields were unique, but had the same razor sharp serrated edge of them. All the shields flew up in a graceful manner back to their owners, which were standing behind them a ways. They both stood up and an angelic general stood before them. Dan looked up and angels were still landing behind the general in ranks.

Sephri dusted himself off, saluted the general, “Thank you for that.”

“No problem. So this is the Shurod?”

“In the flesh.” Dan said.

The general laughed, “Wing Five”

Dan looked at him curiously, and they slapped their wings together. The general turned to his angels, flipped down his face shield down, raised his sword, and yelled, CHA-KA. They launched into the air and flew over Dan and Sephri, causing the wind to blow their hair. Wave after wave of angels flew towards the hordes of demons.

Lucifer stood sideways with his sword a glow and taunted Mogort and Goleg. “This is my domain. You are not welcome here.” Lucifer started to transform into the most hideous creature imagined.

Goleg elbowed Mogort in the side and pointed at Lucifer, “See what happens when you fall from grace, you get pretty.”

Mogort chuckled, “I would hate to see ugly.”

“Let’s get him, show no mercy.” he paused, “He will show us none.” Mogort was about to take off when Goleg put his arm out to stop him. “Watch out for those shards of his.”

Mogort grunted, and the two of the blasted toward Lucifer glowing with intense light yelling at the top of their voices.

Lucifer launched flames at the two angels, but the continued toward their target. Again Lucifer sent a powerful blast and this one hit both of the angels knocking them back slightly. After the smoke cleared, both angels stood before Lucifer in their golden armor.

Goleg said while looking at Lucifer, “I will keep him distracted, use the light rod and hit him while I attack, when you’re ready to fire yell and I will get out of the way.”

“Are you sure about this Goleg?”

“That’s an order Mogort.”

He saluted, and Goleg took off.

Lucifer waited for his attacker with his eyes a flame. He swung his sword and missed Goleg. Goleg was a little target so he could out maneuver Lucifer most of the time. He flew upwards flipping around shooting his shards at Lucifer. Two of them hit him and he howled. Goleg smiled, “I know that had to hurt.” He flew under and over Lucifer many times without being hit.

Meanwhile Mogort was ramping up his power to use the light rod. Lucifer heard the familiar sound and looked at Mogort. He was just about to shoot at Mogort when Goleg came down from behind him and sliced his back open, and then flew off. Lucifer arched his back, and his fluids began to spill out onto the ground. He turned around and yelled, “WHERE ARE YOU?”

BOOM! Lucifer was hit with the light rod from Mogort. It was a good hit and stuck true. As Lucifer was falling, he saw Goleg and shot one of his shards at him, slicing his arm open. Mogort saw it and flew toward Lucifer and was about to strike him with his glowing white-hot sword, when he was hit from behind in the right shoulder with an arrow that burned deep into his angelic flesh. Mogort turned around just in time to see the bottom of Roebarg’s foot. He was knocked out cold. Up above them Goleg circled planning his next move when Nostros descended from above him. Goleg didn’t notice it because there was some much demonic activity around them.

Nostros grabbed both of Goleg’s wings and pulled them backwards. Goleg yelled as Nostros drove him into the ground, standing on his back. Roebarg also hand his foot on Mogort’s back.

“Master, we are here.” Roebarg said.

Lucifer stood up, glared at him, and turned around to see Nostros standing on Goleg’s back. Goleg struggled to get free but he didn’t have enough strength.

“Let him up.”

“But master.”

Lucifer threw his arm out at Nostros, which caused him to slam him to the ground.

“Never question me.”

Goleg got to his feet but very wobbly. Lucifer bent down and picked Goleg up by his throat.

“The great general of the ages, ha!”

Goleg’s feet and legs dangled. Lucifer shook him like a rag doll then threw him like a newspaper hitting a rock.


Mogort started to wake up; he opened one of his eyes to see what was going on. He felt pressure on his back and smelled Roebarg’s repulsive breath. He saw Goleg barely moving and that he was hurt badly.

Lucifer walked over to Goleg. Goleg was squirming to sit up. He reached into his a small pouch, pulled an object out of it, and made a fist around it. Angelic fluid was oozing out of his arm from the shard that hit him, as well as his mouth.

“Lucifer your pride was your down fall from the beginning.” Goleg muttered.

Lucifer turned his head, looked at his back, and made it heal. He shook his head,

“That feels much better.” then looked back at Goleg.

“Thanks to you Goleg, I have another scar to remember you by.”

“It was a good run wasn’t it Satan.” He coughed.

Lucifer began to transform back to his original form.

“My old friend it is a shame that you have to go into the Holy Light this day. We could have done many great things together.”

Lucifer raised his sword to strike, when Goleg said, “You have forgotten something.”

“Ok, I’ll entertain you for another moment, what?

“Light defeats darkness.”

“Bla ,bla, bla, that is an old angelic saying that means nothing. In fact I used that phrase myself a few times.”

Goleg held out his hand and opened it. Lucifer grabbed at his throat. Roebarg and Nostros flew to his side.

“What is it master?” Roebarg asked

“It cannot be, how did you get that?” he exclaimed

Lucifer showed great concern, which put Roebarg and Nostros on high alert. Goleg got onto his feet and revealed the wind pipe that was used to track Jamie.

Lucifer backed away slowly as well as his demon officers.

“What is it master?” Roebarg leaned over.

“It’s one of my wind pipes from my throat.”

“I don’t understand, what does it matter.”

“He has a piece of my body which can be used against me. How did this happen?”

“I don’t know master.”

Lucifer snarled in hatred, “Goleg my old friend, you have something that belongs to me.”

“Indeed I do, and now it time for you to go.” As he wiped the blood off his mouth, he held up the pipe, “In the name of Jesus, flee this place. Light defeats darkness.”

Lucifer put his arms out and pushed Nostros and Roebarg back behind him.

Goleg held out his hand and a shard rocketed past Lucifer’s head. He caught it and pointed it at the wind pipe. “It’s time for you to leave Lucifer.

“Goleg what is a shard going to do to me.”

“This is no regular shard SATAN.”

“Looks no different to me.” He huffed. “Why is this one so special?”

Then a voice from behind him said, “Because it is mine.”

Lucifer and his to demons looked behind them and saw Dan helping Mogort up.

“Ha, ha a Shurod shard they are not as powerful as mine or even yours for this matter.”

Nostros focused in on the shard in Goleg’s hand, “Master!”

“Not now Nostros.”

“Master it has the blood of the Shurod on it.”

Lucifer created a protective barrier around him and the demon generals

“That will not help you now, he who roams like a lion seeking who he can kill and destroy.”

Goleg raised his arm with the shard in it and looked at Lucifer, “Good bye old friend.”

“I will return heavenly slave dog.”

Goleg flipped the shard around between his fingers above his head like a drummer and slammed it into the windpipe. It pierced the pipe and Lucifer immediately felt pain. He grabbed his throat with both hands. Roebarg and Nostros stood there wondering what was going to happen since evil angels can’t touch the blood of the Shurod, due to the makeup of its DNA, which had God’s blood in it.

Lucifer started to shake as well as the generals. Roebarg was in a panic because he had never seen Satan defeated or even close to it, “What is happening to us.”

Nostros bowed his head, “As it is written, there is power in the blood.”

KABOOM! A massive jolt of power blew out from Goleg’s hand. It was so bright that he had to turn his head away. The blast cut through Lucifer’s barrier and was starting to burn all of them. The wind was swirling around, and the angels couldn’t see inside of it.

The dust formed the face of Jesus and it spoke, “Satan you are defeated once again, then disappeared. All of them were covering their eyes as lighting was striking each of them.

“MASTER HELP US!” Roebarg screamed. Lucifer thought for a split second and opened a portal and they all flew through it.

The wind ceased and the angels saw that Lucifer and his generals were gone.

Dan raised his sword, “CHA-KA, CHA-KA.

A multitude of demons saw what happened and started retreating back and vanishing, too live to fight another day. There were just a few left and the angelic army was doing some cleanup work on the rest of the demons that was still around.

Dan opened his hand and the shard returned but it was red as a ruby, not clear like the rest of them. He held it out and told Mogort to look. He shook his head and said that was weird. The shard went back into his body through his wrist.

“We did it.” Dan said.

“For now Shurod, for now.”

We must check the gates and fix them, so they will be strong once again.”

“Let’s do it.”

Sephri flew up, “What did I miss? I was busy with some demon assassins.”

Goleg looked at everyone and laughed, “Not much?” Dan and the angels laughed.

“What, what I don’t get it.”

“Come on Sephri, I’ll tell you all about it.” Dan put his arm around Sephri’s shoulders.

“Now back to the gates!” Goleg ordered and they all flew off.

Back at the gates inside the prison, wounded angels were being taken care of by other angels. Some of them telling each other stories about what demons they killed and how many.

“Where is Gapa?” he asked one of the angels. He pointed at a small tent like structure. Dan went through the opening and saw Gapa laying on his side with five puncture wounds from his shoulder down to his leg. The angels that was caring for him was pouring the healing water on each wound. The wound bubbled and sizzled as the water touched it and Gapa moaned in pain. The angel walked to Dan, “How is Gapa”

“He is hurt pretty badly, only time will tell. The shards from another angel have devastating effects. Dan turned around and walked out, and looked up inside the prison and all the angels that were imprisoned and he thought, “We have saved humanity one more time, and they don’t even know it.”

Dan told Sephri he was going back up to the lair and that he needed to check with the Kinsmen leader about the status of Joe and his henchmen. Sephri agreed and said he would be along shortly.

Dan shot out through the opening and land next to what used to be Jerom’s bed. He looked around the room and picked up a few objects that were on a small table, and then threw them back down. He walked to Jerom’s bed and turned around, sat down and put his head in his hands and wept profusely. He was remembering how he came to be what he was and what part Jerom had in making him a new man, or at least half man.

Snot ran out of his nose and he wiped it away on his sleeve, he was crying so hard he started huffing not being able to catch his breath. He slid his hands down over his face, took a deep breath, and bowed his head. Dan plopped down in the bed, which caused a small puff of air to blow and a piece of paper floated up from the floor. Dan watched it as it landed softly on his chest. He picked it up and saw that it was Jerom’s handwriting; he read the first few words, Dan and Jamie I know that this will be hard for you to understand. Dan sat straight up in the bed and whipped his feet onto the floor and continued, my sacrifice was the only way to keep the gates from failing, love, your father. Dan made a fist and placed it at his mouth and cried some more. His eyes were bloodshot red from crying so hard, and his cheeks were swollen. Dan sniffed a few times and stood up; he stopped crying and wiped his face off with his sleeve. He noticed that Jerom had underlined some letters in his final words on paper, the letters were, I,l,l,I,W,T,U,E,R,N,R. Dan squinted his left eye, moved his lips side to side, and wondered why those letters we underlined. Then he remembered that he needed to find Jamie and the Kinsmen. “No rest for the weary.” He washed up snagged an apple off a table as he flew out of the lair into the air.

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