Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Two men were pulling a body bag out of an SUV and carrying it to an airplane. Joe stepped out of the SUV as well as Omar.

Joe had his private plane fueled and ready to go back to the states.

“Hurry up you fools, and be careful with that bag, it’s precious cargo.”

The two men looked at each other strangely, one of them said, “A dead person is precious cargo?” The other laughed and shrugged his shoulders; “You know how weird rich people are.” then loaded the body bag in the back of the plane.

Omar stood outside the plane with his machine gun watching to see if anyone was around. Joe passed him and patted him on the shoulder, “Let’s go”

“Yes sir.”

Joe turned around and took one last look at Jerusalem, “Huh, Holy Land, ha!” and slipped into the plane. Omar closed the door and locked it from inside.

Joe sat down and lit a cigar, “Omar tell the pilot we are ready to go.”

“Aight” He walked up to the cock pit and the pilot turned around, “Get this bird in the air.”

“Where to?”

“Dallas Texas”

The mad pushed a few buttons and talked into his headset to the control tower. Omar walked back into the cabin of the plane, “Mr. Miller we should be leaving shortly, just awaiting clearance.”

“Excellent, have a seat.”

Omar took off his gun and laid it in the seat beside him, “So what’s the plan?”

“The plan, hmmm, well not quite sure but I need to get back to Dallas.”

“Soooo, we are winging it for now.”

“Yes, but I have a couple of ideas but it depends on a few things.”

“Like what.”

“Nothing that concerns you right now.”

A stewardess walked up to them, “Gentlemen would you like a drink before we take off?”

Joe answered no, and Omar said gimme whatever you got that is the strongest.”

“Yes sir, I will be back shortly.”

The plane began to taxi onto the runway. The sound of the jets roaring got louder as it pulled out. The pilot shifted his weight in his seat and the familiar Kinsmen scarf slipped out and was protruding out from his waist. The stewardess came up from behind him, “That is a beautiful color.”

“What?” the pilot said as he turned around.

The stewardess pointed at the scarf. The pilot quickly tucked it back in where it couldn’t be seen. She asked him if he wanted anything, in which he responded no.

“Ok then, let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you, I will.”

The Kinsman pilot was mad at himself for letting his scarf be seen so easily. He got the word from the control tower that they had clearance to take off. He picked up the mic and said, “Please make sure you are buckled up we are about to take off.”

Joe and Omar fastened their seat belts and laid back as the plane took off.

“State side, finally going home.” Joe whispered as he closed his eyes.

“Farewell to the land of sand.” Omar said as he looked out the window.

“That’s an understatement.”

The plane had been in the air for a few hours and Omar had nodded off and came too when the air plane experienced some turbulence. He batted his eyes a few times and Joe was reading a book by his favorite supernatural author D.C. Mac and smoking a cigar.

“Well look, sleeping beauty has awakened.” And smiled at Omar. Omar smiled back, “I’m gonna go take a shower and get some fresh clean clothes on.”

“Ok, there should be plenty of things back there for you to wear.” Joe pointed behind his head.

Omar stood up and stretched, then got up and went towards the back of the plane.

Joe hollered, “Check on our package while you’re back there would ya.”

“No problem.”

Joe pulled his cell phone out, and a pair of glasses. He put the glasses on his face, dialed a number, and started to have a conversation with someone.

Omar unzipped the body bag and Jamie was inside of it. He pulled the body bag off of Jamie. Her hands and feet were tied together with a special material that Roebarg had given Joe, so that she couldn’t move. Omar stared at her for a moment and thought, “hmm she’s kinda of cute.” He lifted up her left arm that had an I.V. port in it. Jamie had been drugged so she couldn’t be any kind of trouble to them. Omar slapped her in the face a few times to see if she was waking up. Jamie slowly opened her eyes, her vision was cloudy and distorted, “Dan? She said.

“Not quite princess.”

He inserted a syringe into the port and gave her another dose of the drug. Jamie’s head slowly tilted to the side and she was out.

Omar placed the syringe on the small table beside Jamie and proceeded to go take a shower.

Omar turned the knob on the shower and water and steam came out of the showerhead. Omar took his clothes off, pulled the curtain back and started washing himself. He was humming and enjoying the nice hot water. He opened his mouth and let the water fill he mouth, and then pushed it out slowly running down his chin. Suddenly Omar’s body went stiff and began to tremble. One of his demons came crawling out from his back. First it was the demon fingers coming out then then its face and the rest of its body. Omar fell to his knees in the shower. The noise got the attention of Joe and he turned around taking off his glasses. He saw a demon coming through the wall. He stood up and made sure the flight attendant wasn’t around, “What do you want?” Joe demanded.

“I need to speak with my kind you are housing.”

“Why what is wrong?”

“I need a word with my kind, now.”

“Have it your way.”

Joe closed his eyes tightly, reopened them, and they were black as coal.

“What do you want?” the demon said with Joe’s mouth.

“Something is wrong here, I can sense it.”

“I sense nothing wrong, the Shurod female if confined. All is in order.”

“If you say so, you’re the boss.”

“Go back to your host.”

The demon slipped back through the wall, and Omar was just standing back up, when he was hit by the demon reentering him. Omar let out a small moan and fell to his knees again. “What tha? What is going on?” His head was dizzy but he quickly recovered from the episode.

The flight attendant came into the check on Joe when she noticed a foul stench, she stopped and looked around and curled up her nose. She took a deep breath, held it, and walked into the main cabin.

Joe was coming out of his trance as she walked in.


“No thank you.”

Joe noticed something bothering her nose “Is there something wrong?”

“No sir nothing at all.” She left the cabin rather hastily. “Even the rich men have no couth.” She assumed that Joe had passed gas.

Omar came into the cabin, “Whoa what is that smell?”

Joe was so used to the smell of sulfur that he didn’t even notice it anymore. Then he figured out what was wrong with the flight attendant. He chuckled when he thought about it.

“Never mind Omar, I just got off the phone with one of my scientist in New Mexico.”


“Now we have a plan.”

“All in due time, but I will tell you that we are going to a small town called Quemado, population about two thousand.”

“Great, when can we get back to civilization?” he frowned.

“You will like it there, nice fresh air and plenty of space to try out some of my new toys. I have a secret lab in the mountains near the Quemado Lake.”

Omar sat down, “Well it sounds like a nice quiet place to lay low for a bit. Maybe do some trout fishing.”

“Yes, and I can work on my new creation.”

“Creation?” Omar was intrigued and scooted closer to Joe.

“Just some experiments I want to try on our little friend back there.” He tilted his head backwards.

“Got’cha” he said understanding that he was referring to Jamie.

Joe crossed his legs, “I have a scientist that has been living among the locals for about ten years. No one really knows what he does. He lives in small cabin up in the mountains.”

“Sounds quaint.” Omar rolled his eyes.

Joe laughed because he knew that Omar would rather be in the city then out in the middle of nowhere. However, this was needed for Joe to form his new wicked scheme in case something went wrong with the previous plan. He always wanted to have a backup plan.

Joe smelled the intense smell of fire and sulfur, he looked at Omar and he noticed it to. Joe pushed a button on his arm rest and it closed off the cabin where no one could enter.

“Omar, be prepared we are about to have a visitor.”

“What do you mean visitor, we are thirty five thousand feet in the air. Awe man are telling me that a de-.”

He was interrupted when a portal opened up when Jarick hopped through the portal, “I bring you terrible news.”

“What is it?” Joe stood up and Omar sunk back in his chair and pulled his legs closer to him.

“The attempt on the gates was not successful.”

“WHAT! You had the blood rock.”

“Yes, but the one known as Jerom prevented my master from breaching the gates.”

“How is this possible?” Joe said a few undesirable words and clinched his fists until they were red.

“The genetic makeup of the Shurod called the blood rock to him and they were both destroyed.”

“Well, there is some good news, one Shurod, Jerom is dead we suspect.”

“Was Lucifer there?”


“And still they couldn’t get into the gates?”

“Yes, the angelic army always seems to show up at the wrong time. They had the wind pipe of my master and used it to defeat him.”

“That’s just marvelous, what else can go wrong. What about the other Shurod?”

“Don’t know, he was injured but I fear he has gotten away.”

Joe threw his hands in the air and cursed some more. The Jarick just bowed his head.

“So what now? Where is Roebarg?”

“He, Nostros and Lucifer have disappeared, no demon knows where they are. The angels did something to them; I am waiting to hear what has become of them also. I will send word when I find out.” The Jarick bowed his head again, stepped back through the portal, and vanished.

“That dude, I mean that thing was ugly.” Omar said.

“This is why I wanted a backup plan.”

“What gates was he talking about?”

“Never mind that we need to get to Quemado now. Joe pushed the button on the armrest and the doors came open. The stewardess again smelled the foul stench, but this time she held her nose.

“What do you want.” Joe snapped at her.

“Just checking to see if you need anything?”

Omar was waving his hand back and forth trying to get the smell away from him. He looked up at her and said, “I had a bad burrito back into Israel.” He smiled at her.

She turned around in disgusted manner and huffed.

“Page me if you need anything.”

As she was walked away she noticed some papers and pictures of the Kinsmen spread out on a table, “That is just like the color of the pilots scarf, it’s so pretty.”

She began to walk off when Joe said, “Stop! What did you just say?”

“The pilot has one of those scarf’s too.”

Joe looked at Omar and Omar pulled out a pistol and cocked it.

“No not yet Omar, unless you know how to fly a plane.”

“Umm good idea.”

“Tell me miss, was the scarf around his neck?” Joe asked.

“No it was around his waist.”

“You may leave, thank you.”

She walked out quickly due to Omar pulling out his pistol and cocking it, she was scared.

“How can there be a Kinsmen flying my plane?” Joe was very angry. “When we land take him and the girl out.”

“With pleasure sir.”

Joe looked out the window, “We are getting close to our destination.”

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