Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Bubbles floated upwards to the surface of the lake as the small underwater craft cruised to its secret location. A red light was blinking which directed the small craft to the entrance of the secret lab. The perimeter door begun to open and fill with water. After the entrance was filled with water, the small craft moved forward into the opening until it connected to a securing device that held the craft in place. Then from below a hydraulic lift came to rest under the craft as water was being forced out.

The man that was driving the craft announced that they had arrived. Joe told the man to open the door. He did and the sound of pressure escaping was very loud.

“Get that half breed Omar.”

Omar went and grabbed Jamie and threw her on his shoulder. A door leading into the main complex opened up and the main scientist hurried through the door.

“Mr. Miller what a pleasant surprise.”

“Have you prepared what I told you over the phone earlier?”

“The preparations have been made and we are ready when you are.”

“Excellent, finally something is going according to plan.”

The scientist was so excited about what he was about to do. He was going to be running some experiments on Jamie to see if they could duplicate her in some sort of fashion.

“Omar take Jamie and follow him.”

“Alright” Omar and the scientist walk through some double doors that lead into the lab. Joe walked up a few steps and leaned up against the rail, and reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a cigar. He placed it under his nose and spun it around while he smelled it. He placed it in his mouth and lit and took a few puffs on it, blowing smoke rings.

He sighed and said, “That’s what I needed”

a worker at the lab came through the doors, “Mr. Miller?”

“Who else, Santa Clause?”

“Umm sir I was wondering if you needed to freshen up a bit.”

“That my boy sounds delightful, especially after the day I’ve had.”

“Follow me sir and we’ll get you taken care of.”

The man pushed a button and an elevator door opened up and they both got in. The secret lab was roughly five hundred feet below the surface deeply embedded in a mountain.

The elevator went up and up which seemed like forever for Joe. After coming to a stop the door opened and the man said, “After you sir.”

Joe stepped out into a log cabin where the scientists lived, “Well this is a new addition, and elevator straight into the cabin.”

“Yes sir it was completed about two years ago. It was getting to risky for us to use the same entrance over and over. Someone might have seen us.”

“My boy this is marvelous.”

“There are only two ways in and you have seen both ways now. Has it been awhile since you were here?”

“Yes, way too long by the looks of things, I see now why Dr. Grant requested more funds, they were spent well.”

“Over there is the bath room and I just brewed a fresh pot of coffee.”

“Well aren’t you the prepared one.”

“I try sir, here is a transmitter for you, push whenever you need something.”

“Make sure the big guy gets up here very soon.”

“As you wish.”

The man began to walk off when Joe pushed the button on the transmitter. The man turned around and said, “Yes?”

“Nothing I just wanted to make sure it worked, you are free to go.”

There were pressure sensors all over the mountainside and traps of all sorts around the area. A few hunters from the local area had come up missing, but they weren’t missing they were dead. Hunters roamed the mountains freely and some of them found themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. Snared by some of the guerrilla warfare tactic traps that Joe’s people put around. The traps also killed lots of wildlife moving through the area. The traps were cleared every other day, as not too draw attention to them. There were motion sensors embedded in trees, and when tripped the traps were tripped and killed anything within its vicinity. John knew about some of the traps but he knew that they had probably changed over the past ten years since he had been there.

What John didn’t know was that Dr. Grant had developed a type of wolf species called wolfwatchers that patrolled the area. Each one of these abominations were outfitted with cameras attached to the retina of their eyes so that the control center could see what they were seeing. They could be controlled by an individual from deep within the secret complex. Most of the time they roamed freely without any interference since there was no current threat. When a threat was detected then it would alert personnel to look and see what was going on. Most of the time it was nothing, but that was about to change if John had anything to do with it.

Jacob was lagging behind John a bit. John turned around and told him to come on. Jacob stopped and pulled out a canteen and took a drink, then wiped the sweat of his brow. He huffed one time and started walking again, so that he could catch up with John. Just then Dan dropped out of the sky in front of both of them. John with his cat like reflexes already had his assault pointed at Dan and ready to pull the trigger..

“Hold it there!”

John lowered his weapon.

“Why are you guys looking so sweaty and tired?”

John took a deep breath, “Well let me see, we don’t have wings like you do.”

Dan looked down and to the right, “Right, forgot about that part.”

“Did you see anything?” Jacob asked.

“Not sure but I have noticed some strange looking dog like animals that I have never seen before and a lot of them around this one mountain.” Dan pointed off into the distance.

“Whew that’s along hike.” John said.

“Not when I’m around.”

“What do you mean Dan.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Not again.”

“Afraid so bud.”

Dan wrapped his arms around John and Jacob, “You ready?”

John rolled his eyes, “Do I have a choice.”


Dan shot up into the sky with both men under his arms and went into shadow mode so that they could not be spotted by anyone in the mountains, such as hikers or campers.

“I always forget how beautiful the mountains are from the air.” Jacob said.

“Personally I like having the earth beneath my feet.” John said with and attitude.

They flew over the lake and saw people fishing and kids running around. There also were a few canoes out in the lake. People camping and enjoying what God had created for them. There was a little bait shop where there was a line of people waiting to get bait so that they could go fish for some fresh mountain trout.

A few motor homes scattered over a large area. An older couple was grilling their steaks outside on a small charcoal grill. While other people were sitting around in lawn chairs relaxing.

A couple of older men were carrying a canoe to the edge of the water. “Tim, I forgot how much these things weighed.”

“Oh, Tom come on we got some fishing to do.”

They both got into the canoe and paddled out into the lake, each of them complaining about the other not paddling hard enough.

Dan glided in softly toward the base of the mountain and landed. Immediately John’s S.E. Detector started beeping, “Oh yeah, we must be close.” Dan shrugged his shoulders a bit, “I feel something also.”

“What is that device? Jacob asked.

“It will let me know when there is supernatural activity around.”

“Wow, I need to get one of those.”

“Well you can’t get these at radio shack.” He laughed.

John pointed, “This way, but be careful and on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. There are traps all over this place, and believe me you don’t want to experience any of them.”

Jacob looked around with a worried expression, “Well let’s do it.”

The three of them started walking up the side of the mountainside very cautiously. They had no idea what was in store for them so they stayed in high alert. After twenty minutes of walking John said stop. He looked around slowly, and then waved his hand to move forward. As they walked Jacob was humming an old traditional Jewish song.

“SHH!” John said.

“They probably already know that we are here.” Jacob replied nonchalant.

Dan turned his head to the side and said that he heard something. The others stopped and listened carefully, “You here that?” Dan said as he panned the area, “It sounds like a low growl.”

John cocked his gun and slapped the bottom end of the clip to make sure it was secure.

“Something is definitely, here.” Jacob whispered softly. He also had a high powered gun and was ready to fight.

Out from behind a tree one of the wolfwatchers lunged at Dan. He quickly shot up into the air and shot his shards at the creature. It howled and died. Dan landed back on the ground and said, “Whew whatever that is, it sure stinks.”

All of them went to investigate the abomination. John poked it with his gun barrel. Then Jacob kicked it in the gut and shot it in the head.”

Dan and John both jumped because they were not expecting that.

“Why did you do that?”

“I have seen one of these, THINGS! One time before, I wanted to make sure it was dead.”

“You have seen one of these before?” Dan asked.

“Yes and I was lucky to get away with only this.” Jacob pulled up his shirt and he had claw scars from the top left of his shoulder across his chest that disappeared under the waist of his pants. “My friend wasn’t ask lucky as me, he was killed, but I lived because I feel off a cliff into a river.” He looked at the ground, “I want to make sure that all these dogs are dead, that’s why I did that.” The he spit on the beast.

Dan and John looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders at each other.

“Umm.” Dan cleared his throat, “OK then let’s move on.”

“I’m afraid that we will encounter more of these things so stay frosty. I can feel evil lurking close by.”

“Did you say, stay frosty.” John asked.

“Yes, too much American T.V. I think.” They all had a chuckle.

Back at the secret laboratory a warning light was blinking, but one of the workers was not looking at it. He was closing up a glass cabinet that housed computer servers, when he saw the reflection of the warning light in the glass door. He quickly went over to a computer monitor and started typing. He selected the wolfwatcher’s serial number and clicked on it. He could see through only one of the wolf’s eyes, and he could tell that it wasn’t moving. “Computer, show me the last five minutes of serial number one, three, eight, two, six.” The camera rewound until he stopped it. After he saw what had happened he reached for a microphone, “We have a category unknown. I repeat we have a category unknown.” Sirens started to go off in the entire complex and a red light up in the cabin where Joe was started to flash.

Dr. Grant ran down a hallway to see what was happening. Dr. Grant was a middle-aged man, and had worked for Joe for many years. He had a salt and pepper beard and was very poised and educated man. He wore glasses and spoke with a German accent. He opened the door and one of the scientists turned around, “Sir we have an unknown.”

“Get out of the way and let me look.” He watched the tape and had a worried expression on his face, “How many watchers do you have in that area?” The scientists typed on a keyboard and said that there were thirty. “Send them all of them! I need to tell Mr. Miller what is going on. Why do these things happen when the boss is here.” and walked out of the room toward the elevator. He pushed the button and the door opened and Joe stepped out with a concerned look on his face. “What happening?”

“It appears that some kind of winged creature is close by.”

“What do you mean winged creature?”

The doctor pulled out his high tech phone and showed Joe the video of the wolfwatcher.

Joe got angry and shouted, “WHERE IS OMAR?”

Omar busted through some double doors, “I’m here.”

“The Shurod is here.”

“WHAT! How?”

“What is a Shurod?” Dr. Grant asked.

“That winged creature that you just showed me. Where is the girl?”

“She is being worked on right now as we speak.”

“Good, are you getting what you need to do what I asked?”

“We are almost done with the procedure now.”

“Good a new generation is soon to be produced.”

“I am going to check on it now to make sure things are going according to plan.”

“Yes, yes you do that.” then his cell phone rang.

Back in the laboratory Jamie was still heavily sedated. There were surgical needles piercing her in her stomach area. She had a mask on her face that was supplying oxygen to her body and IV’s in both arms. A monitor was making sure that her vital signs were within normal range. The team of scientist had extracted my vials of blood from her for testing purposes. The sound of the beeps from the monitors beeping got monotonous after a while. Surgeons we performing a very delicate operation on Jamie, that was very high tech. One of the surgeons guided the needles in Jamie’s body with a remote joystick, into many different parts of here body. A few nurses were rushing around taking vials of blood to the testing lab.

Dr. Grant entered the operating room and saw that the other scientists were almost done with their procedures. “What is the status?” Grant asked.

“We are just wrapping it up now.” another scientist answered.

“Good, did you get what we were after?”

“Yes, and more.”

“Excellent.” He turned around and walked back out of the room.

Peter was back in town sitting at a local cafe having coffee with some of the other men. A man walked into the cafe and asked how he was doing. Peter answered okay. The man said I here we got some big shots here looking to buy some land out here. He nodded his head and said that they were from Texas and wanted to have a getaway spot. The man sighed, Texans, why can’t they stay there. All the men laughed. Peter told the group of men that they needed to go. They all shuffled outside when Peter told them to go on because he had to use the bathroom. Peter walked into the bathroom and pulled out his cell phone and made a call. He was placing his cell phone back in his pocket when another Kinsmen walked in on him.

“Who was that?” he asked.

“It was my wife; she wanted to know if I would be home for dinner.”

“Must be nice to have a wife cooking for you.”

“You haven’t eaten her cooking.” he laughed nervously and walked out.

The other Kinsmen noticed his demeanor, but just ignored it.

Dan and the others were getting close to the top of the mountain when Jacob saw a gray squirrel running across the forest floor. “Those are so pretty.”

“What?” John said.

“The gray squirrel running around right there.” He pointed. John leaned over to get a better view when the squirrel tripped a trap by accident. The squirrel was swallowed up by a net, but managed to get out of it. Then out from three trees, three nozzles emerged from the trees and sprayed out acid which covered the unsuspecting animal. It tried to run but it the nozzles followed his every move. Once they trap is sprung it continues to spray until the sensors in the tree indicate no movement. That was just one of the traps around, but very effective when trying to eliminate intruders. There was nothing left of the squirrel as it laid in a smoking heap of goo and left the grass and pine needles burned up.

“See I told ya.” John said.

“My friend, I will never doubt you again.”

“Wow that was harsh.” Dan said out loud looking at the ground.”

“We must be getting close to the laboratory, watch your step, never know what is coming.” John replied.

All the sudden Dan heard a lot of movement like something running.

“Hold on, something else is coming.” he touched his finger to his lip.

“Let’s do this.” Jacob said.

“There you go again.”

“What?” Jacob said innocently.

“Too much American T.V.” John smiled.

“Ah” Jacob said as his waved off John.

“It’s more of those wolf things coming, I can smell them.” Dan sniffed the air.

All three of were ready for what was coming, but little did they know that there were a lot more this time.

The watchers came to the edge of a small ravine and stopped and starred at the three men that stood across from them.

“Okay, so there are a lot more this time than I thought.” John said as he started pulling out extra clips of ammo where he could get to them quickly.

The wolves stood there staring at them, it seemed that there was some sort of Mexican stand off taking place.

“What are they waiting for?” Jacob asked.

“I don’t know but when they come they are going to come fast and hard.” Dan replied.

The wolves were drooling from their mouths and growling.

Back at the lab the technician announced that the wolfwatchers had located their targets. Joe said, “What are they waiting for, ATTACK!!!” The tech swiveled his chair around and pressed a button. All the wolves’ eyes turned red.

“Here we go.” Dan shouted.

They all attacked at the same time, John had mowed down a couple of them before they were to close. He quickly changed clips and shot many more rounds. The watchers were very quick and dodged most of his bullets. Jacob had pulled off his shirt and tied his Kinsmen scarf around his head. He felt his side to make sure he had his twelve inch knife just in case. Then he started firing into the mass of the wolves.

Dan was slinging his shards left and right, killing the beasts as they ran toward them. There were only about ten left, when one of the watchers came up from behind them and it had it sights set on Jacob. He quickly turned around as the watcher landed on him forcing him to the ground making him drop his gun. Jacob yelled out as he held the animal by the throat, trying to keep it from biting him. Dan looked over at Jacob but he had one almost on top of him. He dawned his angelic armor and the beast hit him full force but bounced off and laid on the ground knocked out. Dan didn’t even feel the hit at all and focused on Jacob. He shot two shards at the beast which killed it and Jacob threw it off of him with his feet, but another one was coming at him and John had two he was trying to take care of. Jacob got back on his feet and pulled out his blade and ran at one of the beasts yelling like a wild man. The wolfwatcher and Jacob were about to collide and clearly the wolf had the upper hand in strength. John and Dan both saw Jacob running at the wolf when the wolf lunged into the air. Jacob slid down underneath the wolf and cut him from his throat all the way to its back legs. The wolf hit the ground with a thump and his entrails busted out of its body when it hit the ground. Jacob was covered in blood.

The watchers were getting to close for John to reload. He let go of his gun and pulled out his two swords and held them out to his side as he twirled them. One of the wolves jumped at John, John also jumped into the air and kicked the wolf in the chest sending it flying backwards. As the wolf was flying in the other direction. He swung his sword down and split the second one’s head in half. Blood and bodily fluids squirted out. Now there were only two of them left one was knocked out and the other was getting up ready to attack again.

“You need some help over there?” Dan asked

“Nope I got this.”

The wolf paced back and forth with it eyes fixed on John, “Come on hound of hell.” he yelled.

The wolf started running at him full speed and John just waited for it to come to him. The wolf was almost to John when it was hit from the side of it’s head with a big knife. It dropped immediately and hit the dirt tumbling out of control almost hitting John.

Dan looked off to see Jacob standing there breathing heavily, with his arm slowly dropping to his side.

The wolf was still alive but barely, Jacob ran down and pulled his knife out of its head and blood dripped off the blade. He could see that it was still breathing. He had much hate for these creatures due to what they did to him years ago. He put his foot on its head and slit it’s throat.

“Dang! Jacob, you went all cavemen on us.” John laughed, but Jacob was not amused.

The tech that was controlling the watchers said all of them were dead except for one. Dr. Grant told the tech to have it come back to the lab. The tech quickly typed in some codes and the wolf got up and began to run off.

Joe was furious at the sight of all the watchers defeated, “Omar, looks like we got to do it ourselves, once again.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Miller.” Dr. Grant replied.

Joe took out a gun and shot him dead. One of the other scientists heard the shot and rushed into the room to see Dr. Grant’s dead body on the floor. Joe looked up at him,

“You have just been promoted.”

“Thank you, I think.” as the scientist starred at Grant’ lifeless corpse and clearly distraught..

John saw the last wolf get up and take off running he picked up his gun to fire but the wolf was already out of sight.

“Don’t worry; I will track him from the air. You stay here and I’ll come back for you.

Now don’t go fall in any of those traps while I’m gone, they could leave a mark or two on ya.” Dan smiled, and shot up in the air kicking up a cloud of dirt and grass.

Dan quickly spotted the wolf running up the mountainside. He followed it for about five minutes until a cabin came into view. On the side of the cabin was a small door that opened up and the wolf ran inside. Dan circled around a few times to see if there were and other signs of life. There were a few cars at the cabin but no one was in sight. He banked to the left and flew back to John and Jacob.

Jerom was suspended in midair not moving at all. He was transported into a parallel dimension. His wings were opened with his back slightly arched.

There is a gulf between heaven and hell that the bible speaks about in Luke 16. The gulf separates heaven from hell, this is where Jerom was. His finger twitched once, and then his hand moved slightly. A soft light shinned upon him and his eyes began to move under his eyelids. He blinked a few times because of the light. He then kicked his body into an upright position and wiped at his eyes.

“Well?” a voice said to him.

Jerom looked behind him and saw Satan and his two demon generals. He was shocked to see them, but he was amazed that he was still alive.

“What is this place?” he asked.

Satan flew up close to him, and Jerom flew backwards not ready to fight because he was still weak.

“This is a neutral zone where neither heaven nor hell exists. Welcome my friend to the Gulf.

None of our powers work here so don’t trying anything because it will not work.”

Jerom knew that Satan was a deceiver and didn’t trust him, so he tried to shoot his shards at him but nothing happened. He was confused and didn’t know what to think.

Satan laughed, “See I told you. I only lie most of the time; I am an still an angel. Ninety percent pure but ten percent cyanide, the ten percent is what you have to watch out for.” he smirked.

Jerom was angered by the sight of Nostros, “You killed my wife you demon dog.”

He flew at Nostros trying to hit him and passed right through him.

“You don’t seem to understand, we can do no harm to each other here in this place of non-existence. By the appearance of things you have a choice to make half-breed.”

“What do you mean you used up light-bearer.”

Satan was angered with Jerom’s comment, because that is what the name Lucifer meant, but held his composure.

He cleared his throat and pointed, “The Light is the way to heaven, if you go to it you can see your precious flesh puppet, I mean your wife.”

Jerom clinched his fists.

“On the other hand you can return back to earth as you were and we can continue to fight again one day. I would chose the first option, if it were me you don‘t really stand a chance.”

“SHUT UP!” Jerom said, he really wanted to see his wife and began to cry into his hands.

Nostros and Roebarg began to heckle him, “Just go on to see you wife, and forget about this battle your time is done.” Nostros said.

Jerom wiped his eyes, “You know Nostros, you may be right I am tired of this battle.” Jerom started to fly slowly upwards toward heaven when Roebarg said, “I’ll send your son and daughter up to you soon, and you can have a family reunion.” Satan laughed as well as the two generals. Jerom stopped and looked down at them.

“Go on, Shurod heaven is waiting.” He said condescendingly, and waved his hand at him. Jerom continued to fly upwards, when he realized that his son and daughter needed him. He turned back around and looked down at the trio and yelled, “I HAVE NOT FINISHED THE RACE!” then, BOOM! a loud explosion and bright light lit up the entire area. Satan and the demons covered their eyes. Jerom was gone and nowhere to be found.

“Well I guess he went to see his wife after all, good choice.” Satan said as he looked upon his two demon generals. Both of them smiled at each other, “One down, two more to go.” Roebarg hissed.

“How long do we have to stay here?” Roebarg asked.

“Not much longer, the gulf can only hold us for a short period of time, it shouldn’t be long now.” Satan said as he looked up into the gulf and saw angels flying around at the top of it.” Secretly he wished he could be back in God’s favor but it was too late for that, and he knew it. This is why he fought against God so ferociously; he wanted his revenge for being cast out of heaven. He hated that God made man more important than him, and wanted to take as many of the humans with him when his time came to be cast into the lake of fire. Satan knew the bible better than any human and in the back of his mind, that still small voice repeated over and over, “It is finished.”

Dan and the other two made it to the cabin. They all looked around for anything moving or one of those wolfwatchers. Jacob took out his binoculars and searched the area thoroughly. “No sign of movement anywhere, they must be inside.”

“Dan go check it out.” John said.

Dan went into the shadow mode and flew around the cabin a few times and then landed. He walked into the cabin and looked around. They were a few stuffed deer and elk mounts hanging on the walls. It really had that old cabin feel to it. There was an old wood burning stove that had a little pile of ashes underneath it. The entire cabin was made out of Pine and had a faint smell of nature to it. “Someone did I really nice job on this cabin, Dan thought.” He moved silently not to alert anyone that was in the cabin, but it appeared to be empty.

Then something got Dan’s attention, a noise that seemed to be coming from deep below the surface of the earth. BOOM! A bright light shot straight up through the elevator blowing a hole in the roof of the cabin. Then something flew past him knocking him to the floor. Outside Jacob and John covered their eyes too, because the light was so bright. They caught a glimpse of a silhouette but that was it, and then it was gone.

Alarms started going off inside the complex and the small army that Joe had there went to their designated area in case of emergency.
“WHAT IS GOING ON?” Joe yelled.

One of the scientists fell through the doors landing on his stomach. Omar ran over to him, “What happened?”

“We were just finishing up with the girl when it happened.”
“What happened?”

“The light was so bright” he coughed up blood onto the floor, “The lab.” then died.

“Omar let’s get to the lab now.”

Omar swung his assault rifle around, “Roger that.”

Omar, Joe and a few men followed them to the lad to see what was going on. They came to the doors that lead into the lab and it was almost completely melted. Omar gave one of the men an order to move in. He did cautiously, looking through his laser sighted scope. Then a few more men followed him. One of the men said, CLEAR! But something weird has happened. All the men in the room were looking up through a massive hole that lead all the way to the surface. Omar pointed his gun up into the hole and saw nothing.

Joe looked around and saw that all his scientists had been burned to death by the intense heat that was in the room at the time.

“Where is the girl?” Joe demanded, “I don’t see her body anywhere.” Sparks were flying from electrical shorts and crackling noises filled the room. The table that Jaime was laying on was in a molten heap of metal.

Joe looked up into the hole that was about eight feet wide. He could see blue sky at the top of the hole. He turned around and looked at Omar, “Well at least we got what we wanted from her. She was no more use to us anyway.”

Dan recovered from the intense light that he had just encountered. He stood back up and looked down into the hole. He adjusted his vision and saw many armed men down at the bottom of it. Dan called for John and Jacob to come to his position. They ran down a small hill and John busted in the front door with gun in hand. He quickly scanned the cabin as well as Jacob.

“What the?” John looked at the hole in the middle of the cabin.

“I don’t know, all I saw was a blast of light and that was it.” Dan said as he rubbed his eyes.

“We thought something happened to you when we saw that light shoot into the sky.” Jacob replied.

“Down there” Dan pointed at the hole, “That is where my sister must be.”

“Let’s go get her!” John answered swiftly.

“No wait, we need to wait for backup. We have no idea what is down there waiting for us.” Jacob got on his cell phone and called Peter. “They will be here in ten minutes.”

“I’m going now!” John stated.

Jacob put his hand in front of John pushing against his chest. John grabbed his hand and pushed it away.

John fumbled around in one of his pockets until he found what he was looking for. He quickly assembled the device. It resembled a small cross bow with some metal cable attached to it.

“That cable isn’t long enough to reach the bottom of that hole.” Jacob said.

“I don’t need to go all the way down just to slow me down a bit.”

John aimed the device at one of the main beams in the cabin. He wanted to make sure he had a good anchor point. He shot it and buried deep within the wood. Inside the wood the end of the device opened up with two heavy metal spikes for extra stability. Pieces of the beams splintered out. Jacob covered his eyes so no wood splinters got in them.

“John you need to wait for the other Kinsmen.”

John attached to the cable to a clip on the back of his suit, and jumped into the hole. He fell down, down, down in to the belly of the mountain. He was close to the end of the metal cable when he pulled a strap that he had in his hand that released the cable. John wasn’t even half way down. He free fell for about two hundred feet. The bottom was coming up quickly. When John opened a small parachute and spread his arm and legs out. The suit he wore was made with extra material that would slow him down significantly.

Dan looked at Jacob, “I can’t let him go by himself.” Dan opened his wings and flew down the hole after John. Jacob watched as Dan disappeared into the darkness. He eyes turned milky white so that he could see better. He had already almost caught up with John and could see the bottom very clearly.

“Do you hear that noise?” Omar asked Joe.

“Yes, what is that?”

“It sounds like rushing wind.”

“Coming from where?”

They both looked up at the hole when John landed on top of both of them knocking them to the ground. John tumbled onto the ground then stood up ready to fight.

“YOU, HOW DID YOU FIND US?” Joe shouted.

“Where is the girl?”

“I don’t know, I thought you had her.”

“Don’t play games with me Joey boy.”

“He’s not!” Omar said when swung around his assault rifle and was about to shoot John. Omar was about to pull the trigger when Dan came through the opening and snatched the gun out of Omar’s hands, “I’ll take that.” then broke it in half over his knee and threw the pieces of the ground.

Omar was furious; Joe started to back up slowly as did Omar. John walked towards the two of them, “Where do you think you’re going.”

“Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.” Joe reached into his jacket.

“No, no, no, put your hand back down.”

“What I am just reaching for this.” Joe pulled out a cigar and lit it, “You guys sure made a mess of my laboratory here.”

“We didn’t do this; I thought you were testing one of your toys out.” Omar frowned at John, because he wanted him dead yesterday, “Yo! John!” John looked at Omar, “What do you want?”

“Your life.”

Joe snickered, “Looks like Omar here doesn’t like his family killed.”

In a flash John remembered the last time he saw Bali and the demon that took him to hell. He was saddened by the memory, because he knew that Omar was heading to the same place. Since his conversion he didn’t want to kill anyone unless he had too, by protecting himself. There is a difference between murder and killing. Not all killing is murder, but all murder is killing. John had done both, but had repented of his sins against God, but the memories were still with him. The smell of sulfur, fire and his screams is what he remembered the most about Bali.

The security men that were in the room were amazed at what they were seeing. Dan folded his wings back and walked slowly watching all of them, “Joe, where is my sister?” he said calmly.

“I don’t know.” as he blew smoke out of his mouth and it floated up into the air.

The security men were becoming uneasy at the situation; they still had their guns pointed at Dan and John.

“Looks like you are outnumbered here Dan-O.”

Then a voice came from up out of the hole, it was Jacob. He had repelled down the whole and many other Kinsmen soon followed landing and disconnecting their harnesses.

Dan looked around, “It seems that the odds have changed.”

Joe was visibility disturbed that Dan had some back up. Joe and Omar were close to the entrance to the lab and moved slowly toward the door. Joe looked at one of the guards and nodded. John saw him nod and leaned over to Dan and whispered, “They are about to attack us.”

Dan opened his wings, “Ok, here we go.”

Joe and Omar quickly ran out the door and Joe locked it from the outside. The bullets started to spray and Joe’s men were fighting inside the lab. Muzzle flashes from all the guns lit up the lab like a night club. Then from out of the hole more Kinsmen came repelling down like spiders on a web. Some of them were shot before they even hit the ground. The lab filled up quickly with men shooting and ducking for cover. After a few moments the lab became silent except for the occasional moan of injured men that were wounded. John went around shooting the men that were still alive. He wanted to make sure that he didn’t have to fight them again.

“WHERE IS SHE?” John yelled at one of Joe’s men that was still alive. He put away his gun and pulled out his sword and sliced the man’s leg open. “WHERE IS SHE?”

The man cried out in pain, “I don’t know.” Then a feather flew by John’s head hit the man in the forehead killing him instantly. John turned around quickly and saw Dan lowering his wing, “He didn’t know anything, no use torturing the man.” John kicked the dead man in the side on last time. “Now what?”

“Joe and Omar, that’s what.”

“How are we going to get through those doors?”

“Let me handle that.” Dan raised his arm and shot a massive bolt of lightning at the door that melted it. John looked at the melted table then the door and noticed that it had melted in the same fashion as the door. He was puzzled but just ignored it and jumped through the opening that Dan had made. Dan and the Kinsmen followed him.

The complex was an endless labyrinth of hallways and doors.

“You and John go that way and me and the others will go the other way.” Jacob said.

“Alright.” Dan said. They bolted off in opposite directions, looking for Joe and Omar.

Omar pushed a button that put the entire complex on alert. The men that were working for Joe headed to the armory to gather weapons. Joe and Omar were heading back to the underwater entrance to get away. They got into the amphibious vehicle and was securing the hatch when Dan and John heard the engine revving up. Dan tapped John on the shoulder and pointed, that way. They ran toward the sound and arrived at the entrance just to see the craft slip beneath the surface of the water.

“That’s got to be them.” John said.

Dan agreed and dove into the water after the craft. Dan glided through the water like he was flying and caught up with the craft in no time. He slammed his body against the outer hull.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Joe yelled out, “Watch where you are drivin.”

“Can you see that there is nothing in front of us beside water?” Omar pointed in front of him.

BAM! Dan hit the side of it again almost turning it upside down. Omar and Joe rolled around inside.

“Look we are getting close to the surface now, I can see sunlight.”

“Good get us up there now.”

Omar pushed the throttle to full speed. The craft sped upwards towards the surface.

The two old men were in the canoe had there poles in the water. One of them just cracked open a cold coke when he got a bite.

“I got a bite.” he said.

The other man turned around when he heard the other man’s fishing line spinning loudly, “Well hold on to it.”

“It must be a big one.”

“I’ll say.”

The man tried to real in the catch but instead it started pulling the canoe through the water. The other man almost rolled out of the canoe. His feet were sticking straight up in the air. His hat fell off and he was fumbling around trying to catch his balance. Faster and faster the canoe went through the water. Some of the people on land saw the canoe speeding through the water and pointed at it wondering what was going on.

The man’s fishing line was hung up on Joe’s underwater craft and was pulling the old men through the water. “Let go Tom!” the man said.

“No way, I got this.” He wedged it between one of the braces of the canoe and away they went. When finally the craft surfaced, both men looked in awe of what they were seeing.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think that you would catch and alien space craft.” Tim said.

“Alien space craft? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you remember where we are at?”

“What do you mean?”

“New Mexico is famous for aliens.”


Tim reached over and cut Tom’s line and they watched as the craft sped off on top of the water. Then Dan busted out of the water but was in shadow mode. The noise got their attention.

“Whoa! Did you hear that fish jump?” Tim said.

“I don’t think that was a fish.”

“Well, what in tar-nation was it then.”

He sighed and shook his head, “I have no idea. Nor do I want to know”

Dan followed them from above; he wanted to face Joe and Omar to put an end to them once and for all.

The craft transformed into a land vehicle and made it up onto dry land. Joe and Omar were making their own road. Bouncing around inside as Omar tried to find a road. Dan was right behind them and shot a jolt of energy hitting the amphibious vehicle causing it to flip over and roll a few times. Dirt and grass flew up into the air and the wheels were still spinning as it came to rest upside down. Dan took a deep breath and blew as hard as he could and the dust that was in the air blew away. He landed on the driver’s side, when Omar kicked the door open.

“Get me out of here Omar.”

“I’m working on it.”

“We need to get back to the lab.”


“SHUT UP, I have to get the results from the experiments.”

“The lab is over run.”

“That is the last place they will expect. Plus there is a small airplane there that we can use to get out of here.”

Omar helped Joe get out of the vehicle, when Joe’s demons told him that there was some kind of angelic presence around. Joe told Omar to wait and something wasn’t right. Omar reached for his pistol when he heard a voice.

“That isn’t going to help you Omar.”

Joe yelled out, “Show yourself Dan oh boy.”

“You are responsible for killing my father with your evil doings. Now my sister is missing.” He appeared to them with his wings spread wide open and his angelic armor sparkled.

Omar stepped back behind Joe trying to figure out what to do.

Dan pulled out his sword and it glowed brightly,

Joe looked at the sword, “Surely you’re not going to kill an unarmed man, now would you Dan?” Dan began to spin the sword using the light rod technique. Joe started to back away with each twirl of the sword.

“You will finally know what Satan has in store for you.” Dan looked at both of them with extreme malice. The sword spun faster and faster and the dirt around him started to blow around. He was almost to the point of releasing his fury on them, when a portal opened up and Omar and Joe were pulled back through it by a pair of demon arms. Dan shot at the portal but it was too late they were gone.

Dan yelled at the top of his lungs, “NOOOOOOO!”

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