Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

A big swooshing noise filled the lab and Joe and Omar fell out of a portal. Both of them fell to the ground. They were covered in some sort of plasma goo. Omar threw up and wiped his mouth, “What just happened?”

“We were transported back to the laboratory”

“I see that.” Omar wiped the jelly like substance off his body and slung it all over the room.

“This way, I need to get the test results.”

They ran down a passageway and Omar stopped off and picked up an assault rifle along the way. Joe looked back at Omar to see what he was doing then turned back around and ran into a room.

The room was where some of Joe’s secret projects were kept. He knew that the Kinsmen were still in the laboratory, and he didn’t want them to find any of his inventions. Omar waited outside guarding the entrance from any stragglers still in the vicinity. Omar turned around because he heard Joe cursing, “What is it?” Omar asked impatiently.

Joe fumbled around a bit, “It’s not here, where is it.”

Joe’s outburst got the attention of some of the Kinsmen, “Mr. Miller, hurry up, we got company.”

Sparks flew above Omar head, bullets ricocheted in all directions. Omar laid down some suppressing fire to keep them back, “JOE! GET WHAT YOU NEED AND LETS GET OUT OF HERE!.”

Before Joe walked out he typed some numbers on a keypad, “OK lets go.” Joe took off down the passageway and Omar kept shooting to keep the Kinsmen at bay. They ducted for cover to avoid being hit. Joe and Omar made it to the elevator and was waiting on it to open. Omar aimed down the passageway ready to shoot anyone that came around the corner.

Ding! The elevator door opened and they stepped inside. The doors were about to close when Peter came running around the corner carrying a clear glass case full of blood samples. Omar shouldered his gun and was about to fire when Joe yelled out, “WAIT!”

Omar stuck his gun in the door and it opened back up.

Peter was out of breath and handed the case to Joe, “Remember what you told me.”

“Yes I do, but the deal is off.”

“You said that you would pay me.”

“Things change, JUDAS!”

“You mean Peter.”

“No I mean Judas, you betrayed your own people.”

Joe tapped Omar on the shoulder, and Omar shot him in the chest many times and his body fell to the floor limp. The doors closed and Joe hugged the glass case like a newborn baby.

Jacob and some of the Kinsmen ran toward the shots and found Peter laying on the floor in a pool of blood. Jacob knelled by his side and slipped his arm under his neck and pulled him closer to him. Peter coughed and spit out blood. He grabbed Jacob’s shirt, “I am sorry brother.”

“It’s ok, save your energy.”

“It’s not ok, I have betrayed you and my fellow Kinsmen.”

“What do you mean?”

“Joe has some of the Shurod’s.” He started to pass out.

“What have you done Peter? Shurod’s what?”

“They have.” Peter died before he could tell them anymore.

“PETER!” Jacob shook him, “AYE!!What just happened?”

Dan was on the shoreline of the lake and was trying to calm down. He was furious at the missed opportunity at taking out Joe and Omar. John soon joined him along with Jacob and a host of Kinsmen.

“What’s going on Dan?” John asked, because he could see that Dan was disturbed for some reason.

Dan stood there with a blank look on his face, with the tip of his sword resting on the ground. He was muttering something, but John couldn’t figure out what he was saying.

“DAN!” John yelled out.

Dan snapped his head in John’s direction, and starred right through him. John snapped his fingers at Dan. Dan shook his head.

“Come back Dan.” John whispered softly.

He was muttering the letters that Jerom had underlined in his letter.

“What are you saying Dan?”

“ I,l,l,I,W,T,U,E,R,N,R” Dan continued to say the letters, “What do they mean? A riddle perhaps, a clue, some sort of message?” Dan stood there pondering his thoughts out loud.

“Yes, what do they mean?” John asked Dan.

Dan looked at John, “Oh hey, are you ok?”

John looked at Dan strangely and said yes, then asked Dan the same question.

“Yes, I am just trying to figure out something.”

“Where is Joe and Omar?” Jacob asked.
“They got away.”

“You seem to be pretty calm about it.” as he checked the ammo in his pistol.

“Too calm if you ask me.” John said.

My father left me a message before he died, and had the letters I,l,l,I,W,T,U,E,R,N,R, underlined. I have been trying to figure out the meaning or why he did that.”

“Hmm, you know your father, he was full of surprises.” John interjected.

“Yes, I know.” Dan smiled, “But it has been bugging me since I read the letter. I feel like I am missing something.”

“You never know.”

A Kinsmen pushed his way up to Jacob and whispered something to him. “What are you saying.”

Dan and John looked at Jacob, Dan asked, “What is wrong.”

“Joe’s men are mounting an assault on our position. One of my snipers on the mountain side spotted men gathering and arming themselves, over in that direction.” He pointed.

John leaned over to look around Dan, because he saw something moving about twenty yards behind them. Dan immediately felt the presence of demonic forces and turned to look in the same direction. There was a Jarick hanging off the side of a pine tree watching and listening to them.

“John, do you see the Jarick over there?”

“Yes, what shall we do about that little menace of a demon?”

“He is up to something.”

“They are always up to something.” He placed his sword back onto his side.

“I don’t think he knows that we spotted him.”

“I think you’re right.”

“Shall I?”

“You shall, but don’t miss.”

John whipped his assault rifle around his body, flipped the switch to the D.R. and shot the Jarick right between the eyes, killing it and knocking it off the side of the tree.

“Did you get him?”


The shot scared Jacob and he jumped back, “What was that for.”

Dan and John looked at each other and in unison said, never mind.

“Good shot John.”

“Thank ya, thank ya very much.” John said in his best Elvis Presley voice.

“Wait! There are more of them.”
“Where? I don’t see them.”

“They are here, I can smell their foul stench.” Dan’s shards slipped down into his right hand. He grasped them tightly and his hand glowed brightly, then threw them up into the air. Each shard went in a separate direction. One shard for each demon, the impact of the shards made the Jarick’s howl in pain. Dan opened his hand and the shards returned.

“Wow, there were more than I thought.”

“Me too.” Dan said as he smirked.

“What are you guys doing?” Jacob asked.

“Just doing some demon extermination.” John put his gun back down by his side.

“There are demons here?” Jacob asked as he looked around as well as some of the other men.

“Not anymore.” Dan replied

Water splashing got Dan’s attention and snapped his head to see one more Jarick running across the top of the water, then slipping under the surface of the water.


“What?” John asked.

“One got away, you can bet something is going to happen soon.”

There were still people out on lake enjoying the day, when dark clouds started to form very quickly. The two old men that were in the boat noticed the weather changing very quickly and started rowing back toward the shore.

John looked up, “This can’t be good.”

The wind started blowing very violently and white caps on the lake were forming. The sound of water lapping against the bank was very loud. The people that were outside sitting in lawn chairs quickly gathered them up and rushed inside their motor homes for shelter. Parents were calling their kids to come back and put their fishing poles away.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger and making some of the motor homes rock back and forth. Lighting was shooting out of the sky and hitting tress on the mountainside cause them to crack and fall to the ground on fire. This was no normal ordinary mountain storm. Trees were swaying in the wind and dirt and pine needles were blowing around in the air, making it hard to see. Quickly the beautiful day became a dark as night, fog started to form over the lake. Birds and other animals were searching for cover because they knew a storm was coming.

Dan looked through the fog and saw that on the other side of the lake that Joe’s men were preparing to cross over to their side. Dan knew that something had to be done so that the Kinsmen were able to help in the fight. He knelt down and began to pray; Jacob and the other Kinsmen began to pray also, “WHEN TWO OR MORE ARE GATHERED, I WILL BE WITH YOU.” Dan’s body lit up like a Christmas tree. He stood up and his wing busted open and yelled, “BE STILL!” which were the same words Jesus used when the sea of Galilee was erupting in the same fashion two thousand years ago.

The fog cleared from a huge part of the lake and Dan, John and the Kinsmen could see all the way to the other side. There was an invisible wall that kept the fog and the wind from blowing. It was just like being in the eye of a hurricane where everything was calm until you got out of the eye. There wasn’t even a ripple in the water.

One of Joe’s men that was leading the assault raised his hand and out from the mountainside. Doors started to open up and many high powered speed boats shot out carrying men fully armed. As the boats jumped out into the lake they also had ten ropes behind them pulling water skiers behind them. The ropes were attached to their chest by a magnet so that they could have full use of their assault weapons. All they had to do is keep their balance and shoot.

Jacob yelled, “GET READY!” The Kinsmen lined to edge of the bank and took aim and started shooting. Joe’s men that were being pulled behind the boat were getting shot and their dead corpses were skipping across the water like a rock. Many of the Kinsmen were shooting at the speed boats coming at them, but they had armor plating on them and the bullets bounced off.

The men let go of the ropes and slid up onto the bank and engaged the Kinsmen in hand to hand combat. Many men were being killed or injured.

Jacob blew on his little flute and many of the Kinsmen took to the air. Short bursts of power launched the Kinsmen into the air. They had the advantage now, because all of Joe’s men were on the ground. The Kinsmen began to lay down a shower of death from the air. It appeared that they were going to win this battle easily. When two Kinsmen were hit with a weapon they had never encountered before. It was an electric magnet field that disabled their miniature hang gliders. They folded up like a bird that had just been shot with a shot gun. Both of them crashed into the water and sunk into the murky depths of the lake along with some of Joe’s men.

Jacob took to the sky as well as Dan. They were looking for the source of the weapon so they could disable it. Immediately bullets were shot in their direction and Dan yelled out to Jacob, “FOLLOW ME!” Jacob flew above and behind Dan and used him as a shield. The bullets bounced off of Dan’s armor as they flew toward the other side of the lake.

John dove into the water and swam beneath the surface of the water about two feet. There were still many speed boats pulling men behind them. He could see that one of the boats was getting close to him and he pulled out his sword and shoved it to the surface. The boat hit his sword dead center and split it in half. A few of the men that were being pulled behind the boat screamed out as they collided with the boat wreckage. John dipped back down into the water and took out four more boats the same way. Some of the men avoided the pile of metal and slowly slipped into the water safely not knowing what had happened to the boat. John swam toward them and took out many of the men that were in the water with his knife. They didn’t expect anyone to be in the water waiting for them and had let their guard down a bit. John was swimming toward the opposite shore line when one of Joe’s men spotted him in the water. The man was gaining quickly on him, and John didn’t even know it. The man raised his knife and swung downward about to stab John in the back when a rope shot down from the sky and yanked him out of the water by his left leg. John yelled out, then noticed that it was Dan. Dan pointed at the man that was about to kill him. John was hanging upside down as saw the man in the water. He swung his body and shifted his weight until he was standing upright and holding on to the rope with one hand. Dan looked down at him, and watched John pull out a handgun from his side, but it fact it was a small grenade launcher. He aimed and shot one grenade at the man in the water, which hit him almost on the top of his head. The water exploded with blood and the man was dead. Dan made a squeamish face at John, “I think you got him.” John looked up and smiled. Dan jerked up on the rope and John flew up and landed on his back.

“What are we doing?” John asked and saw Jacob was right above them.

“There is a weapon that is taking out the Kinsmen in the air.”

Just then a Kinsmen fell past them on fire spiraling down toward the water. John looked over Dan’s side, “Yeah I can see that, where is it.”

“There!” Jacob said.

On the shoreline of the lake were five gun emplacements, which were shooting at the Kinsmen in the air. Dan dove down toward the guns.

“Drop me off at the first one.” John said.

John stood up on Dan’s back and jumped of landing on top one of the guns. He cut the barrel in half with his sword.

Dan rolled in the air and pulled out his bow and shot an arrow at the remaining guns, destroying them.

Dan heard a whistle and looked back at John and he was pointing in the air. Dan looked up and zoomed in with his highly sensitive vision and saw that Joe and Omar were in the plane along with a pilot. He was about to take off after them when he was hit with a demonic arrow which knocked him to the ground. John saw what had happened and fought his way towards Dan. As he was running he pulled out his assault rifle and flipped the switch to the D.R. rounds and unleashed a massive dose of fire power over Dan’s head. Dan raised up and looked to see where the attack came from and saw many demons exploding. Dan stood up a brushed himself off.

“Joe is getting away again.” John said.

“I know, he will have to wait, the Kinsmen need our help.”

John wiped his forehead, “Back to the battle”

“Sounds good. Where is Jacob?”

“Don’t know.”

The gave each other a high five and went back to helping the Kinsmen.

The pilot was having trouble controlling the small airplane because the weather was so bad.

Joe looked down and saw his men fighting with the Kinsmen, “Where do those Kinsmen come from?”

“They are everywhere.” Omar said.

“Take us to Dallas Fort Worth airport.”

“Yes sir.” The pilot said.

A few miles away was the VLA which stands for “Very Large Array”. It was a place where huge satellites we used for radio astronomy. A scientist noticed that a storm was spreading rather quickly and was heading towards them. He typed on his keyboard which brought up an image of the storm. He took his glasses off and bolted out of the room knocking his mouse onto the floor.

“Mr. Miller.” The pilot said.

“Yes, what is it?”

“We should be out of the storm in a minute.”

“Excellent news.”

All the men looked out of the plane and just as the pilot said, clear blue skies appeared out of nowhere.

“Look, Omar, look at those huge satellite dishes below us.”

Omar looked out and then looked behind them seeing that the storm was behind them.

“I have funded some of the work that they do down there.”

Then a voice came over the radio, “Unidentified aircraft you are flying in a no fly zone.”

“Request permission to pass through.” The pilot replied.

“Request denied, we need you to land your aircraft, we have reason to believe that your aircraft has been used to transport illegal drugs.”

Joe was furious, “WHAT! IS HE TALKING ABOUT?”

The pilot of the plane had been using the plane to run drugs and illegal immigrants across the border in his spare time.

“Just keep flying.” Joe told the pilot.

“Yes sir.”

Again the radio announced that they needed to land or they would be forced too.

“Don’t listen to them, just keep flying.” The pilot rolled his eyes.

The voice came out of the radio once again, “You can land on the west side of the highway on the dirt road.”

The VLA had a defense system of heat seeking rockets hidden in many different parts of the landscape. Three remote launch sites rose out of the ground and began to track the small aircraft. One of the cameras locked on to the airplane and shot a warning shot. The rocket shot through the air leaving a trail of blue smoke behind it so that it could be seen clearly. The pilot look out of the cock pit window and said, “They aren’t joking, look.”

Joe and Omar looked out of the plane and saw the rocket heading straight for them. The rocket hit the side of the plane and exploded into a cloud of blue powder.

“That was a warning shot, now land the plane.” the radio announced forcefully.

“Mr. Miller I think we ought to do what he says.”

Joe grumbled but agreed and the pilot changed course to land on the dirt road.

As they were coming in for a landing they passed some of the massive satellites. They dwarfed the small plane in comparison. The satellites were on a railway system which allowed them to be moved into alternate positions by a click of a button.

Something made a noise on top of the plane and all three men looked up.

“What was that?” Omar asked.

“Not sure, maybe we hit a bird or something.” The pilot replied.

Joe wasn’t satisfied with his answer and told Omar to check it out.

On top of the plane clinging on as tight as he could was Jacob. He had seen the plane leaving the lake and flew up to investigate to see who it was.

Omar opened the door to the plane and his fingers grasped the side of the plane. The wind pushed against his body. Jacob looked back to see a massive black hand clinging to the top of the plane. He knew that he needed to get off the plane so he was detected. There were no trees or mountains around. Nothing but flat land and rabbit brush around.

Jacob saw the top of Omar’s head. Omar pulled his head up and looked on top of the plane. His eyes opened widely when he saw a bird about to hit him in the head. He ducted back into the plane very quickly and bumped into Joe.

“Watch it” Joe snapped at him.



“Well what?”

“Oh! Nothing all clear.”


Jacob had gotten off the plane as it passed one of the huge satellites undetected. He landed inside of it and watched the plane as it landed on the dirt road. He pulled out a radio and called to one of his fellow Kinsmen to let him know where he was.

Back at the lake the battle was still in full swing. Dan and John were on the opposite side of the lake from where they had started and were being surrounded. John was using Dan’s wings as a shield from the enormous amount of bullets. The bullets ricocheted and sparks flew off Dan’s wings. John raised up and shot some of Joe’s men then ducted back for cover.

“What do we do now?” John asked.

“Fight our way out like always.”

Everyone stopped shooting and a eerie silence loomed. The black clouds in the sky swirled around with lighting shooting out of them. The thunder rumbled quietly and the wind had blew gently. Everyman stopped and looked up into the sky. Something was about to happen. John and Dan stood back-to-back and John pulled out a clip and reloaded his guns. Dan tapped John on the shoulder and pointed up.

“What it the?”

“Hell is coming or something close to it.” Dan said.

Dan began to rub his hands together and a bright light was starting to form around them. John moved his head to one side because the light was so bright, “What are you doing?”

“Trying to get us out of here.”

Then without any warning every man collapsed to the ground at the same time except for John and Dan.

Dan stopped rubbing his hands and looked at all the men on the ground.

“Nice, when did you learn that?” John said.

Dan looked at his hands, “I didn’t do that.” He looked up into the air and a huge fire ball was about to engulf the both of them. Dan wrapped his wings around John and jumped out of the way. They landed in the water with a big splash and Dan opened his wings and John was launched towards the other side of the lake where they started from. Dan flapped his wings one time and pushed himself up and was standing on the water looking at the massive hole where the fireball had just hit. After a few seconds the smoke and dirt had cleared and standing before Dan was Nostros and Roebarg with the entire mountainside behind them covered with demonic forces. Dan quickly shot off a red feather and it exploded.

“Shurod, I have a surprise for you.” Nostros announced as he waved his sword at him.

Dan’s eyes were filled with rage as he looked upon the demon generals and the army.

Dan pointed his sword toward them, “YOU KILLED MY PARENTS!”

Nostros looked at Dan with a puzzled expression, “Well yes I did.”

Roebarg held out his arm and the water in the lake started to boil, “Here is your lake of fire Shurod.” He laughed and the water turned to liquid fire. Dan flew upwards away from the fire back towards John.

The two old men that were caught in the storm on the lake could see that there was light coming from behind them. It was so dark that they didn’t have any idea where the shoreline was. So they headed toward the flicker of light in the distance.

The small plane landed and was met with a handful of armed men. The three of them got out of the plane and Joe started to argue with one of the armed men. Joe was holding the small glass case underneath his arm. The man told Joe about the evidence about the plane being used. He told the man that it was ridiculous and demanded to speak with his superior. He agreed and told them to follow him.

After a short meeting with the director of security, they apologized to Joe and thanked him for his support in funding some of the projects that the scientists had worked on over the years. He accepted the apology and told them that he needed to get back in the air. As they were walking towards the plane Jacob aimed his rifle at the tail end of the plane and adjusted some knobs on his gun and shot the gas tank. BOOM! The plane exploded and Joe and the rest of the men fell to the ground to avoid the blast.

“What happened?” Joe yelled out.

Instantly Omar looked around for any sign of movement in the general area. He didn’t see anything but figured that it wasn’t a blown up by mistake.

“Now how are we supposed to get back?”

Omar shrugged his shoulders and murmured, “I don’t know.”

“I just fixed that last week.” The pilot said.

“Fixed what?” Joe looked at the man.

“There was a small gas leak, but I fixed it.”

“Yes it looks like you did a good job.” Joe pointed to the burning plane.

“Man you guys are lucky you landed that plane.” one of the security guards said.

Joe turned and asked the security guard if they had a vehicle they could use to get to Albuquerque to get to the airport. The guard answered no, but he had another idea. He told Joe to wait for a moment while he went to make a call.

The security guard walked back into the complex and got on a special phone that was a direct line to Kirkland Air Force base in Albuquerque. The man hung up the phone and opened the door that lead outside and called to Joe. Joe, Omar and the pilot walked to the man.

“So what is the verdict?” Joe said.

“Well I got a surprise for you Mr. Miller. Albuquerque is about a two and half hour drive from here, but.”

“But what?”

“But I can get you there in about fifteen minutes.”

“Oh?” Joe was intrigued.

“We have an underground system that we use to commute back and forth powered by two jet engines that are used on F-18 fighter jets.”

“Lead the way my boy, lead the way.”

“There is a catch though.”

“And that is?”

“It can only take two at a time; the other tunnels are still under construction.”

Joe looked at the pilot, “That’s great because only two of us need to go.”

“What about me Mr. Miller?” The pilot said.

“You will need to go back to the office and see what you can find out for me.” Joe reached into his wallet and pulled out a wad of cash and handed it to the man.

“One of you fine gentlemen can take him back to Quemado can’t you?” He waved a few one hundred dollar bills in the air. One of the security guards said yes and his shift was about to end anyway. Joe handed him four, one hundred dollar bills.

“Thank you son.”

“No problem.” The man smiled happily because he just made four hundred bucks.

“Come with me Mr. Miller, your car awaits.” The head security guard said.

They walked down into a massive cavern where there was a small army of construction workers. Flashes of welders and cutting torches cast shadows on the walls of the cavern.

“Hmm, you would never know all these people were here under the ground working.”

“Yes this is secret government project, and you are responsible for all of this.”

“I see that my investment was a good one.”

The guard laughed.

“OK we need to get you into some G suits, because you will be experiencing about three G’s.”

“This sounds fun.” Omar frowned.

“Come on Omar, live a little.” Joe laughed.

A voice from behind them said, “Here are your suits.”

Joe unfolded his and it was the perfect size and began to put it on. Omar cleared his throat and Joe looked up and began to chuckle at Omar. The G suit was way too small for him.

“That suit looks like a twelve year could wear it compared to you.”

Omar looked down at the G suit while he held it in front of himself, “Very funny ha, ha.”

“Surely you have something a little bigger.” Omar looked at the man with a disgusted expression.

“Oh my, um, well let me go and check.”

They found suit for Omar and he began to put it on, when Joe started to chuckle again.

Omar held up his finger at Joe, “Don’t even start.”

Joe shook his head and smirked and got into the rocket car and slipped a helmet on. Omar also got into the car. Joe opened a compartment and put the glass case inside of it so that it wouldn’t be damaged. He closed it and patted the lid. The security guard explained the throttle system to them. Joe waved the man off and said that he understood.

“Omar, you ready for this?”

“Not really, but let’s do it.”

Joe pushed a red button on the console and the jet engines blasted behind them. It was so loud that some of the construction workers stopped what they were doing and covered their ears. Omar released the brake and they shot down the tunnel. They were both sucked back into their seats and on their way.

John did an ammo check and told Dan that he was low.

“We should be getting some back up shortly.” Dan wiped sweat of his brow.

John looked up into the air and looked at the clouds in awe, “I have never seen anything like that before.”

“Me either.”

John knelled down by one of the Kinsmen to check his pulse, “They are still alive.”


John walked around and gathered ammunition from the Kinsmen that were passed out on the ground.

“Don’t think that ammunition is going to be of any use to you.”

John looked up and demons were slowly emerging from the water.

“OK this is new.” Dan said.

“What are they?”

Dan thought for a moment, “Water demons!” He pulled out his bow and arrows and stuck a handful into the ground so that he could get to them quickly. “These demons are special; your D.R. rounds will not kill these guys. Only my weapons will be able to take these hell spawn out.”

“What can I do then?” John answered.

Dan checked all his weapons, shards, sword, bow and arrow, his armor and his shield. “Time for me to suit up.” Dan pushed his shoulders back and his wind armor covered his wing. Then the rest of his armor appeared all over his body. John backed away. Dan turned to him and smiled, “If I don’t make it out of this alive, take care of my sister when you find her.”

“I can help!”

“No you will die for sure if you fight with these types of demons. I won’t let that happen to you John.”

John looked out over the lake. “There are too many of them.”

Dan readjusted the armor on his forearms, “I will take out as many as I can.”

“Dan No! Wait for the angels.”

“I have to hold them off as long as I can. You need to get out of here run into the mountains.”

“I have never ran from a fight in my life.”

“JOHN! GO! My sister will need you.”

John bowed his head, “God bless you brother.” He turned and ran off into the trees. Dan watched him until he was gone and then said a short prayer. He was about to lift off the ground when he heard a small voice calling his name. Dan looked to see where the voice was coming from.

John ran about a mile when he stopped and looked back at the lake and all the demonic activity. He thought for a moment and trying to make a decision on what he should do. “The heck with it.” He turned around to start running back to Dan when a white light shot down out of the sky and knocked him backwards onto the ground. He quickly got up and pulled out his swords and was ready to fight. He looked in amazement to see Jerom standing before him holding Jamie in his arms.

“Jerom? Is that you?”

Jerom laid Jamie on the ground at John’s feet, “Where is my son?”

John licked his lips, “I thought you were.”

“Dead? No just had to make a choice.”

John pointed down where Dan was. Jerom looked and squinted his eyes and his nose flared, “Demons, they will taste my sword. Watch my daughter.”

“I will, now go and help Dan he needs you.”

John pulled Jamie close to him and moved the hair out of her face and gently stroked her cheek.

Jerom flew up into the air and left a trail of light behind him. As he soared into the air the light took on the form of a lion running through the sky.

Down at the lake Dan saw the demons looking into the air. He stood there amazed at the lion streaking across the pitch black sky. The image of the lion was small at first but grew larger as it got closer to the ground. Jerom flew to the side of the lake where the demons were and dipped down flying just a few feet off the water’s surface. He unleashed a massive wave of energy that covered the entire area where the water demons were.

Roebarg and Nostros watched as the image of the lion skirted the water. After the blast all the water demons were gone and the water turned back to normal. Roebarg was furious and waved his hand for his army to attack.

Dan watched as the image of the lion transformed into a winged creature. He held his hands up in front of his face because the light was so bright. The light vanished and Jerom was standing before Dan.



Then a voice from behind Dan said, “Holy Spirit.”

Sephri appeared with many angels behind him smiling.

“I thought you were dead.”

“I thought I was too.”

Dan grabbed Jerom in a loving embrace, “Don’t ever do that to me again.” He cried for a moment.

“I hate to break up this moment but we have company.” Sephri said and pointed at the demons running across the water toward them.

“You ready for this son?” Jerom said.

“Oh, you know it.” Dan held up his hands and twirled some shards in his palm.

Jerom smiled, “Let’s go and give them an old fashion butt whipping, Shurod style.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Sephri cleared his throat, “Needs some help.”

“Always old friend.” Jerom smiled.

Sephri stepped in between Dan and Jerom and held out his hands. Dan and Jerom grabbed onto Sephri’s hands, facing the demonic army, “Grant us thy power to defeat your enemies in your name father of all.”

“Amen.” Jerom and Dan whispered.

“Wing Five!” The three of them slapped wings and shot into the air.

The demons saw them leave the ground, but soon lost them because they had engaged the shadow technique.

The demons stopped and looked around trying to find them. They all landed within the demonic ranks in different locations. Dan appeared and took a demon by surprise and cut his head clean off, and then disappeared again. Jerom and Sephri were doing the same thing. Demons were being slain left and right by the three of them.

“Roebarg!” Nostros yelled, “They are slaughtering us with only three of them.”

“I can see that you fool.” Roebarg looked to see that the rest of the angels were starting to disappear also, but he could still see them. They flew up into the air and were descending at a high rate of speed with swords drawn.

“Give our army the sight.” Nostros demanded.

“I can’t do it for long there are too many of us.”

Roebarg held out his arm and chanted some demonic words and every demon eye was granted sight to counter act the shadow technique. The demons instantly saw the angels coming at them. It was too late for a lot of them but they were able to defend themselves against the heavenly hosts.

Demons and angels were embraced in immortal combat. The moans and screams of angels and demons alike echoed throughout the canyon. Swords striking shields and arrows lighting up the sky like fireworks was an intense battle scene.

A squad of angels was all flying together when they were hit with a massive fireball from the shore. All of the burned up and vanished.

Then a pack of demons heard a high pitched noise and looked around. When they turned around they were met with hundreds of shards that the angels had thrown. The shards sliced the demons to shreds.

Some of the demons started to retreat and fleeing into the mountains but the angels gave chase and hunted them down like dogs, then returned back to the main battle.

The two old men that were in their canoe paddled into the battle by accident, and some of the demons saw them. They flew at the old men with swords drawn. The two old men looked up and saw what no average human would or should ever see. Both of their mouths dropped open at the site. They were stunned at the fierce battle they were witnessing.

The demons were just about on top of them when they were hit with arrows and serrated shields. They crashed into the water right in front of the men which caused a small wave .

Both men held onto the side of the canoe and braced for the impact of the wave. The wave hit the small canoe and launched the old men into the air. As their bodies were flying in the air and angel caught them in midair. Then he set them back in their canoe unharmed. The angel was still under the cover of the shadow so they didn’t see what placed them back in the canoe.

Tom looked at Tim and said, “I feel like I was touched by an angel.”

“Me too!” Tim replied.

Then a voice said, “You were.”

Then the angel waved his hand at the canoe and the canoe was sent out of harm’s way back to the shoreline where they would be safe. The angel turned back around and made a flicking motion with his index finger and thumb. A small sliver of light landed on both of the men’s head which erased their memory on what they had just witnessed.

John was holding Jamie and noticed that she had needle marks all over her arms and neck. He began to pray for the Lord to heal her. Jamie’s finger twitched and John said her name. John leaned down and kissed her gently on her forehead and squeezed her tightly against his chest. Jamie’s ear was pressed up against John’s chest and his heartbeat sounded into her ear. Something about his heartbeat triggered her own will to live. John was starting to cry and his tears ran down his face and into her hair. Jamie opened her eyes and looked up at John.


John was surprised to hear her voice and wiped his eyes so that she couldn’t see his teary eyes. He sniffed and said, “You made it.”

“What happened to me?”

“Don’t know, we have been looking all over for you. Jerom brought you back.”

She coughed, “My father lives?”

“Yes, and him and your brother and some angels are fighting just over that hill.”

“I hear that. Help me to my feet.”

John helped her up and she screamed in pain, “What is it.”

“My stomach.” Jamie lifted her shirt and her entire stomach was bruised with small punctured wounds all over.

John looked at all the needle marks and became angry, “Joe is up to something.”

“Isn’t he always.” Jamie retorted.

“I see you are back to your charming self.” John smirked.

“Not yet but I’m getting there.”

“I’m glad you are safe now.”

“Was the great warrior afraid for me?”

“Well yes actually.” He blushed slightly.

Jamie noticed John’s expression, “Come closer John I need to tell you something.”

John leaned down again and she gave him a soft kiss on the lips, “Thank you for your help.”

John didn’t know how to react to the kiss and said, “This is what I do.”

“John you are terrible at showing your feelings.”

“I’m sorry, I have had to suppress them for so long, but I was worried about you.”

Sephri was swinging his sword above his head and fighting with many demons. He was hit in the leg with something that resembled an ax. He looked down and saw a demon trying to pull it out of his armor. The demon looked up at him and he was met with a knee to the face and sent flying away.

Jerom had flown up above the battle and joined the air assault with some of the other angels. He was weaving in and out of demons slicing their wings off and causing major damage to his demonic adversaries.

Nostros had seen Jerom fly up and was coming after him from below. Nostros was stalking Jerom like a great white shark stalking a seal from below. Jerom was unaware of what was about to take place. Nostros grinned at the idea of killing Jerom. Nostros flew at a high velocity up toward Jerom and was about to strike him when an angel saw Nostros and threw his shards at him. Nostros was hit and made him loose control just grazing the Jerom’s side. Jerom looked up and saw that it was Nostros and flew up after him. A portal opened up and Nostros vanished inside of it and was gone. Jerom stopped and hovered and shook his fist in the air and yelled, “You better run demon scum.” he turned back around and rejoined the fight.

Thousands of demons were running off the mountain onto the water with only one thought in their minds. Kill as many angels as they could. The angelic army starting shooting angel bubbles at the demons which contained them for a moment. The entire lake was covered with demons encased in these bubbles. The demons fought to get out of them so they could fight. The angels swept down and converged on the bubbles and sliced through them killing the demons that were trapped inside. The sound of the bubbles popping and was very strange noise. Demons shrieked as they met their fate at the end of an angelic sword.

Dan also had the power of shooting the angelic bubbles and he saw the technique that the angels were using and he followed suit.

Jerom flew down to help Dan because he was so deep within the demonic ranks that he couldn’t see any angels around him. Dan looked up and saw Jerom coming down to help him when he was hit with a demonic arrow in the right shoulder. Jerom lost control, rolled over one time and crashed into the water. Dan flew up fighting demons off so that he could get to his father. Jerom busted out of the water and pulled the arrow out of his shoulder and stabbed a demon with it. Dan was relieved to see that Jerom was still alive. Jerom yelled at Dan to get out of there and fly up and away from the demons.

The angels were not fully expecting the amount of demons that they were encountering. Sephri blew on a horn which alerted the angels to retreat. Jerom and Dan looked off in the distance and saw the angels retreating from the battle. They soon followed because there were just too many demons.

Roebarg heard the horn blow and knew that his army had one this battle for now. Big portals begin to open up and the demons disappeared into them. The battle was over and each army was pulling away from the lake.

Off in the distance John and Jamie saw the battle was over. John shot a flare into the air to let Dan know where they were.

Jerom told Dan to follow him and that John had his sister. Dan was overcome with joy because he thought that Joe still had her. They landed in front of John and Jamie. Dan rushed over to Jamie and embraced her.

“I was so worried about you Jamie.”

“I was worried about me too.” She smiled at Dan, “Where are we? Last I knew I was in Israel.”

“We are back in the states in New Mexico.”

“New Mexico?”

“How did we end up here?”

Dan chuckled, “It’s a long story, a very long story.”

“We need to get back to Dallas; Joe is probably on his way there now.” Jerom told the group.

Joe and Omar were getting out of the jet car deep beneath the Kirkland Air force base. A high ranking officer welcomed the two of them and told them to follow him.

“I need to make a call.” Joe said.

“Yes, of course Mr. Miller.” The officer replied.


They walked up a few flight of stairs that dead ended at an elevator.

“My men will see that you get everything that you need.”

“I have a question for you; do you have a staging area here?” Joe asked.

The officer looked at Joe strangely because no civilian should’ve known about the staging project, it was top secret. “Staging area?” the officer answered.

“Don’t play with me, do you have one?”

The officer grabbed Joe by the arm and led him away from the rest of the group. “How do you know about that?”

“I funded it, surely you don’t think the government doesn’t have private investors in top secret projects now do they.”

“This is highly irregular.”

“I assure you that it isn’t.”

After a few hours a helicopter landed with a massive metal container attached to the bottom of it with metal wires. It was placed on a flat railroad car and moved into a hanger where it couldn’t be seen.

Joe and Omar walked into the metal container and Joe smiled, “This Omar is the next generation of the Shurod, but with a twist.” Joe tapped on the glass case that had Jamie’s blood samples in it. In front of them were four containers oval in shape and had a body that had been grown through genetic research. The outside of these containers had a thin layer of ice on them. Joe walked up to one of them and wiped the ice away from the glass. Inside was a figure of a young male looking teenager. The body was attached to many different wires and IV’s to keep it alive.

“Take one these vials and place it inside that device there.”


Joe opened the case and Omar took out four vials of blood. He pressed some buttons on the container and slot opened up; he slipped it in the slot and pushed the button again. It closed and the blood was directed to the body that was housed inside of the container. Omar did that with all four containers.

After a few moments all the containers erupted with noise and the bodies jerked uncontrollably thrashing around inside.

Joe and Omar backed away to witness the spectacle.

“These are the newest additions to my arsenal.”

“What are they?” Omar asked with his eyes widened.

“Follow me.” Joe walked around behind the container and pointed, “See!”

Omar looked and saw that on each of the bodies underneath the skin by their shoulder blades small humps were forming.

“What are they Joe?”

“These are genetically altered mutations of the Shurod.”

“So that is why you wanted to take blood out of the female. You had another plan.”

“Always need a backup plan Omar.” Joe took out a cigar and lit it.

“Who is going to train them?”

Then a voice from out of the shadows said, “I am.”

Jada stepped out and looked at the four containers. Joe blew smoke in the air and Omar smiled.

“So I guess the game is still on then.” Omar rubbed his hands together.

“Indeed.” Joe shook his head and turned to walk away and Omar followed.

Jada folded his arms and smiled at Joe and Omar. Jada wasn’t killed in the battle at the prison gates. He had cleverly used his shadow technique to fool Mogort and Goleg.

Jada stood before the containers and opened his wings, “It isn’t finished yet Shurod.” He placed his hands on two of the four containers.

The blood rock was kept by God and placed in the tomb where Moses was laid to rest. Never to be seen again by finite eyes. God had transferred the power of the rock into Shurod individually so that it dwelled in their bodies. So there was no need for the blood rock anymore.

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