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Shurod and the blood rock prophecy book 2

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Nostros was barking orders at the demons that were in his presence, “Pry that gate open more, work harder you fools.” Nostros heard the familiar sound of Roebarg coming from behind him. He turned around and noticed that there was what appeared to be an angel walking beside him. He put his scaly claw up to his eye and rubbed them, he could not believe what he was seeing. Nostros drew his sword and assumed an attack position. The angel also pulled out his sword and said, “That will not be necessary my sulfur breathing beast.” Nostros bared his teeth at the angel and demanded to know who this heavenly host was. Roebarg cleared his throat and said, “This is what we have been working for, for many centuries, our time is come” Nostros said, “Could it be?” Roebarg smiled and evil smile and hissed, “Yes”

“When did this happen? Are there more of them?”

“Yes, there were five of them that broke free from the prison during the battle with the Shurod”

“Why wasn’t I informed of the situation?”

Roebarg snapped back harshly, “You are on a need to know basis and you didn’t need to know until now.” Nostros bowed his head, “Yes master I understand.” Roebarg huffed and turned around to his new found ally and said, “Tell them who you are angel.”

“My name is Jada former angelic general of the northern hemisphere.”

“Jada, huh nice name.” The angel smiled at Nostros which made him feel strangely. “Where are the rest of you?”

“They are getting some much needed exercise; they have been pinned up for thousands of years.” Nostros looked at Roebarg and said, “Is this for real my master?”

“Yes, our time has come we will bring a war like no other, equal to or greater than one thousands battles. We have angels on our side now and they know how to fight each other in combat and know what can hurt, or even kill them. This is what we have been waiting for. Lucifer has already been notified and will be here shortly. Nostros said, “Master is coming here?”

“Yes, and we need to gather a few squads of assassins to stand guard for his short stay.” Roebarg grabbed Nostros by his arm and lead him away from Jada, “He is supposed to be on our side but take no chances he is still an angel” Do not under estimate this Jada; he once was one of the angel generals. He is a fierce warrior very capable of handling his sword not to mention that he never misses with his shards.” Nostros got a small lump in his throat; “I hate those shards”

Roebarg agreed and turned back around. “Jada, my brother what is our next move?” “First of all demon, I am not your brother” Roebarg was offended by his tone and moved closer to him. His tail began to quiver under his cloak. Nostros eyes opened widely because he saw that Roebarg was getting angry. Roebarg took a deep breath and snorted smoke out of his nostrils, “Ok, so what are we?”

“We share a common goal; that is it.”

“Good enough Jada.”

“What do you think that we can do to free the rest of your kind, since we have the same goal?” Roebarg said with a sarcastic tone. “Well first of all I have some business with the Shurod. You do know that there are three of them now.” Nostros looked at Roebarg. Roebarg tried not to pretend that he was surprised, “Hmm, I have heard the rumor of a third Shurod, but until now it hadn’t been confirmed.”

“Yes, it is true Roebarg. I need to spend some quality time with the one called Jerom, if you know what I mean. I have seen him many times when he came to check on the integrity of the prison doors.”

“Well you would be glad to know that he has been wounded recently.”

“Oh, how so?”

“The human puppet, Joe Miller had one of his assassins that impaled him with two three foot swords.”

“This is good news.”

“There is more, the other Shurod goes by the name of Dan and he has become more powerful each day, his skills are impressive.”

“Yes, I visited him in a dream not too long ago, and you are right, the power of God is definitely upon him. I needed to know what I was up against.”

Roebarg said, “This other Shurod you speak of is who?”

Jada laughed “I knew that you had no idea about the third Shurod” Nostros snickered beneath his breath. Roebarg turned around and looked at him with three of his eyes, and snorted at him. Nostros bowed his head. “There has never been three Shurods alive at one time, how is this possible?”

Jada replied, “There has never been a breach in the prison gates before either.”

“True, true.” Roebarg said as he played with the demonic medallion around his neck. “What is our plan of attack, or do we have one?”

Jada smiled evilly, “Oh we have one.”

The Valley of the shadows of death became alive with demonic activity and noise. Roebarg and Nostros since something awkward and walked out onto the landing that over looked the Valley and the prison gates. He saw most of his soldiers looking upwards. So he also looked up. Jada said, “Ah here come my warriors.” Nostros and Roebarg took a step back. Jada saw out of the corner of his eye the two generals’ step back in fear. He thought to himself, “Cowards.” Jada had no respect for any demon, but he knew that they played a vital part in freeing his comrades from that stench of a prison.

The four angels circled around in the air and observed the sight below of millions of demons they once called enemies. Jada motioned for the four angels to come to him. One of the angles saw him and said, “Re-group on Jada.” They all flew down with impressive grace and in unison they rolled upside down and landed in front of Jada. Jada said, “My friends, this is our time to free the rest of our comrades. They all nodded their heads in agreement. “This is the time for revenge against those who forced us out of heaven.” Jada turned around as he was talking and pointed at Roebarg and Nostros, “These two go by the name of Roebarg and Nostros.” The four angels looked at them, “They are in charge of the demonic army of Satan, or Lucifer, as we know him.”

One of the demon officers recognized Jada from a past battle that took place many ages ago, approached him, and said, “Jada, do you remember me?” Jada looked at the demon, “No.”

“You left this scar on my face centuries years ago” he pointed to the scar. The demon started to get angry and pulled out his sword, “You will pay.” In an instant Jada threw his shards at the demon and all five of them penetrated his head and he vanished screaming. Everyone present heard clapping from behind them; “Impressive.” a familiar voice said. Jada replied, “Lucifer?”

“I prefer Lord of darkness.” Lucifer emerged from out of nowhere, he was the most beautiful angel God ever created and he had kept most of his angelic qualities as far as his appearance. But his appearance was misleading because he used his power to conceal his true identity. He had a faint glow around his body as he floated gracefully towards his generals. He was clothed in a white cloak with a ruby red belt that had demonic markings on it. His face gleamed with radiance and his angelic skin had a tan tone to it. He had long jet black hair that covered his shoulders. You could see that he was very muscular beneath his clothing but the cloak that he wore covered his body. A golden sword was attached to his right side and a pouch on his left side that contained a type of special diamond shard that could be used against angels and demons in supernatural warfare. His eyes were black with dark circles around them. He stood about eight foot tall and hand several scars on his hands from past battles.

Nostros, Roebarg and the angels turned around. Immediately the two generals dropped to their knees in reverence. Jada turned around and was surprised to be looking at his former superior, Lucifer. Lucifer walked in front of the two generals and looked at them, then looked at Jada and the four angels. “So I see that I have re-enforcements at my disposal. Jada said, “We are only here to help free our brethren Lucifer, we answer to no one. Lucifer said sarcastically, “Oh, is that so?”

“Yes that is so.” he said sternly.

“So what you are saying is that you want my help to free our brethren, but your loyalties stand with no one?” Jada sensed that Lucifer was starting to get agitated and knew that he was a powerful being. Roebarg stood up from his prone position and started to speak. Lucifer turned around quickly and yelled at him. The power in his words pinned Roebarg to the ground. Lucifer turned back around and looked at Jada calmly, “So, how is it that I would discipline my own general for not asking my permission to raise. How are you any different?’ Jada said, “I bow to no one Lucifer, not even you. The other four angels drew their swords ready to fight if called upon. Jada puffed out his chest with pride. Lucifer walked towards Jada and got into his face, “You will obey me Jada, along with you new friends, or you will be returned back to the prison.” Lucifer waived his hand and Roebarg was released from the force that held him on the ground. Roebarg was breathing heavily. “A duel for loyalty seems to be in order” Lucifer tautened Jada. “We will see how your fighting skills have diminished since your imprisonment.

“I fight then” Jada exclaimed. Lucifer vanished before their eyes. Jada and the other angels looked in all directions for Lucifer but he was nowhere to be found.

Lucifer’s voice could be heard in all directions, Jada turned around looking up and down for any sign of Lucifer. Lucifer said, “You have no idea the power that I have now Jada, for even God’s little book says that I have power of the entire earth.” Lucifer laughed. Jada said, “Show yourself coward!” Lucifer appeared right in front of him. Jada was surprised and quickly stepped backwards.

“Jada lets not waist our time with foolish games, just pledge your allegiance to me so we can move on.”

“I remember that last time that I pledged my allegiance to you, it got me nowhere but imprisoned and kick out of heaven.”

Lucifer made a clicking noise with his mouth, “This time it will be different, I am more powerful than before, and haven’t you heard? I have dominion over this place called earth.”

“Then get us back into heaven.”

Lucifer became angry and his eyes became like a flame. “Fight, we will then. Lucifer again disappeared and Jada went into a defense posture as well as the other four angels. One by one the other four angels were launched into the air by an invisible force and sent flying in all directions. Lucifer said smugly, “Now you are by yourself Jada, with no back up, what say you?” Jada looked at his fellow angels, saw their wounds, and realized that he was no match for Lucifer. He dropped his sword and it bounced on the ground a few times with a loud clang and gave an angel salute. Lucifer manifested himself and said, “I knew you would see things my way.”

Jada said, “What are your orders?”

“Ah orders you say?” Lucifer said in a sarcastic tone, “Obedience!” Lucifer gave a quick jab to Jada’s mid-section, which ripped through his entire body and made him fall to his knees. “That is what I want for you to kneel in front of me.” Jada coughed a few times and looked at Lucifer with great malice. “We will do what you wish master.”

“I like the sound of that, hmm Master” Roebarg and Nostros looked at each other in pure delight; Roebarg said to Nostros, “Now we have angels at our disposal.” Nostros shook his head in agreement and gave an evil smile.

Lucifer pointed at Roebarg and said, “Let me know if you have any trouble with these angels” Roebarg stood up and said, “Yes my Lord.”

“Jada, on your feet I need you with me.” Jada complied with Lucifer’s request and walked toward Lucifer. “It’s good to have you back old friend it’s been a long time since I had one of my kind close to me without having to fight them.” Lucifer said to Jada. Jada looked at him with distain. “We will return.”

“Wait!” Roebarg yelled, “What do you want me to do” Lucifer sighed, then looked at Jada and smiled, “Demons are so needy. Continue your efforts on the gates and I need to know about the human John, our former flesh puppet.”

“Is that all master?” Then Jada and Lucifer vanished.

Click, click, click the sound of bullets being loaded into a clip echoed in an empty room. The breathing of a man could be heard. A gun was pointed at a target and was shot until the automatic action of the gun showed that the all the bullets were dispensed. John walked to the target and ripped if off the wall, “Still got it” he said. He turned around and was surprised to see one of Joe Millers Hench men leaning up against the wall. “How did you find me?”

The man replied, “I guess you have forgotten that Mr. Miller has eyes and ears everywhere.”

“What do you want?” John said sternly.

“Mr. Miller wants to have a conversation with you.” John reached to his side, grabbed another clip, and slammed it into the gun. “Is that so, that’s impossible last time I saw him he was sinking into a watery grave.”

“Well, John, I can call you John? My boss isn’t dead at all and he wants you to come back and work for him.”

“Even if that was true, he would want to kill me.” John paused for a moment. “That is why you are here isn’t it?”

“He said you would say something like that. All is forgiven in Mr. Miller’s eyes.” John huffed, “I was born at night but not last night.” The man snickered at John’s comment.

John sensed that there was evil surrounding this man, and he was right he saw a glimpse of two good-sized demons on either side of him. These demons gave supernatural powers to the individual they possessed. John said, “What are your names?”

The man said, “What?”

“Not you, the two demons that on either side of you?”

The man laughed; “Demons, you are a weird fellow” The two demons looked at each other in amazement and walked towards John. Both of them pull out swords and prepare for a fight. John backed up, grabbed demon stick, and went into a defense posture. A demon stick was a weapon that was used to kill demons. At each end of the stick is the same material that the green arrow of destiny was made out of. The man said, “No need to get angry”

“Shut up!” John snapped at the man. The man pulled out a gun and said, “Calm down John.”

“I will deal with you in a minute.” The man was puzzled at John’s behavior and pointed his gun nervously at John.

“Don’t shoot me.” John exclaimed, “I need to take care of this then we can talk.” The man didn’t have any idea what he was talking about, but he put the gun back into his suit coat. “Ok I will entertain you for a minute, do what you got to do.”

“Thanks!” John said sarcastically.

The two demons lunged at John at the same time and John blocked the strike with the stick. He jumped into the air and swung down at them, they blocked the counter attack. John did many aerial moves swinging at the demons. The man looked at John bouncing around frantically and said to himself, this guy has issues. John looked at the man, pointed, and yelled, “Glasses!” The man looked around and noticed a pair of glasses on a small table, they were very strange looking glasses, and he picked them up, placed them on his face, and looked towards John. Right as he focused on John, John struck one of the demons in the neck and the demon’s head popped off and rolled coming to rest at the man’s feet. It howled in pain, and then vanished. The man quickly pulled off the glasses, threw them to the ground, and ran out of the room seriously disturbed by what he had seen. John stopped for a minute and said to the other demon, “Okay do you want to die like your friend? Or go about you evil existence? The demon thought for a moment, then turned around to leave when John threw the demon stick like a spear, and it struck the demon in its back. The demon screamed in pain and tried to pull it out with its scaly hands but he couldn’t reach it and burst into ashes. John stood there breathing heavily for a moment and decided that he needed to make Dan aware of what just happened to him, and share the information about Joe Miller still being alive, although he couldn’t confirm how accurate the information was. John walked over to a desk, pulled opened a drawer, and picked up a small leather pouch. He opened the pouch and one small diamond fell into his left hand. He clinched his hand and made a fist, then placed his fist up against his mouth and spoke. “Dan, I was visited by one of Joe Millers people that said he was still alive, we need to meet.” John opened his hand and the diamond had transformed into a small winged creature. John looked down at the figure and said, “Hurry, waste no time in delivering this to the Shurod. The little creature made a few squeaking noises and flew out of his hand leaving a small vapor trail as it flew out a window. John sighed and walked to a closet door and opened it. Inside there were many different types of weapons that he has used and uses to fight against Joe’s people. He took one of the guns down, spun it around a couple of times, and said, “Looks like I’m gonna get to use you again after all.” Then slammed a clip into the bottom of the gun and cocked it.

The small creature that John released was flying through the air with great speed. They were known as “Speechers” they carry messages to angels and humans when there isn’t a messenger angel around. The little creature is small and hard to see. Humans can see them, but they have no idea what they are and over the years, people have photographed these creatures but never have been able to get a clear picture of them. They make a whizzing noise as they fly through the air and on a quiet day with no wind, they sound like a small remote control airplane off in the distance.

After a few minutes in flight a Jarick who was sitting on top of a house detected the speecher. The Jarick jumped into the air and chased after the speecher. The Jarick was having a hard time keeping up with it due to its speed. The small speecher felt an evil presence near him and increased its speed. The Jarick also increased it speed. The speecher weaved in and out of trees and rocks and tried to lose the Jarick. The Jarick finally gave up the chase, but the speecher left a small vapor trial when in flight so the Jarick backtracked to see where it came from. The Jarick followed the vapor trail until it had disappeared. He landed on the ground and smelled the air. His eyed squinted, because he had picked up the scent of the speecher. It led him to an old warehouse where John was living. He landed on the roof and smelled again. It flew down to a window and saw John practicing his fighting techniques. The Jarick watched John for a while and observed him. John was wiping the sweat off his face when he noticed that S.E. or supernatural energy detector was blinking on his wrist. He paused for a moment and looked out of the corner of his eye. John sighed, “Man, can’t these creatures leave me alone!” John looked around with his naked eye and was unable to spot anything. This was because the Jarick possessed a special power that humans cannot see with the naked eye. However, he could see solider demons without the special glasses. He walked over, placed the glasses on his face, and looked around, up and down. The Jarick watched him and was intrigued by him. He cocked his head to his side then licked his eye with his tongue. John finally saw the small demon and acted like he didn’t see him. John picked up a gun that was designed to kill demons and shoot a special round that caused demons to explode.

Jerom had given John some special material that John could use to make a supernatural bullet. The material was a concoction of water from the pool of Siloam and sulfur. It was known as a two stage bullet or (D.R.) demon round. When the bullet impacts its target the sulfur part of the bullet breaks then the water part breaks and when the two combine it caused a small explosion in demonic flesh.

John loaded the gun with a full clip and placed it into the gun. Each clip could hold regular ammo and the D.R. rounds side by side and could be switched back and forth depending on what you were fighting against, demon or human. The Jarick had no idea what was about to happen to him. He turned around quickly and points the gun at the window, flipped the switch to the D.R. round and unloaded on the Jarick. The Jarick tried to get out of the way but wasn’t fast enough and pieces of him went in flying all directions then vanished into a screaming cloud of dust. John said, “That was an ugly little thing.” John had just put down the gun when he heard a loud boom. John said, “Now what?” John senses were heightened and looked around the room. Dan appeared to him, “I got your message, what are you doing with that gun?”

“Just killed a little spying demon”

He paused. “That was quick I just sent that message about ten minutes ago”

“Was it a Jarick?”

“I think so”

“Good, I hate those nosy creatures, anyway, are you sure that Joe is still alive” Dan said in disbelief. “Well, no but Mr. Miller is a unique individual”

“Yes he is, he sure is.” Dan agreed. John explained to Dan about what the man said and Dan was disgusted by the news. “We need to know for sure if this is true, because if it is then we need to be on guard.” John pressed his lips together and nodded his head, yes.

Dan said inquisitively, “Oh I see that you have put good use to compound that my father gave you.”

“Indeed I have this bullet here.” John picked up a round and admired it and a small gleam of light bounced off of it, “These will kill lots of those nasty demons.”

“Good because I got a bad feeling that we are going to need them.”

“What are those rounds for over there?” Dan asked.

“Those are special, their kind of like a grenade.” John picked one up and tossed it in the air a few times.

“Wow you have been busy John.”

“Sure have.” John said eagerly.

“I’m hungry wanna go get a bite to eat.”

“Sure, you feel like Chinese?”

“How did I know you were going to suggest that” They both laughed.

“Let’s go.”

Lucifer and Jada were sitting at a table together. Lucifer said, “Jada, what I am about to ask you is very important to freeing the rest of our kind.”

Jada sat up in his chair. “What is it Lucifer?”

“You have to concentrate because you only get one chance to answer this question, because you know who” He pointed up, “Erased most of our memories about the certain things, you ready?”


“Ok, do you remember anything about the location of the Shurod training facility?” Jada begun to squirm in his chair and started getting flashes of some memory of the Shurod which caused his body to wrench wildly. He saw visions of the past Shurod’s that were alive. “I see” Lucifer looked at him anxiously, “Yes, what do you see?”

“I see a mountain with some sort of fruit of or vegetable on it.”

Lucifer shrieked, “What! Concentrate harder.” Jada saw more visions of Dan and Jerom fighting together slaying many demons. He appeared to be in a lot of discomfort trying to recall his memory. Lucifer stood up and yelled, “What do you see!” Jada groaned a few times and passed out. Lucifer was disgusted and said, “Useless” He got another idea and summoned the other four angels to him and went through the same ordeal with them. They all said about the same thing. Lucifer said out loud, “You think you have beaten me oh mighty one, but you haven’t yet. He shook both of his fists in the air and roared like a lion.

After trying to probe all the angels memory, Jada said, “What do the visions mean?”

“I’m not sure but I am going to find out, follow me.” They filed in behind Lucifer and went into a special chamber. Lucifer said, “Look around here in all these books. These are clues about the existence of the Shurod and what they were capable of. Read these carefully and study your opponent. Also keep an eye out for any information regarding the whereabouts of the Shurod lair. Find the answer!” Lucifer walked back out of the chamber and the door slammed shut. Jada looked at the other four angels and said, “Well, let’s get to it, let’s find a weakness in the Shurod” and they all grabbed a book and searched ancient manuscripts for any clues.

After many hours of searching through an endless mountain of books and scrolls, one of the angels came up with an idea. Jada shut the book and said, “Well let’s hear your thoughts.” The angel said, “The female Shurod.” Jada rubbed his chin and thought, “It could work. The other angels agreed and so they discussed their next move.

Joe Miller was sitting in a wheel chair reading a newspaper in his home office when he heard a knock on the door, “Come in” he said. The man that paid a visit to John walked up to Joe’s desk. Joe said, “Did you find John?”

“Yes sir”

“Well out with it” The man seemed uneasy at best and Joe picked up on it, “What is wrong with you?”

“I, I saw a horrible creature and I can’t get the image out of my head”

“Horrible creature?”

“Yes, it was some sort of demon or something.” Joe perked up in his chair licked his lips, folded the newspaper and laid it on the desk ignoring what the man said. “Tell me about John.”

“I found him and he said that I was lying about you still being alive”

“Yes, I knew that he probably wouldn’t believe you, looks like I need to pay him a personal visit. I need the address where you found him and gather ten of your best assassins.”

“Right away sir” The man was about to walk out of the door when Joe said, “Wait!” The man turned around. “You said that you saw a creature?” the man cleared his throat, “I think that it was just my imagination, I haven’t been sleeping well lately.”

“Ok, then we will leave it at that.” The man turned around and walked out. Joe couldn’t figure out why the man had seen something supernatural and was puzzled. He couldn’t let another one of his people know about the evil powers that he possessed. He picked up the phone and made a call. “Yes, this is Joe; I need for you to take care of something for me.” The voice on the other end said, “Consider it done.” and Joe hung up the phone.

Meanwhile Dan was supervising Jamie’s training. Dan said, “Don’t hold it like that” Dan took the bow out of her hand and showed her, “Like this”

Jamie said, “Ok, Ok I got it.” and snatched the bow out of Dan’s hand. Jamie aimed carefully and released the arrow striking the target dead center. “Ha!” Jamie yelled out. “See if you do what I tell you, you will be a great archer.” Dan said sarcastically. “Whatever let me see you do better”

“Are you challenging me little sis?”

“Of course, it doesn’t get any better than that” Jamie handed the bow to Dan and placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head to the left. Dan took the bow and said, “You have much to learn.” Dan opened his wings and flapped them one time and he shot backwards away from the target like a rocket, did a back flip and shot the arrow. The arrow cut through the air like a hot knife through butter, threaded her arrow, and shattered it into pieces. He hovered in the air about twenty feet, “Umm did I hit the target?” Jamie had her mouth open in disbelief, “Yeah, you hit it.” She said in a depressed tone. Dan flew back down to her and said, “That is what you need to be able to do.”

“I can’t do that.”

“You will be able to as long as you practice.”

“I want to do it now.”

“Keep practicing sis.” Dan handed her the bow and walked away to check on Jerom.

Jamie sat down on the ground and sighed. Then she heard something. She looked around and stood back up. “What is that noise?” she said to herself, “It’s so beautiful.” Jamie dropped the bow on the ground and opened her wings and leaped into the air flying away from the Shurod lair.

The female Shurod’s hearing was more sensitive than the males. They could hear higher pitches of sounds than the male Shurod’s. She could tell that she was getting closer to the sound because it is getting louder and louder. It almost put her into a trance like state. She searched for the source of the noise high and low. She is now about fifty miles away from the lair and didn’t even realize it. She looked and saw five Sheppard’s and one of them was playing a flute like instrument. Curiously, she landed on a small hill and watched the four Sheppard’s. One of them was standing and the other four were sitting on the ground talking drawing in the dirt with sticks. Jamie could hear the muffled sounds of their voices but couldn’t make out what they were saying. She got closer to the five Sheppard’s, folded her wings up, and approached them. “Excuse me, do you speak English?”

The man stopped blowing on the instrument and said, “Yes, of course child.”

“What is that you are playing?”

Dan walked back out to continue Jamie’s training, and noticed that she was missing. He looked on the ground, saw the bow lying in the dirt, and became worried about her. He leapt into the air opened his wings and blasted out in the same direction Jamie had left. Dan knew from experience that she would not just take off without letting someone know where she was. Dan’s body begun to pulse with light, this pulse is like a homing device or supernatural radar and can pick up the position of Jerom and Jamie. Dan realized that she was pretty far off and increased his speed to get to her. Dan said to himself, “Jamie, what are you doing”

The man said, “My child can you hear this?” He placed the flute up to his lips and blew into it. Jamie was very intrigued by the beautiful sounds, “That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.” The man stopped blowing on it and handed it to her. Jamie looked at the small flute like instrument and blew into it. “I have never seen or heard anything like that before, that is amazing, what is it called?”

“You can have it.” He extended his hand with the flute in it. Jamie placed the flute into her pocket and said thanks. The Sheppard said, “It is called a wind pipe flute taken from the very throat of Lucifer himself.” Jamie laughed nervously. “No really.” She noticed that all Sheppard’s heads were covered with a cloak and that only one side of their face was exposed. “So where are your sheep?” After she said that, concern welled up inside her and with a waiver in her voice, “You guys aren’t Sheppard’s at all are you?”

“You must be the one that is called Jamie.”

“Uh, how do you know my name?” Just then all the Sheppard’s ragged clothing blew off of them and there before her were five angels. All of them drew their swords and surrounded her. “Forgive me Shurod, let me introduce myself, my name is Jada and I need for you to come with me.” Jamie stepped backwards. Jada said, “You can’t run Shurod and besides there are five of us, don’t make this difficult you will only get hurt.” Jamie felt a tingle in her hand and she looked down to see a hand full of diamond shards materialize. She looked up at Jada with a smile on her face and said, “I got to go know.” All the angels moved in closer to her. She jumped into the air spun around shot her shards at the ground, which caused a small explosion and dirt to fly everywhere. She knew that she was no match for those angels so she wanted to surprise them and maybe just maybe she could out run them.

Jada yelled, “Get her, she will lead us to the Shurod lair” All the angels including Jada gave chase. Jamie with her super sensitive hearing heard what Jada said and changed direction because she was in fact going back to the lair. She knew that if they found the lair that terrible things could happen.

Jamie flew up and up trying to get out of sight of the angels, she stopped and hovered and looked around and didn’t see any of them. She took off again, I need help she thought.

Jada was right behind her and told the rest of the angels telepathically to surround her in the air. They were invisible to her and she didn’t even know it. Jada said to one of the angels, “Make sure that the red feather doesn’t explode. Just then Jamie released her feather and it shot high into the air. One of the angels saw the feather released and sped up to intercept it. He flew as fast as he could chasing after the feather. Right as he caught it in his hand it exploded, he cupped his hands and body around it and only faint red flash could be seen. The angel said, “I got it.”

Jada said, “Maybe it didn’t go off quite enough to alert our enemies.”

“Let’s hope so” another one of the angels said.

Jamie was breathing hard and her heart was pumping wildly. She looked back to see the feather not go off and she didn’t realize that another one had been formed in her wing already. Her body begun to glow and she gained even more speed. She flew about twenty-five miles before she felt that she is safe. She landed for a moment and caught her breathe and took off again. The angels were close and watching her. They wanted her to lead them to the Shurod lair, because they had plans for the secrets that it kept.

Jamie looked behind her and saw something coming up her fast. She was trying to out run it, but it was too late. Something grabbed her leg and she kicked at it. “What are you doing?” Dan said.

Jamie shrieked, “Dan!” she slowed down and explained to him what had just happened, immediately Dan released his feather, because he knew that he couldn’t handle five angels alone, maybe not even one. His training hadn’t even begun on fighting angels. Dan turned around, looked behind them, and saw five angels behind them. The feather exploded and the angels saw it. Dan said, “They are close to us, come on let’s move. They both blast through the air and caused a sonic boom, but the angels did the same.

Jada said, “For half-breeds they sure are faster than I remember.” One of the other angels nodded his head in agreement. “We have to catch them before re-enforcements arrive.” yelled Jada.

Jamie heard something piercing the air coming up on them fast. Jamie looked behind her and saw an array of diamond shards coming at them. “Dan, look out! Shards!” Jamie exclaimed. Dan grabbed Jamie and rolled their bodies in the air to avoid the shards. The shards whizzed by them at incredible speed. One of the shards sliced into Dan’s side. “That was a close one.” Jamie said. Dan looked at his left side and blood was pouring out. Dan said calmly, “Jamie I’m hit.” “What? Where” She looked down a saw his clothes were wet with blood. “Oh know we need help.”

One of the angels sniffed the air, “We hit one of them Jada, I can smell the blood in the air.” Jada smelled also and said, “Indeed, let’s move.” Jada broke off from the rest of the angels and climbed in the air above Dan and Jamie and focused on the two of them. He could see that Dan was hit so he speeded up to get in front of them.

“Dan! You can make it.” “I’m losing a lot of blood Jamie, we will have to stand and fight.”

“But how, we know nothing about fighting angels.”

“We will use what we know, let’s get closer to the ground, maybe we can out maneuver them.”


They dove toward the earth. Dan pointed; “Over there.” There was a forest full of trees with small hills, canyons and ravines. Dan held his side in pain and groaned. “Stay with me big bro.” “I’m good for the moment” Dan and Jamie weaved in and out of trees trying to avoid their pursuers. Jamie heard once again the familiar sound of the shards coming at them. “Dan they are shooting again.” Dan looked back and saw the shards coming at them. “Break off and meet me back in the air.” Jamie broke off from Dan and one of the angels told the two of them to follow her. Now Jamie and Dan had two angels in hot pursuit of them. Dan looked in front trying to figure out his next move. He saw a low lying tree and began to slow down. One of the angels said, “He is slowing down, he must be getting weak.”

“I think you are right.” The other replied.

The angels sped up and Dan looked behind him to see how close they were to him. “Come on.” Dan said to himself. One of Dan’s shards appeared into his hand and he grabbed it tightly. Just then he got a sharp pain in his side he grabbed his side and some of his blood dripped onto the shard. Dan saw a branch of a low lying tree and grabbed it as he flew by and shoved the shard into the tree branch he turned around and pulled it back. The angels were going so fast that they didn’t have time to react. He let go of the tree branch and it snapped back towards the angels. They tried to slow down but the tree branch hit both of them. The shard that was in the tree branch struck one of the angels in the throat and caused him to slam into the ground, he thrashed around like a fish out of water screaming in pain. The other angel was sent flying backwards and into the side of a mountain. Dan flew off to help Jamie.

Jamie was snaking in and around trees, rocks trying to lose her attackers. The other two angels shot their shards again at Jamie. Jamie banked into the air right as the shards were about to hit her and the shards blasts through some of the trees causing a small explosion, some of the shards pierced the trees splintering the wood severely. After a few moments the shards disappear into a puff of smoky glitter and return to their owners.

Dan turned around to see what became of the two angels and noticed that one of them was on the ground making and terrible noise, while the other one was trying to get up. He hovered in the air looking for any sign of Jamie. Then he saw her shooting up into the air with two angels hot on her tail. He flapped his wings and headed for the two angels. They had no idea that he was behind them. Dan sped up grimacing in pain from the shard strike. He yelled, “Hey!” The two angels stopped their pursuit on Jamie and looked back at Dan. “I’m the one you want.” Dan yelled. The two angels release their shards at Dan. Dan quickly dawned his wing armor and the shards bounced off of him. “You can do better that that.” Dan said. A voice behind him said, “Yes of course we can.” Dan spun around to see Jada in front of him hovering in the air. “Shurod, we finally meet face to face.” Dan looked at him for a moment and swore that he had seen this angel before. “Yes, Shurod we have met before, in your dreams.” Dan realized that the angel was indeed the one from his dream. “I can assure you that the will not come to pass.” Dan said angrily. Jada laughed, “You have no idea who you are dealing with boy.” “As a matter of fact I do, a traitor, that’s who you are.” Dan spit. Jada’s evil smile turned into anger and he ordered the other two angels by his side. They flew by Dan looking at him with hate in their eyes. As they passed by him the air caused his hair to move. Jada said, “Where are the other two of you?”

“Don’t know they were chasing him.” The angel pointed at Dan. Then from below a distant whimper. The angel that crashed when chasing Dan was flying up towards them. Dan looked down and saw the angel struggling to re-group. “Ah hear comes one know” Jada said.

Dan said, “What do you want?”

“Your blood of course.”

“Well you can’t have it.”

“We will see about that, you can’t run from us little one, you are hurt and there are four of us. You will never survive this battle today.” Jada said, in a sarcastic tone.

“I still have some tricks us my sleeve.” Dan said. Dan began to let his shards slip down into his hand slowly and light emitted from his hand. Jada smiled because he knew what Dan was thinking. The other two angels looked intensely at Dan then back at Jada then Dan. Dan got ready to fire his shards when he heard flapping noises from behind him. He doesn’t turn around. Jada and the other three angel’s expressions change in an instant and move slightly backwards. Dan said, “I see the tide has turned.”

Gapa and twenty of his most fierce warriors come up from behind Dan.

Gapa was one of the angels that lead the great fight at the Sintenna and killed many demons with his sword and shards.

Gapa moved up to Dan’s right side. Jada said, “Gapa” then Gapa said, “Jada?” They both nodded their heads at each other. They used to be in the same angel covert unit together and won many victories together. “Jada, I see that you have broken out of your prison.” Gapa said, “My fight isn’t with you and your comrades Gapa.”

“Oh but it is. You know that, or has Satan poised your mind so much that you have no memory.”

“Can’t you see he is just trying to free our brethren?”

“Our brethren made their choice many centuries ago who they would serve”. Jada looked at his three angels and ragged soiled garments for a moment. He remembered when his garments were white as snow, and longed to be in the presence of Lord once more. Jada shook his head side to side quickly, “Where were we?” “You said that your fight wasn’t with us and I said it was” “Oh, yes ok.” looking puzzled. The other two angels looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

“I need the Shurod Gapa.”

“Then we will battle each other for the Shurod.”

Dan spoke up, “I can take him.” Gapa looked at Dan and said, “Dan, Shurod you can’t prevail against him.”

“But I can Gapa” he said insistently “No! You can’t, angels possess skills that you know nothing about.” Jada spoke up, “You better listen to him boy!” Jada laughed with pride, pulled his sword out, and waved it at Dan. “To the ground then” Jada said.

All the angels flew towards the ground and Jamie fell in behind them. They all land and Gapa pulled out his sword and it made a soft sliding noise when he pulled it out of his belt. Jada’s eyes widened and Gapa went into an attack posture. Jada said, “Ready old friend?”

“Yes.” Jada acted like he was going to jump in the air which made Gapa lunge into the air. Jada looked up at Gapa and released his shards. Gapa blocked all the shards with his sword and sent them bouncing in all directions. Gapa yelled and swung his sword down at Jada. He blocked the attack but the power of Gapa made him fall down to one knee. Jada let out a groan. Gapa backed up and said, “Come on then.” Jada got up on both of his feet, rolled his head around swung his sword in the air and said, “You’ve gotten stronger than I remembered.”

Dan, Jamie and all the angels watched as the two battled each other for the prize. Jada shot up into the air and Gapa followed him. They kicked and punched at each other, attacking and counter attacking. It was a sight to be seen. Then a loud explosion and smoke engulfed the two. Then from out of the smoke Jada came falling from the sky hit the ground bounced a few times and came to a rolling stop. Gapa flew down and placed the tip of his sword at Jada’s throat. Jada’s angels griped their swords tightly and filled their hands with shards. Gapa said, “What say you old friend, do you yield and live another day?” “Jada looked at his two comrades and they knew what to do. Both of them flew at Gapa with impressive speed and hit Gapa sending him soaring in the opposite direction. As Gapa was tumbling out of control he stretched out both of his hands and released two bright blue pulses of light, that hit the two angels. Gapa shot a temporary angel bubble that trapped the two angels momentarily. They can do nothing except float around. They struggle and try to break it from the inside but it was no use. Jada got up off the ground, flew to his comrades, sliced open the bubbles, and released them. He turned around and pointed his sword at Gapa, “I will get you Gapa!” he said with discontent in his voice. “And I will free my brethren” Then flew off out of site.

Gapa turned and looked at Dan, “You need to get that wound looked at.”

“Jamie and I are headed back to the lair”

“Very well, you should have no trouble with those angels, at least for a while.” Dan said, “Thank you Gapa, thank all of you for your help” All the angels give an angel salute. “We will accompany you back to the lair”

“Thanks” Dan said with a waiver in his voice. “Wait!” Dan said.

“What is it Shurod?” “There were five of them where is the other one?” Gapa said, “There are more of them?”

“Yes, I think I hurt one of them while they were chasing me.”

“Well let’s see what has become of him.” Gapa barked out orders, “Find the hurt one” All the other angels split off and comb the area. “Tell me Shurod, where was the last place that you saw this abomination”

“This way, follow me” Dan flew towards the tree. “Here, this is where I saw them last before you arrived. Gapa took out a small horn and blew on it. All the angels come to the sound re-group on Gapa; “Look all around here” Some of the angels take to the air while other search on foot. “Are you sure there was another Shurod?”

“Yes, two were chasing me and two were chasing my sister.”

“Alright, if he is here we will find him” After searching for a few minutes one of the angels said, “Here, he’s over here” Dan, Jamie and all the angels converged on the voice. On the ground before them was the angel that Dan had wounded. He was making gurgling noises, holding his throat. Gapa pushed through the crowd and was stunned at the scene. He turned and looked at Dan, “How did this happen?” Dan explained to him what he had done. “It doesn’t make any sense that shouldn’t have caused such damage.” Gapa said, “This angel is about to be relieved of this earth, let me see your shards Shurod.” Dan held out both his hands and showed Gapa all his shards. “Hmm, interesting”

“What?” Dan said.

“Give me your shards for a moment. Dan handed his shards to him and Gapa inspected each one individually. When he came across the fourth one he noticed that it hand blood on it. He gave all the shards back to Dan except one. “I wonder?” Gapa said. He kneeled down and grabbed the angels arm and made a small cut. The angel’s flesh started to melt away from the cut. Gapa’s eyes widened and said, “Alright”

“What?” Dan said.

“It appears that the life force that flows through your veins is highly toxic to angels.” Gapa pulled the angels hands from around his neck and reviled the shard impact with the flesh being eaten away. Gapa stood back up and placed his hand over the angel. “I release you my comrade” The angel was full of fear and twitched and turned making all sorts of noises. The angel disappeared. “Where did he go?” Dan said.

“Back where he belongs.” The angel reappeared in the prison shackled to the wall from where he escaped. He looked around to see that he was back in the prison and cried out, “NO!” it echoed through the entire prison and made all the angels yell out.

One of Jada’s angels hovered high in the air and observed what took place on the ground with his fallen comrade. One of the Gapa’s angels that was on the ground pointed up at the evil angel and yelled, “There!” Everyone that was present turned and looked up and saw the angel looking down at them. Another angel drew his sword and started to fly up after him. He got about fifty feet in the air when Gapa told him to stop. The angel stopped and looked back at Gapa with a look of disappointment. “Another time.” Gapa said. The evil angel smirked, then huffed and flew off out of sight. The other angel floated back down and landed by Gapa, “I could have taken him Gapa.” as he twirled his sword with impressive precision. Gapa smiled, “I know, you are a good soldier, but this fight is over for now.” Then he placed his hand on the angel’s shoulder and squeezed firmly.

Dan placed his arm around Jamie’s neck and they headed back towards the lair.

Gapa looked at one of his soldiers and said, “Something is not right.”

“What do you mean Gapa?” the soldier replied.

“Why did he give up so easy, he was a fierce warrior long ago”

“Maybe his imprisonment has made him soft?”

“I suppose, but still I fear there is an underlying plot, I just can’t figure it out.”

“Gapa, there is always a plot when Satan is involved.”

Gapa nodded his head, “You speak wisely.” then he thought for a moment, “Sephri, you come with me, the rest of you escort the Shurod back to the lair. Both Gapa and Sephri took off and we gone in an instant.

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