Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The Blood rock that resides outside of the Shurod lair holds the memories and all the powers of the past Shurod’s combined. The blood that stained the ground was sacred in a sense. When Jesus Christ was crucified his blood poured out onto the cross it ran down landing on a small rock about the size of an apple. After Jesus’ body was removed from the cross, roman soldiers who were in charge of picking up their heinous tools of torture noticed a rock that had blood on it. He picked the rock with the dried blood on it and said, “Look, I have the blood of the Hebrew king.” All the roman soldiers mocked the name of Jesus as they worked. “I will keep this as a souvenir.” The soldier shouted. “I always wanted to have royal blood.” again, the soldiers laughed and mocked the name of Jesus.

Standing off in the distance was a man that was part of the secret sect called the “Kinsmen.” He was watching the soldiers as they worked. When he heard what the soldier said, he knew that he must retrieve this small piece of earth and keep it safe. The solider looked towards the man and placed his hand on his brow to block the sun so that he could see the man off in the distance. The soldier spat on the ground staring at the man. The Kinsmen garments were blowing in the wind, and quickly he turned around and walked away. The soldier thought to himself, “That was strange.” and went back to working. Then the heavens turned black and a great storm lashed out, pounding the area with rain, hail and high winds. The soldier placed the rock in his pocket and headed for cover.

The rain had ceased and the sun was about to set, a pair of eyes watched a roman soldier as his headed home from a long day of serving as a roman crucifer. Bokar who was the ancestor of Anar was following close behind the soldier in order to obtain the precious relic. He ducted in and out of alleys to conceal himself from the soldier’s sight. The soldier felt like he was being followed and turned a corner and waited to see if is hunch was correct. Slowly he leaned his head around the corner and looked back. Bokar saw the soldier turn the corner quickly so he waited to also. After a few seconds, the soldier shrugged his shoulders and discounted the feeling he had. He continued on to his home, unlocked his door, and went inside.

He took off his sword and helmet, placed them on a table, and proceeded to get him something to eat. Bokar circled around the house, looked through a small window, and saw the soldier eating. He had to figure out how to get the rock from the soldier. He was a pretty big man and a well-seasoned soldier and knew how to handle himself in a combat situation.

Some children were playing outside the soldier’s home making a lot of racket; Bokar gathered a bunch of rocks and approached the children. Bokar motioned for the children to come to him and they did. They gathered around him and he whispered something to them and handed them some money and a hand full of rocks. One of the children smiled and said, “No problem.” the children ran off and Bokar slipped back behind the soldier’s house.

The soldier was trying to wind down but the sound of the children outside his home was annoying him. He sat down in a chair and felt a small pain on his right side. He lifted up his right hip and pulled out the rock from his pocket. He tossed it up in the air and caught it and made a fist then laid the rock on the table, when he heard something hit his door. “Stupid kids.” he said with a sour tone. Bokar saw the rock on the table and he focused his attention on it. He starred at it intensely, when he realized this was the opportunity he had been waiting for. He quickly ran to the corner of the house, made a noise at the children, “Psst.” and made a throwing motion. The children ran to the front of the soldier’s house and started throwing rocks at his door. The soldier jumped up and opened the door, “Get out of here, go home.” he yelled out. The children continued to throw rocks at the soldier. He tried to block the rocks with his arms. Bokar hopped in through the window and snatched the rock off the table then jumped back through it and took off running as fast as he could. The soldier shook his fist and said, “I know your parents.” all the kids ran off screaming and giggling. The soldier walked back into his home and shut the door. He walked by the table and noticed that the rock was gone then looked at the window and was baffled on what had just happened.

The thud of feet running grabbed the attention of an old woman sitting outside her home making clay pots. She looked up and saw Bokar running through a small alley at full speed. He placed a small pipe in his mouth and blew on it. Bleep, bleep, bleep the pipe made a noise. Then he was joined by other Kinsmen that were in ear shot of the noise. This unique noise signaled to the Kinsmen that were in the surrounding area that there was a very important message that needed to be delivered and that he needed help and protection. Bokar ran by another house and a man busted out of his home and joined him. After a few minutes there were at least twelve of them running side by side.

Up ahead of them was a patrol of roman guards that were making their rounds. One of the soldiers said, “Look, what do we have here.” Six roman soldiers saw twelve men running at them and one of them said, “Stop, in the name of Caesar.” Bokar who was carrying the message fell back behind the rest of the Kinsmen. “Halt!” the roman officer shouted. The Kinsmen took out there swords and prepared to protect the message with their lives. The roman soldiers also pulled their swords. One of the Kinsmen said, “Move out of our way!”

“Attack!” the roman officer said. The Kinsmen and the soldiers had a swift battle and the six roman soldiers laid dead on the ground. They continued until they reached the head Kinsmen men. Bokar busted in through a door, out of breathe he said, “Master I have the blood of Christ!” The head Kinsman stood up and was in shock by what his ears had just heard. “What is this you speak of?” Bokar explained to him what he had witnessed and what he had in his possession. He took the stone out of his pocket and revealed the rock. The head Kinsmen put on his sword on. “We must keep this in a safe place for all eternity. Give me the rock.” The man placed the rock into the head Kinsmen hand, when the rock touched his bare skin, he saw a vision. The vision shown to him was one that disturbed him greatly. He saw a furious battle between demons and angels. He observed many different scenes of supernatural things and visions into the future. The beginnings of the Shurod was about to begin. As he came out of his vision he said, “Gather supplies and take them here.” he pointed at a map, “Leave them here.”

“My lord, you want me to just leave all these supplies out in the middle of nowhere, so thieves will squander and take what they want?”

“Do it!”

“Yes, my lord.” Bokar gathered food water and other supplies and placed them on the back of an old mule and delivered the supplies to the exact location he was instructed too.

In Jerusalem in a small run down home that bore the insignia of King David on the outside. On a bed inside the small run down home was a small boy wiggling around in some discomfort. The young boy was dreaming and not a pleasant one either. The boy woke up to see an arm with a hand on fire suspended above his body. The boy was very frightened and laid there motionless. His eyes were stretched wide open and he didn’t move a muscle as he watched the arm move above him. The hand swirled around the boy’s body leaving a golden dust like substance in the air above him. The golden substance fell onto the boys flesh, as it touched his flesh it changed into a liquid and penetrated his skin. The young boy saw what was going and begun to feel strangely.

He woke up the next morning and told his parents about the dream that he had and they told him that he had a wild imagination. The young boy knew that something was different about him. As he got older he noticed that he could sense things before they happened. He began to see strange visions of demonic creatures and had many dreams about him fighting them. Night after night as a young boy he woke up in a cold sweat screaming. The boy’s parents were concerned, took him to the Jewish synagogue, and had priests pray over him, because they thought he might have been possessed. This went on for a period of time and the parents thought it would be best if they set up a meeting with a priest.

The boy and his parents were walking up some stairs to meet with the priest. The priest was dipping his hands into a small bowl of water to clean his hands when he stopped and looked towards the door. The priest became highly aware that something supernatural was about to happen to him. He looked at the door for a moment and heard someone knocking on it. This made the priest jump, he picked up a small towel and dried his hands and face off. “Just a minute please.” he said with a crack in his voice. He threw the towel down and took a deep breath and opened the door. There before him was the young boy. He looked at his parents and extended his hand out to the boy. “I will speak with the child alone.” the parents agreed, turned, and walked away.

The priest led the child to a small chair and said, “Sit please young one.” The little boy complied and said, “Are you going to make my bad dreams go away?” in an innocent voice.

“I will try, but let’s find out about you.”

“My name is Jadeem, what else do you want to know?” The boy said.

“Tell me about your dreams?”

The boy started to tell the priest about some of his dreams which disturbed him so much that he had to tell the boy to stop. The priest said “Wait here I will be back soon.”

The priest left the room and rushed down into his personal library and searched for a scroll “Where is it?” he said under his breathe. “Ah there it is.” he picked it up and blew the dust off of it. On the outside of it bared the drawings of a man with lighting shooting out of his back and a pair of angel wings. The priest took a deep breath and opened it slowly. He started to read the contents of the scroll. He put the scroll down at his waist and said, “Could it be?” Then continued reading and read that the Shurod would have two small humps on their backs that were unformed angel wings. He rolled the scroll back up and walked back to the room where the boy was at.

When the priest walked back into the room, the boy was on his knees in the chair with his back towards the door staring out a window. When he came back into the room the boy turned around and his face was glowing in the same manner as Moses’ face was after he had come down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments. The priest stumbled backwards but caught his balance knocking over some small clay pots on a table. “Surely you are blessed by God.” he said, then swallowed hard. The young boy looked at the priest and said, “You have been chosen to be my guardian.” the priest motioned for the boy to come closer; cautiously he placed his hands on the shoulders of the boy and turned him around. He ran his hand along his back, and then paused for a moment. He was overcome with fear and excitement all at the same time. “Could this be the one?” he thought. He felt the two small humps on the boys back and was astonished by what he knew to be true. He quickly summoned the parents of the boy and told them that he was special in the eyes of the Lord and that he needed to stay with the priest for a while for more evaluation. They agreed and left the boy with the priest.

After a few years went by, the young boy was getting older he now was about eighteen years of age. The priest had taught him many things about God and what evil lurked behind the veil of mortality. He had been educated in many different languages and in the art of supernatural warfare, but it was time for him to go and seek out his destiny.

The young man said his goodbyes to the priests and turned to walk away. The priest said, “My son, take this.” he handed him a piece of scroll that had a name on it and gave him a hug along with a holy kiss. “Seek this man out, he is name is Joseph of Arimathaea he will give you a place to work and shelter, it has already been arranged.” The young man thanked the priest and walked away. The priest stood there and watched him until he was out of sight and all he could see was the dust from the young man feet from walking on the dirt road. A tear fell from the priests’ eye and he said in Hebrew, “God be with you.”

A few years later, Jadeem grew into a man; he was out in fields tending to a flock of sheep when he was visited by and angel of the Lord. The angel’s face was covered with a cloak and said. “Peace be unto you.” the young man fell to the ground to show honor and submission. “No need for you to bow down to me, we both serve the same master.” The young man slowly lifted his head off the ground, and began to stand up onto his feet. “Are you an angel?”

“Indeed” the angel said softly.

“What do you want with me?”

“You and your future bloodline are tasked with keeping.” The young man started to faint as he listened to the angel. The angel grabbed him by his shoulders and sat him down. Just like every Shurod that heard what they are to become and what they were responsible for, always threw up. The angel took a step back and made a squeamish face as the young man lost his breakfast. The man took a deep breath and wiped his mouth off. The angel continued to inform him of his role within the supernatural realm.

The angel led him to a cave located on the Mount of Olives. “This will be your new home for now on and all who succeed you.”

“What, there is nothing here for me.” he said.

“You will have all you need, Shurod.”

“My name isn’t Shurod, its Jadeem”

“This is your name for now on; this is what you will be called by all the heavenly hosts.” The angel looked upwards with awe in his eyes and a glow about his face. “There will be a man that you will meet in four days’ time at the foot of this mount. He will give you a rock.”

“A rock?”

“When he gives it to you, you call out to me, and I will return to you. It is very important that you guard this with your life”

“A rock, what is so important about a rock?” the angel departed before his eyes. Then he heard a voice, “Remember four days.”

Close to the entrance of the cave was at least a week’s supply of food, water and bedding with blankets. He looked around waiting to see someone or something, but saw no one. He shrugged his shoulders, took the supplies into the cave, put them down, and began to explore his new home. There was natural light that shown about into the cave in some places, he decided the make the best of it and started a fire because night was beginning to creep in.

He unpacked all the supplies and found that the cave was more suitable than he had thought. It had many different crevices in it which made it very useful for putting things on. He walked down a small passageway that opened up into a room. “Hmm” he thought to himself.

As he walked around inside the room, he noticed that there was a hole in the cave floor. He bent over, picked up a small stone, and threw it down the hole. He paused for a moment and waited for it to hit the bottom. He cocked his head he listed with anticipation but never heard the stone hit bottom. “I better cover this up, I don’t want to fall down there.” he thought to himself. The rock finally landed and he heard a fluttering noise, then one single feather floated down and landed by the rock. The hole was the passageway to the prison where the fallen angels were kept.

Jadeem was walking back into town when he heard a great noise on the road up ahead. He jogged toward the noise to get a better look at a crowd that surrounded a man riding on a donkey. He came up from behind spectator and tapped him on the shoulder. “Excuse me, what is going on here?” the man turned around with a smile, as he had never seen, “The Messiah is here?”

“Who is he?”

The man danced around for a few seconds and screamed out at the top of his lungs, “Yeshua!” This got Jesus’ attention when he heard his name yelled out and he looked directly into the eyes of the Jadeem. All the surrounding activity and noise was silenced. Jadeem heard a still small voice, “Will you do my work?” he stood there in a dead stare as they locked eyes upon each other. Jesus pierced Jadeem’s soul with just a look. “Yes, Lord I will.” when Jesus heard his answer he turned away and continued to enjoy all the dancing and palm leaves waving around him. The sounds of the crowd and people singing and dancing slowly came back. Jadeem shook his head side to side then ran back to the cave confused.

Three days later Jadeem walked back into town and Jerusalem was buzzing with the news of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. He was dismayed at the news that he overheard because just a few days ago he saw him alive and well. Groups of Jewish men were all huddled together talking softly about the death of Jesus. All the men in the group had a red piece of cloth around their waist. He walked up to the group of men and asked them who they were. They looked at him and one of the men reached for a dagger that was attached to the red cloth. Another man looked at him and shook his head, no. The man placed the dagger back down into its sheath.

“Who are you?” He said in an integrating tone. Not wanting to give his name, he said,

“I am Shurod.”

Astonished, he said. “How do you know that name?”

“It is none of your concern brother.” he uttered.

“I am Jaka leader of the Kinsmen.”

“Kinsmen? What is that?”

Then from behind him a familiar voice cried, “Jadeem, where have you been my boy?” it was Joseph of Arimathaea for whom he had worked for, for a few years, “I have been looking for you boy.” Jadeem turned around and said, “I was just talking to these men here.” he turned around and they were all gone, nowhere in sight. “My boy are you alright, I haven’t seen you in a week”

“Yes, I am fine, I am sorry for not telling you where I have been, something has happened to me and I am trying to figure it out”

“Are you in any kind of trouble” Joseph said.

“No” as he looked around for the men he was just talking too.

“I need for you to go my tomb and pick up the tomb stone that covers the entrance. There will be someone there to help you. I have a cart with a mule already there waiting for you”

“Your tomb? Why?”

“Haven’t you heard of the man Jesus?”

“Yes, of course he was crucified three days ago, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, I petitioned Pilate for his body and used my tomb to bury his body”

“So why do you want the tomb stone, if he is buried there?”

“He is no longer there, my boy, he has risen” he raised his hands in the air.

“What! What do you mean risen?”

“He is the Messiah and death couldn’t contain him, he has been seen by many people walking in the streets and preaching to them.” Somewhat in disbelief he agreed to do what Joseph asked of him.

Jadeem walked towards the tomb of Jesus, and noticed that roman guards were putting out a small campfire and gathering weapons, and were leaving the area. He walked up a small trail and finally stood in the entrance of the tomb and peeked inside, “Hello.” he looked around for a moment and saw that there was no one around to help him. The stone was pretty big and would take at least five strong men to lift it onto the small cart.

Feet shuffling on the ground got his attention and one man appeared to him, “I am here to help you, Shurod” It was a little Jewish man with leathery skin, about 4’2 with tattered garments. “Umm, how do you know that name?” The man ignored him and said, “Well let’s get this on the cart shall we” he pointed to the stone.

“I don’t think that we can do this by ourselves”

“Oh yes, we can, you grab that side and I’ll get this side.” They both grasped the heavy stone together and lifted it with ease. “See I told you we could do it Shurod.” Jadeem couldn’t believe that he had lifted the stone with so little effort, and then asked the man what his name was. He smiled at him and said, “Goleg” then walked off and disappeared around the corner of the tomb. Jadeem scratched his head and thought, “There is something strange going on here.” Again he looked around and realized that Joseph never told him what to do with the tombstone so he assumed that he was to take it back to his Joseph’s home. He leaned into the cart, grabbed a small whip, and hit the mule on the backside so that it would move. The mule jumped and a kicked a few times then bolted down a narrow path and left Jadeem wearing mud on his face and clothes. He chased after the cart, but the mule was too fast and left him behind. “Oh great now what am I going to do.” he shouted.

He looked up into the sky and said, “What is going on, I need some answers.” he bowed his head and started back towards the cave. The cool wind was blowing tenderly against his face and the clouds provided some shade. There had been a great storm a few days earlier which left all the roads muddy. As he walked, he began to feel strangely, and his back pulsed with sharp pains. He remembered what the priest had taught him, “When there is an evil presence around you, you will feel it in your back.” Jadeem looked around and saw nothing as first. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw what looked like a small shadow beneath a rock. He moved in for a closer look and the shadow became more perceptible and took on a demonic form. He was surprised to see something so supernatural and kneeled down for a closer look. The creature looked at him dead in the eye, then around him and said, “Die!” then jumped at him, which made him fall backwards into a small mud puddle. Something had spooked the demon to make him run off. The little demon vanished into a cloud of black smoke. Jadeem patted his body to make sure that he wasn’t injured in any way. “What was that?” he thought, then he heard a voice from behind him “It is your time my son.” Jadeem looked up and saw a man dressed in traditional Jewish apparel with his head covered up. The man extended his hand and helped Jadeem up off the ground. Jadeem said thank you while he wiped the mud off of his clothes. Then realized that it was Jesus and said, “Master” Jesus looked at Jadeem, “You call me master, and you speak well, for so I am.”

“I heard that you were crucified” Jadeem said.

“I was dead but now have risen, see the holes in my hands and feet from the roman nails that pierced my body” Jesus held out his hands then lifted his clothes so that his feet were exposed. Jadeem looked at Jesus in awesome wonder. Jesus continued, “You are the first of your kind Shurod, and there will be few that succeed you before my return to reclaim the earth from the wicked one. The blood that flows through your veins is one of the purest in the history of humanity and from the house of David. You have my favor if you just believe in me that I am the son of God you shall be saved. Jadeem looked at Jesus’ eyes and saw the love that poured out from them. He began to weep and fell down at Jesus’ feet. “What must I do Lord to do your work?” Jesus placed his hand on top of Jadeem’s head. He began to feel warmth all over his body. His back started to tingle and his lip began to quiver. His eyes squinted and his shoulders moved forward towards Jesus. “Believe in me that is all.”

“I do believe, I do believe,” he cried out. He sniffed a few times then looked up at Jesus to find that he was gone. Jadeem stood up and felt differently, he wiped the tears from his eyes, took a deep breath and continued walking back to the cave. His attitude had changed from asking why? Too, I will be obedient; he knew from that encounter with Jesus that he was born to serve him. All the teachings that had been taught to him were beginning to make sense now. He sensed that something miraculous was about to happen to him, but he had no idea what to expect next.

Jadeem approached the Shurod Lair when he heard a familiar sound of a mule bellowing. He looked around and walked to the back of the cave. There was a ledge that had a huge drop off. He leaned over, poked his head over the edge, and said, “Whoa” The mule was positioned right by the ledge, when the sound of wood breaking got his attention, the wooden cart fell apart and the entrance stone fell onto the ground with a thud. It spooked the mule and it ran off dragging parts of the cart behind him making a clanging noise. Jadeem stood there and looked at the stone for a moment. He stepped up onto the tomb stone, and then sat down on it. His legs dangled over the edge of the cliff, as he looked around swinging his feet back and forth. He begun to hum a song he learned when he was a child and picked up some small pebbles and begin to throw them over the cliff. “Ouch!” he heard someone say. Jadeem looked down and saw a man with just standing beneath him in the middle of nowhere. The man looked up and yelled, “Watch it.” Jadeem stood up and thought what was someone doing out here. Then he remembered what the angel told him about him meeting a man in four days at the base of the mount. He hastily got up, brushed himself off, and rushed down to meet the man.

The man that was down at the bottom was Bokar, Jadeem approached cautiously because he had recognized the red colored cloth around the man waist.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Jadeem demanded.

“Are you the one known as Shurod?” Jadeem was taken aback by the question.

“Yes, who are you?”

“I am Bokar from the Kinsmen”

“Kinsmen?” Jadeem said. “Yes, we are here to assist you anyway possible.” he bowed his head in reverence.

“Are you the people who gave me supplies?”


“Thank you for that” showing his appreciation. “Do you have something for me?” Bokar not knowing for sure if the man standing before him was who he said he was asked a question. “If you are the Shurod then you already know what I have to give you.”

“Yes as a matter of fact I do.” Jadeem said.

“Well hear it is” Bokar handed him a small piece of bread. Jadeem extended his hand and took the bread and broke it in half and handed a piece back and said,

“Brothers break bread together.” and they both ate. Bokar started to leave when Jadeem said, “But don’t you have something else you need to give me?” Bokar stopped and smiled then turned around.

“And what might that be Shurod?”

“A piece of earth perhaps” Jadeem said. Bokar reached from behind him and pulled around a small pouch. Jadeem looked at the pouch.

“Is it in there?” “Depends on what you are talking about” he replied in a questionable manner.

“The rock.” Bokar couldn’t believe what he was hearing, Jaka had told him about the Shurod but he was still undecided about the old writings of the ancients. He kneeled down in front of Jadeem, removed the rock from the pouch, placed it in both of his hands, and raised his arms up over his head so Jadeem could take it from him. Jadeem took the rock out of his hands and examined it carefully, he noticed that it was stained with something but wasn’t sure what it was.

“What is this on the rock.” he asked Bokar.

“It is the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.”


“Yes it is true, I was tasked with delivering this sacred rock for you to protect.”

“You are not going to believe me when I tell you this but I just saw Jesus a few hours ago.”

“You did?” he said in a high pitched tone.

“Yes he is alive and well.”

“The prophecies are coming to past at last.” Bokar said excitedly. “You saw God in human flesh?”

“Yes, and he told me that I am the first of my kind.”

“Surely you are Shurod, blessings be to you. I have but one request of you Shurod, if you would grant me this small favor.” He bowed his head.

“Of course what is it?”

As he looked up he said, “Can I see your wings?”

“Wings? I’m not a bird man.”

“It is written that you are supposed to have wings.”

“I can assure you that I have no wings.” Just as he finished his sentence he felt a quiver in his back which made him feel uncomfortable. “I must go know”

“As you wish Shurod”

Bokar stood up and watched Jadeem walk away, when he noticed movement on his back beneath his shirt. Bokar smiled and walked away in the opposite direction excited about this new era in life. Seeing Jadeem just solidified his belief even more.

Jadeem walked back to where the tombstone was and lifted his arms towards the heavens and shouted; “Angel, I have the rock.” He looked around and saw nothing. He took a deep breath and exhaled and kicked at the dirt. He begun to doubt the encounter with the angel he had a few days earlier. His logic overran his emotion and he thought about all the supernatural happenings that he had experienced and rationalized that he wasn’t mad but merely a tool for God to use. He mumbled, “Angels, demons, wings? This is crazy”

“Greetings Shurod.” A voice came from behind him. Jadeem turned quickly to see the angel that he saw before. “I have the rock you spoke of.”

“Excellent.” the angel batted his eyes one time.

“Do you want it?” he hesitated.

“No you hold on to it for a minute.” The angel pulled his sleeves back on his garment.

The angel looked at the tombstone. “Is this the tombstone that was in front of Jesus’ tomb?”

“Yes it is.”

The angel stepped toward Jadeem, put out his arms, and pushed him gently back behind him. Then reached out his arm, pointed his hand at the stone and light began radiant out around his hand and arm. A bolt of bluish green light hit the tombstone and started to turn into a pool of molten rock. The liquefied rock was turning in a clockwise fashion like it was being stirred.

The angel said, “Place the rock in the center of the molten rock, but you must place your hand as far as it will go.”

Jadeem was hesitant, “You want me to put my hand into the melted rock? Are you crazy?”

Without missing a beat the angel said, “Yes, you will not be harmed in any way.”

Jadeem said with a degree of disbelief “Ok, if you say so.”

He walked over, kneeled down by the edge of the swirling pool of rock, and proceeded to push the rock into the center. First it was just his hand, then he kept pushing and it covered his forearm then almost to his shoulder. He turned his head in the opposite direction and closed his eyes when he felt that he couldn’t push and more. He let go of the rock and began to pull his arm out, when something started to happen to him. The substance that he encountered as a child that penetrated his skin began to seep out of his pores and mix with the rock. The pool of liquefied rock glowed red and blue and tiny sparks of light shot out in every direction. Jadeem could hear a low humming noise and knew that something was happening. His mind was racing and his heart was pumping frantically like a rabbit running from a coyote. He finally pulled his arm out of the rock and fell backwards onto his back. The angel dropped his hand and Jadeem moved backwards on all fours and stood back up, “Wow that was intense, did you see that?” The angel looked at him and smiled, took a deep breath and blew on the stone to cool it off. Jadeem watched in pure astonishment at the incredible sight. After it had cooled the angel said, “You are the chosen one, Shurod, you carried the signature of God in your veins for many of you human years. The substance has mixed with the blood of God and has confirmed you as the prison gate keeper.” He pointed to the tombstone, “This place will now be called blood rock, this place is scared and all who succeed you will receive their wings and special abilities here at this very place. Take your place at the threshold of a new beginning.” His voice boomed with power. Jadeem stepped up onto the rock and his body stiffened and was engulfed in light, then he yelled out, and wings shot out from his back, while the angel gave praise to the Lord of all of heaven and earth.

Jadeem came too hours later and found that he indeed he had wings. He flapped them a few times which made him rise up off the ground. He had trouble with his balance for a few minutes until he began to get the hang of it. Since he was the first Shurod most of his abilities came more natural, than the Shurod’s that would succeed him. Jadeem hovered in the air and then landed and he practiced that move a few times until he was comfortable with doing it. He stretched out his shoulders and noticed that his wings started to retract back inside his back slowly. After he figured out how to hide his wings he walked over to the edge of the cliff and looked over it. He made a grimacing face and thought, there is no way that I will jump off that. His feet dangled over the edge of the cliff and fear raced in his mind. Jadeem looked down, “That’s a long ways down” Small amounts of dirt fell from the edge of the cliff and blew in the wind. All the sudden he was pushed forward by and unseen force and was sent tumbling through the air. He screamed as loud, when he heard a voice in his ear, “Open your wings Shurod.” quickly he regained his composure and forced his wings out. His wings caught air like a parachute which caused him to stop immediately He let out a holler and said, “Yes!” then he looked down below him to see a pile of thorns directly below him. That would have hurt he thought to himself. He looked up and flapped his wings one time, which sent him soaring back up the ledge where he was just at. He landed and said, “Where are you?” the angel appeared to him, “Right here Shurod” Jadeem was a little angry because he was pushed off edge of the mount. “What is your name angel, you do have a name don’t you?”

“Yes of course, my name is Sephri.” He uncovered his head and bowed his head slightly.

“Sephri, huh.”

“I am here to assist you with your knowledge of the supernatural and teach you the ways in which will keep you alive.”

“Yes, I can plainly see that you are trying to keep me alive by pushing me off that cliff.” as he pointed at the ledge.

Sephri smiled and said, “We will have many years together Shurod.”

“Oh yeah, how many exactly.”

“I can’t tell you that, only he knows the answer to that question.” Sephri looked upwards. “What I can tell you is that your life expediency supersedes the normal life span of a normal finite being.”

“Well I think that’s a good thing, isn’t it?” he said in a doubtful manner.

“It is a good thing, as you put it, but you have much to learn.”

And so it began as foretold by the ancient Hebrew scribes, that a man would receive angelic traits and aid the angels of God in defending the prison where the evil angels were housed. This would be the beginning of a new beginning.

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