Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Finally Dan and Jamie made it back to the lair. They landed and heard muffled voices coming from within the cave. Jamie was helping Dan into the cave; his arm was draped around her neck while he was holding his side in pain. Jamie stopped and said, “Let me go in and see what’s going on.” she sat Dan down on the ground outside. He looked up at her and motioned for her to go. He made a grunting noise which caused Jamie to stop and look back at him. Dan said, “I’m ok, go on.” Jamie walked into the cave and found Jerom, Gapa and Sephri talking. She looked around the corner and heard Jerom say that it was time for Dan to start his new training with Gapa. Gapa shook his head no, and said he wasn’t strong enough yet to make it back. Jamie was puzzled, walked in, and interrupted the meeting. “Ah here they are now.” Jerom said.

“Dan is hurt pretty bad; he was hit by a shard.”

Jerom limped off to go get some special medicine that the Shurod’s use to doctor wounds. Jamie looked at Gapa and Sephri, “What training were you referring to.”

Sephri looked at Gapa then turned around a walked away. “Dan must go through angelic fighting training.”

“Well let’s get to it then.” she snapped back. “We just got our butts kicked and Dan is hurt.”

“It’s not that simple Jamie” Gapa said with one eyebrow raised and his jaw moved to one side.

“What do you mean?”

Gapa walked around behind Jamie and placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned down and whispered something in her ear. Jamie snapped her head and looked directly into Gapa’s eyes and said “No.” she placed her hands in the palm of her hands and started to cry.

Jerom walked back into the room and saw Jamie crying and knew that Gapa had told her what needed to happen for Dan to become who he needed to be. He dropped his head and went to tend to Dan wounds.

Jerom was still weak from his wounds that he received months earlier when he battled Joe Miller’s assassins. Jerom kneeled down with a moan and opened a leather pouch with some red powder in it. He emptied some of the contents into his hand. With his other hand he opened Dan’s shirt and rubbed the powder onto his wound. Dan grimaced in pain. “You will be better soon my son.” Jerom helped him up, took him into the cave, and laid him down. “Rest now for you will need your strength very soon.” Dan passed out and began to sleep.

Jerom knew that Jamie needed him, so he went to try and console her. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly. Jamie buried her head into his chest “It’s too dangerous.” she sobbed.

Jerom said with great concern in his voice, “It’s the only way, and I am too old and weak to do it myself, besides my time is running out. I have run the race of life and will soon meet the one that I have devoted my entire life for.” He kissed her on top of her head.

Jamie screamed out, “No it’s not fair father.” Jerom began to tear up also because he knew that Dan may not make it back after the training especially since he was hurt already. He had to start his training right away, because Gapa’s messengers had reported a lot of demonic battalion movement recently.

A few hours had passed and Jamie was still sniffling. Jerom went to wake Dan and told him to follow him because they needed to talk. Dan got up on his own strength, “I feel a lot better father.”

“Good, because we have important matters to discuss.”

“This sounds important.” Dan said nervously and looked at the blood stain on his shirt..

Dan followed Jerom into his room. Gapa and Sephri walked through the cave wall and stood before them.

Dan nodded his head “Gapa, Sephri thank you for all your help.”

Sephri stepped in front of Gapa, “Don’t thank us yet Shurod.”

“What do you mean, what is going on?”

Gapa stepped forward, “Shurod you need to go through the ancient art of angelic warfare.”

“Ok, what do I need to do.” then he paused, “I’m not going to enjoy this am I?”

Gapa said, “This has never been done and there is a chance that you will not survive this.”

“What? You guys are angels for Pete sakes.” he said agitated. “What do you mean this has never been done before.”

Gapa placed his hands together and placed them on his mouth. “You will have to be impaled with an angelic sword held by a mortal man.”

“Oh is that all?” he said sarcastically.

Jerom broke in, “Dan it is the only way for you to reach the supernatural dimension, where the training can be conducted.”

“By shoving a sword into my chest?” he shrieked. Dan walked around in a circle with both of his hands on his head and elbows sticking out, “no, no, no there has to be another way.” He blurted. Then brought his hands down over his face and ran them over his mouth.

“There is no other way.” Gapa said.

Jerom looked at Gapa with severe passion for he son.

“Dan!” Gapa said calmly.

“What!” he yelled back looking at Gapa in great distress.

“Will you do it?” he said softly, he knew that this was a gamble at best and would not think any less of Dan if he decided to opt out of the plan.

A soft light lit up the room and both Gapa and Sephri assumed a prone position. Dan and Jerom looked around the room in awe. The cave started to tremble and pieces of rock fell off the cave walls and bounced on the ground. The earth beneath their feet shook wildly, and soon as it started it had stopped and all was quiet. Then out of the light they heard these words, “Will you do my work?” and the light vanished. Gapa and Sephri stood back up. Dan looked puzzled and said, “Was that what I think that was?”

Gapa said, “Indeed that was the creator of all, nothing is impossible with God on our side.”

Dan swallowed hard, “I’m in.”

Dan looked at Jerom, “Father did you?”

Jerom interrupted “Yes, I heard it.” Jerom’s soul soared with delight.

Gapa said, “Then we are good to go then?”

Dan took a few deep rapid breaths and shook his head, yes. Gapa pulled out his sword and handed it to Jerom. The sword was gold and silver with in laid diamonds in the handle. It was covered with a special material so that Jerom could handle it. Then Sephri moved in behind Dan and whispered, “You ready, you must get down on your knees?” He grabbed Dan’s arms and pulled them behind Dan’s back. Dan whimpered, “I guess so, why are you holding me like this?” Sephri said, “No other part of your body besides the heart can touch an angel’s sword. If it does then the flesh on your bones will melt. “My heart, you got to be kidding me?”

“Each angel’s sword was touched by God himself, and mortal man cannot handle the glory that the sword possesses.”

“Great, I feel better already.” Dan rolled his eyes and blew air out of his mouth.

“God can only work through a man’s heart” Sephri explained.

“I thought that was just a figure of speech, I didn’t know he meant it literally.” Sephri looked off to the left and thought, “Technically you are right, but in this case it’s literal.”

Jerom positioned himself in front of Dan, “Are you ready my son?”

“I love you father.”

“I love you too, I will see you soon.” His wings slowly inched out of his back.

Jamie walked into the room; Gapa grabbed her and held her back, with tears in her eyes said. “Dan, I love you.”

“Take care of father for me while I’m gone.”

Jerom began to pray, “Our father who is in heaven give me strength to do thy bidding.” he raised the sword up. Dan looked at the sword and sweat poured from his forehead mixed with blood because of the great stress he was feeling. Dan’s eyes widened as he looked up at the tip of the sword, then at his father. “Grant me the courage to strike true.” Just then Dan’s chest illuminated and Jerom knew exactly where to thrust the sword. Jerom forced the sword down with all his might into Dan’s chest. Dan watched the sword impale him and let out a scream. Jerom let go of it and backed off. Dan’s body twitched while Sephri held him tightly. Dan looked at Jerom with his mouth half opened, and his vision was getting blurry. Jerom’s face was fading in and out and looked deformed. He blinked his eyes a few times then looked at the sword protruding out of his chest. Liquid light poured out of Dan’s eyes, nose and mouth. Sephri let go of Dan and backed up. A bright light shot out from his body and he began to levitate and spin slowly. His wings busted opened and his wing armor started to cover his wings, then it moved over the rest of his body. Soon his body was totally covered in a golden like cocoon. Jerom and Jamie both covered their eyes with their arms because it was so bright. The room became normal once again and Jerom and Jamie looked at Dan. They saw that he was totally encased in a golden cocoon. Steam rose up off the cocoon and drops of water beaded on it and ran down the sides, and the angels were nowhere to be found. Jamie placed her hand on Jerom’s shoulder in reassurance. Jerom placed his hand on top of hers. “We must continue your training now Jamie, we can do nothing now but wait.” Jerom said. Jamie opened her wings and wrapped one of them around Jerom as they walked out of the lair.

Roebarg was overseeing the prison gates when a demon officer came up from behind him. He turned around sharply and grabbed him by the throat. “Master, I have a message for you.” he said.

“Don’t ever sneak up on me again without announcing yourself.” he looked him right in eye, and shoved him back.

The demon grabbed his throat and cleared it, “I have news that the female Shurod has the flute in her possession.”

“What flute? What are you talking about?” Roebarg was irate because he wasn’t informed of the plan that Jada and the angels had conspired.

The demon officer looked at Roebarg puzzled, “You didn’t know about this?”

“Oh the flute.” he said, trying to not show he had no idea what was going on.

“Yes, she has it with her.”

“Outstanding, you may go.” He waved off the demon.

Roebarg leaped into the air flapped his wings and flew around high in the air, looking for Nostros. He spotted him and flew down to hear Nostros verbally abusing one of the soldier demons. Nostros heard Roebarg land behind him, turned, and faced him.

“Yes, my lord.” as he looked passed Roebarg at some demons working.

“Follow me, now.”

Nostros barked out a few more orders and they both flew up. “What going on?” Nostros said in a concerned voice.

“Those filthy angels, that’s what going on.” he snorted and smoke came out of his nostrils.

“What have they done?”

“They have gone behind my back and devised a plan for capturing the Shurod I suspect.”

“Have they been successful?” he questioned back.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to get to the bottom of this right now.”

They flew to the place where angels were staying and landed. The three angels turned around and looked at them. “Where is Jada?” Roebarg demanded. “And where are the rest of you? There were four of you.” One of the angels walked up to Roebarg and said, “One is missing, and I feel that he has been defeated.”

“Defeated? What do you mean defeated?”

“I mean, he is no longer any use to us, we had a small battle with the Shurod earlier today and we were overpowered by the one called Gapa and his forces.”

“Gapa, huh, I would like to run my blade into his angelic flesh.” He turned and looked at Nostros then laughed evilly. Nostros smiled. “Why was I not informed of this plan?”

“The plan was devised by Jada with the approval of Lucifer,” he said smugly.

“Is that so?”

“Yes that is so.” he fired back.

Nostros gripped his sword with his hand. Roebarg looked at him with one of his eyes. The angel saw Nostros place his hand on his sword, “Don’t even think about it sulfur breath.” Roebarg placed his hand on top of Nostros’s hand and Nostros took his hand off his sword. “When Jada returns, tell him I want to see him immediately.” The angel manifested one of his shards and it spun in the palm of his hand daring him to make a move.

Roebarg looked at the angel in disgust and huffed, “Just tell him.”

The angel said, “Whatever you wish Roebarg.” and bowed his head with his eyes fixed on Roebarg.

“Let’s go Nostros.” They both turned to fly off when Roebarg unraveled his tail and slapped the angel in the face as they flew off. The angel lunged at Roebarg and the other two held him back. One of them said, “It’s not worth it.” He glared at Roebarg. Roebarg turned around and looked back smiling at the angel.

Nostros said, “Good one master.” and they both laughed as they flew away.

The man that visited John was sitting on his couch watching TV eating a sandwich when he heard a noise coming from his bedroom. He placed the sandwich on a plate that was sitting on a coffee table in front of him and a piece of lettuce fell off onto the coffee table. He walked by his kitchen, opened a drawer a pulled out a semi-automatic handgun, and cocked it quietly. He looked around the corner at the door that led into his bedroom. He approached the door quietly and pushed it open slightly. He looked through the crack of the door and saw a huge man rummaging through his things. He backed up and placed gun up by his chest then kicked the door open and pointed his gun at him, “Stop right there.” he shouted. The man’s back was to him and he raised his arms slowly. “Who are you? What do you want?” The room was dark so he couldn’t see the man’s face, “Turn around slowly.” he said calmly. As the man turned around he dropped his gun down to his waist, and relaxed. “What are you doing here? I thought you were dead Bali?”

“I’m not Bali” he said with a deep voice. “I’m his twin brother, Omar.”

“I didn’t know Bali had a brother, huh, learn something new every day.” The man’s tension began to cease and he scratched his head with the gun. “So what do you want?”

“You!” he darted towards the man. The man screamed for a split second and fell to the floor dead.

Omar pulled out a cell phone and said, “It’s done.” Joe Miller was on the other end, “Excellent work, come back to the house.”

“Yes, sir on my way.” he pushed the button on the phone to hang up.

Omar walked out into the living room, and the news was on TV. He noticed that there was a half-eaten sandwich on the coffee table. He walked over, picked it up, and chowed down on it. “Mmm.” He turned to walk off when he noticed a piece of lettuce on the table. He bent over and picked it up and popped it in his mouth licking his fingers and said, “Can’t waist a good sandwich.” and walked out the front door humming.

Joe was sitting in front of a mirror running the palm of his hand along his face. His face was scarred from the fight he had against John months earlier. Omar came in through the door and Joe turned around not expecting anyone in his office so quickly. He placed his hands down by his side, and swung the chair around, “Good job Omar, did he give you any trouble?”

“Nope, none at all.” he said, very sure of himself.

“Your brother served me well for many years.”

“I intend to do the same Mr. Miller” with a reassurance in his tone.

“So how do you feel about some revenge?”

“Revenge?” Omar’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, I am giving you the opportunity to kill the man that killed your brother.” he folded his arms. “This will not be an easy task.”

“It never is sir.” he paused. “Well in most cases anyway.” he chuckled and thought about the man he just killed less than an hour ago.

Joe moved his chair closer and told Omar to pull up a chair. Omar sat down, crossed his legs, leaned back in the chair, and waited for Joe to speak. Joe stood up, walked around his desk, and sat on the corner with one leg hanging off. “Do you know anything about biblical history?” he asked Omar. “A little, I suppose.” he cleared his throat and sat up in the chair.

Joe got up and walked over to a smaller desk and pulled out an old piece of scroll, that had been laminated to preserve it. “What is that?” Omar asked.

“This is an interesting piece of literature.” he flapped it in the air up and down.

“In what way?” Omar replied.

“This was written by a roman soldier who was and ancestor of mine, during the time when Jesus was alive.”

“Jesus, you believe in Jesus, I didn’t take you for a man that would believe in fairytales.”

Fairytales, you say? Not hardly, this scroll speaks of a rock that has the blood of Jesus on it.”

“Ok, this is a little strange even for you Mr. Miller.”

Joe’s face turned cold, “This is real and I want you to retrieve the rock for me.” he said sternly.

“Ok where is it?” Omar picked up on Joe’s attitude change.

He pointed into the air with his index finger “Ah, the question of the day. I’m not exactly sure where it is, but this piece of scroll will lead you in the right direction.”

“Ok, it’s your dime.”

“Flight arrangements have already been made for you, you leave tonight.”

“Where am I going?” Omar questioned him

“Jerusalem, the birth place of Christ.”

“Mr. Miller are you some kind of.” he took a deep breath, “Some sort of religious fanatic?”

“You could say that.” as he pulled out a cigar and lit it.

Joe handed him a folder with a bunch of papers and pictures in it. “This is all the information that I have right now.”

Omar thumbed through the folder and it contained pictures of some of the Kinsmen and maps where he could find secret weapon caches. Omar closed the folder and said, “Consider it done.”

Joe pointed at him with the cigar in his hand, “Get the rock and kill John in that order.” Omar saw the evilness that pour out of Joe’s eyes and felt strange. He turned to leave when Joe said, “Oh yes, before you leave, I want to give you something.”

“I have all I need Mr. Miller.” he patted on his suit coat where his gun was. Joe smiled, “You will need more than that.”

Joe’s eyes turned black as night and he waved his hand in front of Omar. Omar began to experience shortness of breath and gasped, then blinked his eyes and went into a trance like state. A supernatural portal opened up and out came three demons. They looked at Joe and he pointed at Omar. They all three jumped inside of Omar one at a time. Omar’s body shook each time one of the demons entered into him. After a few seconds a yellowish red light covered Omar and his back arched slightly. It engulfed his body completely for a few moments then disappeared. Joe’s eyes turned back to normal and he said, “Ok, you may leave now.”

“What was that?” he closed his eye tightly then reopened them.

“What are you talking about Omar?” Joe acted like nothing happened.

“The hand thing, you just did.”

Joe looked at him, and chuckled, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” he walked around behind his desk. “Make sure you get some sleep on that plane, sounds like you need it.”

Omar stood there dumbfounded for a couple of seconds then walked out of the Joe’s office and loosed his tie. He thought to himself, “Man that guys is a weird duck

Joe had summoned some of the same kind of demons that his brother Bali had. The demons had the ability to shape shift and change into anything the host wanted. The demons were called changelings. They will also give the host super strength and heightened reflexes. Joe Miller was only allowed to give these powers to one individual person. Since Bali was, dead he was waiting for someone he felt would best use these abilities. Omar was just the man Joe needed to help him kill the Shurod and complete the task.

Omar was a huge black man that had been in the Navy seals and had seen much combat in his lifetime. He was bald with a thin outline of a goatee on his chin. He had huge arms and legs, and was a sight to be seen. When he walked into a room, people would notice him right away. His ego matched his body size, because he knew that he could back it up. Like his brother, he was a talented man in many ways. He specialized in hand-to-hand combat, and possessed an uncanny knowledge of weapons and their uses.

He was determined to avenge his brother and kill the man that took his life. Driven by an intense hate, nothing was going to stop him from accomplishing his mission. He sought out Joe Miller because he knew that Bali had worked for him. Joe had persuaded him to come and work for him with the pretense of eventually killing John. Omar had studied John’s special abilities and was well informed on what he was capable of. He knew that when he encountered John that it wouldn’t be an easy fight, but he was determined to make John beg for his life, while his foot was pressed against his throat.

Joe Miller peeked through the blinds in his office and watched Omar get into a limousine. “Airport!” he told the driver. He opened the folder and started reading the documents and looking at some of the pictures. He read about the Shurod and said, “This is crazy stuff.” The limo driver moved the review mirror so he could see Omar and said, “Excuse me.” Omar looked up at the driver, “No, not you.” the limo driver readjusted the mirror and said under his breathe, “Jerk.”

Omar couldn’t believe what he was reading about, demons, angels and an angel man. He put the papers in his lap, leaned his head back against the headrest, and closed his eyes. The limo driver turned the car sharply, which alerted Omar. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“Hold on, we are taking a detour.” he smiled at Omar in the review mirror.

“I said take me to the airport.” he demanded. Then all the doors locked. “What are you doing?” Omar started to pull his pistol out, when the limo driver raised the window divider which was bullet proof. The driver keyed a mic and said, “Omar, the window is bullet proof so don’t shoot it” He laughed. Omar sat back in the seat with his gun in his lap, and tapped on it with his index finger. “Ok, so where are you taking me?”

“Mr. Miller has something he wants you to do before you take off.”

After a short ride, the limo came to a stop at an old run bar. The doors unlock.

“Ok, we are here, just go in through those doors there.” He pointed at them.

Omar opened the door and walked around to the drivers’ side. The limo driver watched him as he stopped at the drivers’ side window. Omar raised his gun at the window and the driver ducted down in the seat. He squeezed off a round at the window and it ricocheted off. Omar raised his hand in front of his face block the sparks. The driver knocked on the inside of the window, “Its bullet proof too.” He laughed nervously and adjusted his hat. Omar tapped his gun on the window and leaned in close to the window. “You’re a lucky man.” and walked toward the doors. “Whew that was a close one.” the driver said as he smoothed out his clothes.

Omar walked through the doors and saw that the bar had been abandoned for many years. “Ok, now what?” he said out loud. It was a dusty old place with broken neon lights hanging from the ceiling. Omar walked further into the bar where there were tables and chairs. He looked around for a moment and pushed the button on his gun, which made the clip fall out. He looked at the clip to make sure it was full and slammed it back into the gun. On the floor he noticed foot prints in the dust and followed them with his eyes until he saw the back of a man sitting in a chair.

The man poured a drink as Omar approached him. Omar pointed the gun at the back of the man’s head when he heard, “No need for that.” the man raised his arm. He walked around to the front of the man with his gun pointed at him, “Who are you?” he said angrily. The man looked down at the table and raised his head slowly. “I go by the name Roebarg.” Their eyes locked on each other. Omar felt a cold chill run down his spine and fear welled up inside of him, something that he hadn’t experienced in a very long time. He stepped back knocking over a chair. Roebarg stood up and looked at Omar, “You have been given special powers that will enable you to change into anything you wish.”

“Yeah right man.” he spouted out.

“Just think about someone you want to be, but it has to be something you have seen.” His voice became scratchy.

“Ok, mister I’ll play your little game.” Omar thought of Joe Miller. His body was instantly changed. Roebarg backed up and pointed at a mirror behind the bar. Omar stepped in front of the mirror and couldn’t believe his eyes, he in fact had transformed into the appearance of Joe. He rubbed his face and pulled on his skin, “How, how can this be?” Roebarg said. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, this will have many uses in my line of work.”

“This will help you, kill the one called John, he betrayed us.” Roebarg hissed.

“John! I will kill him with my bare hands.”

Omar changed into some famous celebrities and made a kissing motion at the mirror with his lips. Roebarg smiled, “As long as hate burns within your soul, you will have this power. Use it to kill John and find the rock.”

“How do you know about the rock?” he looked at him strangely.

“I will be watching you Omar.” then flashed a glimpse of his true nature at Omar and vanished.

Omar jumped at the sight of Roebarg and tried to regain his composure. As he walked towards the front door he pulled at the bottom of his suit coat then stopped. He thought for a second, smiled, and changed into a beautiful woman wearing a hot pink dress. The driver of the limo perked up when he saw the Omar come out of the bar. Omar walked up the drivers’ side window. The driver rolled down the window and said, “Who are you?” in a sleazy tone and licked his lips. Then Omar said in a deep voice, “Take me to the airport now.” The driver wrenched his face in disgust and moved away from the window. Omar walked to the back of the limo and changed back to himself. The driver was very disturbed by the appearance of Omar.

Dan awoke inside the cocoon like capsule. He looked around inside, “What in the world is going on?” Then he felt like he was moving and in fact he was. Dan was being transported through some supernatural wormhole that carried him into a different dimension. The cocoon was spinning around in all directions. Dan could feel the centrifugal force inside which pressed him up against one side. He grunted a few times and yelled out, “Aye.” Then a jelly like substance began to bubble up inside the cocoon and cover Dan’s entire body. He tried to avoid it covering his head and lifted his head as far up as it would go. He took a deep breath and held it as long as his body could hold it. Dan was fighting his natural instincts to breathe. His body vibrated and twitched uncontrollably until he opened his mouth and took a deep breath. The substance that filled the cocoon entered into Dan’s body through his blood stream and penetrated every cell in his body. When the substance was exposed to Dan’s cells, it froze them instantly. Dan’s body was turned into a giant block of ice.

The cocoon was traveling at a very high velocity as it blasted through many dimensions. The cocoon stopped for a moment and white light began to show on it. The cocoon moved into a horizontal position and two handles appeared on either side of it. Gapa and Sephri flew down out of the light and situated themselves on opposite sides of the cocoon and took hold of the handles. Gapa looked at Sephri, then grasped the handle firmly and his sword in the other. The angels were covered in full battle armor from head to toe. Gapa flipped his head in a downward motion which cause the face guard on his helmet to fall over his face. Both angels knew that they had a great battle on their hands, and there were only two of them.

The dimension they had to get through was guarded by many demons, and their only job was to keep angels from entering into the natural dimension of mankind. Gapa knew that it would be a fight since they had to carry an object through the demon patrols. Gapa was actually the messenger angel that was sent by God to deliver a message to Jacob, who was one of the Old Testament prophets many centuries ago. He battled Lucifer and some of his demon generals for twenty one days with the aid of Michael the archangel. This was spoken about in the bible in Daniel chapter 10. Usually the angels could maneuver through the demon blockade undetected but this time it was different. They had to take a finite being through the hordes of demons with the cocoon intact. If the demons breached the seal of the cocoon Dan would surely die.

Gapa and Sephri flew towards the opening that would lead them to the first level of heaven. Up ahead of them they could smell the stench of demonic forces. Sephri curled up his nose, “I will never get used to that smell.” he said in a disgusted tone. Gapa agreed and they began to slow down when some of the demons come into view. “What’s our plan of attack?” Sephri said eagerly, “Do we go head on with them?”

Gapa looked at Sephri and gritted his teeth tightly, “Head on is the only way that we have a chance.” he said sternly. “We need to gather as much speed as we can while carrying this cocoon, because it will slow us down for sure.”

Sephri looked towards the opening, “Let’s do it then.”

Both of the angels soared upwards and gained altitude then stopped and looked down at the many battalions of demonic forces.

A scout demon was patrolling higher than the two angels when he saw a gleam of golden light below him. He began to descend slowly in a circular pattern so that he knew what he was about to get into. Scout demons were massive and very fierce because they usually were the first to encounter the angels. Angels have great displeasure for scout demons due to their relentless nature and their fighting abilities. They were actually demon assassins that had been demoted for not following orders. They were loners and outcasts from the demon collective and usually worked alone, which they preferred.

The scout demon realized that it was two angels below him as he got closer. He pulled his shield off of his back and took out his sword. Silvia dripped from his mouth as he descended. It fell down, down until it landed on Sephri’s hand that was holding the cocoon. With his other hand he wiped it off and looked up. Gapa heard it hit and saw Sephri look up and didn’t see anything. Sephri said, “Yuck what is that?” Gapa looked up to see the scout demon swing his sword at Sephri, hitting him in the shoulder. Sephri let go of the cocoon which made Gapa loose his balance, Gapa held onto to the cocoon and shot an angel bubble at the demon so Sephri could recover. Gapa was out of striking range and his hands were full. Sephri flipped around a few times and stopped. “Are you alright?” he yelled.

Sephri was embarrassed at best because he didn’t see the attack coming, “Yes, I’m okay.” he shrugged his shoulder a few times. Then focused his attention at the scout demon, struggling in the bubble trying to free himself and screaming loudly. Sephri said with a look of determination, “Oh no you didn’t.” He sliced through the bubble many times with accurate speed removing the demons head from his body. The demons body was cut into many pieces and fell down towards the demon battalions below. Neither one of the angels realized that the demon’s body parts were falling directly into the middle of the demon ranks.

A piece of the demons body hit one of the demon soldiers in the head and it oozed down the side of his helmet. He wiped it off, looked at it, and then looked up. He didn’t have time to react when he was hit with the torso of the dead demon. It crushed him and made all the other demons look in the direction of the noise. Then the rest of the demon’s body rained down on top of the battalions causing the ranks to break. Some of demons raised their shields to block the carnage that fell on them. One of the demon officers yelled out, “Guard the doorway!” the demons positioned themselves in front of the doorway. The demon ranks became quiet as they looked all around for a threat or sign of an angel. The sound of armor moving could be heard by the Gapa and Sephri. Gapa looked down, “So much for a surprise entrance.” Sephri chuckled, “Well, onward then.” They both dipped down and gained speed and with Dan in hand. One of the demons shouted, “There!” he pointed at the two angels. About 50 demons flew up towards them ready to fight. Sephri said, “Here they come” Gapa gripped his sword tightly, “They mustn’t get the cocoon from us.”

“They won’t.” Sephri said. “Look!”

They both saw flashes of red light in front of them. “Arrows!” shouted Gapa, “Bank left!” They both turned their bodies and multiple arrows flew by them, with one of them striking the cocoon, and then bounced off. It made a loud noise like metal crashing into each other. “Whoa, that was close.” Sephri exclaimed. They turned back toward the demons coming at them. Gapa yelled out, “Angel role!” Sephri and Gapa extended the swords out to their sides and they began to spin in a circular motion very quickly. Their swords cut through the air like a tornado. They were moving so fast that the demons couldn’t tell what was coming at them. The angels passed through the demons slicing them into bits. After a few seconds there were none left in the air. “Recover!” Gapa demanded. They stopped spinning and could plainly see the doorway they needed to get through, but still many demons they had to make it past. Gapa paused for a moment, “I have a plan, that just might work, we can’t fight these sulfur eating beasts with this cocoon in our hands.” Sephri confirmed what Gapa said as he looked below him at many demons waiting for an attack. “We have to launch the cocoon through the doorway but it’s risky.”

“You mean throw it through the doorway?” Sephri said in a concerned voice.

“Yes, that’s what I mean, if we can get it through the doorway we can fight our way through.”

“If you think it will work, ok.” Sephri said.

“When we launch the cocoon, pull out your bow and protect it as it passes through the demon ranks. I will shoot my shards at them and maybe we can make it.”

They both gripped the handles on the side of the cocoon and sped up. As they got close to the doorway the both pushed the cocoon back behind them and slung it forward letting go causing the cocoon to fly at a very high rate of speed leveling many demons that was in its path. Sephri stopped and hovered, at golden light glowed and his bow and arrow appeared in his hands. He shot numerous arrows striking many of the demons and killing them. The cocoon flew through the air, was almost through the doorway when all the sudden a demon soldier jumped up, and grabbed one of the handles. The cocoon was half through the doorway. The demon pulled with all his strength and the cocoon was coming back through the doorway. Sephri took careful aim and shot an arrow. It rocketed through the air make a hissing noise. The arrow passed around many demons like a guided missile and impaled the demon in the left side of his head. He let go of the cocoon and it started to slowly disappear through the doorway. Sephri and Gapa both watched the cocoon in anticipation. “Come on!” Gapa yelled out. When another demon grabbed a hold of the cocoon and he started pulling it back through. Sephri said, “You got to be kidding me!” He flew towards the demons shooting arrows rapidly. One of the demons placed his shield at the demons back that was pulling on the cocoon to block the arrows from hitting him. With each arrow that hit the shield, the demon grunted. The arrows bounced of the demon’s shield but left deep indentions in it. The demon yelled, “Hurry up!”

In the meantime demons began flying up at Gapa. Gapa’s shield appeared on his back and he took it off and held it in front of him. Twelve demons came at him shooting arrows at him and waving their swords around wildly. “Come on you spawn of hell.” Gapa said. Gapa waited until the demons arrows were in range the he opened his arms and light shot out of his upper body hitting which consumed the arrows in the air. Little dust particles of the arrows flew by Gapa and some of them landed in his face. He spit a few times to get the dust off of his mouth and assumed a defensive position. Four of the demons hit him head on, but he had his shield in front of him and they bounced off his shield spinning out of control. The rest swing their swords at him, and he blocked each of them with impressive agility. He hit one of the demons with the edge of his shield knocking him backwards, and then blocked another demon’s sword at the same time. He was fighting two demons in when one came up from behind him and swung his sword at Gapa. Gapa placed his shield at his back and blocked the strike. The demons sword ricocheted back towards him, impaled his own head, with his own sword, and fell. Gapa smiled because he knew that was one less he had to worry about. He swung his sword and sliced the two demons in front of him in half. They let out a small yelp and fell down towards the doorway. There were just a handful left fighting and he yelled out “Wait!”. The rest of the demons stopped and looked at him strangely with their swords glowing red. Gapa readjusted the weight of his shield and threw it at the demons. All the demons moved out of the way of the shield. One of them laughed and said, “Ha, you missed!” Gapa said smugly, “I never miss.” the shield came back from behind them like a boomerang. A jagged diamond shard edge emerged around the edge of the shield and cut the demons in half. Gapa held out his hand and the shield returned to him. “Miss, I think not.” and off he flew to help Sephri.

Sephri was holding his own with many demons attacking him, when he was cut by one of the demon swords which made him fall to his knees. The demons surrounded him and were about to thrust their swords into him when Gapa shot a white fire ball at them. The fireball hit Sephri directly but it didn’t hurt him but it killed many demons and caused a shockwave which cleared a path to the doorway. The blast severed the demon’s arm that was pulling the cocoon. Gapa dropped down and scooped up Sephri as he got close to the doorway he kicked the cocoon through it carrying Sephri.

The cocoon landed on the other side, hit the ground and rolled a few times before it

came to a complete stop. Gapa floated down with Sephri in his arms and landed by the

cocoon. He took Sephri’s helmet off and said, “You alright Sephri?” Sephri grunted a

few times and held his side. “Yeah, I’m alright! Just another battle wound to add to my

collection.” Gapa smiled at him and raised his sword and cut down the middle of the

cocoon, exposing Dan suspended in ice. Sephri pulled out a small vial of liquid and

poured it on his wound and it healed immediately. His angelic flesh rejuvenated itself

when liquid touched his skin. “We made Sephri, now let’s get down to business. I pray

that Dan will still come out of this alive.” Sephri bent down and said, “What is this?”

He pried the demon hand off of the cocoon and threw it off to the side, “Yuck!” he said

Both of the angels pointed their swords at the block of ice. Heat radiated from each of their swords and began to melt the ice around Dan’s body. “Look a human popsicle,” Sephri said. Gapa looked at him and frowned. Sephri noticed Gapa’s demeanor, “What, I’m just sayin!” and he giggled softly.

Jamie was slashing at a target with her sword. Jerom said, “You have to be faster, when you are fighting demons.” Jamie huffed and said, “I’m trying Father. ”

“Try harder, concentrate,” Jerom yelled back at her.

Jamie sliced at the target hitting it with great precision. Jerom saw that she had done well and walked off back into the cave. Jamie saw Jerom walk off and stopped to take a breath. She laid the sword down on the ground and got a drink out of a water bucket. She dipped the ladle back into the water bucket and poured it on her head. The water ran down her head then onto her shoulders, and soaked the top part of her shirt. She wiped off her head with the back of her hand and shook it to get the water and sweat off of her hands. She took a few deep breathes and relaxed for a moment. She looked around for a moment, and then got a thought. “Where is that flute?” she patted her body a few times until she felt the flute in one of her pockets. “Ah there it is.” She pulled it out, placed it to her lips, and gave a small blow on it. The flute rang out with a serene tune and Jamie was fascinated by the melody. She blew on it again harder and the tune sound for a longer period after she had stopped blowing on it. “Wow this is so cool.” she thought to herself. She saw Jerom come back out and she placed it back in her pocket. Jamie had no idea that the flute was a tracking device for the angels.

“Jamie, it’s time for you to run the gauntlet.”

“What is a gauntlet?” she said not wanting to know what it was. Dan had told her a little about the gauntlet and what to expect.

“This is part of your training that we make you think on your feet. Your brother went through it about a year ago.” Jerom smiled. “Just in case your brother has told you what to expect I have changed it up a bit.” Jerom raised his left hand and pointed in the air. “I have a gift for you.”

Jamie eyes lit up, “A gift?”

“Follow me.” Jerom turned and walked back into the cave. He walked up to on cave wall and stood there in front of it.
Jamie was standing behind him and she saw that Jerom was right up against the cave wall. “What are you doing facing the wall.” Jerom pushed on a piece of rock on the wall, and backed up. The rock started to move back and Jamie poked her head into the room. “What is this place?”

Jerom walked into the room and Jamie followed close behind him. Jerom stopped and faced Jamie. “Jamie, my daughter, it is time for you to receive your wing armor.”

Jamie smiled like she had never smiled before and stuttered, “My, my wing armor, are you for real?” Jerom shook his head, yes. “Open your wings.” Jamie forced out her wings a quick as she could. “Whoa, you have been practicing.” Jerom looked impressed. “Yeah, I gotta catch up with Dan ya know.” Jerom laughed, “Always wanting to be the best aren’t you.”

“Yup, always.” she shook her head yes.

Jerom pointed at two holes in the cave wall, “Place your wings into these cracks.”
Jamie turned around and backed up against the wall. She looked back to make sure that her wings were in the cracks as far as they would go. Jerom stepped in front of her, placed his hands on her shoulders, and pushed her back firmly. “There, you should be fully secure now.” Just like Dan when he got his armor, a golden light shown in and around the crevices. Jamie heard a low hum and it sounded like electricity all around her. Then she saw the light shine around her body. She closed her eyes and the light cast shadows on her face. The light slowly began to fade and Jamie opened her eyes slowly. Jerom looked at her and said, “Ok, pull your wings out, but be careful they are heavier than they were before.” Jamie inched her wings out slowly and she fell forward a bit. “Wow you weren’t kidding” As her wings came out she looked at the golden and sapphire plating on them, “They are more beautiful than I imagined.” Jerom smiled and rubbed his face, “They remind me of your mothers”

Jamie flapped them a few times trying to get used to them. They were heavier but she was already getting used to the extra weight.

“You must be able to open your wings with and without the armor on them.” Jerom insisted, “The armor can slow you down while you are in flight.”

Jamie closed her wings and opened them back up without the armor on them.

“Very good Jamie, now with the armor.” She complied and did it.

“Now you have to be able to do it while you are in flight, let’s go outside and practice.”

Jamie was excited because she wanted to see how she would perform with her new wing armor. Jerom walked over to the edge of the blood rock and stood on it, “Come here.”

Jamie walked over to Jerom and he put both hands on Jamie’s shoulders and looked over the edge of the cliff. “You must fly down there”, Jerom pointed down to a ravine, “Follow the red flags.” He kissed Jamie on the cheek. She turned around, looked over the edge, and leaped off. Her wings caught the air and she glided down slowly and landed at the bottom, “Ok, Jamie you can do this.” she thought.

Up ahead she saw a red flag blowing in the wind, she jumped into the air and flew about five feet off the ground. The dirt below her was stirred up, and she left a cloud of dust behind her. The ravine was narrow with roots sticking out in all directions, as she flew at a high rate of speed weaving in and out of rocks and debris. Jamie knew what was coming up, because Dan had given her a clue on what to expect so she anticipated her next move. Up ahead was a pile of logs and brush with a hole in the middle of it, just big enough for her to get through but without her wings opened. She gained speed and closed her wings and shot through the opening with ease, “Ha that wasn’t so hard” she said out loud” she turned to look back at the opening in the debris and opened her wings back up. She then looked in front of her and saw another pile of debris, which she did not expect at all. Since she was moving, so fast she didn’t have time to react, slammed into the pile of debris, flipped over the top of it, and landed on her back. Jamie coughed a few times and gasped because the fall knocked the wind out of her. Hovering above her was Jerom, “I knew Dan had told you something about the gauntlet. No Shurod has ever made it through the very first obstacle.” With one flap he soared out of sight. Jamie made a fist and hit the ground, “That’s not fair.” she said out loud and stood up brushing the dirt off her clothes and fixed her hair. Jamie shook her wings like a duck shedding water off its back. “Ok, let’s do this again. She flew up to the beginning of the ravine and started over she passed through the first hole with ease, and saw the second one coming up again. Again she closed her wings and sailed through the second hole but hit her shoulder on a stick as she passed through it. “Ouch!” she yelped. Then opened her wings again and stopped to hover. She looked left and right and was worried about what she was going to face next. Jamie scowled and took off again. Up ahead of her she saw a curve in the ravine and slowed down, as she made the curve it ended up as a dead end. She looked around and saw a hole in the ground with a red flag by it. She hovered over the hole and said “Oooh deep scary hole, great.” she huffed and said, “Geronimo!” Jaime folded her wings up and fell feet first down through the hole. She really couldn’t see what was below her until she sensed something changing with her eyes. Her eyes turned white as snow and she was able to see in the dark very clearly. She placed her fingers up by her eyes and rubbed them a few times, “Wow, this is so cool” She fell for about ten seconds until she could she what looked like bottom. She opened her wings and she came to a complete stop. Jamie looked around and found herself in a deep cavern. It was cold and dark and she didn’t like it. Off in the distance she saw what looked like sunlight shining through a hole and red flag by it. “Ok, so I need to make it there in one piece.”

Below her in the darkness was many pair of eyes watching her every move, and this was not part of her training.

Jamie looked at rock ledge and saw that it had a bow and arrow on it. She flew to the ledge and picked it up. “Now this I know I’m good at.” she said out loud. Jamie flew back up with the bow in hand and hovered for a moment planning her next move. She cocked her head to one side and listened carefully. Below her were a handful of demons that had picked up on the flute noise and had followed her to the cavern. Jamie sensed something below her and looked down. Her back started to pulse with pain and she knew that something wasn’t right. Out of the darkness, she saw demons coming from below her. Without even thinking, she launched many arrows down at them striking a few of them in the head and chest. She took off and headed for the exit hole. The demons were hot on her tail when she heard something else. She looked off to her right, left, and saw the apparatus that shot arrows at a high rate of speed. She shoved her shoulders forward and remembered what Dan had told her about protecting herself from arrows. Quickly she opened her wing armor and encased herself in the armor. The arrows started to fly at her and the demons followed her through the array of arrows. They were so intent on trying to catch her that they didn’t even notice the arrows flying through the air. Most of the demons were hit by the arrows killing them, but one demon stopped when he saw all the arrows and flew high above the arrows and was going to try a different tactic.

Jamie could hear the arrows bouncing off her armor, when she couldn’t hear it anymore she opened her wings and looked backwards to see demons falling down out of sight into the abyss of the cavern. She looked at the exit hole and was determined to get there in one piece. As she flew towards the exit, she saw a small burst below her. “Oh, great now what.” she said. She still was inside the training grounds and fireballs were being launched at her. She weaved and dodged them with grace. It seemed like she knew what she was doing and avoided the fireballs with ease. Jamie’s adrenaline was pumping wildly as she flew and her instincts kicked into high gear. She looked back to see if there were any more demons chasing her and she saw nothing. Sweat beaded on her brow and she began to calm down a bit. The sunlight was getting brighter as she approached the exit. Her eyes started to change back slowly the closer she got to the exit. Just as she was about to go through the exit a demon blocked it with his back to the exit. The demon kicked Jamie in the chest, which sent her flying backwards and out of control. She tumbled in the air for a moment when she remembered Dan flying backwards and shooting the arrow at a target just days earlier. Jamie rolled in a summersault, recovered, and shot three arrows at the demon blocking the exit. The demon howled in pain and blew up. Pieces of the demon were sent flying upwards out through the hole. Jamie exited the training cavern and almost hit Jerom as he looked down.

“What is going on?” Jerom sounded very concerned.

“I was attacked by some demons down there, was that part of the training?”

“No! It wasn’t” He yelled out, “How is this possible, they have never been this close to our lair before.” he looked around and stood there for a moment to see if he could sense anymore around. “When I saw what was left of the demon shoot up out of the hole, I knew that you were in trouble. I was just about to come down after you.”

“Father, there we a lot of them down there and I killed them.” she said flustered.

Jerom walked around in circle thinking. “I got to get you away from hear, they know where you are at. Until I can figure out what is going on, you will need to stay with John in the city.”

Jerom blew on a small pipe that was around his neck, it was the same type of pipe that the Kinsmen use to alert each other, but with a slightly different tone to it.

“What are you doing?” Jamie asked.

“I am calling for Anar the head Kinsmen; he will take you to John.”

“But father.”

Jerom interrupted, “No buts! This is very serious Jamie.” he paused, “You got all of them, you said.”

“All that I saw father” she was visibly shaken by the ordeal now that she was calming down, “They were trying to kill me and, and.” She began to cry into her hands.

“Well if you got all of them we might be ok for now.” He embraced Jamie and kissed her on her forehead. “Go and gather your things you leave at once.”

Jamie sniffled, “Yes, father.” Jamie flapped her wings and flew back inside the lair. Jamie packed her bag with some clothes. The vision of demons was all she could think about. Her attitude changed from being afraid to being a warrior. Jamie exhaled and came to the conclusion that she was going to be a great fighter and vowed not to be afraid anymore. She and noticed the flute sitting on a small shelf the angel had given her; she picked it up and placed it in her pocket and walked out of the lair.

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