Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A car came to a stop in a remote location and a man got out of the car. He took a drag off his cigarette, threw it on the ground, and stepped on it. He pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and cocked it then placed in the back of his pants. He walked toward a door and remembered that he needed to get a brief case from the backseat. When he reached into the car for the brief case, he saw something in the floorboard. He reached for it and he picked it up and didn’t know what to make of it. He put it in his pocket and walked through the door.

Inside were four other men sitting behind a table with bricks of cocaine sitting on top of it. The man placed the brief case on the table, opened it and turned it around facing the men, “Here it is, you can count it if you want.” The leader of the other men stood up and said, “No it’s not necessary, you know if you rip me off you will be dead in twenty four hours or sooner.” The man stepped back away from the table because he heard something on the roof and pulled out his gun, “What’s going on here?” the other man didn’t have a clue. Each of the men thought the other one was trying to try double cross each other. All the men stood up from behind the table and pointed their guns at the man. They all soon realized that neither one of them knew what was happening.

Clicking noises on the roof made all the men point their guns at the roof. All the sudden the roof caved in and four angels fell through facing in different directions. None of the men could see anything because of all the dust in the room. They started shooting and bullets bounced around in the small room, with some of them striking two of the five men present. The dust finally settled and standing before the three men that were left were four angels. Jada looked at all three of the men closely. One of the angels said, “We have been tricked.” The man that had the flute in his pocket got up and ran outside. Jada followed the man and he passed right through the building and snatched the man by his collar and threw him about ten feet, “Where is it, you human flesh puppet?” the man was terrified by the very sight of Jada, “I, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The man tried to crawl away and Jada flew at him and stopped in front of him. The man was at Jada’s feet. He looked up slowly at Jada and whimpered in terror, “Who are you, what do you want?” Screams from inside the building made the man turn around and look back at the door, “Please God no.” the man raised his arm towards Jada. Jada glared at the man, “Where is it?” The man was clueless, “I don’t know what you want. Take the money if you want.”

“I have no use for your money.”
The man began to cry, “I don’t know what you want”

The three other angels came through the side of the building wiping blood off their swords. The man cried out, “I don’t have what you’re looking for; I was just trying to make an honest drug deal.”

Jada shook his head, “An honest drug deal? I can say that I never heard that one in my life.” the other angels smirked.

Jada waved his hand at the man and he was stood up on his feet. Jada moved his hand and the man was floating in the air wherever Jada moved his hand. Jada made a circular motion with his hand and the man was turned in circles in the air. The flute popped out of his pocket and landed on the ground. Jada held out his other hand and the flute flew into his hand, “Where did you get this?”

The man was barely conscious from the violent shaking he had just endured. Jada asked again and his voice boomed and caused the man’s hair to blow backwards. His head dangled and blood was coming from his mouth and his eyes. He whispered something and Jada said, “What did you say flesh puppet.”

He lifted his head, “God forgive me.”

Jada was infuriated and spread his fingers apart. The man’s arm and legs stretched out as far as they could go while suspended in the air. He yelled in pain because he was being ripped apart limb by limb.

Jada closed his hand and pushed it forward sending the man flying out of site, “We got what we came for.” The other angels looked at each other and then Jada. He pointed in the air, “Let’s move out.” They all four left at the same time in the direction that Jada had thrown the man. They all looked down at the man’s lifeless corpse as they flew over it.

Off in the distance was a division of warrior angels undergoing inspection in full battle armor. Many different angelic officers were within the ranks of the angels checking to ensure that their armor was fitted properly and the weapons were in tiptop fighting condition. Dan looked on as he watched the scene. Gapa and Sephri walked up in front of the division. Gapa yelled out, “Attention!”

The entire division folded their wings back in unison, “We have a special guest with us today.”

The officers that were inspecting the other angels flew up out from the ranks and landed behind Gapa. There were about thirty of them standing behind Dan. Dan looked back and none of them made eye contact with him. Gapa continued, “The Shurod is here and he is going to learn the ancient art of angelic warfare. If you are part of this endeavor, do not hold back. He must learn to fight as we do.”

The division of angels shouted, “Cha- Ka.” which was the equivalent of a marine shouting, “Ooh rah.”

The sound of the angel’s chants made goose bumps on Dan’s arms.

Gapa waved his hands in the air trying to get the angels to quiet down, “This will not be easy for any of us. This has never been done in our history. But we are tasked with this none the less.” Gapa walked around, “The earth is in dire straits and the Shurod has to fight not only those foul sulfur breathers but some of our old friends.”

The angels talked amongst themselves and one of them yelled out, “Who are these traitors!”

“As you all know when the great fall happened, many of our brethren were deceived by Lucifer.”

The host of angels booed at the name of Lucifer.

“Some of our kind has escaped and one in particular that you all know, Jada.”

The host of angels quieted down. Jada was once in charge of this division of angels. He was known for his ability to fight. This made the complement of angels nervous in some aspect but they knew Gapa was a better soldier, fighter and general. He was tough on them but well respected and didn’t back away from any fight, even if it meant fighting an old friend.

Gapa said, “Follow me Dan.” Dan agreed and walked with Gapa, “I am going to show you some of our training areas and techniques.” Dan wondered what he was about to witness and got butterflies in his stomach.

They walked up to a building like structure and Dan heard the familiar sounds of swords clanging together. They turned the corner and an angel was fighting a demon. The angel was sliding on the ground swinging his sword blocking and striking at the demon. Dan’s mouth opened up and he started to say something, but Gapa said, “Wait you will see.” Dan closed his mouth and watched the angel continue to battle the demon. The angel’s sword fell on top of the demons head and it disappeared. Dan said, “Where did it go, and how is a demon in heaven. Gapa nodded at another angel standing off to the side by a crystal like podium. He waved his hand over it and the demon appeared with sword in hand. Gapa laughed, “This is a simulation that we use to train our warriors.”

“Well it is very life like.”

“Dangerous too.” Gapa added, “This is the closest to the real thing that you can get. Give it a try.”

“What are the rules?”

“The rules are, there are no rules. Fight like you know how.”

Dan looked at the demon and walked towards it. The demon switched his sword to the other hand. He stretched out his neck and let out a blood-curling scream. Dan wasn’t expecting that at all and felt inadequate all the sudden about his abilities. Dan stepped through a small gate and turned around to close it, when the demon charged him. Dan threw up his sword to block the demon’s assault. The swords clanged together loudly and sparked. Dan looked back at Gapa, “Wow this really feels real.”

Gapa said calming, “You better look out.”

Dan was kicked by the demon and sent smashing to the ground. Dan got upset as the demon taunted him and backed away. The demon rushed him again and Dan delivered a roundhouse kick to the demons jaw. The demon shook it off and charged once again. Dan said, “C’mon then.”

There were many angels watching Dan and they were anticipating the outcome of this fight. Many angels have been beaten by this simulation their first time in.

Dan leaped into the air and swung his sword down at the demon. The demon blocked it and did a summersault over the top of it. The demon turned around and Dan shot his shards at him. He avoided the shards with impressive agility. Dan looked at his hand, “I never miss with these.”

Dan had a determined look on his face and charged at the demon head on. He jumped again into the air, engaged his wing armor, and swung his sword at the demon. The demon knocked it out of his hand and the sword flew out of the training area. Gapa made a grueling face as well as Sephri. The demon swung his sword at Dan and he blocked each attempt with his wings. Dan backed away from the demon and smiled. Dan released some of his feathers at the demon hitting him in each of his feet keeping the demon from being mobile. The demon looked confused, when Dan shifted his wings forward at the demon and released at least fifty other feathers at the demon. The demon was impaled and looked like a pincushion and disappeared.

All the angels that were present clapped at his victory in the simulation. Gapa leaned over to Sephri’s ear, “Very impressive.”

“Yes very.” Sephri said.

Dan walked out of the training area, “Well how did I do Gapa.”

“Very well Shurod, very well.”

In the background the angel in charge of the simulator said, “Next!” another angel entered into the area and the demon appeared once again. Some angels off to the side were pointing and talking about Dan. Dan just looked at them and followed Gapa and Sephri.

Gapa leaped into the air and Dan followed. After a short flight, they arrived at another training ground where the angels were fighting each other. They landed and Gapa pointed, “This is where your training will take place.”

The fighting area resembled an old roman arena back when Jesus was alive. It was made of stone and it had many deep gashes all around it from weapons being used inside of it. There were burn marks and chunks of stone missing from the inside walls.

Dan looked around and saw weapons that he had never seen before. There were many different types of swords and armor sitting on tables. He looked around and noticed that there were not many angels present, “There aren’t many angels here.”
“No this is a special training area for the most elite warrior angels. Our numbers are few but we fight like twenty regular warrior angels.”

“Wow, that’s a tall order to fill.”

“And fill it you will Shurod.” He said in a reassuring tone.

Joe Miller had arrived in Jerusalem and was staying at one of the luxurious home that he owned. Out in the back of the home was a beautiful swimming pool with palm trees and flowers in bloom. The sound of trickling water from a man-made water fall was soothing to the ear.

There were servants going about their daily duties cleaning the house. Off to the side of the home were lawn care men cutting the grass and planting all sorts of exotic plants.

Joe was lounging in a chair next to the pool soaking up the hot sun. Next to him was a small table with a cigar burning in the ashtray and a glass of wine.

A door opened that lead out to the pool where Joe was. He looked up a saw Omar walking towards him. Joe sat up in the chair, swung his legs around, and stood up. Omar was limping slightly and Joe became angry, “What did you do.” his face turned cold.

“What do you mean?” Omar tried to avoid the comment.

“You know what I mean Omar!” he rubbed the bottom of his chin.

“I couldn’t help it sir, I had to try for my brother’s sake.” he looked at the ground.

“I told you to watch them and wait for me, didn’t I?” Joe pointed his finger at him and shook it, “There was a reason I told you to wait, I know what these people are capable of.”

“I sorry Mr. Miller.” he looked up at him.

“Are you hurt badly?”

“No, I just took a pretty bad fall.”

“Well you need to rest up, cause we got some business to take care of.”

“What’s on your mind?”

“John is on my mind, we need to capture him for this plan to work.”

“He has that female bird girl with him.”

Joe looked at him funny, “Bird girl.” he said in a sarcastic tone.

“Yeah, you know, the chick with wings.”
Joe chuckled, “Bird girl huh.”

Omar didn’t like when anyone talked down to him, “The Shurod chick.”

“Oh, her name is Jamie and she will be included in the plan.”

“Good, cuz I need to get some pay back on both of them.” he pounded his fist into his other hand.
“You’ll get your chance, I can promise you that.” Joe walked past Omar and turned around, “But only if you do what you’re told.”

“I will play by your rules for now on Mr. Miller.”

“Good boy.” he reached up and patted John on the shoulder and they walked into the house, “Do you need to have some of my doctor’s look at you?”

Jerom was sitting alone in the lair at a table reading some old manuscripts searching for any clues that the enemy could use against them. Jerom was still disturbed by Dan’s dream. He knew that it was a glimpse into the future but he wanted to be prepared for when the time came that he would do all he could do to protect the prison gates. He couldn’t understand how the demons attacked Jamie during her training. How could they have known where to find them? He racked his brain for many hours looking and searching for an answer that would satisfy him. He reached into a small box and pulled out a speecher. He talked to it, and the little angelic creature materialized and flew around in the room a few times and disappeared through the cave wall leaving a small vapor trail.

The flute that Jamie carried was now backing in the hands of the evil angels and they needed to get it back into Jamie’s possession so they could track her movements. Jamie had the flute with her at the lair for a short period, but the supernatural barrier that concealed the lair distorted the exact location. That was why she was attacked in the training area. The demons just searched in a general location for Jamie and finally found her.

“BOOM!” went John’s gun as he shot a target in his private shooting range. Jamie was just getting out of the shower when she heard the loud explosion. She opened her wings in flew to where John was and yelled, “What’s going on?”

John was surprised to see her and knew that she thought something else had happened. He snickered, “Nothing is wrong we with.” he paused for a moment and raised his eyebrows, “But I can’t say that for you.” He pointed at Jamie’s head.

“What are you talking about?” she lifted her hands towards her head, “Oh I get it, very funny.”

Jamie still had a towel around her head from getting out of the shower.

Jamie moved her head to one side, “Wait, something is coming.”

John thought she was messing with him, “C’mon now, it was just a joke.”

“Shssh!” she waved her hand at the ground and listened.

John started to hear something too, he ran over to a table, picked up an assault rifle, loaded a full clip into it, and cocked it. He pointed it in the direction of the sound. Jamie said, “It stopped whatever it was.”

John pulled the rifle into his shoulder tightly and took a deep breath, “Whatever it is Jamie, strike true!” Jamie looked out of the corner of her eye at John, “Great now I’m gonna get all sweaty again, and I just took a shower.”

John cracked a smile at her attitude.

Through the side of the house flew in a speecher. It blasted by both of them and of made circles in the air above them, before landing on a chair. John walked over towards the little fella and it shook its head at him and made some squeaking noises. John stopped and said, “Well it looks like the message is for you.”

Jamie held out her hand and the speecher flew into it. It scampered up her arm, perched on her right shoulder, and delivered its message in her ear. After Jamie heard the message, the speecher turned back into a diamond shard. Jamie took it off her shoulder and placed it in her pocket. Her pocket moved and she looked down at it. She stuck her hand in her pocket and felt something crawling all over it. She jerked her hand out of her pocket and it was covered with spiders. Jamie shrieked and hopped around shaking her hands hysterically yelling, “Get em off! get em off!” She hit at her pocket many times smashing the remaining spiders that were inside. Green and yellow goop squirted out of her pocket onto the floor and ran down the side of her leg. Finally, she had killed all the spiders and looked at John, “Thanks for the help!” Her hair was all a mess and she was visibly distraught. .

John didn’t know what to think, he had never seen anything like that before and was confused, “What just happened here?”

“I don’t know but I got to go and take another shower and change.”

“Na don’t worry about it, green and yellow looks good on you.” He laughed aloud.

“Why do you have to be so mean?” she looked at John with her mouth opened and her neck sticking out forward.

“I’m sorry Jamie, but those spiders were big, weren’t they?”

“John stop it! You’re not helping the situation.”

He snickered again, and Jamie gave him the evil eye, “The speecher shard turned into spiders, why?”

John replied, “I have never had that happen to me before something isn’t right.”

“Ya think!” she said sarcastically and pointed at her pants, “Let me get cleaned up first.”

John looked impatient, “Well what’s the deal? What was the message?”

“We have to meet Jerom at a remote location soon?”

“Why? Is something wrong?”

“He didn’t say, but he said it was very urgent and he wanted both of us to come.”

“Where do we need to go?”

“I know where it is, it’s close to our.” She stopped in mid-sentence.

“Close to what?” John said.

“Never mind, just follow me.”

Jamie was sworn to keep the location of the Shurod’s training grounds and lair a secret even from John. If any human, found out the location and was captured or possessed by a demon. The evil powers that be would have a great advantage and would attack the lair with an unprecedented amount of demon warriors.

John loaded up a few bags with some of his special goodies inside, and Jamie went to clean herself up.

John yelled, “Let’s go already.”

“Okay, be there in a second.”

John sat down in a chair and picked up a magazine, and thumbed through it and sighed.

After about fifteen minutes Jamie comes back into the room, “Tada, I’m ready now.”

“Bout time.”

Jamie stuck her tongue out at John, “You can’t rush beauty.” she flipped her hair with her hands; she looked around at all the gear, “What do you need all that stuff for anyway?”

“Always be prepared, that’s my motto lets go.” John winked at her and made a clicking noise with his mouth.

Clang, clang went the sounds of swords striking together many times. Dan was in the training area practicing with his sword against an angel. Dan was really trying hard and giving his all, but the angel he was fighting seemed to be hardly trying. Dan stopped and the angel looked at him, “You will have to do better than that Shurod.”

Dan put his hands on his knees because he was out of breath.

Gapa and Sephri were both leaning on a railing with their arms folded watching Dan. The angel looked at Gapa, “He isn’t ready for this Gapa.”

“Continue!” he barked.

Dan lifted his sword and lunged at the angel. The angel side stepped him and swatted him on the butt with the blunt side of his sword. Dan’s back arched and he rubbed it rapidly, “Ouch!” The angel snickered at him, “You must believe that you are capable of fighting angels before you can.” Dan bowed his head because he knew exactly what he was talking about. Dan was afraid to some degree of fighting angels. Deep within his soul, it felt awkward to fight against one of God’s heavenly host.

The training angel, Mogort was a master swordsman. He had taught countless angels how to fight with swords ever since Lucifer was banished from Heaven. Gapa was even trained by this angel. Mogort was an average sized angel that stood about seven foot tall with long dirty blonde hair. He used to be a general a long time ago but God had instructed him that he would better serve him if he trained other warrior angels. Of course, he agreed and felt honored by the appointment of master swordsman.

Mogort was the most experienced sword-wheeling angel within the angelic army. His knowledge about demonic forces and angel fighting tactics were superior to any angel. He had huge forearms and his face, yet holy, appeared to have seen much battle. He had a muscular body frame and looked like he could whoop some butt. On the left side of his neck, he had a scar that ran from the bottom of his ear and disappeared under his clothing. He was very poised, and spoke only when necessary. Dan was very intimidated by Mogort and could not overcome his fear of fighting against him. Mogort said, “Dan will this help?” Mogort transformed into a smaller angel and said, “Come on, surely you not afraid of me now?” Dan looked at him and charged him. Just Mogort shrinking himself boosted his confidence. Dan attacked swinging his sword and doing a decent job at it. Mogort slowly increased his size until he was back to normal. Dan was so into the sword fight that he didn’t realize that Mogort had changed back. Mogort yelled, “Stop!” Dan relaxed, lowered his sword and looked at him breathing heavily, “What?”

“Do you notice anything?”

“No, why?”

“I am at my full size and you still attacked me.” he cocked his head to one side and pointed his sword at him, “Remember size doesn’t matter in our world, only your ability to fight effectively and strike with pinpoint accuracy.”

Dan stood there for a moment and thought. He was right; Dan had overcome his natural fear of fighting against something bigger than him other than a demon, “Hmm, I did it.”

“Indeed you overcame your fear and fought well, but there is a lot more to learn Shurod. God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power.” He made a fist. “And love, and of a sound mind. That my friend is a direct quote from God himself.”

“Show me what else I need to know.”

Mogort explained many different moves that angels used to fight. Dan nodded his head that he understood what Mogort was saying. They practiced moves and techniques for hours until Dan was comfortable using them. Mogort watched Dan as he practiced moves on his own and walked over to Gapa, “I stand corrected Gapa, he is learning quicker than any angel I have had the privilege of training, even you. Gapa looked at Mogort and did a double take at him and Mogort smiled at him. Gapa laughed and Sephri just continued to watch Dan practice.

Sephri flew up and away from Gapa and Mogort, landed by Dan and said, “You have to do it like this.” He twirled the sword with great speed and precision. Dan looked on in amazement, “Here you try it now.”

Dan raised his sword and spun it around slowly at first, then he got faster and faster with each rotation. The sword glowed with an intense light. Sephri backed away and yelled, “Get ready for it!”

“Get ready for what?”

Mogort and Gapa focused their attention on Dan.

Little sparks jumped off the sword and Dan could only hear the sword as it sliced through the air. Dan felt a surge of power within his body and he couldn’t contain it any longer. He stopped twirling the sword and his entire body glowed. He looked at his hands in awe struck wonder because they were almost transparent. Sephri shouted, “Shoot!”

Dan looked at Sephri then at a target some two hundred meters away. He raised his arm and pointed his hand at the target. Ka-Boom, a white light shot out from his hand and hit the target turning it into dust. Dan stood there with his mouth opened. Sephri raised his arms up in front of his face to shield himself from the blast.

Mogort smiled, “Shurod!” Dan snapped his head in Mogort’s direction, “This power can only be used when you have enough time to gather to much needed power to generate a light rod.”

“So that’s what you call a light rod.”

“Yes, but you have to wind it up like a.”

Mogort turned to Gapa and whispered, “What are those primitive devices humans use to talk to each other?”

“A telephone?” Gapa replied questionably.

Mogort yelled out, “A telephone, you know, when you have to wind it up to get the desired result.” Mogort made a circular motion with his hand.

Dan looked at him strangely with both eyebrows raised, “A wind up phone?”


Dan laughed, “We haven’t used that type of phone in a very long time.”

“Is that so?” he looked at Gapa and made a smug face.

Gapa snickered, “He’s right Mogort, you need to get out more often.”

“Awh he knows what I meant.” He started to walk off and Gapa followed him, “Really you need to get out more.” poking fun at him. Mogort waved his hand backwards at Gapa. Gapa laughed as Mogort walked away muttering to himself, “Get out more often huh, I get every now and then.”

“Mogort is touchy today.” Dan said as he wiped the sweat off his brow.

“Not really, he just realized he hadn’t been engaged in battle in a very long time.”

Dan shrugged his shoulders, “Oh, ok then, on guard.” Dan raised his sword at Sephri.

A couple of Jaricks had captured unknown to John and Jamie the speecher while trying to deliver the message from Jerom. They had tortured the speecher for a long period trying to get it to talk. Finally, after being so frustrated they killed the speecher and one of the Jaricks possessed the speecher’s body. The other Jarick went to report this new information to Roebarg. He called an emergency meeting with Jada and the angels to discuss ideas on how to capture John and Jamie and find the Shurod’s lair. They argued for many hours on what they should do since they had a speecher’s body at their disposal. After deliberating, they decided on the course of action they were going to take. Roebarg went to visit Joe so that the plan could be set in motion.

Joe had met with Roebarg about devising a plan on how to get the flute back into Jamie’s possession. Roebarg informed Joe about the angels that escaped and their plan to capture Jamie and John. Joe was highly skeptical of the plan, but never the less, it was a plan, and he hadn’t thought of anything yet. Joe was not convinced about working with angels. He didn’t trust them, because they still had some angelic qualities. At least he knew where the demons we coming from and where their loyalties lied.

Omar was the main player in this scheme, and had to pull this off, if the plan was to be successful. Joe agreed to Roebarg’s plan and called Omar to his office inside his home and de briefed him on his next mission was.

“Yes Sir Mr. Miller.”

“Omar I have an important mission for you again.”

Omar’s face lit up, “Yeah, what is it this time.”

“Actually it has to do with my first task that I gave you.”

“The rock thing again?”

“Yes, but there is a twist to it that I think you would enjoy.”


Joe smiled, “Precisely!”

“Well you can count me in on that.”

“I know I could, this is your chance to get some.” he paused, “Some payback as you so eloquently put it.”

“Payback, that’s what I’m talking about.”

Joe reached into his pocket and pulled out the small flute, “You must get this into the girl’s possession; this will lead us to their secret hide out.”

Omar took it from John and admired it for a moment, “What the heck is this? It looks like a little flute?” He placed it into his mouth and blew on it, but it didn’t make any noise, “I think it’s broke.”

“Never mind what it is just plant it on her body somewhere and make sure that she returns back Jerom.”

“Isn’t he the leader of those Shurod thingy ma jiggers?”

Joe lifted up one side of his mouth, “Thingy ma jiggers? And yes he is, and I want his head on a silver platter if you don’t mind.” Joe gritted his teeth and his nose flared.

“Looks like you guys have some unresolved issues or history together. Did he steal your woman or something? ”

“That’s enough!” Joe shouted and became very angry.

Omar looked at Joe looked like he wanted to punch him out for yelling at him, “I apologize Mr. Miller.”

“Never mind forget it, I just get agitated even thinking about those half breeds, I’m sorry Omar besides we are on the same team.”

“Yup, we are sir.”

Joe gave Omar a high five.

John and Jamie were cruising down the road on his motorcycle. They were on their way to meet with Jerom so they thought. Jamie was on the back of the motorcycle. She pointed up ahead and said, “Go that way.” John nodded, and they turned down a dirt road.

A small village was coming in sight and John remembered this town. This was the town that the Kinsmen attacked Bali and him months ago. John stopped in the middle of the road, “I know this place Jamie.”

“What do mean?”

He turned back to look at Jamie and flipped his face mask up from his helmet up, “I mean I have been here before.”

“You have, why?

“It’s a long story.”

John slapped his facemask back down, placed the motorcycle in gear, and took off. Jamie tapped John on the shoulder, “I’m gonna check things out from the air real quick.”


Jamie opened her wings, the air caused her gently to lift off the back of the motorcycle, and she glided up into the air.

John pulled into the village and stopped close to the old abandoned well where Bali and John almost met their fate. He took the key out of the ignition, dismounted the bike, and took off his helmet. He remembered the fight he and Bali had there at the well and stared at it. He could here Bali’s voice in his mind speaking.

Jamie circled above the small village and saw John standing by the old well. She could see all the tops of the houses, but there was no one in the village. She thought to herself, “Where are all the people.” Jamie dipped down and landed next to John, “It’s pretty quiet here, I didn’t see one person.”

“It’s a little too quiet if you ask me.” John panned the area and pulled out two high powered had guns.

Jamie turned her head suddenly and looked at an old house. John said, “What is it?”

“I don t know but I heard something coming from over by that shack.” She pointed her hand. John and Jamie walked slowly towards the house.

Dawn was setting and shadows began to appear on the ground taking on demonic forms. The clouds in the air made it darker quicker. John pulled a small flashlight out of his pocket and shinned it at the house. Jamie stopped and her eyes turned white, John whispered, “Now what?”

“Shush.” Jamie said.

“What is with the white eyes?” he pointed his gun at her and wiggled it, “That’s freaky.”

“It helps me see in the dark”

“Man, I gotta get me some of those. You guys get all the cool toys.”

“Hush up John and focus.”

John walked slowly to the side of the house when he heard something scratching around. He pointed his gun into the shadows. He was intensely focused and expecting the unexpected. Just as he was leaning down, a sheep ran out in front of him. John jumped back and shot one time, Boom! Missing the sheep and it ran off down the dirt road. Jamie ran to John and shouted, “What is it?”

“It’s nothing, false alarm.”

“What do you mean false alarm?” Jamie heard the bleeping of the sheep and saw it running away. She laughed at John, “Wow that was a scary sheep huh?”

John wasn’t amused at Jamie’s comment, “Let’s keep looking around,” he said in a gruff tone.

Jamie just smiled and they searched the area for any sign of Jerom. Jamie shouted out for Jerom by name, but never heard a reply. John also called out for Jerom. Jamie curled up her nose, “John, I think we have some unwanted company.”

“How do you know?”

“I can smell demons nearby.”

John flipped the switch on his guns to the D.R. rounds, “Bring em on.”

Both of them hear hissing noises behind them and they turn around, to see a wall of demons standing behind them. John jumped to the side and fired his guns rapidly hitting a lot of them. After the initial shots were fired, the demons split up and went in all different directions surrounding them. Jamie shot her shards and hit a killed a few of the demons but missed also. Some of the demons she saw were not the usual demon soldiers; they seemed to be faster than normal. The demons didn’t attack; they just got out of the way, some of them hovering in the air and others on the ground. They stared at them with death in their eyes. Then from out of the sky fell four angels and landed in front of the two of them. When their feet hit the ground, it shook the ground beneath them. A dirt cloud encompassed all four of the angels.

Jamie frowned and said, “Man not these guys again.”

John looked at Jamie in a puzzled manner, “Backup? Friends of yours?”

“Not quite.”

“Oh great, now what? We gotta fight angels to, wait these are angels aren’t they?”

Jada stepped through the dust, “Well, well my little half breed we meet again.”

Jamie said in a defiant voice, “Where is my father you, you.”

“Shurod calm down he is over there.”

Jamie looked over at an old donkey cart that was propped up, Jerom was strapped to it, and bleeding badly with his mouth gagged.

She was overcome with anger and clinched her fist.

Jada replied, “I want nothing from you, I want him!” he pointed at John, “If he comes with us your father will go free.”

“What do you want with him?”

John chimed in; “Well you can’t have me.” he went into defense posture ready to fight.

Jada laughed, “I will have whatever I want.”

“Well not today!” John raised his gun at Jada, Bam! Bam! And unloaded a clip at him. Jada held out his hand and the bullets fell at his feet. John looked at his gun; “Not Good.” Jada pulled John to him with an invisible force. John looked back at Jamie and she screamed his name. The angels dwarfed John because they were so big in comparison. Jamie stood still trying to think of a plan to free John.

Jada motioned at one of the demons; the demon pulled a bow back and shot an arrow at Jerom, hitting him in the chest. Jamie screamed out in shear panic and disbelief. Jada smiled at her evilly, “See I told you I get what I want.”

Jerom’s body arched up and then fell lifeless against the cart.

Jamie was hit in the back with one of the demon’s fireballs and fell forward on her knees. One of the demons flew down and punched her knocking her out cold. Jada told all the angels and demons to leave. They obeyed and left Jada standing with John alone. Jada said, “I have something to show you.” John looked up at Jada, “What do you want with me angel.”

Jada walked towards Jerom’s lifeless corpse and glanced at Jamie lying in the dirt.

Jada stopped and said, “Here.” John looked at Jerom’s dead body and was sadden by the sight. He looked back at Jada, “Why did you do this?” John looked back at Jerom’s body, but it wasn’t there, “Where umm, where did he go?”

“Behind you.”

John turned around and was hit with a fist square in the jaw that knocked him out. Jada made a face, “That looked like it hurt.”

A voice said, “Make sure no one hurts him, I got plans for this one.”

Jada replied, “I hope they include lots of pain.”

“Believe me they do.”

Ten minutes later, Jamie woke up and rubbed the side of her face with her hand. She looked around to see if anyone was around. Slowly she got up on her feet and saw John lying on the ground face down. She ran over, turned John over on his back, and patted him in the face and said please don’t be dead. John came too, opening one eye at first, grunted, and asked what happened. John got up on his feet and shook his head. Jamie looked over at the small cart and Jerom’s body was nowhere to be found. Jamie started to cry and John grabbed her and pulled her in close to him with one arm, “Jerom was a good man.”

Jamie sniffed a few times, “I will kill all those, those angels and demons, where is Dan when I need him!”
“That’s a good question, where is he.”

“What are you talking about? I told you where he was, don’t you remember?”

John looked at her waiting for her to speak.

Jamie said, “They must have really hit you hard, Dan is going through some special training, remember?”

“Ah ya, that’s right”, he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, “When is he supposed to be back?”

Sobbing, “I have no idea, father might have known, but now he’s dead”, Jamie cried into her hands, “What did they want with you John?”

“Nothing really, they just beat me up real good and left me, I think they are up to something. I think that they just wanted you to watch your father die.”

Jamie scowled at John because of his insensitive comment but she didn’t want to get into an argument with him right now, “They are always up to something, but what?”

“You need to get back to the lair and gather some weapons so we can get some payback; yeah that’s what I’m talking about.”

“Payback! John I have never heard you talk like that, but it sounds like a plan to me.” she wiped her face with her forearm. She opened her wings and was about to take off towards the lair. John yelled, “Wait!”

Jamie turned around, “What?”

John opened his arms as if he wanted a hug. Jamie walked towards John, and hugged him, “Be careful John.” John slipped something into her pocket as he hugged her, “I will, now go and meet me back at my house.” John watched her fly up and out of sight. John smiled and he face began to deform slightly and his lip twitched.

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