Shurod and the blood rock prophecy

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Joe was in his home watching the news about the conflict in the Middle East, when a butler came to him, “Mr. Miller.”

“Yes, what is it.”

“Your guest is awake and demanding to speak with you, he seems, well, not happy.”

Joe laughed, “Well, I suppose I should pay him a visit, I don’t want to keep my guest waiting now do I.”

“No that would be rude.” The butler smiled and at Joe and bowed.

Joe turned the T.V. off and strolled down a long hallway leaving a trail of cigar smoke behind him. He stopped outside of a door and took a deep breath, turned the knob and walked in the room. John was confined to a bed with both of his legs and arms bound in the middle of the room. Joe wanted to make sure that John didn’t escape. He knew that he was very resourceful and could use just about anything to free himself. That is why the room was totally empty except for the bed he was on.

John heard the door open and he lifted his head to see Joe. Joe locked eyes with John and they turned black as coal. John saw his eyes change and knew that he was in deep trouble. Joe eyes turned back to normal as he approached John’s side, “John my boy, how have you been?”


Joe pulled on the straps on his arms to make sure they were secured, “I’ve missed you John.”

“Can’t say the feeling is mutual.”

“Now, now there is no need to be rude.” he said sarcastically.

“What do you want Joe?”

“What I have always wanted, I want you to come back to work for me.”

“Fat chance at that how did you survive the submarine blast? I was sure that you were dead.” John smiled.

“I didn’t.”

John was confused at his statement, “Huh.”

“You did kill me John, but my doctors brought me back from the dead. I did however get a souvenir out of that little fiasco though.” Joe took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his face. John watched as Joe wiped off some makeup off his face to reveal some severe burned scars on his face. He yelled at John, “This is what you did to me!” John looked at his face, “It’s a bit of improvement if you ask me.”

Joe was livid, and punched John in the gut, “You’re time is coming Johnny boy, I have something special in mind for you that I think you’re going to like.”

John coughed from the gut shot, “Does it have anything to do with Omar, cause you know he’s dead, I killed him.”

Joe smiled, “I can assure you that Omar isn’t dead, he is actually taking care of your little friend Jamie.” John was overcome with fear for Jamie and didn’t believe him.

“You better not harm her, or I’ll.”

Joe interrupted, “You’ll what, you can do nothing, and her fate is in his hands.”

“You are an evil man.” when he said that he saw two demon heads manifest on each of his shoulders, and the tail of one of them wrapped around Joe’s neck twitching like a rattlesnake.

“John my boy, you couldn’t be more right.”

“So Omar has the same abilities as his brother I take it.”

“Yes, and he more vicious than Bali ever was.”


“Yes really.”

John worked with Bali for many years and knew Bali’s temperament. If Omar was worse than Bali, he was going to have a fight on his hands if he could ever get away from Joe’s house.

“You just lay around for a while John and I will get you something to eat. There is no reason for us not to be civil to each other. I mean you only tried to kill me. That’s nothing that can’t be forgiven.” He leaned down into John’s face, “But on the other hand.” John smelled the cigar smoke on his breath.

Joe snapped his fingers and two big white men walked into the room, “Do you remember that guy they found floating in that pond you killed years ago?”

“I’m trying to forget it.”

“Well, these two cordial gentlemen were the ones who cleaned up your mess, guys meet John. Take good care of him for me while I take a nap.”

They said in unison, “Yes Mr. Miller.”

Joe walked out of the room and one man closed the door behind him and said, “You’re ours for a few hours.”

The sound of fist hitting John made Joe turn and look at the door. John moaned with pain and Joe smiled. Then he went back to the room, opened the door, and poked his head in, “Don’t kill him, just make him wish he wasn’t alive.”

“Yes sir.”

Joe closed the door and walked down the hallway humming the song, for he’s a jolly good fellow.

Outside of Joe’s home watching through the window was a messenger angel, he saw what was happening to John. He pulled out a small round red supernatural ball and threw it at the window where John was. The ball busted and splattered on the window. Only angels and the Shurod could see this marker. The angel flew up out of sight to report what he had just witnessed and get John some help.

Angel wings fluttering fill the massive prison where the evil angels were housed. Jerom was at the prison gates repairing the crack in which the angels escaped through. He put his eye up the crack and looked out of it. Millions of demons we busy with their assigned duties. Jerom stood there and looked for a few seconds observing them. The scene resembled a colony of ants working together for a common good, but there was no good in what they were doing.

Jerom held his sword out and an intense light shot at the crack in the prison gates. The demons on the other side saw the light and rushed over to it, and hit the crack with their swords and tools. One of the demons tried to look in and was killed by the light from Jerom’s sword. He was welding the crack back together as much as he could, to help prolong a total breach. He was tapped on the shoulder, which startled him. He swung his back and Sephri blocked it with his sword, Clang! “Whoa old friend”

“Sephri, you scared me to death, don’t sneak up on me like that, especially down here.”

“My apologies Shurod, you got this taken care of here?”

“Yes, almost done. How is my son, did he survive?”

“That is one of the things I came to talk to you about.”

Jerom bowed his head because he thought that Dan didn’t survive the journey.

Sephri perked up, “It’s not what you think Jerom, Dan is alive and well. Quite honestly he is learning rather quickly.”

Jerom sighed, “Excellent! When should I expect his return?”


“How soon, I am getting weaker by the day and I don’t have much fight left in me.”

“Shurod, you have plenty of fight left in you, don’t be so down on yourself. Besides I have news of John.”

“What news?”

“He has been captured by Joe and his men.”

“What!” he shouted out, “Jamie was with him, where is she?”

“I thought she was here with you?”

“No I sent her to stay with John because she was attacked at our training grounds by some demons. I was trying to find out why they had gotten so close to us. They have never been so close before.”

“Interesting.” Sephri thought for a moment, “This is not good news Shurod, I must leave you now.”

Sephri pointed his wings downward and shot off into the air. Jerom yelled, “Find Jamie she may be in trouble.”

Jerom flew back up to the lair and landed in his room. He extended his arm at his bed and it moved over the entrance. Over by a make shift nightstand was a small bowl of water. He cupped his hands and splashed water on his face when he heard some noise coming from the main area of the cave. He stopped immediately with his hands on his face to listen, water dripped down his face and onto his clothing. He picked up another sword that was leaning against the wall. He gripped both of them tightly and they began to glow. Slowly he walked down the hallway, and he heard weapons being gathered and stuff being thrown around. He looked around the corner and saw the backside of someone. Jerom flew at them knocking them forward. He heard a scream and saw that it was Jamie, “Oh my precious daughter are you ok?”

Jamie was dazed and she couldn’t believe the voice she was hearing, “Father?”

“Yes Jamie it’s me.”

She stood up trying to regain her balance after the blow she just endured moaning, “You got away?”

“Jerom looked at her perplexed, “What are you talking about?”

“You’re not even hurt, your face was bleeding.”
“Wait a minute slow down, tell me what you think happened.”

Jamie told Jerom about the incident at the small village. She began to cry when she came to the part where she thought Jerom had been killed right before her eyes. She hugged him tightly and said, “Don’t you ever die on me.”

Jerom placed his hand on top of her head, “I can’t promise you that child, but I can promise you that we will get to the bottom of this. I just left Sephri and he said that John had been captured by Joe.”

“No he hasn’t I just left him a few hours ago, he was going back to his house to get some weaponry, he told me to come back here and get what I needed.”

“I smell a devious plan in the workings. John isn’t at his house, I have been asked to go and free him from Joe.”

“But I...”

“That wasn’t John you were talking too. It must have been a trick of some sort to make you think it was John. Kind of like what they did with me. You thought I was dead.”

“Gross, then what was that I was hugging on?”
“Not sure.” he looked at Jamie, “Hugging on?”
“Oh father I was just telling him to be careful”
“Uh huh.”
“Stop it.” she hit at Jerom and smiled.

“He didn’t listen to well to your words then.”

Jamie changed the subject, “Those angels that escaped had something to do with this, I just know it.”

“You are probably right about that. Now let us go and get our boy John back. He could probably use our help.”

“C’mon, what are you waiting on?” Jamie made the sound of the Calvary horn that meant to attack.

Jerom and Jamie flew up out of the lair and was only a couple of miles away when one of Jada’s angels spotted them. They again had the general vicinity of the lair but still couldn’t pin point the exact location. He watched them fly off into the distance, and then smelled the air to catch their sent, to see where it came from. He flew around and around passing over the lair many times not knowing that it was beneath him. Just as he thought he found it, he lost the scent. For at least an hour the angel circled trying to find it, always looking around to make sure they hadn’t come back yet. He continued to fly around when he got an idea. He knew from his past that supernatural barriers existed and there was only on way to find out. If an angel shot some of it power it would bounce off revealing the barrier. The angel shot in different direction hitting nothing but the earth, trees, bushes, and dirt flew high into the air. Off in the distance a group of Kinsmen heard explosions and ran towards the noise quickly. The angel sensed people around and went into his shadow mode. The humans distracted him and he went to see who they were. He flew right above them and saw that they were Kinsmen; he knew that he must be close if there were Kinsmen around. He landed and removed his shadow from his body, “Hello.”

Four Kinsmen turned around and was astonished at the angel. They bowed down to him in awe struck wonder, “My Lord what is you wish.”

“I need to know where the Shurod lair is, I have an important message for him.”

The angels question made all the Kinsmen suspicious, because all angels that helped the Shurod knew where the lair was. Only one of the Kinsmen knew the exact location, and that was Anar.

“So tell me where it is.”

“My Lord we have no idea what lair you speak of.”

The angel was infuriated and shot one of the men with a fireball and it consumed him. The man screamed out in pain for just a moment and fell to the ground dead.

The other three stood motionless and began to pray in a Hebrew tongue.

“That chattering your doing isn’t going to help you now, tell me what I want to know. Now let’s try this again”

“We will not tell you anything evil being.”

“Oh no? let’s see” The angel pointed his hand out at the man, and the man’s arm stuck straight out from his body, “Where is the lair?”

“I don’t know.” the man’s index finger started to twist until it broke, he screamed out in pain, “I don’t know, and if I did I wouldn’t tell you.” Then the man’s wrist twisted until it broke also. He was breathing sporadically and saliva was on his lips. The other two men were horrified and couldn’t help but wonder how they were going to meet their fate, but the held onto their beliefs. The Kinsmen were sworn to secrecy and part of their creed was to die unto God’s glory by protecting the Shurod.

“You are an abomination to the creator of the universe.”

“So I have been told, tell him I said hi.” The angel hit all three men with a burst of power and they were burned up. The angel looked at the dead corpses, “Next time you’ll tell me what I want.” he laughed while wiping his hands together, “Oh looks like there won’t be a next time.” He shrugged his shoulders and took off to continue his efforts on locating the lair. The four men’s bodies laid in the dirt smoldering. Just a few feet from where the dead men laid, was a transmitter that one of the men threw down on the ground when they first encountered the angel. A little red light flashed, sending a signal that relayed their exact location.

Jerom and Jamie flew over Jerusalem under the cover of the shadow. They saw many people walking around and going about their daily lives. Oblivious to the unseen battle, that took place for their very existence. Jerom said, “I want to show you something, follow me.”

“What about John?”

“He will be fine for a minute, this won’t take long.”

Jerom sighed, “I will never figure out these phrases you kids use now days.”

Jamie smiled, “Let’s go.”

“Ok, now that I understand.”

They flew up into the sky and streaked towards Joe’s house Jerom banked off to the right and Jamie followed him. Below she noticed a huge wall and people standing in front of it. Then she saw what looked like hundreds of angels mingled within the midst of people. They landed on top of the wall, squatted down, and looked down.

Jamie cleared her throat, “Are all those angels down there?”


“What is this place? It seems to be very old.” drinking in the scene with her eyes.

“Indeed, the Jews call it the Western Wall or better known to us as the Wailing Wall.”

“Wailing Wall, I have heard of this place, but I never knew what the big deal was with it.”

“This is a holy place, Jews and Muslims come here to pray and seek guidance. It was built by King Herod and destroyed by the Romans many centuries ago, around seventy A.D. It is the last standing structure of the original temple built by King Solomon. As you can see most of the men are dressed in traditional black Jewish apparel, while others wear Yakama’s to show reverence.”

The men bobbed forward and backwards as they made their requests known to God. Plastic chairs were in different locations by the wall. They were there for people to sit in while they prayed. Many believers prayed for hours and sat down while they prayed. A few of the men praying were leaning against the wall with their faces pressed up against it.

Tourists walked around and observed the Jewish people practicing their faith. Some were taking pictures. Small groups of Christians were getting a tour of the holy site. At the entrance of the Wall was a small group of police that were there to keep the peace. Anyone that wanted to enter into the main area was subjected to a pat down, for fear of some radical terrorist groups wanting to destroy or deface the holy site.

Jerom wanted Jamie to try to understand the reality of human nature, and focus on the supernatural more than the natural, “You see we are not merely finite beings traveling through an infinite realm, but rather infinite beings traveling through a finite realm of existence.”

“Wow that is deep.”

“I just want you to understand that our lives are but a vapor when compared to eternity. Here today and gone tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I get it.” She pondered on Jerom words.

“What is that angel doing over there?” Jamie blurted.

“Where? There are a lot of them.” Jerom looked around.

“The one by the lady right there?” She pointed.

An angel was standing behind the woman with his wings wrapped around her with his head pressed against her back whispering words of encouragement. It looked like he was hugging her from behind. Many other angels were doing the same thing to various people that were praying. Some of the angels had their hands placed on both sides of the person’s head they were assigned too, with their foreheads touching together. These ministering angels brought encouragement and hope to those who were distraught.

Off to the side were some angels that were huddled together talking to one another and waiting for their time to help one of God’s children. One of them pointed at a man that was entering into the main area to pray. An angel flew over to the man, wrapped his wings around the man, and began to whisper into his ear. The man began to sob profusely, he was praying for his mother that was on her deathbed. The angel tried to comfort the man by telling him that she was not going to suffer any longer and her time was short. The man felt the presence of God speaking to him through the angel. The angel told him to leave and go to his mother side. He stopped praying and ran out of the main area.

Jerom looked at Jamie, “That my dear is what angels do, among other things. They are sent to help us weather the storms of life and bring light into our sorrows.”

Jamie listened carefully with her head cocked to one side to hear the woman speak. The woman was praying in Arabic tongue. She concentrated harder and the Arabic language translated into English so she understood it. She listened for a moment, and heard the woman praying for her sick son. “Why do they pray here Father?”

“They believe that this is the closed point to the holy of holies.”

“Why are the women praying in a different area than the men?”

“It is a Jewish tradition that men and women do not pray together.”

“That’s weird; don’t you think that is a little sexist?”

Jerom smiled, “Maybe, but that’s their tradition and it has been that way for centuries.”

Three of the angels that were down on the ground flew upwards leaving a trial of light behind them, one of them looked at Jamie as he flew by, and smiled. Jamie watched them until they were out of site, “Where are they going?”

“Their mission is complete; they are on their way back to heaven for their next assignment. The angels come down here, deliver messages, and comfort us for a short a short period. Once they have fulfilled their task they return to heaven.”

“Wow this is so cool.” Jamie stood up, “This is so amazing, I would have never thought that something like this was possible until I had seen it with my own eyes.”

“Seeing is believing in some cases Jamie, but not seeing requires faith and that’s what these people rely on, faith, and trusting in God.”

Jamie was intrigued by the people praying, “What are they sticking in the cracks of the wall there.”

“Ah, that is called Kvitlach. Those are written prayers by people and placed into the cracks in the wall.” Jerom stood up, “Ok, enough history lessons for today, John is waiting for us.”

“Let’s beat feet.”

that was on the out skirts Jerusalem.

After a few hours of getting beat up, John’s face was swollen badly. He had passed out from the beating that he had taken and the two men had left the room, standing guard outside. Joe came down the hall stretching his arms up in the air and yawning.

“Mr. Miller did you have a restful nap?” one of the men asked.

“Yes, why thank you for asking.” The man smiled at him, ”So how’s my company?”

“Well he seems to be taking a nap also.”

Joe smiled at the man, “Let’s have a look at the poor man.”

The man opened the door and Joe walked in and made a grimacing face and laughed, “No that is well money spent.”

John was covered in blood and eyes almost swollen shut. His nose was broken and he had severe bruising on his face. Joe walked over to John and slapped him gently on both sides of his face, “Wake up John, this is just the beginning.”

Joe looked back at the door because he heard footsteps coming down the hall, “Ah, here comes the grand finale now.”

Omar walked in and saw John lying on the bed, “I see you have started my work for me.”

Joe answered, “I had to get a little payback too ya know.”

John opened his eyes, saw Omar standing above him, and said, “Bali?” Omar looked down at him, “John, get ready to pay for what you did to my brother.”

Omar told the two men to remove his restraints; Joe said that it wasn’t a good idea. Omar looked at Joe and said there was no reason to worry. John was in no condition to put up much of a fight by the looks of things. They got him on his feet and his head drooped down and blood from his mouth dripped onto the floor. Omar grabbed John by the chin, lifted his head up, and yelled, “Look at my face!” he squeezed his chin tightly. John moaned barley able to see through his swollen eyes. Omar reared back and was about to punch John when the window exploded and Jerom flew in. All the men fell onto the floor covering their eyes from the broken glass. Jerom scanned the room and picked John up off the floor. Jamie flew in, took John away from Jerom, and flew out of the window with John in her arms. Joe got back on his feet as well as the other men. Joe was surprised to see Jerom, “Jerom, my old friend how have you been?” Joe wiped the broken glass off his clothes.

“As much as I would like to stay and chat with you, I must go.”

Omar stood up and said, “Not before you bleed half-breed!” Omar pulled out a mini machine gun and shot at Jerom as well as the other two men. Jerom opened his wing armor and protected himself from the bullets. After Omar had spent all his rounds, he ran at Jerom and tried to grab him. Jerom created a barrier around himself and Omar bounced off it and landed on the floor, rolling backward. Then he slapped the two men with his wings sending them flying through the wall into the hallway.

“Joe, we have to end this feud between us, how do you purpose we do that?”

“By you and your kind dying by my hand.”

“I figured you would say something like that, it appears that we are not going to be the best of friends after all. I was really hoping that we could go on a picnic together and talk things out.” Jerom said condescending and made a clicking noise with his mouth.

Two huge guardian demons poured out of Joe’s body in full battle armor. Joe laughed, “Say hello to my little friends.”

Jerom looked at them and said, “You really want to do this right now?”

The two demons looked at each other and nodded no. Joe saw the two demons and yelled out, “Cowards! Well it looks like you are healing well Jerom, that’s nice for you.”

“No thanks to you I might add and your evil plots.”

Joe candidly chuckled, “What can I do just to make you die already.”

“We could always settle this like men.” Jerom lifted up his arm and made a fist.

“You know how much I deplore violence.” He smiled smugly at Jerom.

“Joe this is where we part ways.” Jerom jumped backwards through the window and pointed his wings at Joe as he flew back and shot some feathers at him. The two demons made a barrier of their own to protect themselves and Joe. The feathers bounced off the barrier and stuck in different locations in the room. Joe lifted his arms up to try and shield himself from the feathers. Joe ran to the window and Jerom looked back, “Another time Joey boy.” and sped off to catch up with Jamie.

Joe said a few undesirable words and Omar stood up on his feet, “I can’t believe that you let them take John.”

Joe turned around quickly towards Omar grabbed him by his collar and lifted him off the ground. Omar was amazed that Joe could pick him up with one arm, let alone two, “Never talk to me like that again.”

Omar said with a waiver in his voice, “No never Mr. Miller, never.”

Joe placed him back on the floor and walked out the door stepping over the two other men, “Get this mess cleaned up. I just would like to catch a break one time, is that too much to ask?” The demons followed behind Joe stepping on the two men’s bodies. Omar went over to the wall where there were a few of the feather and pulled one out. These are gold. He tossed it in the air, “Joe these feathers are gold, and they could be worth something.”

Joe was walking down the hall, “1, 2, 3,” The gold on the feather vanished leaving nothing but the actual feather. Omar yelled out, “False alarm.” as he made a sad face. Joe kept walking and shook his head, “One day someone will know as much as me.”

All the feathers in the room burst and the gold disappeared off of each and every one of them. Omar placed the feather up to his mouth and blew it out of his hand. He watched it as it floated gently to the floor. He stomped on it with his size thirteen boot and grinded his foot on the feather crushing it to pieces, “I will get my revenge.” and walked out of the room.

Jamie landed a few miles away at the pre-determined spot that Jerom had planned. She sat John on the ground and he was in bad shape. A few moments later Jerom landed causing a small dust devil to swirl around for a second. Jerom removed his wing armor and looked back to see if they were being followed, “We need to get to our back up location it isn’t safe at our home right now.” John coughed a few times and spit blood out of his mouth, “Thank you for pulling me out of there, I thought I was a goner for sure this time. Wait, Jerom your alive? I saw you killed.”

“I can assure you that I am not dead”

“How can this be?”

“Demonic tricks used to fool people I suppose.”

John thought for a moment and realized that Omar had cleverly disguised himself as Jerom to trick Jamie into thinking he was dead, but why? John tried to stand up on his feet when Jamie reached down to pull him up. John heard something hit the ground and looked to see what it was, “I thought you got rid of this thing?”

Jamie looked puzzled when John handed her the small flute, “I did I threw it out of the plane when we went skydiving.”

“So how did it get back in your pocket?”

Jerom turned around and said, “Small flute? Let me see that.”

Jerom looked at it and wondered what it actually was and how Jamie got the flute, “How did you come by this Jamie?”

Fear welled up inside Jamie’s soul, “Jada! that evil snake. He gave it to me when I first met him. Ya know when he tried to kill me.”

“Ok, let’s figure this out shall we. Jada gave you the flute, and then you were attacked by demons at the training area. Then you threw it out of the plane and now it’s back in your possession.” Jerom kneeled down and drew in the dirt with a stick, “But how? Jamie try and remember what happened when John was taken, I think it had something to do that.”

Jamie racked her brain recounting the events from earlier, “I got it!” John and Jerom perked up. “Oh I don’t got it.” They both shook their heads and groaned, “Ok, yeah I remember. After I woke up from being punched out by a demon.” She paused, “John told me to go back to the lair and gather weapons.”

John announced, “Remember that wasn’t me.”

“Oh yeah right, the guy that I thought was John.” She emphasized his name and glared at him, “Gave me a hug and.”

“And what Jamie” Jerom waited impatiently.

“As I recall, I felt your hand around my waist.” She looked at John.

“It wasn’t me! Remember.”

“Oh, oh yeah, then the fake John! May have put the flute back in my pocket.”

Jerom replied, “That sounds plausible.”

“Plausible? Father, who talks like that?”

“I do!” Jerom replied in a serious tone.

“Sorry, father I meant no disrespect.”

“I am just trying to figure this out, and find out why you were attacked so close to the lair.”

John cleared his throat and pointed in the air, “I have a theory.”

Jerom raised his arm, “Well go on then.”

Omar used his power to take on the form of Jerom, then the angels faked your assassination to ensure Jamie wasn’t thinking correctly. Because women are more emotional ya know.” Jamie made a noise, “Hold on now before you get upset and hear me out.”

Jamie folded her arms and moved her neck side to side, “Uh huh, I’m listening John.”

John wiped some dried blood off his cheek, “After you were hit with that fireball Jamie, Jerom’s body disappeared, and I was knocked out. Omar must have changed into me to fool you and plant the flute back on you.”
Jamie said, “That is the most ridiculous theory I have ever heard.”
Jerom walked towards John, “That’s it, that’s what happened, hmm these angels are good.”

Jamie’s mouth opened in disbelief, “You not buying into this father. Is it because he’s a man that you believe him.”

“Jamie please! Enough of that already, but it doesn’t explain why they wanted you to have it. I need to speak to Goleg and inform him on the situation. Maybe he will have some insight on this matter”

Goleg fell from the sky with impressive speed with about two thousand angels behind him and landed in front of all three of them with sword in hand. They all hit the ground in unison in a kneeling position. He was decked out in full body armor and was ready to fight. He walked over to Jerom and said sharply, “Where is he?”

“He who Goleg?”


“Satan? He isn’t here, at least I hope not” Jerom looked all around.

“I felt his presence around you and alerted some of my warriors.”

Jerom looked past Goleg and at the multitude of angels behind him, “I’m not following?”

“Satan is close and I sensed that you were in trouble.”

“We just left the Miller house and retrieved John back. He was captured by Jada maybe that’s what you are talking about.”

“No, the presence is strong, so strong that it had me worried about your safety.”
“Thank you but, we are ok now, just a little bout with Joe, and some of his henchmen.”

All the angels behind Goleg stood up, and stood at attention. The light from the sun glistened off their swords, helmets, and shields. John tried to focus on the angels but had a hard time seeing because his vision was blurry. Jamie walked up to the side of Jerom and said, “Thank you for helping us out the other day.”

Goleg snapped his wings back, “It was my pleasure Shurod.”

Jerom didn’t have any idea that her and John had been attacked in the alley, “I can’t leave you alone very long until you get mixed up in some kind of trouble, can I?”

Goleg listened to Jerom scold Jamie, looked back at his angels, and smiled.

Jamie replied, “I can’t help it if demons want to kill me.”

Jerom sighed and gripped the flute in his hand. Goleg asked, “What is that you have there?”

“I was just about to call you down and ask you about this.” Jerom opened his hand and Goleg saw the flute. He was very disturbed at the flute and noticeably shaken by it, “That is from Satan himself. How did you come by that?”

“A gift from Jada, demons attacked her in our training grounds; they have never been that close to the lair before.”

“Jamie!” Goleg said, “How long have you had this in your possession?”

“For a while now, I just loved the sound of it when I blew into it. It made the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard.”

“Be that as it may, that is the reason you have been attacked some many times. Jada and the demons have been using that.” He pointed at the flute, “To track your movements.”

Jerom grew concerned, “Jamie did you have this at the lair?”

“Yes, Father I did.”

Jerom and Goleg both sighed because they knew that Jada and the evil forces had an idea where the lair was located now.

“What shall we do Goleg?” Jerom asked calmly.

“Give it to me and I will think of something. They can’t be allowed to find the lair.” He was very insistent about what he said.

Jerom questioned him, “You seem to be holding something back Goleg, what it is that has you so concerned?”

“The blood rock.” he answered back.

Jerom hadn’t even considered the blood rock as a potential threat. His face riddled with dread, “Can this be used as a weapon against the prison gates?”

“Indeed, it would blow the gates wide open and free every angel inside.”

Jamie asked what the blood rock was and listened to Jerom explain the history behind it. Their souls sunk deep within their bodies and couldn’t understand why such a powerful thing wasn’t destroyed. The rock was part of the Shurod’s lifeline and if taken into the wrong hands, the Shurod would be eliminated and wiped off the face of the earth.

“I always like a good challenge.” Jamie said in a high-pitched voice rolling her eyes.

Jerom gave the flute to Goleg and he and the small army behind him flew up disappearing into the low-lying clouds.

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