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Collab of all my OC'S deaths

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Yes I know it's dark but.... I've been wanting to do this for awhile.

Shadowsky's/ Shadowstars death

Cause: Saveing my oc Redleaf
Bit of backstory: Redleaf Shadowsky's freinds son always wanted to be her mate but he knew she would refuse because she had Graytail. The camp broke out in flames one night and Redleaf was makeing sure everyone was out when he got trapped in some fallen trees. Shadowstar saved him.
Detailed moment, POV Shadowstar: Shadowstar heard Redleaf cry and saw the pile of fallen trees. Redleaf is in there! She thought. It was her last life too. She knew what she had to do. "Redleaf I'm comeing! " She called as she squirmed into the pile of trees. She grabbed Redleafs scruff and couldn't believe what she saw behind her, a wall of fire was comeing their way. She raced towards her clan and whispered in Redleafs ear, "I can get you just behind that fallen tree up there and then I will throw you as far as I can, you will have to run as fast as you can. Take care of the clan, Redleaf" "What about you?! " He asked me his voice filled with worry. "You will see me in the stars... " I told him and shook him as he was in my teeth and threw him. I caught his eye as he went flying. "Goodbye, Redleaf.... " I whispered just enough for him to hear. He looked back and started running. I looked at him from the distance. Soon enough I felt a burning feeling on my back and let the fire engolf me. "Save the clan for me! " I called before the fire engolfed me. All I could feel was a burning pain. I let the darkness fall over me as I fell limp. I heard Oaksong, my kit, call me as he brought me to Starclan.
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