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By Jennise K All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Often times, amongst the great, good wonders of reality we end up deeming certain things impossible.


So very unlikely to occur, to any eleven or seventeen year old beyond the worn pages of books and the screens of television.

It just does not occur.

There are no vampires that go to our high schools, no beasts that need saving, no magic to discover.

But can we be completely sure about that?

In the light of normalcy; it’s so easy to believe that nothing out of the ordinary exists, that the only place you could find any amount of ‘shady’ are in dominant Mr. Greys. That everything has a perfectly well constructed scientific explanation to base it.

But the darkness holds so much, many secrets that are just never brought into the light. Because how can we find something that wants to remain hidden?

How can we discover, unless allowed?

I had been one of the contemporaries. I believed that some things should rather just stay between worn pages and in TV screens. After all, where was my letter at the age of eleven? Where was my vampire in high school? My batman? Soulmate?

No. Nothing.

I just did not believe.

Well, that is, until that one night… that made me believe.

And this story....

My story…

Will make you believe.

This is going t be one hell of a tale. I hope you’re ready.

-Olivia A.Fredson.

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