𝕸𝖆𝖊𝖛𝖊 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔠𝔞𝔱 𝔟𝔲𝔯𝔤𝔩𝔞𝔯

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T̲h̲e̲ ̲b̲l̲a̲z̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲S̲W̲O̲R̲D̲S̲M̲A̲N̲

Maeve was born in an unfortunate situation, forced to live with no parents. Zhin held her in his arms like a daughter, observing her beatiful eyes , her eyes were like a cats', they were so sharp that he thought she could cut anything just by the sight of her eyes, she had pink hair and a little fluffy white tail that was wiggling all the time . From that moment Zhin decided that he would train her to become the strongest of all and avenge her parents, but first he had to hide from the army because the king sent troops to search for them day and night.

*7 years later

Zhin raised maeve as a daughter until she became 7 years old , then it was time for them to start training, and with every minute that passes , Zhin remembers the cruel death of her parents and how badly it would hurt her if he tells her. Maeve never knew anyone else other than her ''father'' Zhin. He takes her to the woods every day , he taught her how to fight, how to survive, and by doing so he noticed her extraordinary skills, she was as fast as a cheetah ,as sneaky and agile as a cat , and her remarkable ability in close combat. Just as they finished their training Zhin said with a low tone " quiet" because he heard the sound of armor , he knew the army was coming, Maeve immediately ran to the closest tree to hide and Zhin stayed there pretending to be training. The commander of the squad saw him and walked to him " what are you doing here sir" the commander asked , Zhin replies calmly " Just the usual, training to stay in shape" the commander laughed while saying" stay in shape? Why would an old man on the verge of death like you be training , just go rest and take it easy alright?" Just as the army was leaving they heard a sound coming from a place near the area , so the commander became suspicious of Zhin . He asked once again" Hey old man , you said you were just training here ,right? You wouldn't mind if we checked the area before we leave ,would you?" Zhin replied in panic "wh.. why would you search the area you were already leaving " the commander replied " you see, a little girl was lost a long time ago, her parents have been dying of grief " Zhin immediately knew that he was talking about Maeve and he knew that the commmander was lying . The squad started searching the area and found nothing . One of them sat below the tree where Maeve was hiding , he suddenly felt a furry white thing wiggling above his head, he looked up and he saw the most terrifying sight he had ever seen in his life , a cat like human , gazing at him with sharp eyes like a demon , she was so angry , looking at him with her fierce eyes like she was ready to eat him alive, the soldier ran away in fear while screaming "A DEMON .... A DEMON IS IN THE TREE , RUN AWAAAY"
The commander ordered his men to search the tree, they moved towards it slowly , just as they were nearing the tree , Zhin stood before them and yelled with a mighty warrior's voice"IF ANYONE DARES TO COME NEAR THIS TREE, HE SHALL FACE MY WRATH" they laughed mockingly "Hahahah... what would an old man like you do to us , you can't even walk straight" it's true that zhin was old but what they didn't know is that he was the mightiest and most feared warrior , the enemy would flee in fear just by seeing him enter the battlefield , none dared to fight him even whole armys surrendered to him , he was named 《THE BLAZING SWORDSMAN 》Zhin drew his sword and the flames of wrath were unleashed , the air became so thin and hot , the soldiers' heart beat could be heard from a mile away , from the terror they felt , and just by one swing of his sword , The mighty Zhin obliterated the whole squad and every thing around them , everything was engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds, the angry feeling that maeve felt turned into fear , because she never saw Zhin draw his sword and unleash his powes even once , the sight of the flames terrified her ,Zhin put his sword back , and said "Maeve you can come down it's safe now " every step she made coming down from the tree got her heart racing up , she was so scared of him touching her , Zhin knew that just from seeing her walking to him , she never looked so terrified , Zhin embraced her and told her " Im sorry , Maeve, i just did it to protect you " Maeve's heart beat was slowing down, she felt calm and safe in his arms and then she said with a shy voice " Father, promise me that you won't do it again" Zhin replied while smiling "i promise " .
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