Crimson Bond

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MALES ARE despicable creatures, predictable when it came down to what they wished for. They ran and ruled almost everything in the world, from the industry to the very rules that appointed women to stay in their “place”; for them to be stationed in the homes that the man provided and to cook for them when they returned home from work.

They only starved for more and grew angry when they didn’t get what they wanted. They’re disgusting pigs as well, no different from the dogs that ran wild and famished for attention, only to bite the hand that feeds them. Being a dominant species, a handful of them gave men a bad reputation when it came to keeping their hands to themselves; humans and supernatural.

My job was solely for the purpose of earning money and trying to survive in this forsaken city, I don’t have to like it to earn my wroth, but in the end: I wouldn’t lie and say that the job doesn’t give me a sort of thrill.

A holler of pure need bellows from the throat of my on-looker, his gaze burning the top of my skin as he stared on.

A grin spreads across my lips as I grab the silver pole before me, sliding my front down its length, all while staring the wolf in his eyes. That same thrill shoots down my spine at the sizzling emotion clouding his eyes, making his body tremble as his fingers clench with the desire to touch me, his eyes scorning and playing out his fantasy; I loved it.

It makes my own body quiver to feel wanted not the way that most girls would want from a guy but it’s something.

“Why won’t you give me a lap dance? We can have a great time.”

An airy laugh escapes me as I twirl around the pole and drop to my hands and knees before him, “You know it’s always extra for a lap dance, baby, pay up and we’ll see.”

His groan was deep and filled with frustration. “C’mon, not even a discount? I didn’t get paid this week.”

I crawl towards him, crossing my arm over the other while my hips sway for effect, as expected his eyes strayed to my hips, the color in his eyes darkening to a midnight black.

“Not my problem,” I whisper, reaching forward and stroking his cheek, “Maybe next time.”

His hands curl at his side, his body trembling with the restraint to not touch me, the beast in him clawing to come out and take what’s being offered to him. I watch as his eyes flicker to security that stands on both sides of the stage, watching him.

His tongue runs over his teeth as he slowly stands to his feet, “All right. Next time, I’ll be back.”

I lean back, resting my bottom on my heels with my legs spread as I run my hands up my thighs and over my curves, loving the way his eyes follow the movements.

"I’ll be waiting.”

He grits his teeth, the man’s dark eyes lingering over my body one last time just before security is by his side. He leaves without resistance. The second security guard turns towards me with a soft look.

“You all right? He didn’t touch you or anything?”

I shake my head, giggling as I rise to my feet. “No. He was quite the gentleman compared to the others.”

“He seemed persistent. . .”

I shake my head once more, “It’s fine. I preferably like the attention.”

A small guffaw comes from his direction, “So I’ve been told,” Isaac’s brown eyes shift towards me, “just be careful, Niya.”

I grin, “As always.”


The moon barely hung high in the sky, nightfall in its early stages of life. My carry-on bag slung over my shoulder as contentment raced through my veins at the thought of the money that resided inside, another successful night at the club. I made just enough money to last me the weekend and a couple of days, plus with a little extra to spend on other things.

Night was darkening and creatures were beginning to make their appearance as they lurked in the shadows. As I walked past, I could feel of their gazes on my skin as I continued on my way, though I wasn’t bothered. With his presence still etched deeply on my soul, it warded off any being that dared to set a foot in my direction with ill intention.

It took me no time to arrive at the hotel, as rundown as it was, it was my home and always brought me comfort. I walked through the front doors, pivoting myself to the counter where the midnight clerk stood behind.

“Good evening, Aaron,” I greeted him with a smile from behind the glass, “Did I get any mail today?”

He moves his gaze away from the computer, returning my smile once his eyes laid upon my. Giving me his undivided attention, he rolls himself to the draw beside his table, searching around within its contents before reaching and pulling out an envelope.

“Here you go,” his voice rumbles and echoes from behind the glass as he slides the letter under the glass.

Grinning as hope soars in my heart, I take it from the silver tray, clutching it tightly in between my fingers.

“Thank you!” I call out, pivoting my body to head towards the elevator.

“Actually, Niyah—”

His lingering words stop me in my tracks as I look over my shoulder, his blue eyes wavering back and forth in nervousness as he stands from his seat.


A small airy chuckle rises from his chest as he raises his arm to scratch the back of his head, his cheeks ringing red for a moment as his mind tries to find the right words to spill. I wait patiently, smiling slightly to encourage him.

“About the dinner I offered you to..?”

My smile falters slightly as my heart aches for his attempt. There was nothing wrong with the male before me, in fact, I couldn’t find a flaw in him like I would anyone else— chiseled features, ocean eyes that could suck you to the depths of them and pull at your heartstrings, and a body any girl dreamed of touching. I just knew, deep inside me, that I wasn’t the girl for him and someone better than me would be able to cherish the cute, adorable guy that he was.

Preferably, someone not of my skin tone.

“I’m sorry, Aaron,“— his features shift yet he tries to hide the oncoming emotion in his eyes.

And at the look in his eyes, I switch the words that were preparing to spill from my lips. “The club has me working extra shifts and I don’t know when I’ll be free.”

He nods in understanding, looking like a kicked puppy as he takes a seat in his rolling chair.

“That’s fine,” he says, “thanks for considering anyway.”

I say nothing and watch as he returns his attention back to the computer, his once happy mood demolished within a second. With a heavy heart, I call out my last ‘good night’ and make my way down the hallway that leads to the elevator, holding the envelope in my clutches. The air was tinged with cigarette smells from other occupants, the lightbulbs above me flickering every so often as I walk the length of the hall.

The dingy orange walls grew on me the time I’ve stayed here, the red carpet with occasional dark spots also made for the hotels’ low rooming cost.

Flickering my attention to the letter and away from the self-sabotaging thoughts that were sure to flood my head like a dam, the organ contained inside my ribcage pumps with life; a sense of anxiety rushing through me.

Arriving at the door of the elevator, I push the up arrow, the doors immediately sliding open for me with a ding!. I’m surprised when a dark-haired, brooding male is standing within the small box, his build large and towering over my own as he raises his head. Without connecting gazes, he swiftly pushes past me, his side nearly knocking me off my feet.

“Excuse you!” I shout out in shock, his back already faced to me as his large frame takes up the hallway and disappears out the hotel’s entrance.

Sneering at his disappearing presence, I step into the elevator, my mood darkened. The metal doors air behind me, locking me in the small box as I press floor number five, the elevator jerking with a start. Music slightly blares from the run-down speakers, settling me in solitude for a short while until I ride to my level. I pull my phone from the back pocket of my jeans, checking the time as it read twelve forty-two before placing it back.

The elevator draws to a stop, dinging once the doors slid open and welcome me with the familiar hallway to my room. Stepping out, I adjust the strap of my bag, pushing the encounter with the male to the back of my mind, and start searching for my room key. Patting my back pockets, I pull the square object from my left pocket just as I arrive at the doorstep to my room when suddenly a vase of roses at the threshold catches my attention.

I inspect the flowers, hesitate to touch them. Alarms begin to blare through my ears when I don’t find a notecard to possibly indicate who it’s from, raising my eyes to the hallway, I seek a possible suspect. Turning my head from left to right, I’m greeted with the usual empty hallway, quiet around this time of night.

Not waiting for another sign, I leave the vase where it is, deciding to let housekeeping choose what to do with it as I push the door inward and shut it behind me, twisting the locks and attaching the chain provided in its slot.

A sigh exhales from my lips, a weight lifted from my shoulders as I’m comforted by the familiarity of my living space. I switch on the small hallway light and make my way to the bed in the middle of the room, the tv still running with a random program broadcasting on its screen. Tossing my bag from my shoulder to the bed, I bellyflop, pressing my face into the dingy sheets, a faint smell of detergent filling my nostrils.

Black curls fall into my line of vision as I lift my head, huffing a breath to clear my sight. I swing my arm around that held the envelope, reading the front of it.

University of Los Angles, CA 90095

Aniyah L. Middleton
1002 E. 24th Street
New York, Manhattan

I force myself to swallow the rising nerves, my fingers trembling I sit up and settle at the edge of the bed and begin ripping the letter open. My heart was in my mouth and my nerves were going haywire. This was the moment, the moment that was going to tell where my life was going to end and if I was going to be able to follow my dreams.

Willing my lungs to take a deep breath as I pull out the piece of paper, I shut my eyes for a moment, a small part of me praying to whoever was above and watching over me. Finally, I open my eyes and flip open the piece of paper, reading the first few words.

Dear applicate,

We’re sorry to inform you...

I couldn’t bring myself to read the rest of the sentence as my heart sinks to the pit of my stomach, the paper falling from my hands as my eyes begin to burn with the arrival of tears. Angrily throwing the paper to the side, I harshly press the palms of my hands to my hands yet failing to stop the tears from sliding down my cheeks.

The fight within me disperses as harsh reality crashes down. Going to school was my only path to remove myself from the clutches of this dark city, to start a better life for myself, and forget the man that plagued my mind. I wanted nothing more than to provide for myself and have security without having to look over my shoulder every once in a while, despite this chain linked inside me and giving me protection, it still wasn’t enough.

As if on cue from the demanding thoughts, my phone began to ring in my pocket, shifting I pulled it from my back pocket, reading the caller ID.

“Hello,” I answer in a croak.

“Wassup, bítch!” Ava, a friend of mine, shouts from the opposite end of the phone.

“Hey,” I chuckle, her lighthearted mood bringing my own mood up for a moment.

She pauses at the tone in my voice, “What’s wrong? Did something happen at work?”

“No. It seems like you have a radar for whenever I’m feeling down.”

“Girl what? Tell me what happened,” she presses for an answer, shuffling heard in the background.

I sigh, wiping under my eyes before I press my hand to my head, “I got a letter from the school.”

“Really?” her voice holds the same hope that once coursed through me, “Did you get in?”


“What the fück? And why the hell not?” I shrug gas if she can see the motion, flopping back down on the back and gazing up at the ceiling. “You have all the qualifications to become a student there.”

“At this point, it doesn’t matter,” I shut my eyes, ”I’m just tired. . going to school was my ticket out of this place and now. . .”

“I’m not sure what to do, I can’t keep working at the club for the rest of my life.”


hi guys, this chapter was pretty long and was cut off suddenly because I wasn’t sure what to do for the ending. I was sort of lost yet still wanted to get this chapter out, I might come back and change things and add some.

hope you enjoyed. xoxox

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