Razed (book 1)

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“You will be forever changed. You will be forever mine. I will own your body and your soul. You will complete tasks you would not dream possible, and you will hate me for it, but you will do as I command, none the less... your life will be mine to control. Are you certain you wish to know more?” A powerful and feared vampire plans to create a world where his kind rules and humans are grown like livestock, but the gods have a different plan. Armed with the blessing of the gods, A young human girl is destined to stand against him and become the savior of a prophetic cataclysm far in the future. Painful trials and tribulations will give her the strength and determination to become the gods' champion while the vampire does everything he can to break the young girl and use her to his gain. Will the girl survive the battle between good and evil, or will she succumb to evil and be the reason for the cataclysm?

Fantasy / Horror
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Author notes


I’m pleased you are interested in Razed. This book is a work in progress. I am working on correcting grammar and creating a better story flow. I hope it won’t disappoint you too much. By the time I am done editing the book, it will be a tremendous story. [Update: edits are complete through Chapter 29]

Be warned. Razed is exactly what the title suggests. It is dark and depressing, with a small light of hope. Chapter 11 and chapter 14 may be particularly hard to read. Please use caution.

The story does have a happy ending and marks the beginning of Laurissa’s dominion.

I do hope you enjoy the story. Please leave any comments you wish to share. I do respond to each one.



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