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This book is part of the Memoirs of the Vampire Goddess series, but it can be read as a stand-alone book. Razed brings you to the beginning of the Egyptian Goddess. Here is the excerpt. A vampire who fancies himself a god, finds and traps a young human girl as is own. What he doesn’t know will kill him. A young girl grows up unknowingly in a vampire’s home. The time has come to fulfill her destiny as she wages war with the one who raised her.

Fantasy / Horror
4.5 2 reviews
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Author notes


I’m pleased you are interested in Razed. This book is a work in progress. I am working on correcting grammar and creating a better story flow. I hope it won’t disappoint you too much. By the time I am done editing the book, it will be a tremendous story.

Be warned. Razed is exactly what the title suggests. It is dark and depressing, with a small light of hope. The story does have a happy ending and marks the beginning of Laurissa’s dominion.

I do hope you enjoy the story. Please leave any comments you wish to share. I do respond to each one.



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