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Chapter 10

Lord Dunkan’s heart pounded with the thought of virgin blood and the feel of her body against his. She remained rooted to the spot in shock at his proclamation. “Undress, or I will do it for you!” he growled.

“No!” Laurissa yelled and turned the door handle. It was locked.


A powerful hand grabbed the back of her neck and turned her to face him. As quick as lighting, Lord Dunkan held Laurissa over the bed and dropped her. The bed is soft and inviting, and strangely warm. Her clothing is off of her before she could tell what was happening. How did he move so fast? His strength is inhuman!

“I am not human, my dear.” Lord Dunkan proceeded to undress himself. Laurissa thought to run while he was distracted. “You may go where you wish, my dear. But the bed is the most comfortable, I assure you.”

“How do you read minds?”

“It is another trait of my kind. One you will soon share.” Lord Dunkan’s nude body horrified Laurissa. She had never seen a man in such away. She read about the process of breeding and bearing children, but it didn’t prepare her for what she saw. He is fully erect, and his body is lean, showing very little features.

“You may struggle if you wish. I do so love a struggle.” Taking a virgin is one of his simple pleasures. The scent changes almost immediately, and the body is so frightened that it quivers and holds him giving him chills in a delicious way.

“Please don’t, master. Forgive me for my disrespect and curiosity. I won’t ask anything more.”

“Oh, my dear, there is no forgiveness. This will happen.” Before he finished his sentence, Lord Dunkan had Laurissa pinned on her back. He took a deep breath in her neck, making his eyes glow brighter. “Listen to me, my dear. Are you listening?”

His strength overwhelmed Laurissa. She knew she could not escape. Her heart raced with fear, and tears flowed down her cheeks. She desperately wanted this nightmare to end.

“If you do not struggle, this will only be painful for a moment, and I will be quick. If you resist me, I promise you this will be the longest day of your life. I do hope you will scream and fight me. The struggle is very enjoyable for me.”

Laurissa fought her fear and relaxed her body as much as she could, and turned her head away from Lord Dunkan, exposing her neck. She didn’t want to look at him.

“Pity,” He quipped as he thrust into Laurissa. The pain came out as a scream with new, bigger, tears racing down her cheeks. She felt entirely violated with him inside her. He was supposed to protect her, not marry her.

“It is done.” He breathed into her neck as her scent changed. He did not need to continue, although he wished he could. Her body trembled and hugged him enticing him to enjoy himself. “To answer your question, my dear. I am a vampire, and you will be one as well.” His hand kept her head facing away from him as he bit into her beautiful neck. He stayed connected to her as he drained her of life-giving blood. Laurissa cried out and struggled, exciting Lord Dunkan. A moan escaped him as he fought for control over his body. He wanted a release and to enjoy her body.

Laurissa’s heart slowed until it barely beat, and her breath became extremely shallow as she lost consciousness. Her scent of wildflower bloom and honeysuckle is the most delicious he has had. He preferred her taste over Thana’s. Laurissa is truly sweet. He felt it would be a waste of a perfectly good body if he quit, so he enjoyed himself and waited for Laurissa to wake.

He stayed awake and watched Laurissa’s fair skin begin to turn even more pail as her body made the transformation. His bite mark slowly began to close and disappear. Laurissa will not truly be a vampire until she feeds. Lord Dunkan gazed at Laurissa’s body and found it very pleasing for one so young. Her body will satisfy him for centuries to come. She will only feed from his veins. The intimacy of such an act is beyond desirable.

Lord Dunkan had only mated once in his life as a vampire and she betrayed him for another. Both are long dead. Laurissa’s newness and innocents made him want to keep her. They will become mated once she discovers her tendril and feeds his sword.

Time seemed to go very slowly for him. He is too anxious to begin this next chapter. It felt as though he waited for a very important letter from a very important dignitary.

At dusk, Lord Dunkan left his room to feed. His daughters filled the sitting room. Some looked worried. They knew he only kept five females. One will be cast out or killed. He ignored their stares and continued to Madwell.

A tavern of people enjoying drinks over a celebration caught his attention. It is indeed a night to celebrate. Perhaps a virgin would suit his taste tonight. He would not find a virgin in the tavern. The place has too many humans in it for the privacy he wanted. Besides, that many humans in one place would insult his nose and make him lose his appetite.

He continued slowly walking rooftop to rooftop, careful to step lightly until he could smell new blood. It cannot be a babe or a child. He desired a maiden just turning into womanhood. The scent of puberty is distinctive. It smells like fresh blood on the verge of death with a metallic taste. Lord Dunkan hunted for an hour more when he finally caught the scent he desired. He followed it to a building in the more wealthy part of town. This human will be less filthy than some of the others he fed on. This pleased him greatly. Lord Dunkan jumped down from the roof, landing softly on the dirt path and walked to the medium-sized home. Beyond the home were fields of wheat and barley. Lord Dunkan quietly entered the home and followed the scent to a second room where the family slept. There were eleven heartbeats in the house. He would need to ensure no one knew he was there. He could already tell which heart belonged to the virgin. He entered the room and saw the maiden laying on her side between two other younger girls. No matter. The first girl opened her eyes to see Lord Dunkan next to her, looking down. Her eyes widened as she was about to scream.

“Quiet, young one. Do not speak or make a noise. Do not move.” He commanded her so softly she almost didn’t hear him. “Move to the other side of your sister.” He commanded. The little girl immediately crawled over the maiden and snuggled in between her and the other girl. The maiden moaned and turned over, allowing her sister room to sleep. Lord Dunkan truly desired for a struggle. He resisted the urge and carefully bit into the maiden’s neck. She never felt it or woke up. The freshness that enveloped him is intoxicating. Virgin blood is the strongest, most pure blood. The healing properties outmatched anything in the world. It is also like drinking alcohol. Lord Dunkan needed enough to feed his bride. He will be intoxicated until he can properly digest it. He struggled to release the maiden and leave the home quietly. He wanted to take her somewhere private and have his way with her; however, She is a potential vampire that will grow his world.

Lord Dunkan returned to the manor just before dawn and went to Thana’s room. She slept on her bed in her underclothing. He pulsed power and quickly ran to her, pulled her gown up and mounted her before she woke. Her instinct was to fight whoever dare violate her. Lord Dunkan’s hand went over Thana’s mouth as he began his trusts. He took his frustrations out on Thana. He pulsed power to quicken his motions. Thana began to cry out, encouraging him in his release. It did not take long for him to climax and release. Once he did, he quietly left the room and went to his chambers. Thana laid bleeding from his abuse. She would heal fully, for she is a vampire.

Laurissa laid peacefully on his bed. The sight of her stirred something in him he did not like. He felt drawn to her and an idea of Laurissa truly mating and ruling with him grew to a desire. He quickly stopped the thought and emotions. He will not allow such fantasies in his life. Laurissa is only an object he now owned and will rule harshly. He gave her ample warnings of the life she would lead if she stayed. She could have chosen to leave his manor long ago. She wanted to be ruled. Oh the plans he thought of in just those few short moments made him desire her more. Lord Dunkan counseled himself to be patient and laid next to Laurissa, fully dressed.

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