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Chapter 11

As the sun began to shine in the window, Laurissa stirred and opened her eyes. She looked around the room to see she was still in Lord Dunkan’s room. Memories of last night came to her, and she began to cry, feeling the violation all over again.

“Do not cry, my dear. There is no need.”

She turned to see Lord Dunkan. She could see the cruel monster that he is in his eyes. Power seemed to spill from them. She remembered the fangs and his cold voice telling her she would become what he is. She sat up quickly and put a finger in her mouth, feeling her teeth. Two extra sharp teeth were there.

“Yes, my dear. I have made you into my likeness.” His smooth dangerous voice sent chills down her spine. His hand caressed her back. Laurissa flinched.

“Don’t touch me!” She yelled.

Before she could react, Lord Dunkan moved behind her, grabbed her neck from the front, folded an arm around her chest, and wrapped his legs around her waist, fully pinning her to him.

“Is that how I taught you to speak to me?” He hissed. Laurissa did not answer. “Answer me!” His grip tightened.

“No master.”

“Do not forget, I am still your master. You will continue serving me. Your training is incomplete, my dear. This is only the next step.”

Laurissa’s heart pounded in her chest. She knew she would not be able to flee. He has always been much stronger than her. Lord Dunkan released Laurissa’s neck and forced a finger in her mouth, feeling her fangs. Laurissa heard a moan come from him.

“It is time to feed, my dear.”


“Oh yes! You will not eat bread or any other kind of food. You require fresh blood to live.” Lord Dunkan pulled a sleeve up and offered his wrist. “Use your new fangs and feed off me.”

Laurissa did not want to drink blood. The idea of it is revolting. She certainly did not want Lord Dunkan’s blood.

Lord Dunkan inhaled deeply, into her neck. “I warned you, you would grow to hate me. Your disgust is only the beginning. I also warned you that despite your hatred, you will still do as I command.” Lord Dunkan bit into his writs to start the flow and forced it into Laurissa’s mouth. Laurissa struggled and choked on the liquid that flowed into her mouth. Lord Dunkan pinched her nose closed until she swallowed.

The blood surprisingly tasted refreshing. It is a bit sour to the taste, but the smell and smoothness of it made Laurissa feel hungry. The hunger she felt reminded her of the day she ate her last potato. She felt death was near if she did not eat. Laurissa grabbed Lord Dunkan’s arm and drank greedily. Moans came from Lord Dunkan, and his breathing increased. “Oh yes, my dear. Feed!” He chuckled.

Lord Dunkan allowed Laurissa to feed for a moment longer, then pried his wrist from her. Laurissa wanted more. She tightened her grip and heard a growl come from her throat. Lord Dunkan found her growl to be adorable. He enjoys this stage of a young vampire. They are innocent and primed to be molded into a perfect hunter.

“You will have more, my dear. I will feed you every night. You must do something for me in return.” He made her lay on her back as he rolled out of bed.

“Yes, master?” The hunger Laurissa felt gnawed at her. She didn’t understand why she felt as though she starved.

“Sleep for now. Your mind and body must complete your transformation.”

Laurissa felt a calmness course through her. Her fear vanquished, and she began to feel sleepy even though it was morning. The hunger subsided slightly, allowing her to relax.

Laurissa’s slumber was not restful. Nightmares of fangs biting at her, trying to kill her kept playing over and over in her mind. Her mind felt like hot pokers stabbed at it as the fangs tried to consume her. Eventually, the fiery pain subsided, and the darkness enveloped her, pulling her into a restful sleep.

When Laurissa opened her eyes, it was still daylight out. It looked like the sun did not move. A sour smell that she would understand to be lemons in the far future filled the room, and she could hear a curious thumping sound. It sounded like a heartbeat. She remembered the taste of Lord Dunkan’s blood and wanted more. Laurissa looked around the room and saw Lord Dunkan at his desk studying a scroll.

“Good morning, my dear. I trust you slept well?”

“I feel as though I slept, but it seems only a moment has passed.”

“You have slept an entire day and night. It is time for training, my dear.” He looked up from his scroll and met Laurissa’s gaze. Lord Dunkan studied her eyes. They have not yet seen a horror to be broken and clouded. They were still pure and free and full of wonderment. He will enjoy breaking her.

Laurissa felt self cautious under Lord Dunkan’s gaze. She could see the evil within. She began looking for her clothing, suddenly aware she is still nude. Lord Dunkan quietly picked up her clothing that laid on the floor near the door and brought them to her. Laurissa silently took the clothing and began dressing. Lord Dunkan sat on the bed beside her and waited for her to finish. Laurissa finished, then remained sitting still on the bed. She gazed at the stone floor, wondering what was to become of her.

“Look at me, my dear.” Lord Dunkan said smoothly.

Laurissa did as she was told. His hands went to her cheeks, cupping her face. An exploding pain flashed into her mind. She screamed out and tried to back away from his hands. Lord Dunkan had a firm grip on her. “Silence!” A loud echo went into her mind. The pain subsided, and she quieted down. “Look into your mind and see me.”

“How, master?”

“Use your mind and reach for me.” Lord Dunkan’s mouth never moved. His voice is in her mind. Laurissa closed her eyes and thought of the way her mind would look like. She saw only darkness. Something move in the darkness like a shadow. She concentrated on it, trying to bring the image into focus. She saw a tiny bulb that is the purest white she has ever seen. It pulsed with a rhythm. Something black and menacing came into vision and threatened the tiny bulb. Laurissa knew without a doubt the bulb is her, and she had to protect it. She did not know why.

“Master, help!” She panicked and called out with her lips.

“You are safe, my dear. What you see are the tendrils of the vampire. Yours has not yet taken form. Study my tendril, Laurissa. You must know it intimately.”

Laurissa looked at the black thing. It is something she has never seen. She read in Lord Dunkan’s scroll that a tendril was a vine that grew and strangled trees. She could see how it looked like a vine. The tendril curved at the tip like a snail shell. It moved and pulsed like a living organism. The tendril stretched out, and a wave of lemon scent came to her. It gently touched the white bulb, and a shock of searing pain went through her spine. She collapsed as darkness took her.

Laurissa is much too young and tender to be touched in such an intimate way. Lord Dunkan wanted to try. Her sweet scent made him want more of her. He could bleed her dry and never be satisfied. It intoxicated him, unlike any virgin blood he has had. Her scent of wildflower bloom is richer than any spring breeze that flows through his manor. He could not recall a flower that could match her scent. He laid her down and allowed her body to heal, and waited for her to return.

There was only one other human he fed on that could compare to her. He fed on a human that once carried his sword over thirteen years ago. His blood gave him such power, and the richness of it was like nothing he has had before. She did not give him the power that man did; however, her blood tasted just as pure. There is indeed a mystery there that demands to be unlocked.

He regretted letting the male go. If he was anything like Laurissa, he would have made a very powerful vampire. One he could have ruled. He will not make that mistake again. Females never lived long under his care. He will not tolerate disrespect and rebellion. This time may be different. There is such potential in Laurissa. He will have to make allowances in order to truly learn what powers the female vampire carry.

Laurissa slowly opened her eyes and felt the drumming in her head was gone. The lemon scent was still strong, and Lord Dunkan’s heartbeat loud from next to her. Laurissa sat up then turned to see Lord Dunkan laying on his back, watching her.

Lord Dunkan could sense great power within her. It confirmed his fear. Females with this power never lived long. He will need to work quickly and use her to his gain.

He sat up and wordlessly went into the study that connected to his chambers and retrieved the human leather book. He has never shown any of his sons or daughters this book. He felt he did not have a choice in this instance. He needed her to mature quickly while she is still innocent. He could not teach her fast enough. The information in this book will explain the laws of the vampire and some of their abilities. He will learn what he can from her.

There have been reports of females fighting each other over territories or males. Males have been known to be dismembered by a maddening female. It seems he is now in danger of such a fate. However, if he survived and could harness her power, then he will be the most feared. His daughters have shown no signs of such outbursts. In the past, several have disrespected him and challenged him. He destroyed them before they could madden. He planned on taking Laurissa as far as he could into her madness. He would have to allow her disrespect to a point. He is a patient vampire, but even his temper had limits. He let a sigh of frustration out as he returned to Laurissa with his book in hand.

“You will spend the remainder of the day studying this book and every day until you have learned its pages.”

“Yes, master.”

The ‘book’ as Lord Dunkan called it, is different from the scrolls she has read. The scrolls were made of paper and were rolled up from the bottom and top to met in the center. Some were merely rolled in one direction. This looked like small sheets of paper were woven together and bound in a leather cover. The leather is a pink and tan color and looked like it had freckles. It is very smooth to the touch and felt brittle. The words read from left to right, top to bottom, and the pages flipped to the left, revealing more secrets.

“Who created this, master?”

“It is unknown. The language is a little different. Now that you are a vampire, you should be able to decipher it easily.” Lord Dunkan left the room to allow Laurissa time to study. He could already hear her mind wondering what was in the book.

Oh, yes. This will be most entertaining.

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