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Chapter 12

Trigger warning. This chapter may be hard to read. If sexual violence offends you, please skip the last half of this chapter.

Laurissa opened the first page and touched the symbols that were pictures. Laurissa could feel a surge of power course through her. She looked within herself and saw a milky white substance that emanated power. She called it, and it obediently came. Laurissa looked at the words and commanded her power to reveal the words. Nothing happened. She concentrated on the words and commanded them to reveal themselves. Her power slowly leaked through her fingertips, and the words came alive.

The book spoke of a powerful being and how she inadvertently created the vampire species. Laurissa knew people believed in gods. Apparently, vampires do too. She has seen no proof gods exist.

The book was written by different authors. It is like a journal of experiences each owner had. She could trace Lord Dunkan’s lineage for eight generations, or at least the book was written by eight different vampires. The oldest entries were in the beginning and flowed through to more current entries in the back.

Vampires had many abilities. They are stronger than humans, and their stamina is better. Their speed becomes lightning quick, making the world seem to stand still. They can see further and see at night perfectly. They have incredible hearing and sense of smell, and they are able to control or filter out what is heard and smelled.

The book warned of the dangers of emotions. One writer seemed to have been crying when he wrote his entry. The pages were blotted with small stains that looked like raindrops. Vampires love and hate deeper than any species. Hatred can madden a vampire and destroy the soul. They will enrage, killing anyone they see. Love is also a terrible burden. If a vampire loves deep enough, a loved one’s betrayal or death can kill the vampire. It will render them hopeless, and their power will consume them.

Vampires are immortal. They heal from any wound that would otherwise kill a human. You have to stop the heart or cut the head off completely in order to effectively kill a vampire. One vampire discovered draining blood from a young vampire will also kill them. As vampires age, they become stronger, and their power grows. Draining an older vampire will only slow it down.

Vampires can sense emotions from other vampires and can connect telepathically with one another to speak privately. They do this by using the tendril. Connecting tendrils allows pathways of words, memories, emotions, and simple thoughts. Some vampires prefer to mate and stay connected. This custom is generally eternal and will result in one or both dying. Vampires die with broken hearts.

They also have the ability to send pain through the tendril. House battles have happened, and the victor subdues the loser through the tendril. Pain can be controlled all though it is uncertain how. Vampires require fresh blood every three days in order to live. Most vampires feed every evening. If one starves, the body will age and decay to ash by the end of the fourth night.

One author watched a young vampire scream in agony as his skin aged to a wrinkled old man, then fell off his bones. The screams stopped once the body became fully skeletal. The organs disappeared, then the bones slowly broke away and turned into powder so fine the gentle breeze swept the ash into the air. Humans will burn their diseased dead. The ash that remains is similar to a dead vampire.

One author wrote of a rumor he heard that certain females would sleep and not die after the third night. He made several experimental attempts with females he turned. None of them accomplished such a feat.

The book covered laws the vampire must abide by. Each home has one master, and the current master creates the house rules by which everyone must adhere. There were regional rules that masters agree to follow. Such rules are of honor.

Your fellow vampire is to be respected at all times. Murdering a vampire without cause is unacceptable. Stealing from another house or recruiting from another house constitutes death. If a master is caught lying to another, he can be justifiably killed. When visiting a house, the vampire is subject to that house’s rules and punishments.

One of the earliest authors wrote about humans with disdain and mentioned a hatred of the Enopi. They are a powerful race of intelligent bears. Their way of life insulted him. Vampires are gods and supreme to all life. He felt every creature should bow at the vampire’s feet and pray they do not take their fill from them.

Laurissa closed the book. This book is indeed full of information. She would love to meet the Enopi. She wanted to know more about them. Perhaps Lord Dunkan would take her.

‘No,’ she thought. Lord Dunkan believes as these authors believe. He has no interest in learning. Only domination is in his mind.

The room became dark, and Laurissa discovered what the book said is true. She can see as if it is still daylight in the room.

Lord Dunkan walked into the room. Laurissa stood by the bed and set the book down. His eyes glowed brightly, lighting the room around him. She began to see why vampires fancied themselves as Gods.

“Are you hungry, my dear?”

“Yes master.”

Laurissa did not realize how hungry she was. She was infatuated with Lord Dunkan’s book to really pay attention to her surroundings. She has done this before with a new discovery. She committed her entire world to that one object until she unlocked its secrets. She hoped to drink more of Dunkan’s blood. She could feel her mouth salivating at the thought.

“Do you remember what I said earlier?” He could see the hunger in her eyes. Her fangs automatically peeked out of her curled lips.

“Yes master. You told me you would feed me if I did something for you in return.”

“That is correct, my dear. Tonight you will do as I command. If you willingly comply, I will feed you. If you deny me and force me to become violent, you will still do as I command, and you will not eat. Do you understand?”

“Yes master.”

Laurissa knew she could survive two more nights without feeding. She wondered if she should forfeit her meal and try to escape. Lord Dunkan gave her a valuable tool. She could take the book and learn to be a respectable vampire on her own. She did not want his brutality or his love.

She is in Lord Dunkan’s home and subject to his laws. If she ran, he could pursue her and kill her. The book explained as a vampire ages, their power grows as well. Laurissa did not know how long Lord Dunkan has been a vampire. She did know that this was her first day and he has been a vampire for the last five years she has known him and probably much longer considering the book looked very old. That means he is stronger than her.

Lord Dunkan could see her mind work out her options. Her fear radiated off her, yet she stood studying his movements. Lord Dunkan is amused and took mental notes that he will write in his own journal. She shows unusual control over her hunger. Generally, vampires cannot control the hunger they feel and rely on their master to help them. The hunger is different for every vampire. To see Laurissa fighting the need to feed off him is indeed noteworthy. His discovery of the female vampire may prove invaluable to another vampire later in the future.

He stood watching her until the final decision to submit showed clearly in her posture. The glow in her eyes dulled, and her shoulders relaxed in submission.

All too easy.

“Take your clothes off.” He said smoothly.

“Yes, Master.”

As Laurissa undressed, Lord Dunkan drank in her splendid body. She is well-formed and would have made an excellent child-bearer. Her bosom is petite but still inviting, and her skin looks flawless. Lord Dunkan approached her, making Laurissa’s heart beat faster. This pleased him greatly. He loves the feel of a body under duress.

“Undress me.” He commanded.

Laurissa feared touching him. She felt she would be burned or killed.

Lord Dunkan took her hand and rested it on his chest. Her pulse quickened, and her breaths came out in short pants. The room reeked of her fear, and yet she stood in front of him.

“Do as you are told.” He said gently. True to her word, she never touched him after that first evening, when she embraced him.

“Yes, Master.”

Laurissa took off his robe then lifted the gown over his head and down to pull the arms out of the sleeves, then dropped the clothing on the floor. Lord Dunkan wordlessly passed Laurissa’s shaking body and climbed onto the bed. Laurissa watched as Lord Dunkan rested his back on the headboard. His frame is one solid piece of flesh! When she had her hand on his chest, she could tell he was hardened, but nothing showed. There are no outlines of muscle that men usually have. She forgot her fear as she studied his body and wondered why he appeared slender. It is apparent he has muscle. He is much broader than some of the men in Madwell. She remembered a time when Lord Dunkan demanded a cattle vendor to double her price. He was much bigger than that man was.

“Come sit here.” He patted a place between his legs.

Her hunger grew. She forgot about Lord Dunkan’s body and willingly went to him. He adjusted her body so that she is flush against him. His touch brought renewed terror to her heart. She did not want him to touch her the way he did when he took her virginity.

Lord Dunkan allowed his hands to explore her trembling body as he inhaled her wildflower scent. Laurissa began to think eating was not worth this. She looked at the door and wondered if she could make it before he killed her. “You may try. I do love a struggle.” He breathed. The temptation to flee was strong, but reason kept her sitting where Lord Dunkan placed her.

When Laurissa relaxed her body, Lord Dunkan continued roaming her body, feeling the silkiness of her skin and learning her curves.

“Your payment has not been received; however, I will allow you to feed.” He whispered in her ear and nibbled on her ear lobe. He offered her his wrist. “Use your fangs and drink from my veins.”

Laurissa could feel Lord Dunkan’s heart pound against her, and his breathing quickened in anticipation. He enjoyed feeding her, she realized. She almost lost her appetite. She heard a small moan from Lord Dunkan. “Oh, yes, my dear. Your disgust is pleasant.” His fangs scratched at her neck, and his other hand began traveling down to her privates.

Laurissa could feel the panic well up and began to cry. The violation is unbearable.

She stopped his hand from going any further, took his wrist, and then slowly bit into it, looking for the vein. A squirt of blood charged into her mouth, and she knew she found it.

“Oh Laurissa.” He breathed in.

Salty tears mixed with his lemon blood filled her as his hand made its way up to her breasts and fondled her there. It is distracting and very uncomfortable. She tried concentrating on feeding and ignored what was happening to her body.

“That is enough, my dear.” Lord Dunkan took his wrist away. “You must learn to please a male and use your body to attract them.”

His hand grabbed her neck and easily pushed her down, facing the foot of the bed. Then he rolled her over onto her back. She has fed now. She could try to escape him. She turned to look at the window then the study.

“Oh, yes! Please do try to run.” Lord Dunkan sat up, allowing Laurissa the room she needed to run.

The danger in his voice snapped her eyes to him. They glowed a deep blue with a passion she did not understand. Laurissa looked at the end table where the human skin book rested. If she broke Lord Dunkan’s law, she could be killed. Her body would heal from anything he would do to it. Vampires feel emotions on a higher level and can die from it. Perhaps she would die anyway. She would rather die fighting than die of fright or despair as Lord Dunkan raped her.

Her heart raced as she fought with the decision to run. Lord Dunkan began grinning with the anticipation of a hunt. She had to try.

Laurissa could feel her power waiting for her command. She very slowly raised her body, leaning on her elbows, and looked at Lord Dunkan. His look frightened her. He looked angry and pleased at the same time. He stretched out his hand in invitation to flee. Laurissa hesitated. He was clearly able to see what she was planning and threatening her if she did run. Every fiber of her screamed to run.

Before she knew it, her fear took control of her body. She jumped off the bed, grabbing her book, and ran out of the manor. She used her new power to run like she has never run before. She ran toward Madwell, hoping a human would hide her. The rocks cut the bottom of her feet as she ran. Tears streamed down her face as she continued on, leaving a bloody trail. Her body will heal. The book said vampires heal from wounds that would otherwise kill a human.

She looked over her shoulder and saw Lord Dunkan did not pursue her. Her body hit something hard, and she landed flat on her back on the gravel trail. Lord Dunkan stood over her with a burning furry she had never seen before. She quickly got up and ran to the east, but before she could take one step, Lord Dunkan’s arms encircled her and threw her back to the ground. She screamed as she landed on the ground then tried once again to get up. Lord Dunkan’s foot pinned her back down, making the rocks dig into her belly and chest.

“You should know better than to run from me. You have been warned of the consequences, my dear.”

Laurissa ignored him. The fear of what was going to happen consumed her. She struggled to get from under his foot and screamed for help. She heard laughter so cold she stopped struggling and became very still. Instinct to stay quiet least the thing finds you set in. Laurissa could hear Lord Dunkan’s heart pound and the villagers enjoying the evening.

Lord Dunkan quickly turned Laurissa over and mounted her. She screamed out and tried to bite him, then used her hands to strike him. This only encouraged him to do his worst. He loves how the body feels under duress. The tension in the muscles holds him and gives him a pleasure he prefers.

Lord Dunkan pinned her hands down above her head and struck her back, then covered her mouth with his. It muffled the screams. The humans would not be able to hear her. She continued to wiggle and cry as he began his violent thrusts. Her wildflower bloom scent enveloped him, inviting him to take his pleasure. Lord Dunkan wanted a taste of her and bit into her neck and fed heavily. The screams are delightful as he continued and released her hands. He groped her body and bit in her breast. She is truly a desert. Laurissa struck him once again. He stopped and looked into her eyes. They are full of pain. Her master, who raised and protected her, is now violating her and breaking her trust.

“Do you wish to die, Laurissa? You have given me reason to justifiably do so.” She remained quiet. “Answer me!” He said with a strong thrust.

“No, Master! Please let me go.” She cried.

“You are mine, Laurissa! Your body belongs to me. You will do as I command, or your life will be forfeit.”

“No!” She screamed and struggled again. Lord Dunkan pinned her down.

“Look at me!” Laurissa stopped and looked at him. “You are not strong enough to resist me. You can run, and you can hide from me. It will do no good. I will always find you. Do not think you have a chance to defeat me. You cannot.” Lord Dunkan removed himself and stood before her. Bruises could clearly be seen, and his bite marks are almost gone. Blood pooled beneath her from the rocks and from his thrusts. Laurissa turned to her side and vomited.

“Get up!” Lord Dunkan commanded.

Laurissa slowly got up, facing the manor, then began to run once again. Her movements were sluggish and slow. Her strength is leaving her. Lord Dunkan pursued her and grabbed her, then truly took his frustration out on her.

By the time he was through, her body was not recognizable. This one will test him to his limits. Lord Dunkan picked Laurissa up and went to the washroom to clean the blood from her body. She will need to feed in order to fully heal. He hoped she would learn from her mistake. The joy he normally gets from such an adventure was not the same as it had been with others. Perhaps he made a mistake bringing a human child into his manor and raising it. He will not entertain the notion that this female is any different than the others. He had his reasons in raising the child. He will enjoy his reward and forget the child. She is now a vampire. He will discover everything she has to offer then dispose of her as he has in the past.

Once he was done cleaning Laurissa’s body, he laid her in her bed and retired for the night. He could not extinguish the frustration the night brought.

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