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Chapter 13

Laurissa opened her eyes to Lord Dunkan standing over her. She screamed in fright and backed into the wall her bed is against. Lord Dunkan calmly sat on the bed with a relaxed posture and waited for Laurissa to calm herself.

Laurissa saw Lord Dunkan was not going to harm her and cautiously moved next to him. “The next time you think to defy me in my home will not go as pleasant, my dear. You are a vampire now, and you are subject to my rules as you have always been. You will learn to respect me and do as you are told. Is that clear?” Lord Dunkan said in his smooth dangerous voice. He talked so low, Laurissa almost thought he was simply talking to himself. She wondered how last night could have gone any worse.

“Why do I have to have sex with you?” she asked just as quietly.

“You are female. I am male. It is what we do. In this house, my females are for my pleasure. Your training will resume tonight at dusk. Be in my chambers by then.” Lord Dunkan stood and walked out of the room.

Laurissa looked out the window and noticed dusk would be here very soon.

Laurissa walked out of the manor and noticed Lord Dunkan’s females sitting casually in the sitting room. She ignored all of them. She wanted to get away from the nightmare she was forced into. She used her power and began to run. She ran east as far as she could and reached a stone building and saw a small farmhouse just beyond that. She noticed she is not out of breath or felt tired. It felt wonderful to run as fast as she could. Apparently, vampires can run faster still. Lord Dunkan seemed to materialize out of nowhere last night. He must be incredibly fast.

Laurissa was curious as to who lived in the farmhouse and ran to it. She stopped several yards away when she saw a man walking around the parameter. He stopped and noticed her, then continued walking. He is a handsome man with very light skin and long blond hair. Laurissa walked to the farmhouse, inspecting it and the land it sat on. It did not seem to have a family living there. There are no tools or crops near the home. She could hear male voices coming from the house.

“Adrian. You are a fool, if you think you can keep Zillah. Lord Dunkan will have your heart on his mantle.”

“I do not care. She is worth the consequences.”

“Are you mad! No female is worth what Lord Dunkan will do to you! She is just a female. Go find another. Perhaps we should spend time in Madwell and play with the humans to clear your mind.”

“No. This one I want to keep. If she will have me, I will mate with her.”

Laughter erupted “Adrian, you are mad! No male mates with a female. They are weak. Is she really that good that you would tie yourself to her for life?”

“If you only knew, Rowland. Her scent drives me mad. I can not control myself around her.”

“Then you must stay away from her and the manor.” Another voice said.

A hand grabbed Laurissa’s neck and forced her to the wall. “What are you doing here!”

It was the handsome blond. Laurissa’s fear trapped her mouth closed. He leaned in and breathed deeply. “Boys! We have a toy to play with. Come see what I have caught.”

Laurissa’s heart thumped hard in her chest as the farmhouse ejected four more men. A man with light brown hair and glowing eyes came into vision. “She is one of Lord Dunkan’s. You must let her go.” The voice matched Rowland’s

“Did you come to spy on us, or perhaps did Lord Dunkan send you to us to play with?” The blond one said.

She could only gaze at the blond.

“This is the young girl Dunkan raised! Zillah talked about her. She does not speak to anyone other than Keres or Lord Dunkan.” The voice matched Adrian. He smiled a knowing smile. “Lord Dunkan turned his child.”

“She stinks of fear. Let her go. She probably wondered too far.” Another blond vampire said.

A wicked grin crossed his face. “If Adrian can fool around with Zillah under Lord Dunkan’s nose, then perhaps I can have fun with this one tonight.” The handsome blond said as he leaned in and kissed her lips hard. She could feel his fangs as they scraped her lip. She let out a small whimper as her heart beat faster.

“Triston, I am warning you. Let the young vampire go. If this is truly the young girl, Lord Dunkan is still training her. She will be missed, and you will not live the night.”

Triston stared at her a moment. “Until next time, girl.” He cupped her between the legs through her gown, then released her and backed up.

Laurissa ran back to the manor as fast as she could go using her new power. She heard Triston’s laughter as she ran. Who was Keres? She did not remember living with Lord Dunkan as a child. Why was that? Why are males so cruel. It seems Adrian is different. She liked his soft brown eyes. There was no malice behind them.

She reached the manor just as Lord Dunkan was entering the manor. He looked behind her the way she came, then grinned. “Have fun with my males, did you?”

“No, master. I accidentally found the farmhouse while I ran. I didn’t know vampires lived there or that they belonged to you.”

Lord Dunkan opened the door allowing Laurissa to enter first. The females all looked at Lord Dunkan and watched him as he passed them. “Good evening, ladies.” He said.

Laurissa followed him to his chambers and went to the center of the room. The human skin book rested on Lord Dunkan’s desk.

“Get undressed and on lay on the bed, my dear. We will continue where we left off last night.” He said as he closed the door.

“Master, do we have to do this?”

“Oh, yes, my dear. You will learn how to please a male. There will be consequences if you defy me tonight.”

Laurissa’s heart began to beat hard once again as she took her gown off. Memories of last night flashed through her mind. She did not want to experience a beating like that again. Lord Dunkan watched as Laurissa removed her gown. The bruising is almost gone. She did indeed have a lovely body. He undressed himself and joined her on the bed.

“Please don’t do this, master.” She cried.

“Hush now. Stop your sniveling. Is it not becoming of a vampire.”

Laurissa tried to stop her tears. But her mind and body took control. She shivered as if she were cold, and the fear created a panic that she could not control.

Lord Dunkan’s body freighted her. He is completely aroused, and his body has no definition to it. He is hugely more powerful than her. She laid down on her back and stared at the stone roof, waiting for Lord Dunkan to do what he was going to do whether she liked it or not. She might as well make it easier on herself. The bed Moved as Lord Dunkan’s weight came.

“There are many ways to please a male, my dear. You will learn them all and entertain my guests when they come.” He laid on top of her and kissed her lips. Laurissa laid stiff and completely still. She screamed in her head and fought to remain still. “Do not resist me, my dear.” The warning came with a sharp bite to her lips. Laurissa accepted and returned his kisses. His tongue slipped into her mouth, and requested her tongue to follow him back. Bile seemed to want to lurch forward. As they kissed, his hand roamed Laurissa’s body and caressed her arms.

“Relax.” He breathed. How could she relax? She felt completely violated. His body is heavy and hard against her. She wanted this to end.

Lord Dunkan grabbed her wrists and made her hand touch his side. “Embrace me. Ask me with your body to enter.” The coolness of his voice Is something that never changes. Is he always so angry? Laurissa held his hard body to her. Her heart pounded, and she began to cry from fear once again.

Lord Dunkan ignored the torment she felt and slid his hand down her side and gripped her hip, then slid down to her backside and lifted her hips to meet him. He was strong and quick as he thrust in. Laurissa cried out, and new tears flowed freely. Her whole body tensed up with the pain she received.

“Oh, yes, my dear. Do that!”

The sobs vibrated her body, making her hug and caress him. Lord Dunkan slowly began thrusting and moving against her drinking in all that she offered. It is different than last night. He was quick and cruel now, he seems tender.

Her tears stopped, and she began to feel something stirring down below. Her body seemed to move on its own accord. What is happening? A groan escaped from him as he gripped her hips. The passion increased, and a wave of power flowed from him. The scent of lemons came to her in a powerful wave. It increased her desire, and she began to moan and move. “Keep doing that.” He breathed.

Laurissa’s body wanted more as she fought the insanity of it. She held on to him to feel more of the pleasure he was giving her. She could feel the muscles rippled as he moved. Her grip tightened on to him, and her hips began to move to take her pleasure.

“No, my dear. Follow me. You are for my pleasure.” He tightened his grip to prevent her from moving.

Laurissa relaxed and followed Lord Dunkan’s rhythm until he made a grunting noise, and she felt him vibrate inside.

Lord Dunkan broke free from her and quietly laid on his back. No words could describe what she felt. Is this how good it feels to have sex? She wanted to know more, but she did not want Lord Dunkan to show her. Laurissa got dressed.

“Where are you going, my dear?”

“I would like to visit the village, master.”

“So late an hour?”



Laurissa shrugged as she pulled her gown over her head. “I want to know more.”

Lord Dunkan sat up. “What is it you wish to know?” He knew what she wanted. She got a taste of pleasure, and she saw a glimpse into the vampire world. She is eager as a child to learn all there is to know. Now her eagerness tore at her mind.

Laurissa clutched the book in her arms and hesitated. “I asked you a question.” He growled.

“I want to know more about my body, master.”

“And you feel you will find it where the humans live?”

“Perhaps.” Laurissa shrugged again and hugged the book to her chest. She did not want to give Lord Dunkan any excuse to touch her.

A wicked grin came across his face. “Come, my dear. I will teach you two very important things that you should remember for as long as you live with me.” His hand stretch out for her to take.

Laurissa fought the flinch and remained standing outside Lord Dunkan's reach. “Master, you are tired. I do not wish to burden you.” Please do not touch me again. Just go to sleep. Laurissa screamed in her mind.

Lord Dunkan gazed at her. Her language is changing. Her tendril is growing. The transformation is complete.

“Do not concern yourself with my welfare. Come here now!”

The command in his voice forced the flinch and made her take a single step toward him. Lord Dunkan took the book from her and indicated she lie on the bed. He very slowly raised her gown, so her skin taunted him. His hand followed her leg as the gown revealed her knees, then her thigh. He moved his hand to caress and massage her secret world. He allowed one finger to enter as he massaged her and gave her pleasure. Laurissa’s breathing increase as she swelled. He continued until she moaned and released her desire against his hand.

“That, my dear, is pleasure. It is what every female desires in bed. There are numerous ways to achieve such a feeling.” Lord Dunkan straddled her and held her writs down. He pulsed his power into her sharpening it. Thousands of tiny daggers ripped into her abdomen. Laurissa screamed and thrashed about. She felt as though she was being killed. Blood soaked her gown and began pooling under her. He waited until she stopped screaming. “The second is pain, my dear. It is what I give you if you ever feel the first. You must control both.”

He took her head in his hands and slammed his tendril into her. Laurissa screamed again and began to cry. She had a very small delicate tendril. It is a deep blue that rivaled the sea. He has never seen one like it. He carefully touched the tendril and wrapped a piece of his around it, holding it protectively.

He is now connected to her. He could feel her pain and anguish and her need to flee. He will not allow this one to leave in life or death. There is too much potential and a lot to learn from her. In a few days, she will be strong enough to mate with him.

“You may go if you wish. You may do as you please during the day. You will come here at dusk each day for a lesson. Failure will mean your death, Laurissa.”

“Yes, master.” She said weakly.

“Listen to me very carefully.”

“Yes, master?”

“Do not feed off anyone other than me. Do not speak to another vampire unless I am present. You will not bed anyone else unless I command it. If you betray me, the vampire you engage will suffer. Is that clear?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. You are free to do as you please.”

Laurissa laid on the bed, trying to decide if she should leave. She rubbed her belly and felt only smooth skin. Her gown is still wet from her blood and shredded. She healed quickly. It seems Lord Dunkan satisfied her curiosity about pleasure for the moment. She left his room and went to her own to clean up.

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