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Chapter 16

Laurissa woke to find she was still shackled to the ceiling. Adrian stunk of death. The smell is unbearable. Zillah still hung in her shackles. She wanted to call out to her, but Dunkan warned her not to speak to his family. He did not say anything about singing. A lullaby popped into her mind. She could not recall where she heard it. She began singing the lullaby softly at first, then louder and louder until she was shouting the words.

Zillah slowly came to and noticed Adrian hanging lifeless and annoyed by the shouting. She gazed at Laurissa, who lowered her voice, singing a lullaby, and watched her. She nodded her head as she sang. Zillah began singing with her. The song actually made her feel better. Laurissa smiled, making her smile. Laurissa’s deep blue eyes promised life and love. Things that Zillah has been forbidden to have. Her smile made her eyes twinkle and gave Zillah joy. Even though the lullaby was to comfort a small child to sleep, it gave Zillah hope that she could endure whatever Lord Dunkan planned to do to her.

Zillah’s eyes traveled to Adrian, and Laurissa’s voice became louder, forcing Zillah’s attention back on Laurissa. Zillah understood what Laurissa was doing, and she truly appreciated it. She did not want her to see her love hanging lifeless, and his blood dried on his body. It was not a memory she should have. She must remember Adrian as the male who stole her heart with his compassion and zest for life.

Zillah smiled at Laurissa. She is unique for a vampire. Most are only concerned with their own welfare. Vampires fight for control and fight to become the most revered. They have no loyalty unless it fits them. They do not freely give encouragement or hope unless there is something to be gained. Laurissa freely gave her heart to anyone willing to take it.

They continued singing the lullaby over and over until Lord Dunkan returned. Both women stopped immediately when the opened the door.

“Good morning, ladies.” He said cheerfully. Lord Dunkan released Laurissa from her restraints. The muscles burned and protested the sudden change.

“You are free to do as you wish, my dear. Remember your obligations tonight.”

Laurissa looked at Zillah, desperately wanting to free her. “Leave, my dear. Do not concern yourself with Zillah.”

Laurissa looked apologetic and left the room, but did not leave the stone building. Laurissa focused on her tendril and found it had grown a little. She tried reaching out her mind. The tiny vine moved and stretched. She sent it forth looking for Zillah’s tendril. She could sense her presence near. Zillah’s tendril moved, and a part of it unraveled and went to Laurissa, touching her blue tendril. She sang with her. No matter what Lord Dunkan did to her body, she would not feel it. She would sing with Laurissa through the tendril.

“What did you feel when you saw your lover being skinned?” Zillah was silent. “Answer me, Zillah.” Lord Dunkan warned. Zillah did not look at him. She focused on singing with Laurissa. If she lived, she would be forever in her debt. Lord Dunkan struck her face. Zillah only laughed. “Do you wish to die?” Zillah only laughed harder.

It seems she had become delirious. Lord Dunkan is saddened she will not last long. There was still the rumor of females not dying after three days. “Your wish is granted. You will hang there until you starve.”

Laurissa quickly went around the other side of the building so Lord Dunkan would not see her.

“Laurissa, you must go.”

“I will not leave you.”

“You must, my friend. You have given me a gift I cannot repay. I will live, I promise you.”


“I have a feeling I will only sleep until fresh blood is given to me. I can feel my body prepare for it. I do not fear death.”

“Master Dunkan’s book does not speak of the ability to sleep. It is only rumor.”

“The book is wrong. Trust me, young vampire. Please leave me.”

“As you wish.”

Lord Dunkan experimented on female vampires. None of them survived. Laurissa worried Zillah faced the same fate. She must respect her wishes.

Laurissa reluctantly removed her tendril and explored the area. She did not have the book, but she wanted to study her tendril. She remembered it saying something about the tendril being used as a weapon.

Most of the surrounding area is an open field with no establishment or roads. Just nature herself. Tall grass waved peacefully in the breeze, bees searched wildflowers for nectar, birds flew in patterns across the sky as they traveled to warmer climates for the upcoming winter.

Laurissa sat down on the ground and listened to the earth and all the creatures to relax her mind. Then she focused on her tendril. She imagined the knife she used on Adrian, then made the tendril into the shape. No, that did not work. Her tendril remained the original shape, and her power did not burst with life as she called on it.

She again imagined the knife she used and its properties. The edges were the actual tool, not the blade. The edge is what does the damage. She imagined her tendril to be the edge of the blade. Again, nothing happened.

When Lord Dunkan cut her with his power, it felt like sharp pricks. Her body felt as though she was stabbed by something sharp over and over again. When thrusting a knife into a person, the point of the blade hits first.

The tip of the blade! Her tendril curled at the top like a snail shell. She imagined the tip into a sharp point. It worked!

She stretched her tendril to look at it. The part that curled now formed a shape similar to the tip of a knife. The tendril stood straight up, and the tip made a sharp edge away from the tendril as if it was ready for a sword fight. It looked dangerous to her. It pulsed and waved with her heart and body’s natural movements. She wished she could try it on someone.

Laurissa opened her eyes and saw it was late in the day. It took a long time to get to the small building, and Laurissa had wandered off further. She felt her power and used it to quicken her steps. The male’s farmhouse and the stone building came and went within minutes. She reached the manor with time to spare. She did feel slightly weakened and very hungry. She had lost too much blood for her power to sustain her the way it did last week.

Laurissa returned to Lord Dunkan’s chambers and sat on the bed, then studied her tendril further. She brought it to her vision. The bottom was the brightest pure white she has ever seen. From it formed a tendril with multiple layers. It hummed and pulsed in rhythm to her heartbeat. As she examined it, it moved and stretched, showing secrets. She requested each strand to reveal itself. She has a memory strand that constantly grew. There is a strand that thumped with her heartbeat. Strands that connected her nervous system and senses. One strand is thicker than the rest. It is the strand that connected her tendril to her mind. It was protected by multiple delicate strands that served other purposes. This would require more study.

Lord Dunkan entered the room, looking grim. Laurissa knew this evening would not be pleasant. Laurissa immediately went to Lord Dunkan. He stood still and did not speak. Is her lesson over? She tried looking seductive and began carefully undressing Lord Dunkan, making sure to brush his skin with hers. She kissed his lips tenderly and stopped. He stood stone still. “What does my master wish?” The words seemed to wake him from his slumber.

“You must learn to please me. Worship my body and bring my desire forth.”

“I do not know what you like. You have shown me what others may want from me. Do you wish me to lay beneath you or stand before you?”

“All males have the same pleasure spots. What they do after they are aroused is different. You must learn what pleases a male to give him his greatest pleasure, my dear. All males desire to be wanted.” Lord Dunkan’s glowing blue eyes sent chills down her spine. He was angry and resisted lashing out. Laurissa wondered if he accomplished his goal with Zillah. Lord Dunkan’s hand went to her throat and lifted her to meet his eyes.

“Do not meddle in my affairs. You will not like my wrath.”

“Yes, master.”

He released her. “Now, make me forget my burden.” He commanded.

Laurissa gently touched Lord Dunkan’s chest and caressed in certain places studying his nude body. When his skin shivered, she concentrated on that area. He liked his nipples brushed and teased with her tongue. Both times Dunkan took her, he used his passion. There must be pleasure spots there. Her hand went to it and massaged him. It began to grow and stiffen. Lord Dunkan’s breathing became rapid, and his heartbeat quickened.

Laurissa kissed his neck to his jaw and then his lips. He liked it when she invited him. A male wants to feel desired. She put Dunkan’s hand on her breasts and another on her privates, giving him permission to touch her. His hands grasped her and pulled her to him. She slid her hand down his side and continued massaging his erection. A soft moan came from him as he closed his eyes. “Use your mouth, my dear. Welcome me and worship me.”

Laurissa let her hand slid from his chest down to his groin as she fell slowly to her knees. She took him in her mouth and massaged him with her tongue. “Oh yes, my dear. Just like that.” He breathed in the smooth cold voice. She continued licking, nibbling, and sucking on him until he began thrusting. He took Laurissa’s head in his hands and thrust as he would in any other position. Laurissa struggled against him. She felt she could not breathe and felt bile come up. It excited him more and allowed his pleasure to come forth. Laurissa shrieked when she felt it squirt into her mouth.” Drink, my dear.” He held her to him until he could feel her tongue swallow his seed. Lord Dunkan released her. “Very good, my dear. You have earned your meal.” He held his wrist down to her. Laurissa feels sick to her stomach. She is not sure she could stomach his blood as well. “Come now. You did not eat yesterday. You must feed or begin to die.” Laurissa took his wrist and feed off him. His body stiffened as he moved in ecstasy.

“Master, if feeding makes you feel good and desired, and all males are like you. Should I not feed off them as well.

“No, my dear. That is a pleasure only for me. In this way, you belong to me.

“Yes, master.”

“You are excused. Be here tomorrow night.”

“Master, will you teach me about my tendril?”

“No, my dear. You must learn that on your own.”

Laurissa is learning too quickly. He could see her becoming more powerful than several of the masters in his region. If she became too powerful, he would have to destroy her before she could destroy him. She shows potential. He must unlock the secrets. If he could slow Laurissa’s growth, he would be able to increase her time with him.

The tendril is everything to a vampire. It is used to love and communicate but also used as a weapon. He knew Laurissa is dangerously close to discovering this. She has already discovered how to make her tendril into a dagger. With her tenacity and her growth rate, it will not be long before she is able to use it.

Laurissa took her book and went outside for fresh air. The moon is bright and full. She could see Madwell perfectly as if she were standing at the entrance. The night creatures are out hunting and chirping. It is peaceful to be out of the manor. She opened her book and found a passage that described the tendril.

’As a young vampire, I had to learn specific things about my tendril to help me in my journey. My master refused to teach me the ways, so I put this in the journal in case another vampire finds himself in the same predicament.

First thing to know is communication. We can speak to each other privately, hear deep thoughts, and feel emotions. We can also share memories and learn skills through the tendril. It is considered impolite and a violation to force a tendril into another vampire’s mind. Be prepared to fight to the death if you violate a vampire’s mind.

You must concentrate on the vampire you wish to connect to and gently probe his mind. If he is receptive, his mind will open like a window showing you his tendril and allowing you to touch him. He will then send a strand of his tendril to yours, connecting you both. This is a very intimate thing to do. I have learned that you should only connect to trusting vampires. Emotions of fear, love, or dishonesty can be smelled; however, being connected through the tendril, these emotions will betray you and are seen easily. Be aware of your emotions. Vampires can use them against you.

Once your tendril is connected, you only need to think of words similar to having a conversation with yourself. If you wish to show emotion, such as anger or thanksgiving, you simply feel them to their fullest. The vibrations of each strand are very sensitive and will pick up such emotions easily.

I recommend using your eyes to read body language as well. Do not rely solely on the tendril. I had the unfortunate experience of believing a lie through the tendril. It almost cost me my life. It is very hard to falsify information through the tendril; however, beware, it can happen from time to time.

Our tendrils can be used for pleasure as well. A female showed me great kindness and shared her bed with me. We connected tendrils, and I was able to feel her pleasure maximizing my own. It can be used to determine what your partner desires and make the experience one to remember.

Lastly, your tendril is also your defense. This will take practice. I suggest finding a human to play with. You may actually enjoy it as I have. You can sharpen the tip of your tendril to form a dagger. You can use this dagger to force your way into another vampire’s mind and gain control. The older the vampire, the harder this will be to accomplish. Our tendrils are composed of many strands. The mind and heart strands are the most venerable. Cut them with your dagger, and you can incapacitate them. This will not kill the vampire. The tendril continues to grow and will form new strands to replace the ones broken.

I hope this knowledge helps you in your quest.’

This is indeed helpful. She noticed the tendril of other vampires were different colors. Her’s is a deep blue, Lord Dunkan’s was black, Zillah had a red tendril, and Adrian’s was beige. She looked through the book to see if she could find any more passages about the tendril. One passage she found interesting.

‘I found my soul mate. We wrapped our tendrils together so we may remain connected for eternity. My thoughts belong her to, and her thoughts belong to me…I had to darken my tendril to keep my conversation with him private…’

There is a way to keep your thoughts private when connected. She looked at her tendril and saw Lord Dunkan gently touching hers. He seems relaxed as he slept. How do you turn your connection off? She saw how bright her tendril is. It looked full of life and thrummed with her life force. She imagined a shadow crept over it, dimming its brilliance. A shadow cover it; however, she could tell she is still opened to thoughts.

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