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Ra, the lord of the gods and the creator of the world, stood in his chambers looking at a painting of a goddess he loves dearly. The goddess is fair-skinned with golden hair that followed her petite frame. She wore a ruby red pendant filled with her godly power of love. Deep blue eyes pierced his own, even from a portrait.

Ra sighed and exited the room. He missed Lilene greatly. The only thing he has to remember her are her children, who roam the earth. That is why he is walking toward the council chambers. One of the gods wishes to annihilate the vampire species while other gods wish to exploited the vampire’s evil tendencies and create a world where a constant war between humans and vampires raged.

Ra loved his creation and would not allow the vampire to be destroyed. It would be like losing Lilene all over again. He couldn’t bear it. Horace, the god of war, warned him the vampires would become too strong and would cause a catalytic extinction of all life on earth. Ra refused to destroy the very creation that belongs to the goddess of his heart.

The council chambers appeared too quickly for Ra’s taste. He did not wish to face the gods this day. He did not wish to explain his intentions or even sit quietly while the others bombarded him with their complaints on the matter. Yet he must lead the gods and prune the mortals into the masterpiece he designed it to be.

The gods stood in attention as Ra entered the room. On his right is his first daughter, Tefnut, and her husband Shu. They were the first gods Ra created from his blood to help him secure sanctuary for the mortals he created. Next to Tefnut are her children, Geb and Nut. Next to them are the remaining six gods who completed the circle around a wooden table.

Ra made eye contact with each god then sat in his chair, indicating the council has started. “I am here as requested. I warn you. If this conversation is about my decision to allow the vampires to live, then this meeting is already over. Speak now, or leave me.” Ra’s deep voice echoed around the chambers.

The Gods around the table stiffened and glanced toward the black jackal who summoned the council. Anubis is the god of the dead. He was tasked with guarding the souls against the demons who occasionally roamed the world in search of devouring them. Since Lilene’s departure, the demons rarely came to search for the souls under Anubis’s care. Now he passes judgment on the souls that come to him. He cares for the blue whisps until Ra is ready to reincarnate them.

“My Lord, I beseech you to hear me. I have never wronged you or led your souls astray. I hear their voices and their anguish. The souls are not designed to live in their body for eternity.”

“Do not think to tell me how my creations are designed, Anubis. My word is law. The souls that are trapped will live for as long I deem them to live.” Ra cast his eyes to Horace, the god of war. His bottomless brown eyes seemed ageless even though Horace is only a thousand years old. He gained the role of the god of war only a couple of centuries ago. “I heeded your warning and created a preditor that would balance the vampire’s dominance. Is your vision still that of extinction?”

“It is, my Lord. There is one I have warned you about. He must be stopped, or your humans will perish, and the souls will be too tainted to enter the Valley of the Souls.”

“What does it matter?” Set, the god of chaos, spoke up. “Let the beast live his dream. I have not had this much fun in centuries. Ra created the souls and continues to create more to this day. I am certain Anubis can handle tainted souls. Is it not your will to give the mortals free will?”

“It is not my ability to judge to souls that is in question, father. The souls that are trapped in a vampire’s body come to me broken and tired. Some are still violent with blood lust. My Lord, you are a merciful creator. You adore your creations; otherwise, you would never have created an army to protect them. Why do you wish to cause the souls harm? Are you forsaking the souls you have created?”

Ra stood from his seat and leaned his palms on the surface of the table, “Enough! What I do with the mortals is my business. You have all been assigned your duties. Do them, or I will find someone else who will. This meeting is over. You are all excused.”

One by one, the gods silently left the council chambers until Horace was the only one sitting at the table. “You have more to say?” Ra looked at the god. His bottomless eyes glowed as he studied Ra. Ra could not take any more heartache. There must be a way to save the vampires and keep the balance between mortals and demigods. Anubis is right. To know the souls are in agony pierced his heart. He was not sure what he could do to help them.

The silence in the room became uncomfortable. Ra straightened and glared at Horace. It was a warning to speak or leave the chambers.

Horace is a quiet god who will commune with Fate on occasion. Fate told him of a time far in the future of a goddess of stunning beauty that would save the world and the gods.

“There is one of royal blood born of life and death. One to become queen and shall inherit an army of mortals, demigods, and the throne. This soul is your salvation and the key to the answers you seek.” Horace stood before his god and bowed his head before vanishing from the room.

Ra rubbed his face with his hands in frustration. It is never straight forward with Horace. Fate will speak through Horace of a prophecy that is of utmost importance.

As the riddle rattled around Ra’s mind, he began to understand what he must do to ensure the balance of his world and allow Lilene’s children their chance at life. Every child must have a parent. Lilene is not present to guide her children. He will create a nursemaid who will guide the vampires until Lilene’s return.

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