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Chapter 20

Lord Dunkan could feel the strain and looked into Laurissa’s mind. Laurissa could feel Lord Dunkan’s power come to her, seeking her location. “I see you have found a quiet place to study.” He projected.

“Yes I will be here for the remainder of the day.”

“Very well, my dear. I will see you at dinner.” His tendril moved and pulsed.


“Yes, my Lord.”

“How is your charge?”

“She is a weak vampire, but she will satisfy you, my Lord.”

“Excellent. Send her out to Master Rune. I would like to invite him to my house. She will need to go to the other surrounding houses and invite their masters.”

“Is it wise to send a female?”

“I care not what happens to her. Make sure her message is received.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Lord Dunkan made his way to the sitting room and admired his females that gathered there. He knew he could not leave the manor unless he went to Laurissa. She has gone too far. It did not matter. He will be able to bring her to him if he desires to leave. Laurissa shuttered at the feeling of the sword’s magic.

She imagined her mind closed off from any communication. Her tendril darkened.

“My Lord, may I ask you a question?” He did not respond. She succeeded. Excellent!

Laurissa turned her attention to the surrounding area. She knew she could connect to humans and vampires. What about nature, her very self?

Laurissa listened to the woods and focused on the call of a bird. Once the bird came into focus in her mind, she sent a tendril to connect to it. There was nothing to connect to. She could feel its mind searching for food and warning everyone of danger, nothing more.

Fly, she commanded. The bird heard her and jerked its head around, then flew off. It went too far from her range, and she lost her connection to it.

Then she touched a tree. Before continuing, she looked at her tendril. It is still dark. She can not feel or hear Lord Dunkan. The communication closes both ways. She made a note to only close her mind for privacy. Lord Dunkan is her primary goal. She must learn his movements and discover his weakness. There must be a way to release herself from her bond to him. If there is not, she must be ready to kill him when the time is right. He signed his death warrant when he turned her into a vampire. She was content to remain his housemaid. Now she is truly his slave. She will not live as a slave.

She refocused her attention to the tree and touched it with her power. The tree is alive and teeming with termites. It will not be alive much longer. It did not have a heartbeat or personality, but she felt life. It has a will to grow tall and strong and try to kiss the warm sun. This tree only seemed to be a few decades old. Laurissa remembered seeing something about trees living hundreds of years. She wondered what else she could learn.

Laurissa placed her palms on the dirt and sent a tendril into the ground. Vibrations of millions of moving things came to her. It made the earth hum. Everything that walked or slithered could be felt. Vegetation had distinct vibrations as well. As she continued to listen and focus on each noise, she began to hear different rhythms. Each living thing had music. She pulled her focus back and heard not a hum, but a song. It was the most beautiful thing she has ever heard. It coursed through her and made her feel alive. Then the cold chill of death screamed into her mind. She lost connection to the earth and fell back, unable to breathe. She fought the panic and looked at Lord Dunkan’s tendril.

“Do not close your mind!” His voice boomed through her head as death left her.

“Yes, my Lord.”

“What were you doing?”

“Studying nature, my Lord.”

Lord Dunkan was silent a moment to determine if she was telling the full truth, then the tendril changed focus. Laurissa sat up and could hear the crackle of the manor’s fireplace through Lord Dunkan’s ears. The woods had gone completely silent from her screams.

Laurissa began humming the tune she heard. It is uplifting and encouraging. She felt Lord Dunkan’s interest and listened to her tune. She did not connect to the earth. She simply closed her eyes and hummed, allowing the song to fill her with joy.

As dusk approached, she stood and began her walk to the manor. Lord Dunkan left the manor as she got closer to hunt. She did not want to see the horror of feeding off a human. She closed her mind and traveled until she reached Lord Dunkan’s chambers. The house is completely empty. None of the women are there. She opened her mind to see Lord Dunkan was returning. He did not notice she closed her mind. She wondered where the other females were.

“They are doing a task for me, my dear.”

“Are you having a celebration?”

“No. I am gathering masters to start a war. This is something you would know had you paid attention.”

Laurissa ignored the reprimand. “Who are you attacking?”

“I will not explain myself. If you wish to know my plans, you must remain open to me as mated vampires do.”

Laurissa hated Lord Dunkan for reminding her of her commitment. He seemed to enjoy her torture. Lord Dunkan entered the room with desire spilling from him. He sat on the bed and said, “Come and feed, my dear.”

Laurissa took her gown off to expose her female body to him, then slowly approached him. His pulse quickened as he offered her his wrist. Laurissa took the wrist and kissed Dunkan on the lips while she wrapped his arm around her. She moved her kisses to his neck and bit into the vein there.

“Oh, Laurissa!” His grip tightened on her as he pulled her closer to him. Moans of ecstasy escaped him. She blocked his feelings, not wanting to feel what he felt, then released him when she was full. She broke free from his grasp and retrieved her gown. She did not understand why he insisted she feed on him or why it felt so good to be drained.

Lord Dunkan was lightning quick and behind Laurissa. He pulled her to him. Her back met his chest, and an arm wrapped around her chest and belly, pinning her to him. His other hand took her chin and forced her to look away to expose her neck. His fangs sunk into her neck slowly and seductively. He slowly drank from her, showing her what it felt like. Her ecstasy flowed through him, and her wildflower bloom scent invited him to take his pleasure. He would love nothing more than to completely take her blood. He resisted the urge and pulled away. Breathless. “That is why, my dear. Other than sex and our tendril, feeding off each other is the most intimate way to touch. I suggest continuing your studies in the book.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Laurissa’s knees felt weak. She hated herself for enjoying such a touch from a monster.

“You are free to do as you please.”

Laurissa gathered her book and left the manor, disgusted.

She opened the human skin book and flipped through the pages as she walked along the gravel path toward Madwell. The golden eye slipped out and fell to the ground. It caught the moonlight and sparkled. Lara reached for it and wondered again who the man was. She examined the cold medal and found nothing of interest. It is simply a trinket.

Lara tucked the eye back into the book and flipped the pages once again. She skipped the parts of lovemaking. She has no interest in it. Lord Dunkan has made it clear he will be the one to teach her how to please a male, and she was to never feel pleasure herself. Now her curiosity is peaked.

The sun had set, making a cool evening. Stars began to reveal themselves as the red colors faded in the sky. She silently jumped on a rooftop at the edge of town and listened to the sounds of the people. Most were enjoying dinner. There is a tavern with people singing and dancing. Several couples enjoyed each other’s company. There is a new mother in labor, screaming from the pain. At the same time, the wails of a mother came as her husband dies in their bed. As one is born, another dies. It is heartbreaking to hear the wails.

She listened to the hum of the people. There is no music in it. Laurissa hummed the melody of nature while she opened the book to look for passages of intimacy.

’As I traveled through Egypt, I noticed vampires were more friendly. Males and females acted like humans. Most males felt superior to the females; however, each night, they came together in a building to full fill sexual desires. Everything you can imagine happened. I, myself, enjoyed their company. One thing that stood out for me was their mating rituals. These vampires feel the need to create life long commitments. When a couple decides they want to mate, they feed off each other.

From my understanding, as the couple simultaneously feed off each other, the body feels like it starves and maddens the mind. If the couple can resist the madness for a time and not kill each other, they mate with full trust of one another. If one succumbs to the madness, the partner dies, and it is decided that they were never meant to be. It is something I will avoid. I do not plan on sharing my life with a female. They are only good for one thing.’

Laurissa thought the ritual was romantic. Another passage simply listed intimate touches. Feeding is, of course, is one touch. Flowing power and embracing one another intimately heightens the experience. As with any species, intercourse is intimate as well. This author fell in love with a female and recommended doing all three at the same time, and recommended experimenting with different body positions.

All this she knew and more, thanks to Lord Dunkan. She hoped someday to find a male who would share such a thing with her. Laurissa understood you could be intimate and enjoy desires without loving or even liking the vampire. The body wants what the body wants. She would love to experience a relationship of two vampires completely devoted to each other. If she ever broke free of Lord Dunkan, she would look for a male worthy of her. If they mated, it would be consensual and for life.

She leaned back and gazed at the starry night, humming nature’s tune. Lord Dunkan had fallen asleep long ago. She fell asleep dreaming of true love and a relationship that would rival all others.

A baby began to cry, waking Laurissa. The sky was just showing signs of a new dawn. Laurissa sat up quickly and ran to the manor. She quietly entered Dunkan’s chambers and slipped into bed.

“I have been dreaming of you, Laurissa.”

“Forgive me, my Lord.”

His hand began caressing Laurissa. She stopped his advancements and said, “I do not wish to be intimate.”

It does not matter what you want. You are here to please me. I wish to be intimate.”

Laurissa turned on to her back and quieted her mind. Lord Dunkan felt the disconnection and was displeased.

“Do you remember what I taught you?”

“Yes, my Lord. I am allowing you to do as you please.”

“I do not simply want a warm body, Laurissa. I want you to invite me. Make me feel desired.”

“I do not desire you.”

“It does not matter.” He breathed as he nibbled on her neck and caressed a breast.

Laurissa continued to defy him. His anger grew, and his passion ended. Within a split second, he began laughing.

Laurissa looked at him, confused. “Oh my dear, your hatred is beautiful.” Lord Dunkan rose from the bed and proceeded to get dressed, then buckled his sword to his waist.

“Where is the other one?”

Lord Dunkan’s blue eyes met hers with confusion, then back to his sword. Understanding showed in his tendril.

“They are both here.” A wicked grin crossed his face. “Would you like to feel its power?”

He walked to Laurissa and slowly lowered the entire sword, lengthwise, on her chest. The hilt rested between her breasts, and the long blade flowed down past her hips. Laurissa knew he was toying with her. Dunkan stepped back a couple of steps as she laid with the sword on her.

Laurissa saw the opportunity. She did not remember Lord Dunkan was much older and quicker than her. Laurissa grabbed onto the hope the opportunity offered with abandon.

She pulsed power and grabbed the hilt, then swung it at him. The blade felt heavy to her, and her movements are clumsy. Lord Dunkan grabbed her writs, and death’s chill went from the hilt into her arm and clenched her heart. She dropped the sword and screamed. Lord Dunkan’s features had sharpened, and his eyes glowed with fury. She could see the magic of the sword surround him.

Who commands who?

“I am in control. Every one of my children gives their blood to my blade. It is its kiss you feel when you anger me.” He released her from death’s grip and stood up. “As you can see, I do not need to be connected to it to use it. Do not think you can use my sword against me.”

Lord Dunkan retrieved his sword and walked out of the room.

Laurissa felt frustrated. How is she to overcome the power of death itself. Not only is Lord Dunkan a vampire who is much older, therefore much stronger than her, he also controls death. She must find a way to stop him from using the sword against her. It seems he is untouchable.

Laurissa quickly ran out of the manor past Dunkan and went to her spot in the woods. She sat on the ground, closed her mind, and connected with the earth. The hum and joy came to her. She allowed herself to hum with it and rejoice with its life. She felt a sudden sadness, then a hunger, then the pure joy came once again. She wondered what the sadness was, and continued looking. She did not find where the pulse came from. She had darkened her tendril too long. She opened her mind and continued watching and listening to the woods until dinner.

Lord Dunkan was busy reviewing plans he made when the masters arrive from the other houses in his district. He thought to one day have complete dominion over the entire region and wanted to grow Laurissa’s power. He felt she would help him deter other houses from declaring war against him.

Lord Dunkan was already in his chambers and in the bed when Laurissa arrived. She thought to forfeit her meal then changed her mind. She needs her strength to defeat a vampire stronger and quicker than her. She undressed and climbed into the bed with him. Lord Dunkan wasted no time and hugged her to him and began kissing her lips until she responded. He held her body against his as he slowly worked his way to Laurissa’s neck and found the vein there. His fangs sank in provocatively. Laurissa’s body arched into him as she gasped in his ear. It was a delightful noise. He continued slowly drinking, allowing his fangs to move in a way that made Laurissa’s desire mount. He sent his power through the tendril, telling her what he wanted and showed her his passion. A soft moan escaped her, and her arms began embracing him. Her fangs nibbled on his skin, teasing him. Lord Dunkan released her neck and kissed her lips, demanding more. Power came through his tendril, covering him with warmth and desire. He could feel what she felt. He tugged on the tendril, wrapping the sensual parts together to increase their ecstasy. She wanted pleasure as much as he did. He loved the way she felt and sounded. She lifted her hips in invitation. Lord Dunkan allowed the connection and shivered from it. He could feel her hug and his connection with her as he continued for an enteral kiss. He cradled her neck and gently lifted her head to his neck, “Feed Laurissa.” He breathed. Her fangs pierced his vain as her soft hands traveled up his back. She embraced him tighter as she fed. Lightning exploded in his head, making him thrust into her. He did not have control over his body. He became lost in his passion as he continued while Laurissa fed. “Oh. My dear, yes. Let me show you.”

Lord Dunkan sent his passion to her through the tendril. Her body went rigid as she cried out. The scream was erotic to its fullest. It made him release his desire. Laurissa calmed herself then finished feeding on Dunkan’s neck. He allowed her time to finish and calmed himself. No other female was ever this good for him. His first mate could not even compare to the pleasure he felt from Laurissa. He decided he would allow her pleasure she felt. It intensified his passion.

Laurissa quietly turned over to go to sleep. She felt disgusted with herself and found she liked the intimacy. No. If Lord Dunkan did not command it, she would not share his bed. It is not the intimacy she likes. It is only the way the body works naturally.

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