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Chapter 23

Lord Dunkan studied Laurissa more intently as she walked into Madwell. She confidently went into a home, selected a female, and walked out. Such grace and strength surrounded her. What was it? He has seen it from the time she first stood before him after her first bath. There is royal blood within. His curiosity of her father came to him again.

For a thousand years, he built his reputation and kept a firm hand on his house. Laurissa comes with her elegance and fire, and in a few short years, she has disrupted his home and crawled into his head. She is poisonous. He wondered if he should continue this game he played.

Lord Dunkan noticed the quiet stares and the fuming resentment as she walked out of the manor. This one is truly unique. Why? He could go no further with her. Her leash must stop here. And yet, there seemed to be more secrets. Her life meant nothing to her. She has begged for the lives of three vampires and actually felt sorry for a dead human. She possessed power that should not be there. Her growth is incredibly fast.

Lord Dunkan must try harder to break her. The need to make her completely his to use is becoming unbearable. He will use her love of life against her. She will take a life and become his destroyer. He will need to give her a weapon which could prove fatal. Perhaps there is some other way.

Lord Dunkan nearly bumped into a glaring Laurissa. It pulled at his heart. The depths of her eyes were no longer wild and innocent. Calculating, studying eyes looked into his very soul. Lord Dunkan had closed his mind off from her while he was lost in thought. He is amused that she would show authority to the one who is her master. There may be a time when he could not stand against her. She will utterly destroy him. No, that is nonsense. This female simply needs to be broken.

Lord Dunkan opened his mind and ignored her accusing stare. The stone building is within sight. Lord Dunkan continued walking past her shaking the beauty of her from his mind. Zillah hung in her shackles and slowly opened her eyes. Her skin looked close to normal. Another good meal should bring her beauty back. He connected to her.

“Good evening, my dear. How are you feeling, truthfully?”

“Tired and hungry, my Lord.” She said weakly

“Do you remember waking and attacking Laurissa?”


“Why did you attack?”

“I saw images of pain and misfortune from the human.”

“Images? Please explain.”

“I think it was the man’s memories. He struggled in life. His anger passed into his blood and blinded me into a rage I could not control.”

“Let me see. Laurissa, what were your questions? How long will it take for her to gain consciousness? I would say at least half a day. Will the demon remain? I think we can plainly see the answer is no. Were there any more questions you have for Zillah?”

“No, my Lord.”

“Allow Zillah to feed.”

Laurissa raised the human’s wrist to Zillah’s mouth and held it while she ate. She drank heavily, then stopped, leaving the human barely alive.

“You may finish it, Zillah.”

Zillah finished, then flinched.

“More memories?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Very interesting indeed. You have served your purpose, my dear.”

Lord Dunkan took the dagger and handed it to Laurissa.

“I have said I would not kill Zillah.”

Lord Dunkan grabbed the back of Laurissa’s neck and forced her to face Zillah.

“It is alright, young one.” She projected. “I know what you have done for me. You are forgiven.”

Lord Dunkan put the dagger in Laurissa’s hand and clasped his hand over hers. “No!” She screamed and fought against him. She tried using his strength as momentum to stab his leg. He was quicker and stopped Laurissa’s hand. Laurissa broke free and turned to face him, and held the dagger.

Lord Dunkan’s eyes glowed with displeasure. Laurissa glared at him and dared him to continue.

Lord Dunkan pulsed power and closed the gap, and struck her hard. The familiar ring of the sword came. Laurissa stood up. “There is no reason to kill Zillah. Let her go.”

“Laurissa, do not disrespect him. I am lost.” Zillah said weakly behind Laurissa.

Laurissa ignored her. She will not let Lord Dunkan out of her sight. The last time she did that proved to be a very painful mistake.

“Take up the dagger, Laurissa. Last chance!”

The defiance in her eyes is breathtaking. She will be a vampire to be feared if she lived long enough. Who is she exactly? ‘Death feed.’

Laurissa resisted long enough to pulse power and attack him. She fell screaming just before she could reach him.

“My Lord, please!” Zillah screamed. She could not bear to see another vampire fall.

Lord Dunkan ignored Zillah and knelt beside Laurissa. She calmed and panted for breath.

Lord Dunkan wordlessly picked Laurissa up and put the dagger in her hand once again. Her heartbeat heavily in her chest. Panic seemed to grip her mind as she desperately tried to think of something. Anything. Perhaps another question that could be studied.

“Avenge my death, Laurissa. Free yourself.” Zillah projected then started humming the lullaby.

Laurissa calmed and began humming as well. Was there something else he could experiment with and allow Zillah life? She locked her gaze on Zillah and tried to free herself from Dunkan’s grip. Lord Dunkan is too strong for her. She felt defeated. There is nothing more she could think of to keep Zillah alive.

“End her life, Laurissa.”

“No.” She whispered and began to cry. She did not leave Zillah’s eyes. “Why are you ready to die? Why do you not fight?” Laurissa asked through sobs.

“You see what happens when we fight. My death means little as long as you avenge me.”

Lord Dunkan’s hand suddenly forced her to stab Zillah in the chest then deep into the heart. Her hand met Zillah’s flesh.

“No!” She screamed.

Lord Dunkan released Laurissa and backed away. “Either way, my dear, you will do as you are told.” Laurissa pulled the dagger out quickly and released Zillah from the shackles. Dead eyes looked back. The horror of what just happened is too much to bear. She cannot breathe. Laurissa clutched Zillah to her chest with a scream that will not leave her lungs. They burned for sweet air.

“You dream of killing me, yet you cannot stomach killing a vampire or seeing another perish. Pathetic. And to think I was worried you would succeed in freeing yourself.”

Laurissa turned and looked at him. Blood rage filled her mind and released her lungs. She will kill the beast in front of her with her bare hands.

Lord Dunkan saw into the depths of Laurissa’s soul. Studying eyes opened like a doorway. A tiny being screaming at him and sent a chill down his spine. It was the call of death. Laurissa is soaked in Zillah’s blood as she lunged at him and used her body to backhand Lord Dunkan. She was too quick. With a sickening smack, he landed on the stone floor. Laurissa used her power and began beating and kicking with all her might, pulsing power with each hit. Her rage came forth with a vengeance. Every ounce of sorrow and hatred screamed for release. She tore at his flesh, scraping and biting where she could. Within seconds Lord Dunkan’s body started becoming shreds of flesh. Cotton from his clothing littered the blood-stained floor.

Death, feed.’ He called to his sword.

Laurissa screamed and increased her attacks. She picked Lord Dunkan up and threw him against a wall, then drank from his neck heavily. Dunkan saw the dagger. He reached for it and stabbed Laurissa in the shoulder. Laurissa cried out and leaped off of him. He looked up to see the tiny being screaming. He looked away immediately and commanded Death to kill Laurissa. The scream he heard shattered his hearing and echoed around. Even the ground seemed to groan. Then she went quiet and fell to the floor.

The room is deathly quiet except for a high pitch ringing sound in his ears. Lord Dunkan looked to see Laurissa had fallen unconscious. The sword had stopped its power. It did not kill Laurissa but simply rendered her unconscious.

Lord Dunkan has never seen anything like it. He will document everything he experienced. His body is badly mutilated. He could feel broken ribs. Both of his knees are shattered. Scratches are gouged in his chest, face, and back. She took a considerable amount of blood from him. He will need to feed to heal completely. He has never experienced a beating of this magnitude in his life. Laurissa was incredibly fast and much stronger than him.

The stories of females raging are true!

Lord Dunkan allowed time to heal and wondered why Death did not kill Laurissa as he commanded. He was thankful it did not. He is right about there being more secrets. The madness he saw made her unstoppable.

Lord Dunkan took Laurissa into his arms and held her. He wiped her hair back and studied her face. She looked peaceful. Her wildflower scent still emanated from her. Whatever the rage was, did not change her. She barely lived. She is a vampire. She will no doubt heal fully.

Lord Dunkan allowed time to heal enough to carry Laurissa back to the manor. It is very late, and the males have retired for the night. His females sought shelter in the village.

Lord Dunkan gently laid Laurissa on the bed and gazed at her. She is indeed beautiful and a mystery. If she lives as long as he has, he guessed she will have males bowing at her feet. If that day ever came, he knew he would not be there to see it.

Lord Dunkan straightened. Perhaps he could use this rage against houses that were not loyal to him and did not share his view of vampire domination. He slowly undressed, still feeling the bruises and broken bones. His body had not fully healed. He then undressed the blood stained gown from Laurissa’s body. He laid next to Laurissa on his side and watched her slowly breathe until he fell asleep.

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