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Chapter 28

Laurissa woke late in the day. Memories of the events of last night plagued her mind. There were questions that needed answers. How did Kissar make her believe she was in a cavern with lava? She must learn how to throw daggers at a vampire as Lord Dunkan has. This is a valuable tool against an enemy.

A pleasant scent filled the room. She breathed deeply, letting it into her mind, and followed the scent. It came from a young girl Laurissa chose yesterday. She wondered why she was still alive. Next to her stood a mid-aged male, nude. His wrist had dried blood on it where her fangs penetrated.

She fed off a human!

Did Lord Dunkan release her? No, he would never do that. Laurissa slowly rose from bed. Her body protested and was stiff. She continued until she could dress.

“Where are you going, my dear?” Lord Dunkan’s cold voice pierced the silence.


“Laurissa, where are you going. I will know eventually.” He warned

“I want to walk among the humans.”

“If you do that, you will frighten them. You are not fully healed.”

Laurissa examined her body and noticed she is still bruised from the beating she received.

“You will stay with me today and allow me to enjoy your company.”

Laurissa controlled the anger she felt and undressed, then went back to the bed. The knowledge that he saved her life did nothing to convince her he cared for her. She knew he only kept her alive because she showed potential to traits he wished to explore.

Lord Dunkan is in good spirits. His joy seemed out of place. She looked into his eyes questioningly. Lord Dunkan gripped her jaw and kissed her lips. His tongue requested entry.

Laurissa obliged and kissed him back. This pleased Dunkan very much. She did not fight him like she did Kissar.

“I offered myself to Kissar. He did not want sex. He simply wanted to toy with me.” She responded to his thought.

“You are female, my dear. You are any male’s toy. You caused me embarrassment and weakened me in front of him.”

“I warned you, my Lord.”

Lord Dunkan chuckled. “Yes, I suppose you did. I have something for you.” Lord Dunkan called the young girl. “When you selected her, you thought she smelled divine and wanted to know why.”


“Tell me what you see.”

“A young girl.”

“Go examine her, my dear, and tell me your findings.”

Laurissa stood from the bed and walked around the girl. Her scent is fresh and new, like the earth after a cleansing rain. It is intoxicating. It tempted Laurissa to devour her. She resisted the urge to feed while she studied the girl. She is fair-skinned, which is normal for the humans living here. Her hair is a copper color with strands of dark brown. It is cropped at the shoulders. She is slender and has a woman’s frame.

Laurissa brushed her arm and traveled to the girl’s hand. Her hand is calloused from picking crops or grinding wheat for flour. Her physical appearance is that of any other human. She screamed in fright in her mind, and her feet and legs cramped from standing all night. She missed her family and knew she would never see them again. It tore at Laurissa’s heart.

“Other than her fear, she seems to be a normal human.”

Lord Dunkan stood behind Laurissa. His chest is inches from her back. He took her hand and guided it slowly to the girl’s groin. Laurissa felt very uncomfortable touching her in such a way. The girl flinched in her mind then relaxed. With Dunkan’s guidance, Laurissa felt the girl’s velvety world and teased her opening. Keeping her hand there, Dunkan took Laurissa’s other hand and guided her to her own groin.

“What is the difference, my dear.” He moaned in her ear. Seeing Laurissa fondle the girl and herself is very arousing. This may be a new experience he will enjoy from time to time. He has never taken two females. The sight is erotic.

The girl did indeed feel different to Laurissa. The girl had a thin piece of skin that encircled her. Laurissa did not. “Does this mean she is a virgin?”

“Oh yes, my dear.” Lord Dunkan is excited and fully erect.

“Thana said she is toxic.” Laurissa could feel his passion tease her, promising great pleasure. Her desire flowed as the scent of the virgin engulfed her.

“Try it.” Dunkan’s breath caressed Laurissa’s ear and traveled down her neck, giving her a chill.

Laurissa reluctantly looked at the girl. Doing all she could to control the hunger and lust she felt. Lord Dunkan nibbled on Laurissa’s neck, grazing his fangs on her skin while he lifted the girl’s arm to Laurissa. “It will not kill you, I assure you.” He projected.

Laurissa relinquished her control of her emotions and took the wrist. The blood is the most delicious thing she has ever tasted. The blood is sweet and velvety. The fresh, sweet taste gave her chills and invited her to take as much as she pleased. She is lost in her passion, and the world disappeared. As the warmth of the girl’s blood flowed through Laurissa’s veins, her body healed instantly and made Laurissa feel more alive than she had ever felt. She continued feeding, never wanting it to end. The blood made its way to her mind, and she began to feel dizzy. Laurissa reluctantly released the girl and swayed on her feet.

Lord Dunkan’s body is pressed to hers. The feeling is magnified. His gentle touches felt like tight grips. He gripped her arms as he nibbled on her neck. Laurissa could feel his lust burn through her. Lord Dunkan turned Laurissa to face him. His image looks blurry and feels as though it is inches from her face. She could not focus. He began laughing a cold laugh that made Laurissa want to run in fright.

Lord Dunkan held on to her. “Do you see why she smells divine?”

“No, my Lord, I do not. I feel awful.”

“It will pass.” He said as he laid Laurissa on her back on the bed.

She closed her eyes to stop the room from spinning. Lord Dunkan slowly lowered his body on top of her. He used his knee to slowly spread her legs. He wanted to enjoy the tug and pull he experiences from her. Her lips tasted sweet from the virgin’s blood. He let a soft moan escape, and he bit Laurissa’s lip, wanting more of the girl’s blood. Forcefully taking a virgin is one of his favorite pass times. This seems so much better.

Laurissa obediently embraced him and invited him to take his pleasure. The feeling is not uncomfortable. She hated him for making her do this. Worse! She did not desire him in such a way, yet her body betrays her each time. She hated feeling pleasure from the intimacy she received from someone so cruel and evil. This time is different. Her body is fully charged with virgin blood. Every feeling and every sensation she experienced is magnified and overloaded her mind.

As Lord Dunkan penetrated her, she arched back and screamed in delight. She almost lost her desire.” Oh yes, my dear.” Lord Dunkan moaned. The pull and tug on him is better than any virgin. She vibrated around him as her desire climaxed. He has never allowed his females to become drunk. Typically he would drink, allowing the feeling to enhance his sensations. With his connection to Laurissa, he could feel the blood work through her and feel the enhancement she felt. Her body responded in the most delicious way. Her excitement brought new pleasure to him.

He slowly began his thrusts feeling everything she felt and more. He went in slow, smooth motions allowing Laurissa’s body to become accustomed to him, and drank in her ecstasy.

Laurissa’s body tensed as she felt her desire peaked. She felt the excitement Lord Dunkan felt from her body movements. His power flowed through her giving her his desire and pleasure. She began to arch into Lord Dunkan’s arms and tighten her embrace. “Keep doing that.” She heard him whisper in her ear. His fangs slowly sank into her neck. It is too much. Her breath caught in her lungs as she exploded in her desire. Deep moans came from Lord Dunkan, and he continued using his fangs to heighten Laurissa’s desire.

The virgin blood is sweet to Lord Dunkan and Laurissa’s scent made it even more pleasurable. He was able to taste the sweetness without the effects. “Stop.” She whispered in between her contractions.

“Oh no, my dear. I am enjoying this.”

Laurissa bit into his neck hard and wiggled her fangs as she drank. A loud moan and a grunt came from Lord Dunkan. “You are absolutely amazing. Master Kissar made a mistake last night.”

Lord Dunkan continued on making Laurissa’s desire peaked three more times before he was through.

“Please, my Lord. No more.”

Lord Dunkan chuckled. “It is done, for now, my dear.” He laid there connected to her, enjoying the throbbing and pulling he felt from her. Her heart raced within her chest, and sweat covered them both. She is stunning and beautiful in more ways than one. He will never allow her to leave him. She is too valuable.

Lord Dunkan disconnected from her and went to his writing desk to document what he experience. He would have to test his new findings on one of the other females. Virgin blood is indeed powerful. Aside from the sexual aspect, its healing properties is stronger as well. It should have taken Laurissa more time to heal.

It is past dusk and time to feed. Laurissa sat on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands. Lord Dunkan took the male he brought last night and feed on him, killing him. The thump on the floor brought Laurissa’s attention.

“You killed a human.” She said, shocked.

“No, my dear. You killed him. You defied Master Kissar, which caused him to punish you. I was forced to bring a human to feed you, or you would have perished. I am not finished with you.”

“You could have let him go and hunted for another.”

“No human has ever set foot in this manner and lived.”

“That is not the law, only your rule.”

“Never the less, your actions caused him to die. You must think about the consequences of your actions before you act upon them, my dear. Take this delicious virgin, for example. Do you see how pale she is? You could have only satisfied your taste. You were merely curious why she is different.”

“I could not help myself. Her blood is intoxicating. Thana is right.”

“Oh yes, my dear. There is no argument that she is delicious. You must have self-control. What do you think we should do to this virgin?”

“Allow her rest and release her.”

“That is not what will happen. Come, you must feed.” Lord Dunkan offered his wrist. Laurissa took it and fed as she has always done. She really did not feel as though she should feed. She still felt satisfied from the virgin.

“What is to happen to the girl?” Laurissa asked when she finished.

“She will become yours.”


“Yes, every member of my house will begin turning humans into a vampire, as will the other houses. You were attentive at the meeting. You should know this.”

“You agreed to do the turning yourself.”

“Yes. The contract has not yet been signed. I will do as I please.”

“I have no desire to turn her. I am still learning the ways, and I will not bring a vampire into your rule.”

“We are all still learning, my dear. If we waited to grow our family until we knew everything, the vampire would be far too few. You cannot defy me on this Laurissa. If you choose not to turn her, I will kill her, and I will bring a human in front of you each night to slaughter until you agree to turn one.”

“You would not do such a thing! These humans are potential vampires to you.”

“I can grow more, Laurissa.” He said somberly with his smooth voice. Laurissa looked at him, trying to decide if he is bluffing. “Think of the consequences before you decide.” He warned.

“I will not turn her.”

The familiar ring of Dunkan’s sword came as he decapitated the girl in one fluid motion. Laurissa felt heartbroken and sickened by it. She turned away from the sight. The girl’s fresh blood called to her to feed. Her mind fought with her heart. Drink the spilled blood or mourn over a life needlessly lost.

“You could have granted her a long life. Now she will rot beneath the earth.”

Laurissa could not stomach the gruesome scene and quickly dressed, took the book, and then ran out of the manor.

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