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Chapter 31

Laurissa walked silently and slowly along the streets. She is hunting for someone who attracted her. She must turn a human by dusk today. She looked for a smell or feeling, or a sound, perhaps even body language or the beating of the heart. She circled the town like a serpent, slowly going up and down alleys making her way from one end of the town to the other.

Finally, she heard something that attracted her. It is a sound she heard once before from within when she willed herself to die. She could hear a heart begin to shatter as angry voices erupted from a small home.

“You did what? How could you do this to us? That was our last coin. We will starve!”

“I’m sorry. I thought I could increase our coin. I wanted to surprise you.”

“When will you learn? Your gambling has cost us for the last time. Get out! Get out and don’t come back!”

“You don’t mean that!”

“I can’t believe I married you. You are a mistake.”

“Oh please, don’t make me leave. I’m soiled. No one will help me.”

“You should have thought of that before you gambled our lives away.”

A woman stumbled out of the door. “Please, I’ll change.”

“I don’t believe you. I gave you chance after chance, and each time you lied and hid from me and went back. You betrayed me for the last time.” The door slammed, and the woman fell to her knees. Her heart shattered. Thoughts of suicide began to form as the woman cried on her hands and knees. This is the one who will serve Laurissa

Laurissa quietly walked up to the woman and wrapped an arm around her. “You poor dear. You will be alright.” She is fair-skinned, very thin, and her dark brown hair is cropped short like a man. She is older than Laurissa and a few inches taller.

“No I won’t.”

“You will. I can take this pain away.”


“You must follow me and never return to this place. You must be willing to leave everything here and never look back.”

The woman looked at the door to her house then stood up with renewed hope for a new beginning. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks. “I will follow you.”

“Then come with me.” Laurissa slowly walked south toward the manor to find an abandoned house at the furthest southern part of town. The woman followed silently as she kept her eyes to the ground. She was known for her gambling and ease of temptation. Laurissa could feel her anxiety as she walked through the streets. It will all be over soon. Soon she will forget her human life as Laurissa has. If Laurissa concentrated, she could catch glimpses of her human life. It is as if she has always been a vampire and her existence only started weeks ago. Any memory of her human life seems to be a dream she once had. It will be no different for the woman. She will forget her husband and his abandonment. She will forget her desire to gamble and earn money. Instead, she will crave human blood and have a hunger that pulls at her mind, maddening her until she gains control or succumbs to it.

Laurissa found a quiet home, opened the door, and then indicated the woman to go into the house.

“Who are you?” she finally asked.

“I am the one who will take your pain away.”


Laurissa sat on a nearby chair and gazed at the woman. “What are you called?”

The woman looked back at Laurissa, confused, and examined herself as if she was trying to find an answer. “I’ve been called many things, I suppose.”

“I mean to say, what is your name?”

“Oh, my name is Edna.” She said with a cheerful voice.

Laurissa tasted the name and looked deep within the woman. She will not force this curse on this woman. Lord Dunkan did not give her a choice to stay human or become a vampire. This woman must choose to follow her.

“What would you say to an immortal life?”

“Like the gods?”

“No, not like the gods. I could give you a very, very long life. You would ultimately forget this town and everyone in it and potentially live forever. You will never grow old. You will never become sick. The world is ripe to be explored, and you would experience new things no one has ever thought possible.”

“It sounds too good to be true!”

Laurissa looked deep into her brown eyes. The woman backed away as fear began to rise within. “There is a price for such a gift.”

The woman looked to the floor and thought of the argument she just had with her husband. She is penniless now. Her heart began to race beneath her chest. The flow of blood increased to a roar of a river. Edna’s scent became stronger and mixed in with the stench of fear. Laurissa is glad for the stench. Edna’s scent is very inviting. The fear made it easier to control her urge to feed.

“The price is,” Laurissa continued, “you will be turned into a monster.”

“A monster?”

“You would look as you are now; however, you will have a monstrous appetite for blood.”

The woman paled. “Blood?”


Edna walked around the room, thinking about her choices. The young woman is intimidating. Edna doesn’t like how she is being watched like she is some kind of animal. Her deep blue eyes seem to be much older than her appearance. She has experienced pain and see’s in her heart. Edna wasn’t sure she could trust her. She hasn’t made an aggressive move. She felt like she was being watched by a very hungry wolf.

She promised to take the pain away by turning her into a monster. Edna lost everything because of her addiction. She has no control over it. She is being given the opportunity to restart her life but with a price. It seemed like a hefty price. If she declined the woman’s offer, she would end up a beggar or worse. No man will court her or marry her now, and she didn’t want to find a job whoring or become a nun. If she accepted, she would be drawn to drinking blood. But she would forget everything. But, she would be drinking blood! What kind of monster drinks blood? Edna thought the alternative out weight the opportunity. “Turn me into a monster.” She sighed.

Laurissa pulsed power and quickly embraced the woman and began feeding off her. The woman screamed and struggled, but Laurissa is much stronger. She ignored the woman’s protests and listened to the heart. It began beating more rapidly to compensate for the loss of blood then slowed to a very slow beat. Laurissa stopped and laid the unconscious woman on the ground, then sat with her.

As dusk approached, Laurissa went outside to feed. She will need fresh blood for the woman when she woke. She found the first human and fed, then returned to wait for the woman to wake.

Edna groaned as she woke. The young woman with glowing blue eyes stood over her.

“Follow me. Your transformation is incomplete.”

There is a powerful smell that seemed to come from all around. Her stomach began groaning as if she has not eaten in days. The young woman noticed Edna’s hesitation and offered her hand.

“Ignore the hunger. I will take you to feed.”

Edna took her hand and suddenly felt better. Her hunger subsided slightly. She felt safe and comforted instead.

Laurissa silently led the woman to Lord Dunkan’s manor. When she opened the door, she saw the sitting room was full of vampires. Lord Dunkan and his females, with their chosen, filled the room. They all silently stared at her as she led the woman to the training room and closed the door.

“You must feed. You should have fangs as I do.” Laurissa showed her the fangs in her mouth. The woman’s tongue explored her gums and found she had two extra fangs. Laurissa bit into her own wrist. “Come place your fangs here and drink.” The woman did as she was told. The bite is delicious, but Laurissa held her emotions. This vampire now belonged to her. She had a responsibility to care for her and protect her.

Once she was done eating, Laurissa pulled away. Edna looked at her with disappointment. Laurissa remembers how she hungered after she fed on Lord Dunkan. It never really went away. She hated Lord Dunkan for what he did to her. Her hatred turned her hunger into nausea. She hoped she would be successful in helping Edna tame her hunger.

“You will need to sleep. The blood will take time to digest and finish your transformation.”

“What are you?”

"We are vampires.”

“I’ve heard of such creatures. You don’t seem like the tails I have heard.”

“I am sure we are much more, as you will soon learn. Sleep. I shall see you in the morning.”

Laurissa left the room and went to Lord Dunkan’s chamber. Lord Dunkan left the sitting room to join her.

“Are you satisfied, my Lord?” she said with a cool haughtiness that sent chills down his spine.

“Oh yes, my dear, very satisfied.”

Laurissa stood in front of him and demanded his eyes meet hers. She made sure she had his full attention. “I will kill this vampire if I find you or any member of your house tampers with her.”

Lord Dunkan silently studied her, then said, “Come with me.” and grabbed her hand. He led her to the sitting room. When they appeared, the room went quiet, and everyone’s attention is on Lord Dunkan.

“Listen to me very carefully. Your lives depend on it. If any of you, including the young vampires, instructs Laurissa’s charge, you will answer to me, and I will allow Laurissa to take your life. If you have an issue or see a rule broken, you must come to me directly.”

“Yes, my Lord.” They said in unison.

Lord Dunkan turned to Laurissa with a smirk. “Satisfied, my dear?” He projected.

Laurissa wordlessly walked away from him and went to his bed chambers. He has been warned. If he touches Edna physically or mentally, she will not hesitate in destroying her. She will be watching Edna very closely.

Dunkan followed closely behind. When the door closed, he took Laurissa’s arm and stopped her. He walked around her brushing his hand across her back and allowing her hair to caress his arm then stopped in front of her. He took a deep breath bringing in her scent of wildflowers, then gazed deep into her deep blue eyes. They are cold and calculating. There is no joy, no innocence, or the wonder that she once had. They seemed to reflect his own inadequacies and made him want to kneel before her. Her royal blood seeped through her.

Laurissa is quickly becoming a female to be respected. Lord Dunkan’s time with her is coming to an end. She will need to become his, or he would be forced to destroy her.

Lord Dunkan cupped Laurissa’s face in his hands and sent a tendril to her mind. She had grown significantly since the last time he studied it. “Turning a human has done something to you. You seem to have the need to protect her with your life. It is strange you would kill her, seeing you have such a strong desire to protect her.”

“She will not be corrupted or enslaved by you. I would rather see her dead.”

“And if I decided to kill her myself?”

“It would be a grave mistake.” She growled.

Lord Dunkan laughed. “You have not killed me yet, my dear. Perhaps I will kill your charge to see how you react, but not until you truly have bonded with her.” Lord Dunkan stepped aside to allow Laurissa to continue.

“Why have me turn a human for companionship if you were going to kill her?”

“To study you, of course. You show all of the makings for the rumored females. I wish to confirm those rumors. You have been most informative.”

Laurissa quieted her mind and looked at Lord Dunkan with seduction. He looked back with surprise as his body responded to her. She kept Lord Dunkan’s gaze on her as she approached him and put a hand over his heart.

“I should thank you for an important lesson.” She cooed at him.

As Lord Dunkan looked into her mind, Laurissa quickly summoned her pain and anger and forced it into Lord Dunkan’s heart. She was not quick enough. He saw the thought just as her power grew to her command. Lord Dunkan pulsed his power knocking her back. There was no sharpness to it. His power was only to move her away. Lord Dunkan smiled, and his amusement flowed through the tendril.

“Not yet, my dear.”

Laurissa sighed and went to bed. The bed is more inviting than ever. She had barely slept the last few days. Laurissa resisted the heaviness of her eyes as she watched Lord Dunkan climb into bed. She must fight harder. It is not only her life she must protect. It is the humans of Madwell and now a young vampire that will be completely dependent on her. The danger this manor represented made her want to panic. She must take her time and face each day as a new day. Dunkan must die.

Laurissa kept her intentions quiet and waited for Dunkan to get comfortable. She began caressing his toneless body until she could see his skin rise and feel his lust. She straddled his hips and kissed his lips passionately as she caressed his side up to his chest. Lord Dunkan let a soft moan escape as he embraced Laurissa. His large hands gripped her with the passion he felt, and his tendril vibrated, inviting her to continue in her lust.

Laurissa allowed his hands to explore her body as she caressed his jaw down to his chest. Her hand settled over his heart, and she immediately pulsed power, sharpening it and empowering it with her anger.

Lord Dunkan saw the thought before she even pulsed her power. He quickly took her wrist and flipped her over on to her back. His eyes glowed with a passion, and a wicked grin crept over his lips. Laurissa yanked her hand away from his grip and tried to move from beneath him.

“Oh no, my dear. You invited me to play. You will entertain me tonight.”

She was not in the mood for his arrogance or dominance. There are far too many troubles that rested on her shoulders. Dunkan’s lips came and crushed hers. She opened her mouth then bit his lips. Her fangs went all the way through his bottom lip.

Lord Dunkan chuckled. “Giving you a charge has made you forget who your master is. You are my mate and will act accordingly.”

Laurissa responded by pulsing power into him. He growled at the surprise, giving her time to leap off the bed.

Kill me or die!

Dunkan’s body is torn in several places from her daggers. Each laceration oozed blood and dripped down his torso. He is much faster than she anticipated. Dunkan leaped off the bed and forced her on her back on the stone floor before she knew what happened. His hands held her wrists high above her head as he thrust violently into her. He used his power to fuel his thrusts. She could feel her skin bruising and tearing. Laurissa will not give him the satisfaction of screaming or begging for him to stop. He wanted a fight. She swallowed the pain and panic and forced her body to relax.

His glowing blue eyes looked deep into hers as he laughed. “It does not matter what you do. Your body knows who you belong to.”

He is enjoying this game. Her body accepts him and demands his abuse. It is all he can do to resist his release.

Lord Dunkan took one of her hands and made her cup her privates. She did not need to feel her wetness to know her body betrayed her. Lord Dunkan made her body come alive in a way she hated and loved. His fangs bit into her neck, making her body heat and her muscles contract. She screamed her release as he continued.

“You see, my dear? You enjoy my bed. No matter how delicious your hatred for me is. You will always come back for more. The masters will hesitate declaring war on this house. You will help me destroy them and create my kingdom.”

“No.” She breathed, feeling exhausted and defeated. How is she ever going to kill a vampire much stronger and faster than her? He refuses to end her life. Perhaps she should end Edna’s life.

“Kill your charge, and you will know anguish you could never dream up, my dear. Come, it is late.” He said as he stood.

Pain and anguish do not frighten her. He cannot possibly do more to her than he has already done. Death is a release she is bound by a vow to fight. She will find a way. She will continue searching and studying Dunkan. Laurissa ignored his hand as she stood on her own. Their wounds are already healed. She must rest to keep her strength. Tomorrow is a new day.

“If tonight is any indication of your ire, I look forward to playing your game, my dear.” Dunkan chuckled as he snuggled to Laurissa’s body. His passion stiffened at the thought.

Laurissa forced her mind to relax and drifted off to sleep. He will regret turning her into a vampire.

Laurissa felt Dunkan’s body late into the night as he came to bed. He curled up to her and breathed in her hair. A soft moan woke her. He must have gotten up after she fell asleep. Laurissa will not give him the satisfaction of a response. She ignored him and tried to fall back to sleep. Dunkan positioned himself to wake if Laurissa decided to sneak off after he fell asleep. There was no need. She will wait until he began trusting her. She must practice patients. She has more to fight for now. Dunkan’s tendril relaxed as he fell asleep. Laurissa may be trapped, but her charge is free. She will be able to help Laurissa reach places she cannot go herself. Lord Dunkan did not realize he tightened the noose around his neck. Satisfied, she fell asleep.

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