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Chapter 37

By the time Lord Dunkan reached the manor, Laurissa had a bath ready. Edna was out hunting, so they had access to the washroom.

The human smelled fresh and new. Laurissa could feel her eyes burn with anticipation. The blood called to her. “You found a fine virgin, my mate.” Laurissa said seductively. She could feel Lord Dunkan’s arousal. Once the human was cleaned to Lord Dunkan’s taste, he led them to his chambers and told the human where to stand.

Laurissa sent thoughts of longing through her tendril. Lord Dunkan turned to look at her. His eyes glowed with a passion. Laurissa approached him and put a hand gently on Lord Dunkan’s chest. His hand went over hers and held her there, then kissed her lips softly, asking permission to continue. Laurissa closed the gap between them and touched her hips to his, and kissed him back, cupping his jaw and giving him his permission. They slowly undressed one another, taking the opportunity to touch and caress the skin beneath. He wanted to savor the sweet moment he had with her. He allowed his hands to roam her nude form cupping a breast and fondling her privates. To know she was willing his tonight brought great joy to him.

Her hands glided from his chest down to his stiffened passion. She massaged him gently. “Oh yes, my dear. Do that!” he breathed. Lord Dunkan’s entire body went rigid with pleasure. She continued a moment longer and continued nibbling on his chest.

“Shall we feed, my mate?” Lord Dunkan reluctantly pulled away and motioned for the human to approach. “Feed with me.” She said.

“I have no taste for the human, my mate. Please take what you like.”

He wanted to remain sober through this night. He will be able to taste the virgin blood running through Laurissa’s veins.

Laurissa walked behind the human and kept her gaze on Lord Dunkan. “Moan for me, my pet.” She whispered in the human’s ear as she glided her hand down the man’s chest to his passion. As she massaged him, he moaned in pleasure. The man is pleasant to look at. His form is lean and desirable. His soft brown eyes followed her as she gave him pleasure.

Laurissa could feel intrigue come from Lord Dunkan. He has never watched a female play with a male of any species. He has always been territorial when it came to the bedroom. He found he enjoyed watching Laurissa seduce the human.

Laurissa nibbled on the man’s neck-breaking the skin but not feeding. A small stream of blood ran down his neck and chest. Laurissa wiped some of the blood on her finger, then walked to Lord Dunkan and rubbed the blood on his lips. He took her finger into his mouth and cleaned it. “Are you sure you do not want to feed on such a delicious dessert?”

Lord Dunkan let out a soft moan. “I am certain. Please continue.”

Laurissa let her disappointment show as she returned to the human. She kissed the human passionately then glided her hand down his chest once again as she bent down. Laurissa wanted to taste the blood from the vein that runs on the inside of the thigh. Soft moans of ecstasy escaped from the human. As she bit into the thigh, the man exploded with his desire. Laurissa giggled at the man. He has honestly never been touched sexually. She drank heavily from his thigh, feeling his blood course through her. It began to cloud her vision, and her body tingled. Lord Dunkan’s hand brushed her arm down to her hand tenderly. Her skin felt like fire. The simple touch gave her chills. Lord Dunkan gripped her hand and gently guided her to him. He cupped her face in his hands tenderly and kissed her lips softly, requesting her love. Laurissa embraced Lord Dunkan and kissed him passionately, letting a soft moan escape from her lips.

Lord Dunkan remembered the last time Laurissa had virgin blood in her veins. His excitement grew. Lord Dunkan guided Laurissa to the bed and roamed her body with his hands, and teased her neck with his fangs. Laurissa’s skin is extremely sensitive, and Lord Dunkan’s caresses sent chills through her body. She quivered slightly and lifted her hips to him, inviting him to take his pleasure. Lord Dunkan took the invitation and slowly entered, fully feeling the tightness that hug him.

Laurissa’s body tensed up as a loud moan left her. Lord Dunkan matched her moan with his and held her tight to him. He sent his pleasure through the tendril and tightened their strands together. He wanted to feel everything, and he wanted to make sure she did as well. The more excited she became, the more pleasure he received. He felt Laurissa’s warmth cover him. He could feel the passion from her. Her body ached and demanded release, and her skin felt as though it is on fire but chilled.

Lord Dunkan moved smoothly, watching Laurissa’s body and sending her his desire. Her body vibrated and arched into him in the most delicious way.

“Oh yes, my dear. You are a delight.” He breathed. His fangs bit into her neck and moved with his feeding. Every muscle screamed as she arched her back and demanded to be loved. He could feel the pleasure his feeding gave her, and it made his body shiver. Laurissa started moving against him to take her pleasure. Louder moans escaped him as he continued to feed. She wanted more of him and hated herself for it. “Keep doing that, my dear.” She could see the veins in his neck and brow. His mind is exploding with pleasure as he held himself from releasing it. He never wanted this night to end. He pulled and tighten their tendrils to the point the fibers strained. It was hard to see the difference between where one tendril began, and the other ended.

He poured all of his desire into her. Everything he felt she felt. Screams came from her as her body seemed to torture itself. Dunkan massaged her with his hand as he continued his thrusts. The vibrations came and gripped him. It pulled him in, demanding an eternal kiss. Her hips arched up powerfully, making him lose control. All of his muscles contacted, taking his breath away as he exploded inside Laurissa. Her body violently exploded onto him, creating spasms. Each aftershock made him thrust and groan. It is extremely delightful.

He allowed their bodies a moment to rest as he brushed Laurissa’s silky hair off her face and gazed into her deep blue eyes. The passion burned brightly and was pure. She completely enjoyed herself. The storm within had quieted, and life seemed to mix with her passion. He recognized the young girl he brought into the manor all those years ago. She is a wonder to behold. He must find a way to keep her. Her price is her freedom. It is a price too high for him. He hoped she would find comfort in his loosened leash.

Laurissa heard his thoughts. Even in her drunkenness, she could comprehend what was happening “My, mate?”

“mm, hm.” He breathed, still lost in his passion.

“Will you teach me how to defend myself with a sword?”

“You are a vampire, my dear. You do not need a weapon.”

“Then why do you have one?”

“This sword is made of a medal I do not understand, and it had powers. It is unique and intrigues me. It is useful for keeping my vampires respectable.”

“Please forgive me. I do not mean to be disrespectful; however, I remember seeing you use the weapon as well as its power.”

Lord Dunkan allowed an annoyed chuckle. “I have it. I might as well use it. I could just as easily command a heart to stop beating or drain a human of its blood. I use my power and intellect against another vampire, just as you did with Thana.”

“I see.” Laurissa said absent-mindedly, then grinned mischievously. Lord Dunkan allowed a small smile to cross his lips.

“What is it?”

“You do not know? You are connected.”

Lord Dunkan missed the thought. He looked within and saw she meant to toy with him and cause him to make a mistake. He would not play such a game with her. “Spit it out, Laurissa.” He said sternly.

Laurissa’s grin widened. “I believe you will not teach me because you are afraid. You fear I will overpower you, or you fear showing me that you do not know how to use a sword properly.”

This angered him greatly. His first reaction was to strike her. Laurissa saw his posture stiffen and waited for it. Lord Dunkan took a deep breath and rolled over on to his back. “You are infuriating.” He said in his smooth dangerous voice.

“Then you must kill me.” She taunted.

“Kill you! My dear, I do not desire to end your life. Not yet. Do you wish to die?”

“No, my mate. I wish to learn and grow. I wish to explore the world and the different ways of life. Why do we have a tendril? Why do we have different colors? Must we only feed on humans? Why are virgins so intoxicating? Who are the Enopi? Why do humans have kings and queens? What is the new metal bronze? There are so many questions!” Laurissa’s voice became more excited as thoughts came to her.

Lord Dunkan began laughing. “You may have grown, but you are still a child.”

“I am no child! I am only curious and wish to learn. Do you not wish to learn new things?”

“My only concern is my status, and I educate myself of other male vampires to conquer them. Nothing else matters.”

“If that is so, why do you study females. How did you discover the powers of the virgin or even the reason the blood is powerful? How did you learn to use your powers?”

He continued laughing. “You learn through experiences, my dear. As for the female vampire, the rumors intrigued me.”

“You are lying to me. I can smell the stench! You study the females to gain control over them.”

“This is true. If I can learn what allows you to do the things you do, then perhaps I can learn to do the same or manipulate my females into doing what I want. As I said, I do not care about other things, only my status, and my power.”

There was something more; however, Laurissa did not care to pursue it. If Lord Dunkan did not want to share feelings, she was fine with it.

“Teach me something, my mate. Allow me to be a female worthy of your power.”

Lord Dunkan glared at Laurissa. Laurissa innocently looked back. ”What are you implying, my dear? Do you wish to remain mated to me?”

“This night is not over. We will not speak of tomorrow or my intentions.” Laurissa said sternly. The fire in her eyes glowed brightly.

Lord Dunkan nodded. “You will learn leadership skills with your charge. I do not need to teach you anything. I offered to teach you vampire politics.”

“I will learn these politics watching you.”

“Then we are at an impasse and back to studying each other.”

“It seems so.” Laurissa replied quietly as she cast her gaze away from him.

It is true. He has no desire to form a relationship. How can he wish to remain mated to a female he has no feelings for. Laurissa had to admit he has become less hardened and his anger toward her has decreased considerably. What is his game? Is he luring her into a false security? Playing on her feelings and trying to gain her loyalty? It will not work. Unless he withdraws his contract and stop the madness of destroying the humans, Dunkan must die along with his house and those who are loyal to him.

Lord Dunkan lifted his head and rested on his elbow. His other hand glided along Laurissa stomach feeling her soft silky skin. He allowed the quiet in her mind. He could see a sadness in her downcast eyes as she processed her thoughts.

“Laurissa, will you be mine? Will you call me as yours?” He asked with respect.

Laurissa turned her head and met Lord Dunkan’s gaze. He almost flinched under her deadly look. She ignored the tenderness of his voice. “Do you wish to end your contract?”

Lord Dunkan lowered his eyes, feeling rejected. “Come to me, my mate.” He said smoothly while he guided Laurissa to him. Laurissa turned over and rested her back against Lord Dunkan as he wrapped his arms around her. He held her close and buried his face in her neck, breathing in her scent. He noticed the virgin was still alive. He had forgotten about him. “I wish to turn this human.”

“You would turn a virgin?”

“No. Turning a virgin weakens the vampire. They are too innocent and will become a scared, helpless thing. I turned a virgin female once. She remained a scared child. She cried and screamed at every command, from cleaning the manor to pleasing me. I ended her life within a month’s time. I have been planning on resupplying my stock. Your training is complete for now. I must grow my family. Would you lay with the human?”

Laurissa’s anger grew. “You would treat your mate in this way!”

“He only needs to penetrate to take his virginity. You do not need to enjoy him. The other females would be too rough with him. You would be gentle. Command him to lay perfectly still, mount him, then release him. That is all it takes.”

“You would allow your mate to have sexual contact with another?”

“Oh yes, my dear. Why even ask me? You forget I allowed Kissar to enjoy you for a night.”

Laurissa thought it over. He confesses his desire to remain mated to her. He does not wish to end her life. He has shown compassion and then denied it. He has shown respect then threatened her in the same conversation. It seems he fights his heart. Forcing her to lay with the human keeps his heart hardened.

“I will not lay with him. I belong to no one, and you promised not to command me.”

“You leave me no choice. I will kill him and turn another tomorrow.” He said with indifference.

“Let him go. You did this not too long ago.”

“He is too far gone, my dear. He will die of disease or become too cold. Turning him into a vampire is the most compassionate thing we can do for him.”

“Very well. Shall I do it now?”

“You may. He will sleep the rest of the night.”

Laurissa sighed and went to the human. His eyes drank in her nude body. Laurissa kissed his lips softly and caressed his chest down to his groin. He stiffened almost immediately. Lord Dunkan laughed. “You do have a special touch, my dear.”

Laurissa ignored the tease. “Lay on your back.”

The human quickly did as he was told. There is a cold excitement in his eyes. He looked hungry for his moment as if Laurissa was simply a whore performing an act for his pleasure. Laurissa ignored the human and slowly mounted him. She could feel his pain.

“Do it quickly, and there will be less pain. Just as the female has skin, the male has a small skin that tears when his virginity is lost.”

Laurissa relaxed and allowed her weight to suddenly pull the male in. His virgin scent began to change immediately. He smelled of the earth. Fresh tilled dirt worked its way to her nose. A dark passion shadowed his eyes. This male will be a vampire much stronger than Dunkan. She could see the intelligence flicker and die hiding behind the shadow that the passion provides. Laurissa will watch this one. He could be very dangerous to her, or perhaps an ally.

“Be mindful of this one. He may rule a house if you allow him to live long enough.”

“How do you know this?”

“I am unsure. I did not feel any of this with Edna. Have you ever felt their personality while you took a virgin?”


Laurissa got off the man. “He smells of freshly tilled earth. This takes hard work to till the earth. The earth is very intelligent and nurturing. It supplies nutrients to grow the food humans eat. It is what we lack in our blood.”

“Please tell me how you know this.”

“I did what you thought was not important, my mate. I have been finding answers to my questions. I spent my time during the day in the woods and the village studying nature and the humans. This should not surprise you.”

Lord Dunkan was impressed and, for a split second, considered exploring, then disregarded it. He rolled out of bed and approached the human. ”We shall see if your intuition is correct.” Lord Dunkan lifted the man up and fed on him until his heart slowed to a rhythm, preparing to die. There was not much left. Not even a full meal. He laid the human back on the ground and turned to Laurissa. “Shall we retire? There is much to do tomorrow.”

“As you wish, my mate.”

Lord Dunkan guided her to the bed and curled up next to her.

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