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Chapter 2

Lord Dunkan lives in a stone house with four separate rooms in which to sleep. A house this size is unheard of in this age. Lord Dunkan possessed the skill of a mason and knew how to form granite and limestone into large squares. A mixture of mud and hay was used to glue the stones together. It took him two years to build his home.

He started in an unpopulated area, so he did not have to smell the stench that came off the humans. Unfortunately, his need to eat required him to visit the villages surrounding his land. He has been alive for just over a thousand years, and in all of his wanderings, he convinced himself that humans were nothing more than livestock.

There were not enough vampires in this world. The vampires are superior to humans in every way. He is stronger, quicker, and much more intelligent. Such a superior race should rule the world, not these pitiful humans.

The rumor was the vampire came from a goddess who fell in love with a mortal human. She granted the gift of everlasting life, however in her stupidity, she made a mistake. Her lover did indeed gained immortality, but he had an insatiable appetite for human blood. The goddess could not destroy her creation. She mourned her loss and maddened. The story goes on to say, in her madness, she turned into an evil demon and was banished by another god. Dunkan wished she was still alive. He would assure her that her creation is perfection.

He would begin by creating his empire in this home and the surrounding farms. Over a period of fifty years, he fathered more than two hundred vampires. Both male and female. His rule is simple. Do not kill humans. Every human is a potential vampire. Feeding off one is acceptable; unfortunately, there will have to be humans to feed his family. However, once the vampire becomes the dominant species, he will create a farm of humans. They will be bred much like the beasts of burden are bred now. Only the most trusted vampire will oversee over the farm. Dunkan got chills from the thought and could not wait for the day when his species would rule.

He has several vampires living with him, all female. The farm, three miles away, houses his male vampires. Separating his females and males was done intentionally. He would control who beds his daughters. When his children father their own vampire, they may do as they pleased with the young vampire.

The five females that lived with him and the five males that lived on the farm were his alone. They were not to turn any human without his permission. They were there for his amusement. Punishment for disobedience is severe.

On his travels, he gained an interesting weapon. This weapon is indeed powerful and had the ability to kill anything as long as it tasted blood. His ten children were made to be cut by his sword and give a blood offering. The blade would feed off its victim until he commanded it to stop or the victim died. He has lost a few of his children to his sword. Their betrayal was unforgivable.

The humans built a large village, and over time, it grew closer to Lord Dunkan’s manor. Thankfully his manor is still far enough away that he could not smell their stench.

Every year he would go into the town to collect a maiden. Females had a special power he did not understand. They become violent and unruly, eventually forcing him to kill them. The five he owns now have been the longest living so far.

Today was the day he would venture into Madwell and select a young maiden to his liking. His daughters are already in the market shopping and using their charm to get the best deal. Dunkan commanded them not to take advantage of the human. They need their coins to live, and if a human dies because it did not have the coins to trade for food, his daughters would be severely punished. He must keep his livestock healthy until it is time they are given the gift of immortality.

He likes to walk the country road instead of using a horse-drawn carriage. The horse gives off an even more offensive scent. The quiet, fresh air lulled him and allowed him to think and dream of his empire freely. He is patient. Time is on his side. He will work as long as it takes to see his vision come alive.

As the village came into view, he could hear the bustling of people. Merchants called to customers inviting them to look at their wares. Girls are giggling and talking about their hopes of catching Lord Dunkan’s attention. He smiled to himself. They are like dogs seeking a kind heart and a master to serve. One day they will all bow at his feet as he gives them new life. He must control his excitement and not rush things.

Dunkan walked the street with his head held high and paid no attention to anyone around him. Young girls lined one side of the road, hoping to be picked. Lord Dunkan slowly and purposefully stopping for a brief moment in front of each maiden. They were all virgins, and each thought to win his heart and make an honest man of him. Some only thought of his wealth and wanted to get away from the peasant life.

One child had no thought toward him. Her only concern was remaining a free individual. She was a scrawny, filthy little child whose scent was worse than the beasts the humans ate. Her golden locks were matted and looked more brown than gold from the caked on filth.

Dunkan looked into her eyes and was stunned to see the deep blue that gazed back at him unafraid. They were innocent and determined. He soon forgot about the filth of the child as a rare gem emerged. Dunkan smirked to himself as he turned around and began walking back to his manor.

The child is much too young for his taste. She will grow to be the girl he would collect and study in less than a decade. To show such potential at a young age gave him chills. He felt there was something hidden in those blue eyes. What is a mire five years to a vampire?

He will wait until she is ready. She will be his next daughter. Studying eyes bore into Dunkan’s back as he passes the child. Her little heart quickened its pace slightly when she saw his sword. Wails and pleas followed him. It sickened him to witness such weakness.

His sons and daughters may amuse themselves and turn a human any human but the child this year. By next year the young vampire will be sent out to build their own homes, which he will control, naturally. This year he will rest in his manor and keep a watchful eye on the child.

Dunkan commanded the ten under his care to do as they please. No human will be killed, or they will suffer the same fate. He is linked to them through the tendril. No matter where they went, he will know where they are and what they are doing. In the meantime, He will study the child as she lives her life on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps he will discover what is so special about her.

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