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Chapter 44

Laurissa returned to the manor and sat in the sitting room. She felt heavy like the heaviness she felt when she ran from Lord Dunkan. It feels like years have gone by since then. It really has only been close to two months. She will allow her body to rest tonight and feed.

If she did not feed tonight, she would perish? Or would she? Zillah fell asleep. Of course, Zillah was over two hundred years old. Lord Dunkan’s book said the vampire will burn to dust if they do not feed by the third day. She assumed the author has seen both males and females die in such a way.

Only one author thought to notate a rumor that powerful females will sleep instead of dying. That entry is a recent entry. It was written by a vampire only two generations ago. No matter. She could not run the risk. Too much is at stake, and time is no longer accommodating.

Lord Dunkan appeared from around the corner. “Good morning, my dear. Come take a walk with me.” He stretched his hand out. Laurissa accepted it and quietly followed him to Madwell’s market. “Your dress should be ready.” Laurissa did not respond. She is much too tired to really do anything.

The walk is extremely hard. Each step felt weighted, and her lungs labored for air. The smell of the humans awakened the monster within. She felt the need to feed. Any human would be acceptable. These humans were her friends. She resisted the urge to lunge at them. She knew her eyes would be glowing with her hunger. She kept the monster leashed and struggled to keep her mind quiet. Laurissa kept her gaze to the ground as they walked through Madwell.

No one called out greetings to her. They all parted as Lord Dunkan approached. Some stopped and watched as they walked past. Their minds are busy thinking about the task at hand, then suddenly becomes quiet when they see Lord Dunkan. Some worried about Laurissa’s appearance.

Maranda saw Lord Dunkan and hurriedly brought a beautiful gown to him, then paled. “Oh my goodness, child. Are you alright?”

“She is well, seamstress.” Lord Dunkan interrupted.

“My apologies, milord.” She cringed as she handed him the dress. Her concern for Laurissa blinded her to Lord Dunkan. “I made an arrangement with a dyer. He used the darkest lapis he could find.” She said and glanced at Laurissa. Her concern radiated and grew to anger.

Laurissa must look the way she felt. Maranda’s mind screamed to tell Lord Dunkan his abuse will not go unpunished. Her fear of Lord Dunkan kept her from being disrespectful. One does not challenge the lord of the land.

“What do you think, my dear?” Lord Dunkan handed the gown to Laurissa and ignoring the insect in front of him.

“It is lovely, Maranda.” Laurissa said weakly.

Maranda beamed at the compliment. “Come and try it on, dear. There is a quiet room right here.” She showed Laurissa a door to a home behind her. Laurissa went into the home and changed clothes. The cloth is like nothing she had ever felt. It is silky and has a shine to it. It is extremely light and breathed. The gown fit perfectly. It is a body length gown in the darkest blue she has ever seen. Light blue flowers with green vines were embroidered along the hem. The neck is low cut to allow the bosom to show. Along the neck are more embroidered flowers.

Laurissa walked out of the house, and the gown flowed effortlessly with her. Lord Dunkan felt very impressed and thought Laurissa looked stunning. “Maranda, what is this material?”

“It is silk. The Chinese had discovered this from a worm that lives there. It’s very rare. I only recently acquired it from a traveler.”

“This is beyond beautiful,” Laurissa said to Maranda, then stepped in front of her and faced Lord Dunkan. This pleased him. The protection she displayed is what he expected. “Did you know of this?” she projected.

“I did. This woman belongs to me. She could have made enough money to leave, and you needed a dress that separates you from the others.”

Laurissa’s joy went away. “I cannot accept this dress.”

“You can. If you do not like it, it will be destroyed.”

“Let her go, my Lord.” She pleaded.

“As you wish. She will be turned into a vampire and continue in her trade.”

“You know what I meant!” she shouted through the tendril.

Lord Dunkan chuckled. He finally got an emotional response. She still cares for the humans. “Come, my dear, let us return to the manor.”

Laurissa turned to Maranda and embraced her. “Thank you.”

“It’s my honor, dear.”

Laurissa quietly followed Lord Dunkan back to the manor then sat in the sitting room to rest. It is hard to breathe. Lord Dunkan knelt down in front of her and took her hand into his. He truly felt concerned about her condition. “What is it, my dear? Why are you so quiet?”

“You know the answer to that.”

“I would like you to tell me.” his smooth voice had very little edge to it. She saw a glimpse of what it might be like to be his mate.

“You demand I leave my tendril open to you. I have work to do that does not need to be observed by you.”

“I could simply look into your memories.”

Laurissa’s anger only grew. She leaned forward and came within an inch from his face. “Do it if you must, my Lord. You will regret it.”

Laurissa’s courage and self assurance worried him. She is a snake coiled and ready to strike. He could not allow this to continue. The swords power called to him. No matter what he did to Laurissa, she would defy him. He would have to kill her.

“Summon your charge.” The dangerous edge returned.

Laurissa leaned back into her chair. “She is too far away.”

“Where is she?”

“I honestly do not know. If she returns, I will kill her.” This was not an idle threat. If Dunkan ever laid eyes on Edna, she would be forced to take her life. Edna did not tell her where she was going. Laurissa is able to truthfully tell Lord Dunkan she does not know where Edna is.

Lord Dunkan stood up. “Why?”

“You tainted her. You took advantage of my incapacity and commanded her to follow me and report to you. I warned you, I would kill her if anyone touched her. Did you not believe me?”

Lord Dunkan let out a growl and punched the mantle to the fireplace, then stormed into his chambers and slammed the door hard enough to shake the entire house.

Laurissa felt the small victory. She stood up and went to Edna’s room to sleep.

Laurissa woke to Lord Dunkan’s voice through the tendril.

“You must father many sons and daughters. Go through the world and explore. Remember to return to me on occasion and report how many vampires you fathered. I wish to see your growth.”

“I will, my Lord.” Boros said.

“There is a small house three miles to the east. You may rest there until you find a place of your own. I would like you to turn a human in the next couple days.”

“Yes, my Lord, and thank you.”

Laurissa could see Boros walk past her room as he left the manor. “You are not keeping the male?”

“No. I will turn another.”

“Why not?”

“That is not your concern, my mate.”

Laurissa pulsed her power and left the manor. She went south as far as she could go and walked the perimeter of her leash. It really did not matter what Lord Dunkan does with his vampires. He will not live long enough to enjoy his work.

Lord Dunkan watched carefully as Laurissa casually walked the perimeter. She seemed calm and at ease. She enjoyed the fresh air and the quiet. Lord Dunkan knew there was a hidden reason she walked as far away as she did. He did not find anything out of the ordinary. She simply went for a walk.

Laurissa went west toward the male’s house and continued to Madwell, then back east toward her wooded area. It took her a few hours to make the journey. Several humans called out in greeting to her as she passed by. It sickened Dunkan to think she is friendly with them. Laurissa stopped near the woods and sat on the ground. The ground is near freezing. The grass is brown and dead. The trees are all naked as they began their slumber for the winter. It will soon begin snowing, bringing the winter season.

Laurissa’s tendril darkened slightly as she meditated. Lord Dunkan wondered what it was she found so fascinating with that particular spot. It was the only spot she ever meditated on. On occasion, she would sit on a roof in Madwell, but she always felt perfectly at ease in the woods. Laurissa’s meditation was like none he has ever seen. It is as if she sleeps, but she does not sleep. She loses track of time and is unaware of her surroundings.

Lord Dunkan went to her and sat in front watching. She sat cross legged and her back straight. Her palms rested on the ground on either side of her. Her eyes were closed, and her face is completely at peace. She looked absolutely stunning to him.

“Laurissa, my dear. Come back to me.” he said softly. “You have magic. You do not need to study druids and gods or their powers. You are magical. I am under your spell, my dear. Only call me as your own. Commit fully to me, and I will give you the world.”

The ground vibrated underneath. Trees shook, and birds flew, sounding their alarms of danger. Lord Dunkan looked around and saw nothing. When he looked at Laurissa, her eyes were open and completely white. They glowed a brilliance that made him shield his eyes. What magic is this? The druids never looked this way.

“Laurissa!” he commanded “Wake from your meditation!” he growled.

He could not connect to her. Her tendril had fully darkened, and the same glow in her eyes wrapped itself around her tendril. Copper strands braided in with her dark blue, making it look formidable.

Lord Dunkan grabbed her shoulders. A bolt of electricity coursed through him and made him fly five feet away. His skin is blackened around his hands and up his arms. He is speechless. The only creatures he has seen that commands electricity were the humans of the highlands. She was not born from that land. Laurissa was much too young, and her mother was too poor to have been able to make that journey to Madwell.

No vampire has displayed the power she displays. The rumors of the vampire queen’s power only spoke of their physical strength and their ability to protect their home.

Lord Dunkan felt a new sense of respect and fear growing deep within. He will find a way to harness this power. This region is as good as his. He quietly sat next to her until she returned to him.

It began turning dusk when Laurissa’s eyes slowly faded and returned to the deep blue he knew so well. Laurissa blinked in surprise when she saw Lord Dunkan casually sitting in front of her.

“Welcome back, my dear.” Lord Dunkan stood and offered to help Laurissa up. As she took his hand, he asked, “Where did you go?”

“I did not go anywhere. I have been here meditating.”

“Yes. Your body was here, but not your mind. You have done this before.”

“If you recall, I explained what it is I do.”

“There is no need for your hostility, my dear. I am simply asking a question.”

“You do not simply ask questions, Dunkan. I meditate and listen to the earth. I will say no more.”

“You do not simply meditate. You go into a trance and are unaware of your surroundings. Your mind is closed off from me. What is it you are doing?”

Laurissa only looked back at him with a quiet mind.

Lord Dunkan sighed, “It is time to feed.” Then turned to leave.

It will do no good to become violent with her. Such disrespect has caused him to kill his daughters in the past. This one has crawled under his skin and touched him in ways he fought to control. Laurissa is young and will make a mistake. He will be watching her very carefully. He will have his kingdom and forget such silly notions.

Laurissa went back to the manor and waited for his return. The frustration she felt from him worried her. Sooner or later, he would let the frustration out, and he no longer had his females to take it out on. She would need to appease him somehow. It is not yet time to truly free herself.

The other houses will be turning humans at a rapid rate soon. New vampires are impressionable. The masters of the houses would not have time to explain why they must turn humans within a time frame. They will only need guidance to a better life. It will take work, but she was willing to do it.

All life can live in harmony. The wolf eats the rabbit, and the rabbit eats the grass. The vampire feed on humans, and humans consume the vegetation and animals. It is a way of life. Only the vampire seems to want to annihilate and rule their livestock. If the wolf can consume only what it needs, so too can the vampire.

Lord Dunkan had calmed his temperament by the time he returned to the manor. He looked forward to the evening with Laurissa. She has not slept in his bed since the night she indulged him in his fantasy. He understood why. She valued her freedom above all else. She saw him as a master who enslaves her. Dunkan has given her a means to be free.

He did not understand why she refused to stay with him. He has not harmed her or commanded anything from her for quite some time. He went as far as being generous and gentle with her. His bed is much more comfortable than the frozen ground.

The damage he caused by training and experimenting with her is too severe. He feared he will have to end her life. Laurissa is indeed special. No other female has exhibited the fire and power she has displayed, and she belonged to him. Lord Dunkan smiled to himself and opened the door to his chambers.

Laurissa stood next to the bed in her silk gown. She looked absolutely stunning to Lord Dunkan. Laurissa’s eyes glowed as she silently approached him. She radiated her royal blood like a goddess. He felt the need to kneel at her feet. He shook the feeling. Laurissa is simply a female vampire. A very beautiful and powerful female vampire, and she belonged to him. His heart raced in his chest.

“My Lord? Are you well?” her voice rang like chimes in his head. Her voice has always had a musical note to it. Now it has matured, and the chimes sang of life and love. “Very well, my dear. I am only admiring your beauty.”

Lord Dunkan cupped Laurissa’s jaw and pulled her into a kiss. Laurissa returned his kiss and began slowly undressing him. Her hands on his flesh gave him chills. He tightened his grip on Laurissa’s tendril. He wanted to feel it all. He is repulsive to her; however, her body reacts to him in a way that gave them both pleasure. Lord Dunkan glided his hands down Laurissa’s back, feeling the silky gown, then began pulling it up. Laurissa’s skin is just as silky as her gown. Her hand slowly traveled from his chest down to his groin, massaging him.

“Oh yes, my dear.” He moaned and thrust into her hand.

He began walking her toward the bed while he kissed her lips and demanded her tongue visit his. He guided her body onto the bed and followed her, kissing her neck and caressing her body. As he lowered his body, Laurissa raised her hips to invite him to take his pleasure. He could feel Laurissa’s heartbeat increase its speed as she anticipated his connection.

Lord Dunkan obliged and slowly entered for an internal kiss. Laurissa’s pleasure washed over him like a warm blanket. He allowed a moan out as he felt her body respond to him. Her body raised and arched into him, hugging his passion and demanding his release. He began moving slowly and purposefully, taking every moment in.

Laurissa’s body moved with him as she gently caressed his shoulder and down his back. As she embraced him, Lord Dunkan cupped the back of her neck and lifted her to his neck to feed. He could feel her hunger and her resistance as she slowly let her fangs pierce his neck for his pleasure. The bite is exhilarating. The suckle he felt is beyond his comprehension. “Oh, my dear. Feed. Oh yes.” He allowed his ecstasy into her tendril. Her body pulsed against him as a loud cry escaped from her. It is a sound he enjoyed very much. The pulsing he felt gave him chills as his desire exploded within. Her body continued pulsing and vibrating against him as he calmed down and allowed Laurissa to finish feeding.

He wanted more. It ended much too quickly. Laurissa had a power over him he did not understand. He hated it. No female should have this kind of control, and yet he desired it. Lord Dunkan wanted to feel her body respond to him. He held her tightly and pushed a memory of his ecstasy to her tendril, then slowly nibbled on her neck. Laurissa’s breathing became rapid as she began to move beneath him. He bit into her neck and allowed the movements of his fangs to bring her pleasure. She gasped in his ear. Lord Dunkan began thrusting once again and willed her desire forward. He wanted the hug and the pull he felt when she climaxed. Her body arched into him once again as she let out a loud moan. The pulsing and pull made his pleasure come forth. He quietly pulled away from her and curled up to her. Laurissa’s scent comforted him as he fell asleep.

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