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Chapter 47

Laurissa began practicing her defense and her attacks until dusk.

Lord Dunkan is trapped in the manor, and he has not reached out to her. His tendril is still darkened.

Laurissa breathed hard from the training she did. Her body ached, and sweat trickled down her face and back. She leaned against the tree to catch her breath. She showed some improvement. Laurissa could see her strength in her power increase, and the damage she did to the tree is more define. She hoped her continued growth will be sufficient to kill a room full of older vampires.

Laurissa heard footsteps approaching her and waited for the vampire to present himself. The familiar scent of freshly tilled dirt engulfed her as Boros approached her. Freshly tilled dirt engulfed her. It was a scent she enjoyed. It reminded her of nature and living things.

Brown eyes glowed passionately as Boros approached her. “My master’s mate requested to see me, and I find you here fully clothed.” His voice had gone cold. What did Lord Dunkan do to him?

“I am not here to bed you, Boros. I simply wish to speak.”

“Speak.” He replied quickly as if he would rather be somewhere else.

Laurissa sat on the ground against a tree. Boros’ eyes never left her as he slowly crouched down and rested on the balls of his feet. His elbows rested on his knees and his fingers interlocked.

Laurissa gazed into him, wondering what kind of vampire he is. He has a calculating stare and a calmness that sent a chill down Laurissa’s spine. “Tell me a story.”

“A story? You wish to speak. Talk, or I will leave.” His voice is definitive and smooth and matched his calculating eyes. Each word is deliberate as he spoke. Boros is indeed a vampire to not underestimate. He would be a powerful master if he lived long enough. She wanted to see his reaction to her. Through his story, she will learn what he is like. His posture and mannerism will tell her everything she wanted to know. She studied the humans body language when she spent time in Madwell. Vampires had away to control their body language, but Laurissa could smell a deception.

“Then you may leave.” She said, dismissing him with simplicity.

This angered Boros, and a red hue faintly glowed behind his brown eyes.

“Very well, we will play your game. What kind of story do you wish to hear?”

She interested him, but he still viewed her as a female. Vass saw her as a weak vampire as well. This is only because they were told as such. Is he loyal to Dunkan? Is he heartless and set in his way? She had the feeling he took everything in and made his own mind. He was made of the earth, and he has not lost that connection.

Boros is not much older than Laurissa in human appearance, and he is younger than her in the vampire world. He seemed much older to her. His eyes told her he has seen more than she could ever know. This of course was impossible. His gaze unnerved her. She could see Lord Dunkan’s taint on him and hoped his intelligence kept him from being truly lost.

“Tell me anything. Tell me about your training, or your adventures after your release. Tell me your fantasies. Whatever you choose.”

Boros thought for a moment and continued drinking in her body. “I think a fantasy story would be an excellent idea.” Boros sat and stretched out his legs, then leaned on a tree across from Laurissa. He never left her eyes.

The woods around them grew quiet like the creatures and the trees leaned in to listen to Boros's story. Then, the ground softly vibrated and a very low pleasant hum grew as Boros's eyes glowed a brilliant golden brown.

Laurissa was stunned to see such beauty.

“I fantasize of a woman whose beauty is not describable in any language. This woman is snared in captivity and demands blood offerings to quench her rage. Any man who dares to try to release her is killed with a single thought.

“You see, in her rage, she does not realize the men are trying to release her. She sees them as monsters trying to feed off her beauty. It is said to drink from this woman’s blood will give the man ultimate power and immortality. This is indeed attractive, but when you gaze upon her beauty, you forget about her blood and only wish to free her from her cage.

One man sees this beautiful woman from a distance and watches how she kills her would be saviors. She screams in agony from hunger. No amount of blood will satisfy her. The man watches as her captor approaches the woman unharmed and feeds the woman blood from his veins to quiet her screams.

“What does this captor have the others do not have? This captor has a power that runs through his veins. It is his blood the beautiful woman desires above all else. The man knows he cannot overcome one who has captured such beauty, so he waits patiently until the time is right to attack.

“More men come to their deaths over a period of two days. The captor returns to feed his prize. The man uses his stealth and surprises the captor. In his surprise, the captor forgets about the beautiful woman, and she snares him. Her beauty only grows as she takes her fill of blood.

“Her eyes meet the man’s eyes and strikes fear into him. He stands before her, unable to flee, and watches as she slowly drains her captor of his life’s blood.

“This man had a brother who also saw the woman. He waited in the shadows until his brother defeats the woman’s captor, and then kills him out of jealousy.

“She radiates god like power and attempts to free herself from her cage to only discover she is not strong enough. Her captor’s blood was not enough to strengthen her.

“She screams for help. Her voice is like honey to men. More men attempt to free her but only for their greed. The woman kills them in her fear before they can open her cage.

“Her cries go on for more days as the brother studies the beautiful woman. He is in awe of her and begins to find love in his heart. He knows how to free this beautiful woman and live.

“The brother makes himself known by sitting at her cage with her captors body. He slowly moves the body of the captor behind him and out of sight of the woman. For days he sings a melody to her of love and of his hopes of the future. As the woman becomes docile, the brother took the key from the captor and opened the cage. The woman never saw the door open, or the brother leave.

“The cage melts around her and becomes part of her increasing her power. Her power makes the brother become visible. She offers him her wrist in payment for his kindness, never leaving the brother’s eyes.

“The beautiful woman accepts the brother and allows him to approach her. He is in awe she can see him. It is his secret. None has ever seen past his invisibility.

“He stands still under her spell. She raises her arm to offer her blood. She offers him ultimate power.

“He could rule the world and live forever. She would become his mate and rule with him. The temptation of ultimate power was strong and drove him to feed off the beautiful woman.

“He could not damage her perfect skin. He would never know of her power. This pleased the woman and she embraced him and gave him his desire. They explored the world and lived with one another for eternity. They are still out there somewhere. If you find a place filled with love, there you will find them also.”

“That is a lovely story. Thank you”

Boros continued looking at Laurissa. “Now tell me a story.”

“I have none to give. My tales are full of pain and anguish. There is only death in my stories.”

“Tell me a story of pain and anguish.” His voice rolls smoothly and soft from his lips. His command is light compared to other males who have commanded her. Perhaps he is studying her as she studies him.

“Very well.”

Laurissa recalls the story Lord Dunkan shared of the battle he had with the wolves and bears.

“In a faraway land there are creatures that are extremely intelligent and very powerful. They protect the land and the people who live there. The people that live there respect the creatures and give offerings for their protection.

“One day a new creature enters the land. These creatures appeared to be human but were much stronger and quicker. They were disrespectful and thought themselves as gods. The gods trespassed on the wolves’ territory and began killing the people. The wolves fought the gods and began winning.

“Many gods fell to the wolves, and only a few wolves died. More gods came on to the land, and the bears grew angry. The bears could speak the language of the gods where the wolf could not. The king of the bear told the leader of the gods to leave his land. They were no longer welcomed.

“The god was furious at the bear for treating him in such a disrespectful way. He is a god and no creature will command him. The god called an army of his kind and attacked the bears. The wolves flanked the army of gods and quickly defeated all but three gods. They fled back to the land they came from.

“Unbeknownst to the wolf or bear, the god placed three of his own among the humans before leaving. He studies them from afar. Like a disease, he quietly reaches into the heart of the land and will come for it and destroy it.

“Hopefully the wolf and bear will be prepared to vanquish such a disease.”

“This story has no ending?”

“No. You see, the god still lives and waits for his chance to attack successfully.”

“That is indeed a sad tale.”


“Yes. Those fine creatures were attacked for no reason but to gain land. Land is plentiful. There is no need to fight over it.”

Laurissa was quiet a moment then asked. “Have you met Triston?”

“I live with him.”

“How do you like him?”

Triston was the one who assaulted her twice. He was the one Rowland stopped from claiming her when she was only days old. Triston is a very attractive vampire; however, he is as evil as Dunkan. She did not have to speak to him to know Triston is more like-minded with Dunkan. She wondered if Boros approved of Triston. It is strange a male vampire would speak of love and life, which included a female. How does he view humans?

Boro’s eyes glowed brightly at the thought of Triston. His calculating eyes reached deep within Laurissa, trying to decide his response. “And what would my Master’s mate be looking for?”

“My name is Laurissa. You may call me by my name. This will not anger your Master.”

Boros stayed quiet, waiting for an answer. “I am merely curious, nothing more.” Boros’ eyes glowed brighter as he took a deep breath. “I see.” He stood and looked at Laurissa a moment with calculating eyes. She discovered the look she has seen from the day she found him standing near their bed is a haunted look. Boros is in some kind of agony. He is quick and extremely intelligent, but something haunts him.

“Triston is a fool who loves to toy with humans. His charge will occasionally bring a female to the building for his pleasure.” He paused and gazed into Laurissa’s eyes for a moment. When she did not say anything more, he bowed slightly and said, “Goodnight. Laurissa.” Accenting the words, then pulsed power and left Laurissa alone.

The world seemed to go dark without his presence. She found her heart was beating heavily in her chest. Laurissa had the feeling she would be able to trust him when the time came. There is no indication he lied to her. It was obvious Boros was hurt that Laurissa lied to him. He frightened her. She had the feeling Boros would take betrayal very seriously. He is most definitely not a vampire to underestimate. She wondered if she should kill him with the rest of Dunkan’s house.

She was careful to tell him a partial truth. The smell of deceit should have been unnoticeable, yet he knew she lied to him. According to Dunkan’s book, this would allow the vampire to strike. Boros did not strike at her, nor did he threaten her, yet she felt wary of him. She was sure he could overpower her if she ever attacked him.

Laurissa shook the idea and spent the rest of the evening and the next day practicing tactics of defending her tendril and allowing the pain she felt when a dagger touched a strand. She practiced snapping her tendril out, killing imaginative vampires and pulsing her power. By the end of the second night, she was able to kill six vampires before anyone noticed. Her power is growing perfectly. She is still not quick enough to physically kill Dunkan in a battle. She must use the element of surprise if she is going to succeed.

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