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Chapter 50

Laurissa could feel Lord Dunkan’s excitement as he prepared to leave the manor. Laurissa quieted her mind and continued to the southern entrance to Madwell. Laurissa arrived first and watched Lord Dunkan approach.

“Good evening, my dear. You look hungry.” He projected as he brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. Laurissa kept her gaze on Lord Dunkan and nodded slightly. Lord Dunkan silently led Laurissa into town and looked for a human he could stomach. “Would you give me the please of feeding from my veins tonight?” Lord Dunkan’s voice had no edge to it. He is treating Laurissa with respect. Laurissa did not allow the change to distract her.

“As you wish, my Lord.” She said with reciprocated respect

This pleased him. Lord Dunkan led her to the eastern side of town, where Emrick’s males are kept. They did not fill every home that had been evacuated. He went into one of the houses and fed on a male, then returned to Laurissa.

“Come with me.” He said and clasped her hand. He strolled to the next building and guided her in. Laurissa remained quiet and calm. “I thought a change of scenery was in order. I have been trapped in the manor for several days.”

“I understand, my Lord. The stench of the humans will not detour you?”

“Your scent will please me enough, my dear. Come.” Lord Dunkan walked under a low arch into a separate room. Several animal skins had been laid on the floor. “You have been planning this.” Laurissa observed.

“Oh yes, my dear. I dream of you each night. It is time to feed.”

Laurissa pulled her gown off, making Lord Dunkan’s heart race. She embraced Dunkan and kissed his thin lips inviting him to enjoy her. As he kissed her, Laurissa undressed him and caressed his skin. A soft moan escaped him as he explored Laurissa’s nude body. He guided Laurissa to the floor and mounted her. His power flowed through the tendril, giving Laurissa what he felt. He could feel her power go through him and hug him. The connection of her power and her body around him gave him chills. He tugged on the tendril to make the connection stronger and wrapped the intimate parts together.

Laurissa’s body wiggled and vibrated as his desire grew. He gazed into Laurissa’s eyes and brushed her hair back as he began his thrusts. The storm is still brewing and waiting to be released. Lord Dunkan cradled her neck and gently raised her head to his neck, inviting her to feed. She carefully and slowly bit into his neck. The feeling is more than he could stand. The movement of her fangs as she drank his blood brought fire to his veins. He sent his ecstasy through the tendril, making Laurissa moan. She breathed deeply in his ear and hugged him tighter. Lord Dunkan enjoyed every feeling Laurissa gave him. He drank in each thrust and allowed Laurissa’s desire to climax. Her body began tensing all round and arched into him. She pulled on him, demanding his release.

Laurissa finished with a loud moan and began contracting against Dunkan. The movement caused his desire to explode within. He bit into Laurissa’s neck as the spams continued. She screamed in ecstasy, making him thrust uncontrollably. A grunt escaped him as he tasted Laurissa’s sweet blood. “Oh yes, my dear. I have missed you greatly.”

The passion in Laurissa’s eyes darkened, and the enemy looked back at him.

“I have news you will not like.”

Lord Dunkan grunted then rolled over. Back to business.

“Master Kissar’s village was attacked by the young vampire male you discovered. He was tortured and made to say I was the one who sent him.”

“And now you come to my for protection?”

“No, my Lord. I come to you to warn you. Master Kissar will not be happy you have been unable to control your mate.”

“He will not come for me, my dear. He will demand your life. You made a fatal mistake.” Lord Dunkan rolled onto his side and rested his head on his hand. “Call me your own, and I will help you. We will kill Kissar together and take his house.”

“No, Dunkan. I will not change my mind.” Laurissa said as she stood to dress.

“That is a shame. Kissar sent one of his own to claim you.” Laurissa looked back to Lord Dunkan. “He is waiting for you outside.”

“And you thought to have one last night with me.”

” Of course!! What male would not want to bed you? You do not understand what is happening, my dear. I cannot allow Kissar to have you. I will not release you. You must die or kill every one of Kissar’s vampires. Or submit to me, and I will handle Kissar.”

“He is your friend.”

“He is a grandchild I helped raise. I have no feelings toward him.”

“That is untrue. I felt the connection you two have when last he was here.”

“Oh, my dear. I do respect him as an equal. I admire his tactics. Beyond that, he is in my way to dominate this region.”

Laurissa darkened her tendril and paced the house. It is too soon to make herself known. The element of surprise is quickly leaving her. Submitting to Dunkan is out of the question. He would require to know her secret as an act of faith. Killing Kissar’s vampire will bring Kissar sooner than she wanted. She needed every male in Dunkan’s house. Vass created a trap that she fell into. Her secret is too dangerous for Dunkan to know of it.

“My life is forfeit,” Laurissa whispered, feeling defeated. She will kill Dunkan as Kissar takes hers. She began preparing her tendril to snap and take Dunkan’s life.

” What was that?”

“My life is forfeit, my Lord. I will submit to you until the other masters come. Kissar will be a part of that group that comes to sign your contract. At that time, I will submit to Kissar.” Perhaps she could still accomplish her goal.

“Do you realize what it is you are doing?”

“Yes. I am putting my chains back on, and I will face my executioner.”

Lord Dunkan pulsed power and grabbed Laurissa by the shoulders. He looked deep into her bottomless blue eyes. “Are you defeated? That easily?”

“What would my Lord expect from one such as myself?”

“Do not play games, Laurissa. I expected a fight. Why are you giving up so easily?” The fire in her eyes is completely gone. Sorrow and defeat now presented themselves. Lord Dunkan cupped Laurissa’s cheeks in his hands as his heart pounded within his chest. Could she be his? “Tell me truly, why you have decided to end your life. You have fought and struggled to free yourself from the very beginning. And now, given the choice, you submit to Kissar?”

“There are other lives at stake, now, my Lord.” If any male discovers her secret, it will mean the end of the human race and any chance females have to fight back.

Lord Dunkan stood back in wonder. “You have broken through and become queen. That is simply incredible!” Shock and joy radiated off him. His eyes glowed brightly, and his grin is the brightest Laurissa has ever seen.

“I am no queen, my Lord. They do not exist.”

“Oh, they do, my dear. You are the first in this region.”

“May I ask where the other queens live?”

“They are all over, my dear. There has been a war within the vampire species for centuries. The queens become very protective of the house they serve. They are very rare. Females keep their status a secret because males will snatch them and force them into servitude. Apparently, some Queens are stronger than others and show powers males do not. I should have seen this from the beginning. You have been a queen since your tendril grew.”

“I am no queen,” Laurissa repeated.

“You most certainly are! Think about it, my mate. You knew Zillah for two days. You fought for her life and tried to take your own. You barely knew her. You begged for Adrian’s life and grieved over him. You never meet him before that day. You have pleaded and warned my females repeatedly to flee from my home. I tell you, if I went to attack them, you would defend them with your life.

“Males are territorial, but females are much more so. You feel Madwell and all who live in my manor are under your protection.” Lord Dunkan smiled, showing his fangs. “You even tried to warn me of Boros and again of Kissar.” He turned away and laughed. Great Joy escaped from him. His skin tingled as if he became aroused. Laurissa stood in bewilderment. It seemed ludicrous.

“My dear, your life is far too precious to me. You are a queen. My queen!” he laughed more and danced around the room. Laurissa only stared unblinking and unable to think. “I will not chain you. I will not command you. You will protect this land with your life naturally. We will remain mated, of course. In this way, I can protect you.”

Laurissa’s glare told him she did not like what she was hearing. “Oh come now, my queen. It is not all bad. I am sure you will kill me one day as you vowed you would. Something prevents you from doing it. Until that day arrives, you are my mate and will honor that contract. I will give you the privacy you desire.” Lord Dunkan kissed Laurissa passionately. He felt like a young boy who stumbled on treasure. Lord Dunkan quickly dressed and left the building leaving Laurissa stunned.

“Inform Master Kissar, Laurissa has been dealt with. I look forward to seeing him in two weeks time.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Came a deep male voice.

Laurissa did not understand what happened. Lord Dunkan’s book never said anything about queens. All of the authors agreed females were weak and only good for their pleasure. Laurissa composed herself and ran out of the building, and caught up with Dunkan.

“My Lord, please explain something to me.”

“What is it, my queen.” His smooth voice had no edge to it at all. He sounded joyful and playful. His mannerism showed he sees her as an equal. It sent a chill down Laurissa’s spine.

“If there has been a war between males and females for centuries, why did your book not mention such a thing? There were only a few documents of lovemaking and mating. There were passages of warring houses, but nothing of queens.”

“As I said. Queens are rare. They are almost myth. I believe there are more out there; otherwise, rumors of powerful females would not be common knowledge. Zillah could have been one. She certainly exhibited the power but not the need to protect. Females who are aware of male’s desires keep their power hidden. Finding a queen is like finding a precious gem mine.”

Zillah did show the need to protect. She protected Laurissa from Dunkan and sacrificed herself to keep Laurissa alive. She was a queen, by Dunkan’s definition. “Do you have documents supporting this?”

Lord Dunkan peered at her out off the corner of his eye as he walked back to the manor. “Do you wish to see my scrolls?”

“What would the payment be?”

Lord Dunkan chuckled. “For you, my queen, I will give you the scroll for your protection of my land.”

“You do not need my protection. You are stronger than me.”

“Oh yes, my queen; however, you will grow stronger and report your findings to me as you have already begun to do.”

Lord Dunkan opened the door to the manor and proceeded to his study. He disappeared into the small room then reappeared with a small scroll.

“I only had one conversation with a man in Africa. They have what they call shamans. This is his story. It is the first time I had heard a testament of a powerful vampire female. As I traveled through Egypt, rumors of such females were abundant. It is what piqued my interest long ago. The first of our kind was female, and she was a goddess. I never dismissed the notion, but I never believed I would see a queen vampire” Pure joy radiated off him once again. Laurissa took the scroll and left the building. The scroll is in a different language.

“My Lord, do you speak this language?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

“Will you teach me?”

“Come to me when you are ready, and we will begin.”

“Thank you, my Lord.”

Laurissa closed the scrolls and darkened her tendril. She needs to continue practicing her attacks. She could see her power grow stronger with each day. She will show him what a queen does when she is trapped and angry.

Laurissa returned late at night to the manor. It is once again full of vampires. Keres was the only one missing. She should be returning soon. Laurissa opened the door to Lord Dunkan’s chambers and found him asleep in his bed.

“My Lord. I have returned.”

Lord Dunkan stirred and looked at Laurissa from sleepy eyes. “Come to bed, my mate.”

“I wish to learn the African language.”


“Yes, my Lord.”

“You must rest. Come to bed.” Laurissa turned and walked out of the room. “Stop!” Lord Dunkan’s voice echoed in her mind. Laurissa stopped in front of the door and turned. Lord Dunkan’s anger filled her. “You may be a queen, but I am master here. You will still do as I say.”

“My Lord, you forget. You said you will not command me. You wish to sleep. I do not. I will return at dawn.”

Laurissa closed the door and continued walking purposefully out of the manor. Lord Dunkan growled in anger then pulsed power to catch up to Laurissa.

“Come to my bed, my mate. I desire your body next to mine.”

Laurissa let a sigh of disappointment out. She had been pushing hard and barely slept. She was preparing for battle and did not feel she needed rest. She wants to perfect her skill and grow her power. However, she is mated to Dunkan and cannot refuse his request.

Lord Dunkan claps her hand and led her back to his chambers. Laurissa undressed and laid in the bed. She had forgotten how comfortable it is. Lord Dunkan curled up behind her and quickly fell asleep.

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