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Chapter 52

As dusk came, the vampires rose to feed. Lord Dunkan’s manor door opened as the females came to feed. Women dressed in white walk along the gravel path, barely making a sound. A man dressed in dark grey clothing closely following behind them. In the distance, two more vampires emerge. Both look equally normal. Behind her, a door opens, and three females emerge. It was Keres and her family she began to grow in her journey to Oldworld.

Edna sat quietly as Laurissa continued watching.

“You must leave Edna.”

“I will not.” She said defiantly.

“You will die by my hand if you do not leave at once!” Laurissa turned with anger. She saw the hurt in Edna’s eyes. “You may meet with me later,” Laurissa said with more kindness in her voice.

“Yes, my Queen.”

Laurissa did not care that Edna’s feelings were hurt. She made Edna leave to protect her. If Lord Dunkan sees Edna, he will force Laurissa to kill her.

The three females gathered around the homes below. Laurissa jumped down in front of them. “These males are not food. Go elsewhere.”

“We can eat where we please, Laurissa.” Keres said.

“Yes. The men in these homes are to grow human food and breed. The maidens in the north are for breeding. Madwell has plenty of humans that are unspoken for. You may feed where you please within.”

Laurissa left the females standing and went to the edge of the eastern part of town then silently leapt on top of the roof of a building. Two males approached the breeding houses-one well built blond and one equally well built haunted vampire. They were the ones she was most interested in. Boros and Triston went separate ways. Boros’s eyes met Laurissa’s as he disappeared below. They both continued deeper into town. Triston continued until he reached the breeding houses. Laurissa jumped down behind him silently.

“If you continue, you will answer to me, Triston.”

Triston jumped, then turned around. “You are not much of a hunter if you do not know your surroundings.”

“What do you want, girl?” He growled

“Nothing. These females are not for you.” Laurissa pointed to the building behind him.

“Who’s are they?”

“They are not food. Feed off another female.”

Triston’s eyes glowed brightly as he approached her. She stood strong and unafraid as he closed the gap. “If you touch me, Triston, you will die.”

Triston hesitated, then smirked. Lord Dunkan stopped their last encounter. “Lord Dunkan would not allow you.”

“You forget where you are, Triston. This is your last warning.” Lord Dunkan warned his males she would be responsible for the safety of the humans, and her word is his word.

Triston pulsed power and grabbed Laurissa’s neck. She pulsed her power into Triston, then quickly pulsed power again at his heart. Triston howled and was unable to respond to Laurissa. She continued pulsing power rapidly until his heart stopped then calmly walked away. Laurissa noticed Boros in the distance. He lowered his gaze and walked in the opposite direction. The drain is almost too much. She will not be able to defend herself a second time.

“My Lord, one of your own is dead. I suggest you pick his body up.” Laurissa projected. She kept her weakness away from Lord Dunkan. She jumped onto the rooftop once again and traveled from rooftop to rooftop watching over the village as the vampires fed.

Lord Dunkan’s rage came quickly and powerfully through the tendril. “Why are you upset, my Lord.”

“You killed Triston. How do you suppose I am to react?”

“You do not care about your sons and daughters. They are only for your gain. You can grow more. Does this not sound familiar, my Lord?”

“You are queen. You are supposed to protect them.”

“You were not listening? Very interesting. Perhaps the human stench is getting to you.”

“Do not play games with me, Laurissa. Why did you kill Triston?”

“He touched me.”

“Is that all?” Lord Dunkan’s rage turned to amusement as he chuckled.

Laurissa darkened her tendril and hunted for her meal, then returned to her favored spot in the woods.

She began training her power. She has grown considerably. Triston was easy to kill, almost too easy. She wondered if she is powerful enough to do what must be done. She did not want to take the chance. She will train every day until the masters come.

Laurissa caught the familiar scent of fresh, sour lemons. As she looked toward the scent, she could see two glowing blue eyes in the distance. He was only a few yards away. She should have been aware of him at least a mile away. This is something she needed to practice as well. Laurissa opened her mind and waited for Lord Dunkan to approach her.

“Greetings, my Lord.”

“Good evening, my Queen. I have come to ask something of you.”

“Yes, my Lord?”

“Stay your hand. Do not kill anymore of my sons or daughters.”

“I cannot promise such a thing.”

“Why not?”

“If I say I will not kill them, I will not kill them. However, I will defend myself and this region if they disrespect me. I will kill them if the circumstance calls for it.”

“I see. Did Triston deserve death?”

“My Lord, when have you seen me harm another out of malice. I have stayed your hand and begged for several lives.”

“This is true.” Lord Dunkan lowered his eyes. Laurissa’s master submitting to a lowly female? It gave her hope.

“Tell your vampires, including your masters, to do as I command and respect me. They are not to harm me or violate me in any way. As long as the circumstance does not warrant death, they will remain unharmed.”

“You will not command them to fight for you or rebel?”

“They are all loyal to you, my Lord. They have been warned on several occasions, and yet they are still here.”

“Very well, my Queen.” Lord Dunkan said with a chuckle and kissed Laurissa passionately. Laurissa returned his kiss, making him desire her more. “Be mine, my mate. Call me your own.” He projected as he began undressing Laurissa. His voice and his emotions were sincere and desperate. He needed her as he has never needed anything else. It felt suffocating.

Laurissa’s mind stayed quiet as she followed his lead. Laurissa’s heart raced and her desire flowed between her legs at the promise of his touch. She anticipated the feeling of ecstasy he gave her. It was sinfully wrong, yet her body desired it.

Lord Dunkan did not allow his annoyance at her silence to ruin his pleasure. He disparately wanted her love and acceptance. To hear her utter the words and call him her mate would bring such joy to him. His only desire was to have her by his side. Ruling the region and the world seemed like dead blood compared to his desire to mate Laurissa. He could never release her. He knew it would destroy him if she ever left. The other masters will soon arrive. He was not sure he could follow through with his threat.

Laurissa’s fangs bit into his neck and moved in the most delicious way. He allowed the feeling to consume him and made sure she felt his ecstasy. Laurissa’s body responded to him the way he loved and caused him to release his desire. He stayed connected to her knowing his time with her was quickly coming to an end. He hoped beyond hope she would agree to remain with him. He must convince her he is no threat. Perhaps she will follow him into his kingdom if he gives her more.

The look on Lord Dunkan’s face and the wrath in his eyes unnerved Laurissa. She has never seen this kind of passion from him. Lord Dunkan put Laurissa’s hand on his bare chest and held her there tightly. “My life is yours. Love me, my mate. I am begging you to submit and love me.”

His hard hot flesh rose in her hand as his breathing quickened. She could feel his heart race beneath his chest. His hand was firmly holding her flush over his heart. His voice softened. He truly wanted this.

She raised her eyes from her hand to his glowing blue eyes. All she had to do was pulse her power into his heart. He is giving her the means to do it. She did not have to be quick or surprise him. All she had to do was pulse. He waited for her to take his life.

No! Not yet. She needed the other masters to be present. She tried to yank her hand away, but he held her firmly.

“You know the price for my heart, my Lord. You must release me and give up your dream.”

Lord Dunkan felt defeated. The joy of seeing vampires run the world seemed to slip from his fingers. He is almost willing to let it go.


No female is worth the trouble. The masters would have his head if he bowed to her. Either way, he is lost. He stood and dressed, then quietly walked away.

The guilt crushed Laurissa. If only he lashed out at her or growled threatening words, she could fight him. His disappointment was worse than anything he has ever done to her. What is he trying to accomplish? The anger consumed her. She will never submit to a monster, no matter how much he changes.

She leaned on a tree for support. A great pain coursed through her. She could almost believe he loved her. Why must he be so cruel? What lengths will he go to keep her trapped in a loveless bond? She felt violated all over again. He touched her heart, and it was the most painful experience she has ever felt.

Laurissa had made a promise to free herself. She will not lose sight of that. No matter the cost, she will free herself.

The scent of freshly tilled dirt softy invaded her nose.

“I am in no mood, Boros. I suggest you leave.” She said as she leaned heavily on the tree.

“Sister, you must not hold on to your anger.”

Laurissa looked up in surprise. She did not realize Edna was with Boros. She could feel the tears demanding a release. Not in front of Edna. “Please leave.” She whispered.

“No. release your pain, or you will be consumed by it.”

“How do you know what is best!” Laurissa’s eyes glowed a brilliant blue as she approached Edna. She is right. She has been fighting the madness for some time. It angered her that Edna would know this and think to council her. She is supposed to care for Edna. Not in reverse.

Boros calmly took Edna’s arm and made her stand behind him. He simply gazed into Laurissa’s eyes. It stopped Laurissa from advancing. It almost calmed her to gaze into his eyes. No thoughts or emotions could be felt. His eyes glowed a soft brown as he stood.

“Leave me.” Laurissa said weakly as she turned around.

“Scream, my Queen.”

“What?” Laurissa turned around, confused. What would screaming do? The pain is almost more than she can stand. The weakness will present itself. She will not have a choice.

Boros only looked back with those haunted, emotionless eyes. He knew she heard him. He will not say it again.

She felt the need to lash out. Killing the same vampires over and over is becoming dull. She wanted the taste of vampire blood. Her heart felt like it began to break into pieces. Her mind and body began to self-destruct. She clutched her chest as the pain grew stronger.


The ground seemed to grow as Laurissa unwillingly fell to her knees.

“Laurissa!” she heard Edna’s scream. “Let me go!”

Scream. Not in front of them.

Her breath caught in her lungs. She could not bring in life-giving air. Laurissa could hear wrestling as Edna fought to free herself from Boros


Her mind and body felt like they would implode. A fiery pain seemed to burn within. Cold soil dug into her nails as she clutched the earth.

She screams in agony. No amount of blood will satisfy her.

No choice. Dunkan is not dead. With all her might, she pushed the pain out with a scream. The world echoed her pain, and birds flew into the air. Laurissa’s arms weakened, and she collapsed onto the ground. Tears flowed freely, and another scream came. Grief quenched the fiery anger. She had to fight this. How is she supposed to fight two battles? She fights to live to kill her captor. She fights against her grief to live. She must live.

“Sister!” Edna’s voice echoed around Laurissa. She could do nothing. Her body has taken over. Boros very quietly began leaving with Edna’s arm in his hand. “She needs me. Release me!”

“No. She will kill you if you touch her.”

“How do you know? She is the one who turned me. She swore to protect me. Let me go!”

“Your Queen is lost. I see the pain of many chains suffocating her. She is in a blind rage.”

“You speak nonsense.” Edna clawed at his hands to escape. Boros lifted her over his shoulder and left Laurissa behind.

She is thankful Boros took Edna. Her presence had become irritating. She is not sure what she would do. She needed the taste of blood. Her rage and sadness demanded a release. Her body would not move. She felt weak, like she has not eaten in days. Tears continued streaming down her face.

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