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The Underworld

The underworld

Lord Dunkan felt Laurissa’s rage combust just before her tendril attacked him. This is what she hid from him these last few weeks. It was glorious to witness the fire of the queen he made. He wanted to live and enjoy his creation. Laurissa denied him. She vowed to end his life, and she accomplished her goal.

Laurissa’s tendril surged forward faster than the eye could see. Her tendril breached Lord Dunkan’s core and tore through the bass of his tendril. His body slumped forward onto the table of its own accord, and then the most painful headache he ever felt roared to life. His chest convulsed as his heart stopped, and his lungs were denied life-giving air.

More vampires dropped before his eyes. Master Garreth fell to the floor only a moment after Lord Dunkan’s head hit the table. Lord Dunkan knew Laurissa would kill the other vampires in the room. He could not be more proud of her.

Lord Dunkan wanted to cry out as his body weakened and the cold fingers of death crept into his veins. He screamed and pleaded to be allowed to live. Now that the masters of the region are dead, he could take Laurissa and go someplace where they could live quiet lives. How could he be so foolish? She begged him to stop and release her. Why did he not listen?

The world darkened as Lord Dunkan fell through a cold, black tunnel then hit hard rock. His mind opened with an inner pop as if he traveled up-hill and his ears popped from the unaccustomed pressure. Infinite knowledge filled his mind about the gods and the world they created.

Ten gods manage the earth. Atum-Ra created the world and all the living creatures. He created a system where the souls are laid to rest for a time then reincarnated into a new mortal body to enjoy Ra’s world.

One god managed the souls whose bodies expired. He is the god no soul wishes to displease. He is the one god Dunkan must face and plead for his afterlife.

Dunkan is in the underworld. More specifically, he is near the waiting area. He will not be going into that building. His god is already waiting for him, and he is furious. The Scales of Justice and the gates to the Valley of the Souls are only a couple miles from Where Dunkan stood.

While he was alive, he did not believe in human gods. He believed in one god, and she no longer exists. He was a fool while he was alive. Lord Dunkan must plead his case in front of his god if he wishes to survive Anubis’s judgment.

Dunkan turned toward the direction and was greeted by a giant black jackal.


Dunkan swallowed hard as he bowed before the mighty god. The jackal’s normal green eyes were red, and his growl made the ground shake. No amount of begging will help him now. He will never see the living world again.

The vampire’s soul was a disappointment. He lived fifteen hundred years and never regretted the torture he inflicted on the souls he made contact with. His disgust with humans went beyond their scent. The soul hated the life that was given to him by the Might Atum-Ra.

The council had been at odds with one another about how they would stop Dunkan from annihilating the human race. One vampire dared stand against Dunkan and defend the humans. Her soul shined so bright, it outshined the sun. Dunkan tainted the fragile soul and tortured it. Anubis heard its cry several times, and each time he denied its release.

Anubis reached a clawed hand into the grey soul and gripped its life force. The soul of the recently deceased Dunkan screamed a most delicious sound. Souls are generally blue in color. They vary in shades of blue and brilliance in their glow, depending on the purity of their mortal life. Dunkan’s soul was dark from his evil taint. Anubis did not have to view Dunkan’s life journal to make his judgment.

Dunkan woke in the tiny stone building near the farmhouse. He was shackled to the ceiling, and his wrists supported his entire weight. His feet dangled millimeters from the ground. He thought he could touch the ground with his big toe if he stretched.

The door to the building opened just as Dunkan tried to touch the ground. Laurissa’s cold blue eyes looked into his. The raging storm he watched grow over the last two weeks exploded into fire. If he did not know any better, he would say he was looking at a goddess.

“Laurissa, what is the meaning of this? Release me!”

Laurissa calmly approached him and caressed his chest down to his hips, then further down to his leg. He loved the sight of her on her knees; however, she was not kneeling to pleasure him. His robe and pants were ripped away in one smooth yank leaving him nude and vulnerable.

“Release me this instant!” Dunkan growled and yanked on the shackles.

Fangs sank deep into his thigh, and Dunkan sucked in a breath as a wave of pleasure coursed through him. The pleasure only lasted for a moment. Laurissa’s nails dug into his thigh as she fed greedily. Dunkan’s strength began draining away as Laurissa fed. No matter how hard Dunkan struggled, Laurissa held him captive and continued draining him of his blood.

Dunkan could hardly draw breath into his lungs by the time Laurissa stopped. His skin was ashen like a corps, and dark circles surrounded his blue eyes. He appeared to be a frail old man.

“Please, Laurissa. Do not do this. We can live together. I will take you anywhere you wish to go.”

“Do you honestly think I would show you mercy? Do you deserve mercy, Dunkan?” Laurissa circled around him then stopped at a small wooden table. A bone handle dagger rested in the center.

“I have been a fool. I know this now.” Dunkan whispered as he watched her caress the dagger.

Laurissa smirked and picked up the same dagger Dunkan forced her to use to skin Adrian. “No matter how much I begged you for mercy. No matter how I pleaded for the lives of your victims, you showed no mercy. Your goal was to shatter my innocence and turn me into the monster you became.” Laurissa stepped on a nearby chair then took a fist full of Dunkan’s black hair. “You shall reap your reward. I shall show you the monster you created.” Laurissa hissed in his ear, then took the dagger and skin his hair from his head.

Dunkan howled and cried out for mercy once more. Laurissa’s laughter was so chilling Dunkan looked into her eyes with shock. “You are so quick to be done? Oh no, master. You will know pain and fear until I am satisfied. Your blood will serve as my bath, and your cries will be my banquet.”

Laurissa skinned another strip of his flesh. Hot blood dripped down his face and continued down his chest. Dunkan closed his eyes tight. This is not Laurissa. She would never harm a living soul. She promised to kill him; however, she is merciful. She would never torture someone to death.

Another strip was taken, and he could not control his fear or his pain. His screams echoed around him then turned into something much more terrifying than the vampire skinning him. This is his hell. Anubis has passed judgment.

“My lord, god. Please have mercy. I found love. I went against my evil nature and submitted to one weaker than me. I put my life before her’s. Please send me to oblivion.”

“The pitiful ounce of love in your heart will not undo centuries of hatred. Welcome to your hell, little vampire.” Anubis growled.

Anubis continued holding the tiny soul, then used his free hand to force his claw into the soul’s mind. “You will feel the anguish and the fear you caused each soul you tainted while you lived as a vampire.

"You will feel your skin rip from your body over and over again as a dull blade saws its away through your flesh. You will feel the cold scream of death in your veins as your victims did when you used the sword of the gods against the innocent.

"You are not worthy of reincarnation. You are not worthy of oblivion. You will feel my wrath until the innocent one comes to me as a goddess. Only then will I release you.”

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