Happenings 3

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It's the third session of Happenings. With all the old characters. This time, the birds are chased and tracked down by their fellow homeland citizens. While Samiz along with her twin, Miss Fin's niece and her friend defend for the birds.

Fantasy / Humor
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Samiz went to her neighbour, Miss Finʼs house in a hurry. “Miss Fin!, Miss Fin!”, she cried to her. Hi She rang the doorbell and shouted loudly. Miss Fin opened the door and asked what was going on. Samiz was just about to tell it but a large group of birds flew down on thedoorway of Miss Fin’s

“As we may”, a bird replied,” We are searching for these two birds who went missing for at least 4 months and we really need to search for them, something was also familiar that they maybe at your house”.
Samiz went white and replied with some energy,” I think you have mistaken and these
birds arenʼt in Miss Finʼs
house”. Samiz pointed
towards Miss Fin. “ Then why we suspect that they are at your house?”, asked a bird.
“Because.... because....”, Samiz hesitated.
Samiz whispered to Miss Fin,”I donʼt really know who these chomps are and why are they in front of your house but I can really say is we can ask them politely why are they here and what do they want”.
Miss Fin quickly agreed and turned towards the large flock of birds and said politely,” I know you all have been tense by the two missing birds you are talking about. Come and have some birdseed if you like”. Then she lead the birds in her house.
Samiz ran quickly ran too in Miss Finʼs house.
They all went to her house. As the large flock of birds came in her house. Miss Finʼs pet birds Savy and Tavy kept quiet, they had been belonging to the birdʼs land
and theywere afraid they could have
to return to their home again.
“ What are these police-type-of-birds doing here?”, Samiz secretly asked Savy and Tavy.
“We know who these jerks are. These birdies are here to take us back to the bird land and we canʼt let them. We like it here”, said Savy. “Ahem”, said Samiz
to the large flock of birds.,”It all
happens you know that someone is missing from your group. But listen misters and missis you canʼt force every one to

comeback back no mattar what you do. It will waste your time, right?”.
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