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It has been years since the Magic Ban help end the Great War and dispel the Devil but a combustion of a Vampire has frightened the world. The Vigiles, a police force dealing in the supernatural, call upon Inquisitor Philomena for assistance in the gruesome incident, unfortunately, nothing is as it seems...especially under the gaze of the Boar.

Fantasy / Scifi
Olen Regnnal
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The constant ring of the alarm clock enraged the six-year-old Adam Janssens so much so that he knocked it off the nightstand, after hitting the floor the clock continued to ring; as a result, Adam was forced to leave the comforts of his warm snug bed to turn the alarm off. He yawned and stretched until only his toes were at contact with the floor.

Today is Tuesday He thought to himself, knowing that today was also a school day, he walked to the chair where his school uniform was hanging and dressed faster than usual because he felt his bladder was going to give way and did not want to pee in his pants like Emma Bunsen during math class.

The boy left his bedroom and went to the toilet, after relieving himself and the subsequent flushing of the toilet, he went to brush his teeth with his Batman toothbrush in the up-to-down motion just like his teacher had taught him; unfortunately, he forgot to gargle and left the tap going despite being told by the same teacher that it was a massive waste of water to do so.

He exited the toilet and caught a whiff of roast pork, which was delicious, he steeled himself and returned to his room, he began to pack for the day’s study.

Adam walked down the hall with his backpack, filled with textbooks, to the living room. The smell of roast pork was getting more robust; however, despite the pleasant aroma, he did find it odd for his mother to be cooking this early in the morning, as his mother would usually prepare cornflakes for him on weekday mornings, or toast.

The boy noticed that no one was in the living room and continued his way to the source of the smell, the kitchen. The kitchen was situated in a large conservatory, and its glass walls revealed the whole backyard. Adam’s mother and father sat at the table surrounded by Folk in red robes, his mother was naked, and his father was looking very pale and sweaty, he was also in the nude. There was also another being sitting with them, and it looked like a man with a Boar’s head.

The Boar was shoving meat into his limp mouth, and when he saw Adam approaching, he leaned towards the father.

“So, this is your son?” The Boar said with a deep and slow voice; the voice sounded muffled as if he was wearing a mask.

“Yes.” The father moaned.

The Boar leaned back into his seat “Your mother cooked a bit of leg this morning, there is still some left in the oven.” The Boar looked at the mother.

“Why don’t you go fetch the leg?” The Boar said.

The mother stood up and walked to the oven.

“You have a fine mother boy,” He said, finally looking at Adam. ”She was most hospitable when I came by in the night. What are you doing? Standing in your own house? Come sit by me.” One of the robed Folk pulled out a chair for Adam.

The boy walked slowly towards the seat and saw a puddle of blood under the table.

“What’s your name boy?” The Boar shoved meat between his limp lips.

“Adam Janssens.”

Poor Adam got a good look of the Boar, he was a man, a thin white man, that much was obvious, and he was not wearing the mask, it was in fact sewn onto him, Adam saw where the mask and the man’s skin were stitched together, and on closer inspection, he could see that the stitches were seeping pus and blood.

“Adam, you say, do you know my name?”

The boy shook his head.

His mother walked over to the table and laid a plate in front of Adam; the dish had meat and burnt vegetables.

“I have many names. However, Satan and the Devil are the most popular, I personally prefer the Boar. Still, most say Satan, even though I am not him, but I tend to go with what’s popular.” The Boar joked; however, none laughed. The Boar grunted and looked at the mother and said: “Why don’t you sit on the floor?”The mother did what she was told.

“Adam, try a bite of that meat hmmm? A boy needs some meat in the mouth.”

Adam looked at the plate with the burnt vegetables; it was a shocking white plate. The vegetables were peppers, green and red, most of the skin was black from being burnt, the meat on the plate was a sickly grey.

“No fork? Well, you just use your hands.” The Boar said.

Adam realised that the being was telling the truth, there was no fork.

Adam tried to pick a piece, but it was too hot for him to hold.

“Too hot?” The Boar asked with a voice that had no concern. “Why don’t you eat it like a dog?” The Boar proceeded to put his hand on Adam’s head and pushed it towards the meat, Adam bit a piece.

“It’s okay to eat messy Adam; boys will be boys, isn’t that right?” The Boar pulled back Adam’s head.

“How are you finding the meat, Adam?”

Adam looked up at the Boar and was going to say the meat was devoid of taste after chewing.

“Now, now, I want you to say it with food in your mouth.”

The Boar pushed Adam’s head back down into the plate.

“The meat Adam,” The Boar said, his voice shuddering. “Get the meat. Do you know how many people don’t have any food and die of hunger?”

Adam looked at the Boar from his plate.

“So, how’s the meat?”

“It’s good.” Adam lied.

“Is it now? I find the meat to be rather tasteless.” The Boar leaned back and then shoved some meat into the mouth of the father.

“How do you find it?” The Boar asked.

The father was still chewing.

“Don’t chew, just swallow.”

The father swallowed.

“The meat is bland.” He said.

“Pity, and I enjoy leg, looks like only Adam liked the leg, here Adam eat my portion too, in fact, why don’t you eat all the leg?” The Boar stood up, and Adam saw the naked body of The Boar.

The Boar walked to the oven, took out the oven dish and placed it in front of Adam.

The dish had a whole leg and a foot.

“The toenails are especially crispy when roasted.” The Boar said, he was looking at his hands, he had forgotten to put on proper protection and thus burned them, he slammed his hands down on the table in frustration.

Adam felt sick; the Boar could sense his discomfort.

“What’s wrong? Don’t feel well?”

“Is that my daddy’s leg?”


The Boar picked up a large kitchen knife from the table.

“Perhaps, perhaps, his ribs will taste better?”

“No, please!”

“Oh.” The Boar paused. “You want him alive while we eat his ribs? Adam, you are dark.” The Boar laughed a muffled laugh and stabbed the father, just above the ribs and dragged it across.

Adam screamed.

The Boar, with both hands, grabbed at the father’s rib bone and broke it out.

The father did not scream at all.

“Wait, we are missing something.”

The Boar paused and banged the table with the rib.

The father began to scream, the mother looked at herself and then at the spectacle that was happening before her at first, she was speechless, but soon enough she also joined in the chorus of screams.

“Scream for him.” The Boar laughed as he grabbed another rib and broke it off, this time he tilted his head and shoved the rib down his flesh mask bone and all. The Boar watched the father as he was screaming in an unnatural agony. When blood started to spurt from his mouth, The Boar, who had another rib in his hand shoved it into the father’s mouth and continued to press it down until the rib was gone.

The Boar kicked the chair that the father sat on and bent over to watch the man die. When he did The Boar turned his attention to Adam, and slowly walked over to the boy and scratched him on the face, the scratch drew blood and smoke. Adam fell off his chair, yelling with the pain and covered the cut with his hands.

The Boar took no pity. He began kicking the poor boy, each kick sending Adam closer to the wall.

The mother ran to Adam, but The Boar slapped her and sent her to the floor with his unnatural strength. The mother was dazed, her world was spinning amongst the cries and the blood. The Boar pulled her by her hair to the corpse of her husband.

“You are going to watch or I will kill him.” He said as he was bent over picking at her nose with his finger, the mother was too terrified to do anything. The Boar returned to Adam and gave him a hard, dead stare and proceeded to kick him and after twenty blows, he returned to the mother and dragged her to her bedroom and shut the door.

The robed Folk did absolutely nothing; instead, they looked at Adam with their red masks listening to the screams and pig-like squeals.

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